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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #74

May 17, 2002

1. Opening Words - Questions Answered About Walk-in's - Lady Isis
2. Why NOW Is Different Than Before - Mark Andrews
3. Building Relationships with The Gods - Lady Tia
4. Visual Ray Psionics - Randolph Fabian Directo
5. Some Thoughts On Healing & An Energy Exercise You Can Use Right Now - Richard Ross
6. Sliders "Through The Wall" - Mark Andrews

Opening Words - Questions Answered About Walk-in's    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

How do you know if you are one? Have you had a personality change that is completely different from 'who you were'? Have friends and family noticed this difference? Has your likes and dislike changed? A walk-in soul is more interested in spirituality and helping others, in non-judgment, and in loving their fellowman. More interested in peace than war. Do you see the world in a whole different way than before? If these things fit you then I would say yes, you are a walk-in. If they don't all fit, but the first three do... then I would say you are a new walk-in and the rest will follow as you awaken to "who you are."

As long as humanity has been here, walk-in's have been here. However, not in the number that is here today. Due to the evolution of this planet and all within and upon her, millions of walk-in's have come to help in this transition. It is almost impossible for you not to know one. For one could be your neighbor, your doctor, your dentist, your cab driver, your brother, sister, mother or father - I think you get my drift here. In other words they are everywhere in every walk of life in every profession and age group.

Now most of you who are reading this already know I am a walk-in, and believe me when I tell you, walk-in's did not come here for the debatable - highly debatable, satisfaction of taking over an unwanted, sometimes slightly used, secondhand bodies. We came here to aid mankind in anyway we can during this awakening and evolutionary time in mankind's history. And surprise, surprise - some of us are not, nor never have been human, some are those ET's you have been searching the skies for. Guess what they have already "landed" without any fanfare. And some like myself are from the angelic realm.

You might be asking, "How does a walk-in take over another body? When? And does the "person" know their body is being taken over by someone else?" The answers to these questions are this:

First let me clarify what a walk-in is; a walk-in is merely a "soul transference." Your body, as you know is the host for your soul, just as your apartment or home in which you live is the host for you and your family. You are not your home or apartment. You are not your body. That which is 'you' is your soul. So when one soul wishes to 'move-out' for whatever reason, another moves in. In my case the previous owner had attempted suicide several times and wanted out, so on a soul/spirit level we got together during her sleep time and along with Archangel Michael and the Council agreed that I would take over her body, contracted with her to finish what she came here to do and then I was free to be "me" so to speak.

How does a walk-in take over an other's body?  The easiest way to put it is this; have you ever left your body during meditation? I know some of you have and others have heard of it - it happens the same way, your essence (soul) leaves your body and you soul travel and then come back into your body. It is almost that easy for another to trade places. I say almost, because it depends on "where" the soul coming in comes from. What dimension - how far they have to travel? How much they have to lower their vibrations to enter this dimension and whether or not they have ever been in human form (incarnate here) before.

There are those that will argue that it is impossible to be a walk-in if you haven't been incarnate here before. Well I am here to tell you that just isn't so. Because technically, and I hesitate to use that word when speaking of a human body, but technically you could say all who are born are walk-in's - the soul comes into flesh, and some for the very first time are called 'young souls.' So it isn't impossible to come from elsewhere and walk-in to a human body for the very first time as an adult. But believe me when I say, it isn't a walk in the park. It is harder, much harder to get used to.

When does a walk-in take over another's body? It can be anytime. During sleep, during meditation, while you are wide awake, during a 'near-death experience,' during a deeply religious or traumatic event, just anytime, anywhere. Does the person know their body is being taken over by someone else? Most certainly! This cannot happen without the one who is exchanging places agreeing to allow this to take place. A "contract" exists between the spirit/entity and the person who voluntarily gives their body.

