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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #72

April 19, 2002

1. Opening Words - Being Is Believing - Mark Andrews
2. Using The Law Of Vibration To Manifest Your Vision - Asoka Selvarajah
3. In response to How To Check For Truth, issue # 70 - Randolph Fabian Directo
4. Visitors From Tomorrow - Part Five - Mark Andrews
5. The Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic - Shaman School
6. Regeneration - Elijah

Opening Words - Being Is Believing    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Seeing Is Receiving
Saying Is Praying
Flowing Is Faith

( c ) 2002 Mark Andrews

Being Is Believing

What do you believe? The word "believe" is another example of how our English language has be subject to transpositions over the centuries.
Perhaps you are familiar with the fact that "butterfly" was originally "flutter-by". Similarly, to "be-live" is actually to "live-by". What you believe is that by which you live. Believe is a verb; a series of actions that we do impulsively (with little fore-thought); our most natural actions and responses.
We believe from our will. Our actions are the inseparable manifestations of our will / belief.


Seeing Is Receiving

Have you ever wished that you could spend a day in the "holo-deck" of the Starship Enterprise? That is the 3-Dimensional, projected "life-like" recreational area of the ship where energies take physical form. Whatever you want to experience in the holo-deck is yours for the programming.
Well, we actually LIVE in a Cosmic holo-deck where our thoughts and mental imagery form around us to create our reality. The images that we hold in our mind are projected outward into the Universe to gather the needed energies to then take physical form. We program our personal, experiential holo-deck through the empowered imagery of our mind. It's part of the co-creational process that connects us to God, The Creator.


Saying Is Praying

"And God said... and it was". The Scriptures tell of the creation of our reality as having been accomplished through a process of Divine words taking form; sent forth from the Will of God. Our words, too, are empowered with the creative energies of God.
We will often create more of the experiences of our lives through the words spoken to others than through those words (and thoughts) that we offer up to God in prayer.
Those words that we speak with emotion have the fastest and most powerful manifestations.


Flowing Is Faith

"The opposite of faith is fear." That is a quote that we often hear. If, then, fear is "anti-faith", then faith must - reasonably - be the absence of fear. We register fear as a warning that something is contrary to the natural flowing of God / Nature in, through, and around us.
The experience and process of Being is the cyclical flow of creational energies as they form and reform through Divine Order expressed as Nature.
We are one with The Creator / we are one with Nature.
We abide in faith when we "Let go and let God", and when we "Go with the flow".


The more we are able to allow and embrace the flow of the Divine Presence and creational energies in, through, and all around us; the more we experience the joy of Being / THE PRESENCE OF GOD IN US.

We in God and God in us.
God in Nature and Nature in God.
We in Nature and Nature in us.

Go with the flow. Will and create. Will it / see it / say it / receive it.
It will all happen any way; whether or not you direct it toward your highest good.

So why not become the prime director of your personal reality's "holo-deck"?

"Make it so!"

Using The Law Of Vibration To Manifest Your Vision    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

Science and Metaphysics agree. The essence of all things is vibration. Science reveals that everything in the manifest universe is ultimately composed of packets of energy; quantized units vibrating at specific frequencies. Esoteric wisdom reveals that in the beginning, all things were created through sound (i.e. vibration); whether it be the "OM" of Eastern mysticism or the "Word"/Logos of Western spirituality.

Our thoughts, feelings and actions also have their own particular rates of vibration. These vibrations will set up resonance with whatever possesses identical frequency. In other words, your thoughts are inseparably connected to the rest of the universe.

This is why it is so essential to be a close observer of yourself. As you think, feel and act, so you create the primary vibration of your being. This fundamental vibration then creates resonance with identical vibration frequencies in the universe. The result is an attraction of circumstances, people, challenges and opportunities in exact vibrational resonance with your own dominant vibration frequency.

This principle lies at the heart of visualization techniques, affirmations and the whole personal development movement. When you visualize and repeat affirmations, you are helping to tune your very being to a specific vibrational frequency on the inner planes. Once that task is achieved, your mind comes into vibrational resonance with the object of your desires. Being now of the same frequency, this object (or goal) is inevitably attracted into your life.

However, for such methods to work, it does imply that you have changed your core vibration. This is very often the problem AND explanation as to why such techniques seem to fail for so many people. Over the course of many years, your inner conditioning is created from the habitual thoughts, feelings and actions that you engage in. This forms your self-image and creates the level of self-esteem you feel. It shapes the way you conceptualize the world you live in, as well as the way you respond to it. It is how you interpret your life experiences.

If a person simply mouths affirmations or writes goals out, without having touched the deep bedrock of their long-term conditioning, such activities will not have much effect. This is because the dominant vibration has not changed. You cannot go against what your self-image, and your predominant conditioning, say you are.

