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Some Thoughts On Healing & An Energy Exercise You Can Use Right Now

Author: Richard Ross    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 17, 2002

(C) 2002 Richard Ross. All rights reserved.

Since I've been publishing my newsletter (exactly 3 years, as of today's issue), I have touched several times on the subject of polarities, and why having fixed negative viewpoints about our situation, often keeps us stuck where we are.

Another way to explain this phenomenon is to say that, with every unwanted issue in our life (fear, trauma, limiting belief & stuck situation), we always have a strong aversion (see * note below) to that situation. In other words, we have a lot of negative energy and judgment around being in that situation, or in having that issue. If it is a big issue, we dislike it immensely, we dislike the fact that we are in it.

All of this is pretty obvious, isn't it? You may be wondering "so, what's the big deal".

Here is my belief, and it may seem a somewhat unconventional idea. I believe that it is our negative energy about being IN the unwanted situation, that helps to KEEP us stuck in it. When we have a lot of judgment about our problem, we have created an energy dynamic, that can keep it literally locked in place.

*Note- In addition to having an "aversion" to our problem (as mentioned above), there is also a part of us that has an "attraction" to the problem, but that is a subject for a later newsletter.

Here is a short and simple exercise I created, that will help loosen the grip of any unwanted situation, or issue, in your life. It is simple, but it does take a degree of openness and courage.

I encourage you to try it, but only if it feels right to do so.

Incidentally, the more negative charge you have about the issue, the more profound, and positive, will be the result of this exercise. So pick a situation or issue you really DON'T WANT!

Warning: If you presently in therapy, or under the care of a professional practitioner, DO NOT do this exercise without first obtaining their permission.

Here's the exercise:

"Embracing What You Least Want"

1) Get into a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. Take three full breaths in and out.

2) Spend a few moments thinking about the unwanted situation. Fully feel and experience the situation, and feel the negativity of the situation. Feel how you want it to be gone! Do this only for a few moments. You may want to have your eyes closed when you are doing this part, and then closed again when you are doing the step that follows next.

3) After you have "felt" the issue, or unwanted situation, spend a few moments imagining yourself EMBRACING the issue, or unwanted situation. Feel yourself APPRECIATING the problem, and ENJOYING the problem, just the way it is, totally free of all judgment about it. Do this part for about a minute or so, as it feels comfortable to do so.

4) Take another three full breaths in and out.

5) Reflect on the original issue again and notice whether you have released any charge you had around it, or if the intensity of the issue has diminished.

Please feel free to write me (, and let me know your experience. Also feel free to forward this exercise to others, as long as you forward the entire exercise, including the copyright info, and my contact info below.


A brief summary of my individual practice:

Many of my new clients have been through traditional therapies and still have some part of their issue that seems to refuse to resolve. I do individual sessions by telephone with clients from across the country and abroad (all over the world), who want to move past fears, depression, panic issues, and any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from becoming a full expression of who you are. If you are ready to experience new healing, write me at or call me at 1-800-653-4465 or 541-535-3450 to arrange a free consultation.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #74

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