These arrangements are made because the "walk-in" spirit does not need to go through the lessons that accompany human physical growth. However, they do have spiritual work to do on the earthly plane. The personality of the body may change, which can be confusing to loved ones. Generally, "walk-ins" have a loving and compassionate disposition as they have completed many, if not all, of their earth plane lessons and are moving towards a higher vibration.

Many of your historical figures were walk-ins, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Mandis Gandhi, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy, just to a few.

Walk-in's have influenced every religion, every political faction on the face of this planet since their beginning, for the benefit of mankind. Quetzacoatl, Krishna and Moses were walk-ins.

It actually matters not WHO you are, or WHO you have been, because we are all ONE, none higher or lower, only having different missions in life. So whether you are a walk-in, a Star person, or a person born into the earth plane; none of us can do our job here without the other. Humanity is made up of a beautiful tapestry of colors, a rainbow of lights and energies and it takes each and everyone to make the whole glorious picture.

Excerpted from The Circle Of Light Newsletter
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Why NOW Is Different Than Before    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

A Simple, Scientific Answer As To Why We And Our World Seem To Be So Suddenly Changed....................


( c ) 2002 Mark Andrews

You feel it.

It's a nagging, unsettling sense that there's "something different / something wrong" both inside of you and in everything around you. We want to be able to blame such things as political unrest, global warming, a sagging economy for our feelings of disquiet and apprehension. But these are only symptoms of some far greater catalyst that has invaded our reality and destabilized our world.

People are different.

They're more agitated, more introverted, more nervous, more focused on their own internal sense of impending......."something".

Nature is reacting.

The Sun is experiencing unprecedented sun spot, solar flare, and magnetic shift activity. The resulting blasts of expounded solar radiation are hitting the earth and all objects within our solar system. The polar ice caps of Mars are rapidly melting. The earth's own polar regions are now melting at a rate such has never even been considered by modern science.
Such events have never been anticipated to occur... not from what we've learned; not from what we've believed to be true.

Seismic activity around the globe is increasing, while the earth's weather seems to have lost its regular stability and predictability.

Animals are acting strangely. They're responding to the movements of forces that we humans perceive as indefinable, unidentified shifts in the most basic core centers of our previously more tranquil reality.

We are changing, everything is changing.

Changing because of what?
Changing toward what?
What could cause our Sun to become so unstable?
What is there that could bring such all-encompassing alterations in the nature of reality?

There is nothing on earth that could do that.
The answer, then, must be found in regions beyond earth.

The answer to "what" is bringing about our reality shift must lie in the space surrounding our planet; our entire solar system.
It must be that space itself has suddenly changed. There must now be something different in the fabric of the space through which our solar system is passing that was not there only a few years ago.

That "something" must be The Photon Belt.

The nature of space is not consistent throughout the Universe. In the course of all of our recorded history, earth has been in a spatial vibration that allowed the atomic structures of all matter to resonate at a predictable, 3-Dimensional rate.
The orbitals of each atom have - up until recently - kept a steady path / consistent speed.




We are experiencing great variances in our perceptions of the passing of time. Some days move in painful slowness; others fly by with hardly a memory; all much more so than "before".

Our ability to think "clearly", "rationally" has also been effected.
We seem to be moving, thinking, living in an ever-thickening fog.
These are symptomatic of the dimensional accelerations of our own atomic structures in association with equal variations in the surrounding environment.

Our personal and collective psychic abilities and awareness have been irrevocably elevated by energies beyond our scope of perception. And our "extra sensory" abilities continue to expand despite any attempted silencing of them on our parts.
For the first time in our Western civilization, the majority of the people are inwardly attuned to, and outwardly conversant regarding our place in realities not easily detected by the acknowledged "five senses".
Our dimensional reality is changing / accelerating, and we, ( all life, all matter, all energy ) are being equally changed within the transformational currents of the great Photonic Sea that encompasses and penetrates our new spatial reality.