Thought is where it all begins. As your conscious mind dwells habitually on thoughts of a certain quality, these become firmly imbedded within the subconscious mind. They become the dominant vibration. This dominant vibration sets up a resonance with other similar vibrations and draws them into your life. This is easier to understand if you consider that from the metaphysical view, the whole universe IS MIND.

Hence, to draw what you wish into your life, you should begin with the mind, and make it your primary focus. Most people do things the other way around, and come up with practical techniques to generate their desires, and then go out and try them. However, when these methods are not in tune with your dominant vibration, then you will have great difficulty making the desired results come to pass. You will also feel most uncomfortable if they do. You have trained your mind in a certain way, you have set the thermostat at a certain level, and now you are trying to exceed the limits you have set upon yourself by sheer force.

The trap most people fall into is that they condition their future with expectations from their past. It's like driving with your eyes fixed on the rear view mirror the whole time. You cannot see where you are going because you are too busy looking back on past history. Is it any wonder that, for most people, the future DOES closely resemble the past?!

The problem is that, by focusing continually on what you have become as a result of past conditioning, you guarantee that you draw this same dominant vibration into the future. This is also why your desired future can seem so far away from you. It is vibrating at an alien frequency and hence, in a real sense, it IS very far away.

Instead, you have to first change the dominant vibration within. Once your dominant vibration is in harmony with what you seek, the latter must literally be "attracted" to you without excessive striving! It will seem easy in comparison to what came before. In a very real sense, you have to become what you seek on the inside before you can ever have it in physical reality.

There are several ways to gradually change the dominant vibration of your inner being, and begin to resonantly attract what you seek. One important thing to do is to have a clear vision of your life as you want it to be; completely independent of the circumstances of your present or past. Lack of absolute clarity about their desired future could well be the number one reason why people fail in life.

You are creating something new from the universal intelligence, and drawing it into your reality. You do NOT have to base this upon the past, your perceived weaknesses, or anything else that derives from your limited self-image.

A good way to gain clarity is to write down in detail the attainment of what you seek. What would it look like? How would you feel if you achieved it? What difference would it make to your life? It may take you days, or even weeks, to create this vision, but it is time well spent.

By creating a vision of your desired state and putting energy into it regularly, you use mind power to shape the very stuff of creation. You create this imagined "reality" in your mind to the point where your subconscious actually believes it to be physical reality and goes about making it so. It will attract the circumstances, the people, and the opportunities you need to bring about the vision you have created.

If you are doubtful about this, consider for a moment that you are doing this anyway. The only difference is that you may be unaware you are doing it. If so, your overall vibration is incoherent, and hence your results fluctuate wildly. By becoming conscious, you take conscious control of the creative process and can learn to manifest at will.

Another way to change your vibration rate is to act "as if". If you had already attained what you seek, how would you think and act? Well, start thinking and acting that way right now. Again, this helps to impress the dominant vibration you choose upon your subconscious mind. Again, you have been doing this all your life anyway. Simply take conscious deliberate control of the process from now on. For instance, Cary Grant is known to have said:

"I acted like Cary Grant for so long, I became him."

Taking time to meditate regularly on the truth that all is vibration, seeing this reality in all its myriad guises, will also help reinforce it upon your mind - both conscious and subconscious. You will begin to believe it, and what you believe is what you act upon.

The reason most people achieve very little in comparison to what they are capable of is because they have no vision for the future whatsoever. Focused, single-minded concentration upon a vision you seek to create is what will actually cause it to happen. You have to read your description every day (preferably twice or more), and then vividly imagine it. Begin to live that reality now in your mind's eye, and you make its future manifestation all the more rapid. Do not even worry about how it will happen. Just do your part and let the universe, through the law of vibration, do the rest.

Copyright 2002, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active author/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose. You can visit his website at:

In response to How To Check For Truth, issue # 70    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Randolph Fabian Directo    (all articles by this author)

Here is a simpler method of dowsing using principles of HaTha Yoga:

Alternating Nostrils

This technique is designed to open either hemisphere of the brain. For example, If you desire to be right-brain activated, you must breathe exclusively, through the left nostril. Remember, the right brain controls the left half of the body and the left-brain controls the right half of the body.

You will want to be right-brain activated when you attempt a creative, emotional, or spiritual endeavor. You will need to be left-brain activated when you attempt a logical, material, earthbound project.

For the beginner, hold a finger over the nostril you wish to keep closed. When you wish to breathe through the right nostril only hold a finger over the side of the left nostril gently pressing until the passageway is completely closed. (Do not perform this exercise if you are ill with any type of respiratory illness.) After the passageway is closed breathe slowly and deeply through the remaining opened nostril. Hold the breath for several seconds then exhale slowly through the mouth. After a lot of exercise you will learn to mentally choose the nostril through which you want to breathe and only breathe through it without having to physically close off the other one. (Amazing what the body can do!)

