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Opening Words - Questions Answered About Walk-in's

Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 17, 2002

How do you know if you are one? Have you had a personality change that is completely different from 'who you were'? Have friends and family noticed this difference? Has your likes and dislike changed? A walk-in soul is more interested in spirituality and helping others, in non-judgment, and in loving their fellowman. More interested in peace than war. Do you see the world in a whole different way than before? If these things fit you then I would say yes, you are a walk-in. If they don't all fit, but the first three do... then I would say you are a new walk-in and the rest will follow as you awaken to "who you are."

As long as humanity has been here, walk-in's have been here. However, not in the number that is here today. Due to the evolution of this planet and all within and upon her, millions of walk-in's have come to help in this transition. It is almost impossible for you not to know one. For one could be your neighbor, your doctor, your dentist, your cab driver, your brother, sister, mother or father - I think you get my drift here. In other words they are everywhere in every walk of life in every profession and age group.

Now most of you who are reading this already know I am a walk-in, and believe me when I tell you, walk-in's did not come here for the debatable - highly debatable, satisfaction of taking over an unwanted, sometimes slightly used, secondhand bodies. We came here to aid mankind in anyway we can during this awakening and evolutionary time in mankind's history. And surprise, surprise - some of us are not, nor never have been human, some are those ET's you have been searching the skies for. Guess what they have already "landed" without any fanfare. And some like myself are from the angelic realm.

You might be asking, "How does a walk-in take over another body? When? And does the "person" know their body is being taken over by someone else?" The answers to these questions are this:

First let me clarify what a walk-in is; a walk-in is merely a "soul transference." Your body, as you know is the host for your soul, just as your apartment or home in which you live is the host for you and your family. You are not your home or apartment. You are not your body. That which is 'you' is your soul. So when one soul wishes to 'move-out' for whatever reason, another moves in. In my case the previous owner had attempted suicide several times and wanted out, so on a soul/spirit level we got together during her sleep time and along with Archangel Michael and the Council agreed that I would take over her body, contracted with her to finish what she came here to do and then I was free to be "me" so to speak.

How does a walk-in take over an other's body?  The easiest way to put it is this; have you ever left your body during meditation? I know some of you have and others have heard of it - it happens the same way, your essence (soul) leaves your body and you soul travel and then come back into your body. It is almost that easy for another to trade places. I say almost, because it depends on "where" the soul coming in comes from. What dimension - how far they have to travel? How much they have to lower their vibrations to enter this dimension and whether or not they have ever been in human form (incarnate here) before.

There are those that will argue that it is impossible to be a walk-in if you haven't been incarnate here before. Well I am here to tell you that just isn't so. Because technically, and I hesitate to use that word when speaking of a human body, but technically you could say all who are born are walk-in's - the soul comes into flesh, and some for the very first time are called 'young souls.' So it isn't impossible to come from elsewhere and walk-in to a human body for the very first time as an adult. But believe me when I say, it isn't a walk in the park. It is harder, much harder to get used to.

When does a walk-in take over another's body? It can be anytime. During sleep, during meditation, while you are wide awake, during a 'near-death experience,' during a deeply religious or traumatic event, just anytime, anywhere. Does the person know their body is being taken over by someone else? Most certainly! This cannot happen without the one who is exchanging places agreeing to allow this to take place. A "contract" exists between the spirit/entity and the person who voluntarily gives their body.

These arrangements are made because the "walk-in" spirit does not need to go through the lessons that accompany human physical growth. However, they do have spiritual work to do on the earthly plane. The personality of the body may change, which can be confusing to loved ones. Generally, "walk-ins" have a loving and compassionate disposition as they have completed many, if not all, of their earth plane lessons and are moving towards a higher vibration.

Many of your historical figures were walk-ins, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Mandis Gandhi, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy, just to a few.

Walk-in's have influenced every religion, every political faction on the face of this planet since their beginning, for the benefit of mankind. Quetzacoatl, Krishna and Moses were walk-ins.

It actually matters not WHO you are, or WHO you have been, because we are all ONE, none higher or lower, only having different missions in life. So whether you are a walk-in, a Star person, or a person born into the earth plane; none of us can do our job here without the other. Humanity is made up of a beautiful tapestry of colors, a rainbow of lights and energies and it takes each and everyone to make the whole glorious picture.

Excerpted from The Circle Of Light Newsletter

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #74

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