We are under-going what all religious traditions would define as "the end of the world".
Yes, it IS the end of the old 3-Dimensional world of spiritual and material dysfunction.
It is also the time of the "ascension" of humanity and of our world into "The New Heaven" (changed visible star patterns) and "The New Earth".

The sense that we and the world around us are dying is only our internal awareness of the first stages of our shedding of the old, slower atomic orbital patterns - the former limitations.

The Photon Belt is the energy of Light. Be assured that the uneasiness that you might feel in the coming days and years is only your own resistance to the washing of Light as it seeks to make you "at one" with its higher vibrations.
The simple awareness of this process can transform your apprehensive emotions into joyous expectations.
As you more send forth The Light from within, the more you are at peace with The Light surrounding you; and the more you are "enlightened".
As the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans were to the explorers of the Piscean age, so the Photonic Sea will be to those who navigate the new energy currents of The Age Of Aquarius.

Bon Voyage!

Perceive The Light.
Know The Light.
Become The Light.

Pleasant Ascension!

Building Relationships with The Gods    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

Building Relationships with The Gods: Heterogeneous & Homogenous Pantheons

When you go into deep meditation or dreaming, do you see your Gods and Goddesses? Is it a personal account or is it a party where everyone's invited?

This may not be popular Pagan belief, but it has become truth to me through my experiences that the deities I've worked with have become more to me than just divine beings to work for & with. They're also beings with which personal relationships may be developed and improved upon. Hence, I regard the Gods as friends or companions.

The answers to the first questions asked above are reflections of how we view the pantheon(s) in which we incorporate into our system of beliefs and our relationships with them, ourselves, and the universe. We know that the Gods & Goddesses represent aspects of things in our world, just as they remind us of aspects within ourselves. How many people ever find themselves doing mythology research comparing the qualities of multitalented muse Goddesses and their own love of poetry and inspirational prowess? And not just of one pantheon either.

Mentioned in the description of this essay topic was a line that I think summed this up nicely, "nothing if not eclectic." I began mostly with a Celtic line-up, and then specifically incorporated the Tuatha de Danaan and the Norse pantheons into my system of beliefs. It threw me into a slew of confusion for a bit, but after taking a deeper look at different qualities of differing pantheons I figured out they can work together. For instance, Brigid's abilities as a muse, and Odin's inspiration can be used to heighten moments of greatly inspiring poetry.

It's easy for us to choose deities to incorporate into our personalized pantheons, however, another question arises. What if we receive messages from deities not in the pantheons we have built relationships with?

A few months ago, I was riding home with a friend and as the sun set, I had a vision in the clouds of the Hindu God, Ganesh, a representation of knowledge & wisdom. I had never once made a connection to Ganesh, though it hadn't stopped him from delivering a vision to me. The point to this little anecdote is that while we're deciding which pantheons to mix or stick with in our practice, it may be wise to keep an open mind about building relationships with Gods. Visions such as that one indicate that there are possibilities of more relationships than just what has been made thus far.

Down to the heart of it though, should we mix pantheons or not? I still feel it is a decision best left to the discretion of the practitioner, whether to choose just one pantheon, or a combination of many. Either way we're bound to form wonderful long-lasting relationships with the deities we incorporate into our practices.

Visual Ray Psionics    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Randolph Fabian Directo    (all articles by this author)

Visual Ray Psionics: Theory and Practice, part 2 of 4

Our search for the scientific basis of the "Visual Ray" should begin with the search for the "Missing Link." Not the link between humans and animals. We must consider that "missing link" that humanity has pondered and dwelt upon since time immemorial: the link between physical and spiritual plains. What is the link between man and God that no one can deny - not even the mechanistically-minded, scientific community nor aetheists?

Beyond conjecture, the proof exists right now that links our physical bodies to the spiritual world and has been the subject of much research and controversy at various state universities and esoteric scientific realms.

The search for the true "missing link" has been active a number of millennia in the form of the search for the "Philosopher's Stone." Also known as "white powder gold," "Mana," and "the elixir of life". Discoverer of ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements), David Hudson spoke in a lecture: "First of all it is a room temperature superconductor... When mixed with water it forms a gelatinous mixture. When ingested it has the following affects. Every cell in your body will be taken back to the state it is supposed to be when you were a teenager or a child. It perfects the DNA and closes the light within the body until you literally reach a point where the light body exceeds the physical body. The gifts that go with this are perfect telepathy. You can know good and evil when it is in the room with you. You can project your thoughts into someone else's mind. You can levitate. You can walk on water. Because it is flowing so much light in you, you literally don't attract gravity..." (

One of the treatises of transcendental and Tai Chi Kung meditation is internal alchemy, NOT to ascend beyond humanity, but to return to the "natural state of being and regain our full potential," that is, being one with the spiritual realm from whence we came. The "philosopher's stone" has the same goal.

Let us refine our definition of "the light within the body" as a source of our psionic abilities and as a precipitate from the spiritual realm using more scientific rather than spiritual principles.

The light Einstein is referring to in his Special Theory of Relativity is not the same light you see in the every day world. He is talking about light in an absolute vacuum. If you were to measure any specific form of light you encounter in your travels, it could only APPROACH the speed of light (3 x 10^8 m/s). Even outer space is not a perfect vacuum and the light therein could only come approximately close to the speed of light.

The light that Einstein is talking about is something for which we do not have a reference in normal experience. Of course, the colors we see in life are a distortion of true light. Most of our light is emitted from the heat of the sun which is distorted through our atmosphere.

While some scientists of that day stated that light consisted of continuous waves, Einstein's further research led him to believe that light consisted of a continuous stream of particles which he termed photons. Scientists have since hotly debated whether light consists of waves or particles. This is an intriguing area of research in itself and some people even meditate on the exact point where a wave becomes a particle with consequent transcendental experiences.

In a pure vacuum, photons will manifest as a wave of pure energy. They do not manifest as particles. This is pure light as Einstein defined it in his Special Theory of Relativity. But, when light is subjected to a magnetic field, it changes and breaks down into particles or photons. In such a state, it is no longer "c," the speed of light. In other words, it is no longer the same light that moves at a constant speed.

In this sense, it can be said that magnetism is an intrinsic factor in the creation of matter, if not the primary factor. It is also noteworthy that everything you see and experience in the world around you is magnetized light which is, in reality, a distortion of pure light (in the formula, e=m(c)^2). This also implies a distortion of time which, within our physical perspective, seems linear.

{Linear time is an important aspect of our separation from the spiritual world in our physical existence. Remember that Lucifer's original fall from grace established physical reality which exists in linear time, a limited sense of reality. Spiritual reality consists of all events, past, present, and future existing independently of linear time: An unlimited sense of reality.}

The idea that magnetizing pure light turns this particular type of energy into particles is very important. The corollary of that statement is that if you demagnetize light, you are going to have pure light provided you are in a "vacuum."

The general principle is that if you demagnetize matter, you are converting it into pure light which is something that is not experienced in physical reality on a regular basis. As pure energy it follows different laws than those set in the physical universe by academic paradigm. Montauk experiments have demonstrated that conscious thought projected into a demagnetizing vacuum, such as a soliton field, along a 435 Mega Hertz carrier frequency creates a Thought-Form that reassembles the pure light into physical reality. (FYI - the frequencies between 400 to 450 MHz are closely guarded for "military intelligence" use in the U.S.)

Now, let us return for a moment to what the "philosopher's stone" can achieve: "It perfects the DNA and closes the light within the body until you literally reach a point where the light body exceeds the physical body..." In essence, the philosopher's stone seeks to return us to the original state from whence we came: Pure Light.

"What are the characteristics of this 'pure energy' and what does it have to do with spiritual reality?" you might ask. Well, now you're asking me to define God and heaven. I can't do that. But, we Will try to understand the missing link that connects us to our origin from the spiritual realm. I can tell you that the laws of spiritual reality are guided by holy scripture and holy scripture is what guides a people with God. As I will demonstrate later holy scripture not only contains laws that guide us; it tells us about the power that God has given us.

As for pure energy it has many interesting properties: it can exist outside of linear time and within the realm of zero time at the center of all existence. This means it can transcend the boundaries of physical reality implying quantum shifts through hyperspace - further implying quantum coherence ( with manifold eigenstates; it is also super- conductive ( with superfluidic properties ( denoting mysterious attributes to pure energy that would make it seem "ghostly" and "other-worldly."

Of course, all of us have some interesting hearsay about people who have suddenly "time-shifted" or "teleported" to some strange place. Others speak of psychic communication with "aliens," channeling the dead, "reality-shifting" of personalities in the same body, "quantum shifting" through different realities and even "demonic possession." Let's face it. Throughout time the human being has been one incredibly quirky beast. Some might say "ghostly" and "other-worldly."

In the next section, we put you under the electron microscope and find something very interesting.

Some Thoughts On Healing & An Energy Exercise You Can Use Right Now    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Richard Ross    (all articles by this author)

(C) 2002 Richard Ross. All rights reserved.

Since I've been publishing my newsletter (exactly 3 years, as of today's issue), I have touched several times on the subject of polarities, and why having fixed negative viewpoints about our situation, often keeps us stuck where we are.

Another way to explain this phenomenon is to say that, with every unwanted issue in our life (fear, trauma, limiting belief & stuck situation), we always have a strong aversion (see * note below) to that situation. In other words, we have a lot of negative energy and judgment around being in that situation, or in having that issue. If it is a big issue, we dislike it immensely, we dislike the fact that we are in it.

All of this is pretty obvious, isn't it? You may be wondering "so, what's the big deal".

Here is my belief, and it may seem a somewhat unconventional idea. I believe that it is our negative energy about being IN the unwanted situation, that helps to KEEP us stuck in it. When we have a lot of judgment about our problem, we have created an energy dynamic, that can keep it literally locked in place.

*Note- In addition to having an "aversion" to our problem (as mentioned above), there is also a part of us that has an "attraction" to the problem, but that is a subject for a later newsletter.

Here is a short and simple exercise I created, that will help loosen the grip of any unwanted situation, or issue, in your life. It is simple, but it does take a degree of openness and courage.

I encourage you to try it, but only if it feels right to do so.

Incidentally, the more negative charge you have about the issue, the more profound, and positive, will be the result of this exercise. So pick a situation or issue you really DON'T WANT!

Warning: If you presently in therapy, or under the care of a professional practitioner, DO NOT do this exercise without first obtaining their permission.

Here's the exercise:
"Embracing What You Least Want"

1) Get into a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. Take three full breaths in and out.

2) Spend a few moments thinking about the unwanted situation. Fully feel and experience the situation, and feel the negativity of the situation. Feel how you want it to be gone! Do this only for a few moments. You may want to have your eyes closed when you are doing this part, and then closed again when you are doing the step that follows next.

3) After you have "felt" the issue, or unwanted situation, spend a few moments imagining yourself EMBRACING the issue, or unwanted situation. Feel yourself APPRECIATING the problem, and ENJOYING the problem, just the way it is, totally free of all judgment about it. Do this part for about a minute or so, as it feels comfortable to do so.

4) Take another three full breaths in and out.

5) Reflect on the original issue again and notice whether you have released any charge you had around it, or if the intensity of the issue has diminished.

Please feel free to write me (, and let me know your experience. Also feel free to forward this exercise to others, as long as you forward the entire exercise, including the copyright info, and my contact info below.

A brief summary of my individual practice:

Many of my new clients have been through traditional therapies and still have some part of their issue that seems to refuse to resolve. I do individual sessions by telephone with clients from across the country and abroad (all over the world), who want to move past fears, depression, panic issues, and any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from becoming a full expression of who you are. If you are ready to experience new healing, write me at or call me at 1-800-653-4465 or 541-535-3450 to arrange a free consultation.

Sliders "Through The Wall"    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

The House That Isn't There. / My Neighbors In A Parallel Universe.
(a true account)

(c) 2002 Mark Andrews

Have you ever shared a wall and extended floor with neighbors in an apartment? If so, then you are very familiar with the muffled, echoing sounds and vibrations that come with the voices and movements of others in so close of quarters.
Parties aside, you'll generally get an acceptable level of sound and rumbles "through the wall" and across the flooring.
I have so often lived in such conditions that I'm practically oblivious to these types of neighborly intrusions. I've lived in the same mobile home (on the same lot) for 7 1/2 years.
There are a number of historical points about the park that I've always found compelling.
Our mobile home park is somewhat crowded and tightly enclosed by a freeway to the North (I-465); railroad tracks to the West - that were the path of the world's first electric commuter train line - (downtown Indianapolis to suburban Greenwood: 1901); a sub-division to the East, and a clearly defined ridge of land that separates the park from the neighborhood to the South.
We have a lake at the center of the grounds that was once the space for the largest public swimming pool in the US. (Longacre Park & Pool).
There's something about the area that seems very much "out of place" with the urban setting that encompasses it. Thriving communities of ducks, geese, and crane abound on the waters. The bank-side wild life includes raccoon, opossum, musk rat, and beaver. (Not to mention the ominous black snakes that slither across the shore and atop the rippling waves.); also turtle, crayfish, frogs, and other amphibian residents. And - would you believe - that there are even stories of mysterious, lurking lake and land denizens; unknown to modern zoology? Directly adjacent to my lot to the North is Lick Creek, which flows through our lake, and on to White River.
There is a great deal about the area that defies the urbanized region. And it would seem (as well) that there are reasons to believe that our understanding of the laws of physics and the Universe in which we reside are also challenged in Longacre Park.
With the help of my parents, I became a mobile home owner and Longacre resident in December of 1994. The young couple from whom we purchased the trailer were most agreeable to our purchasing bids. As a matter of fact, they appeared to be "anxious" to sell the home to us. They both kept that "wide eyed", smiling glaze of a used care salesman who hopes like heck that you'll sign on the dotted line so that they can get their cash and flee as far away as possible; as quickly as possible. And that's exactly what the young couple did, just as soon as we handed them the check.
They gathered their belongings and simply vanished (no forwarding address). "Kapoof!".....GONE!
And so I settled in quickly with the home and area / all very nice, cozy, and "homey".
On the lot next-door to the West sat a large grey & white mobile home. When I first arrived, it was occupied by two kind, elderly sisters. They were wonderful neighbors; always ready to help in times of need. One of the two was - for the most part - immobile. The other had to care for her in light of this fact.
There are some things in life that sneak into your personal reality so very, very, gingerly that you become finally (and consciously) aware of them only once you are well inside of their range.
But, you know, I guess I should have been a bit more curious as to just "how in the world" those two charming elderly ladies could generate such strong levels of "bumps" and "thuds"; crashes and pounding; heavy foot steps and "rumbling" voices; all through my West wall and along my floor.
This was what I lived with "24 / 7". I had come to accept it as just another part of the "reality-scape" of my new abode.
Not until much later did it occur to me that all of that "ruckus" was edging into my home - supposedly - from a structure that was 30 feet away (outer wall to outer wall); and assumed to have been produced from the life-styles of two gentle ladies in their mid '70's.
As the years went along, the two ladies eventually sold the home to a young couple with small children. For reasons that somehow "made sense" at the time, the presence of these new residents made the on-going jostles and voices much more reasonable to my left-brain's required dossier of "scientific" plausibility. In the 7 1/2 years that have passed since I've lived here, the home was bought and sold by two additional young couples (all with small children) and was finally - a few months ago - vacated and removed from the property. There has been no other mobile home in its place for the past month and a half.
That lot is vacant, as is the lot on the other side of my property. But the sounds of my very lively "next-door" neighbors continue (from time to time) to resonate into my space.

And, yes, I've even seen and briefly spoken with them.

Whoever they are, I would gather that they (in their reality) are generally much more aware than we of the existence of parallel worlds, and have managed somewhat of a technique for "sliding" through the barrier that (is SUPPOSE to) delineate their reality from ours.

I said, "suppose" to.

I have encountered three adults and two children from this co-spacial, parallel universe. It has not always been a comfy, "neighborly" relationship.
As part of my daily, metaphysical pattern of living, I have always included various crystals and "power" stones; meditations, and various transdimensional tools.
At some point, I inadvertently bore a sizable rift in the magnetic fence that keeps the two realities within their own realms. It was then that I was brought "face to face" with my rather disgruntled, co-habiting neighbors.
As is so often the case in inter-personal conflicts, tensions had escalated due to the fact that I simply wasn't "listening" or paying attention to their very patient requests to "turn down the juice"! The combinations of my own metaphysical practices (in alignment with the vibrational potency of the terrain around me) finally made it so that my parallel-neighbors saw no other option but to step through the rift and to make their request for known for a little psychic "peace and quiet".

("You are agitating the children")

That was about two years ago. From that time we have arranged a much more harmonious relationship. (Although their "kids" will sometimes sneak through the wall and play a little "tag" with me when I'm trying to go to sleep. "Kids will be kids!")

So,............. "What's up?" with all of this????

Since moving into this home, I have seen more "UFO's" in the skies directly above this property than in all of my previous 43 years. (and that's a BUNCH!)
I have been visited by human appearing extraterrestrials, and have seen very startling apparitions of Christ and the Virgin Mary in the sky to the South.
The Gaian magnetic grid "lay-lines" that enwrap our planet apparently make a major conjoining and crossroad through this space.

Do you recall that I earlier mentioned a "ridge" that defines our park's southern border? That ridge is known as the "Glacier Line". It was the southern-most stopping point of the massive North American Glacier that plowed and leveled its way south from the Arctic during the last Ice Age.
As this ocean of ice subdued and absorbed all that lay before it, it shoved minerals in advance that gradually became deposits of subterranean crystal. The land on which my trailer rests is a flowing (creek-side) crystal "power house" generator worthy of the techno-savvy of Imperial Atlantis.
The vast-ranging types of wild-life that can still survive and prosper on this land (surrounded by 21st Century city-scape) is testament to this fact.

I would venture to guess that the folks from whom I bought this trailer had become a bit "freaked out" by all of the trans-dimensional properties of the environment.
(It's not for the psychically "squeamish".)

But, after 7 1/2 years, I have to say that I've come to feel very much "at home" with the land and all of its bizarre idiosyncrasies.

My own Mohican heritage may be a factor in my ability to thrive here and be at peace.

Native Americans were drawn to this area in very large numbers. Their spiritual awareness and sensitivities gave them the insight to be able to abide along and "ascend" within the magnetic (pranic) energy wave grid-lines connected with the buried crystal deposits; much like the wild-life now in Longacre Park.

This was the land that the Delaware, Miami, and other nations would not concede to the settlers without a fight. This is the land over which they were finally willing to resist the invaders in a "last stand" conflagration. (The wars of Tecumseh.)

Why do you think the settlers called it: "INDIANa"????

Like I said, all is now reasonably peaceful between myself and my neighbors across the magnetic, dimensional fence.

Now, if I can just find a way to keep those "#$%^&" racoons from holding their nightly romping fiestas on my roof!

(But that's another story.)

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