Your state of mind also affects the way you breathe through your two nostrils. Human beings normally only breathe through one nostril at a time without realizing it. When you are conscious of this you can determine at any time which side of the brain is active. With this conscious knowledge you control your emotions and creativity. When you enter a confrontational experience, for example, breathe through the left nostril so that the right brain becomes active and will diffuse the situation. If you are about to take a test breathe through the right nostril so that the left brain takes over. With practice you can balance your breathing through the day so life can be more harmonious (without the complexity and while continuing your everyday routines).

(Note: Yogis say that the left nostril is the passageway for the Moon Breath, whereas the right nostril is the passageway. for the Sun Breath. Thus we have the name of Hatha Yoga, Ha-Tha, which means literally 'Sun-Moon'. The Sun Breath is supposed to be positive, masculine, and warm, whereas the Moon Breath is negative, feminine, and cool. The Sun Breath is said traditionally to be connected to the right trunk of the sympathetic nervous system via a psychic channel called a nadi, and the same is true of the Moon Breath. It, too, is connected to the left trunk of the sympathetic nervous system via another nadi. These two trunks, the right and the left, are located physically on the right and left sides of the spinal column and are known as Pingala and Ida respectively.)

Now this is important because at any given time either the Moon Breath or the Sun Breath is dominant, which means that we breathe much more strongly from the right nostril than the left, or vice versa. The nostril through which most of your breath is passing any given time is called your dominant nostril in yoga, and it changes every two hours with certain tides on the subtler planes.

If it does not change every two hours, illness may be on the way. If your dominant nostril remains the same for a day, illness is certain. And if it remains the same for more than a day, the illness will be serious. Also, if a man and a woman conceive a child, if both are breathing through the right nostril at the moment of conception, the child will surely be a boy. If through the left, it will surely be a girl. (Discounting who has the orgasm first - Remember the days of yore when man blamed woman if they had nothing but girls? 'Tis surely a two way street m'lad!) But if the man is breathing through one and the woman through the other, the child may be of either sex.

In the ideal world, we would be able to latch onto our psychic impressions immediately and consciously. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world. Most of our psychic knowledge remains buried in the subconscious mind. By its nature, the subconscious mind is more in tune with the etheric body (the superconscious mind networked to all other etheric elements in this reality) where a lot of data lays and withers. Through meditation and self hypnosis, we can get in touch with the subconscious, but at the price of being unable to record the data. Nostril breathing, being a form of radiesthesia or 'dowsing,' removes that problem. This form of psychic impression is very different from 'dowsing' for ley lines. Perhaps, you have heard of pendulums and ouija boards which have been surrounded by a cloud of complete and utter mystic nonsense in contacting the spirit world. Nostril breathing IS the most exact form of psychic 'dowsing' in knowing the LIVING WORLD.

When a question is asked, the subconscious mind, which knows the answer, will try to get into contact with the conscious mind (i.e. gut feelings, intuition). The conscious mind, however, is too busy or discursive to listen to the answer and gets lost in the noise. There are nerves which do listen to the subconscious and respond. Under normal circumstances, we do not notice this response because the messages of these nerves, like that of the subconscious, cannot get through. These nerves create minute muscular responses (which Turtle Woman talked about in her article on "How to Check for Truth") and create well defined patterns in the autonomic functions of the body.

Try this experiment: The next time you visit a friend and you do not know if he will be home, place your fingertips beneath your nostrils and breathe normally. If your right nostril is dominant, your friend will be home when you arrive. If your left nostril is dominant, he will not. SIMPLE! The same thing is true of anything involving an element of chance. Yogis say that if your right nostril is dominant, the venture will be successful, but if the left is dominant, it will not. (Does it work on the lottery? YES!.. Has my right nostril ever worked on the lottery? NO!.. Good luck on that right nostril.)

To read the entire text please go to

Visitors From Tomorrow - Part Five    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Personal Encounters With Time Travelers

Part Five

(c) 2002 Mark Andrews

Spring of 1978

One night, following my meeting with the mysterious stranger at the coffee shop. I was over-taken by a sudden urge (at 2 AM) for blueberry donuts that were only available at The Big Donut shop at the corner of Troy & Madison Aves. (Catty-corner from the Waffle House restaurant where I had the encounter with the stranger.)
When I got back to my car after purchasing the donuts, I "heard" the words, "Harding St.". I realized that it was a telepathic communication, so I took the closest route to Harding by going west on Troy.
When I got to Troy, I could see a large orange light, some distance south of the intersection. I turned left and approached the light.
It became gradually more clear that the rather large orange light was suspended over the intersection of Harding St. & I-465. When I was within a couple of blocks from the freeway, I verbally asked of the light, "Is that YOU?" (not certain just who I would be addressing.) Just that quickly, a white light became visible at a 45 degree angle below the orange light. Then a candy apple red light appeared at the same level as the white, at 45 degrees to the other side of the orange. Finally, a row of syncopated (candy apple) red lights began to cause a visual counter-clockwise rotation on the under belly of what was (by now) clearly a saucer.
"Which way should I go?" , I asked, again out loud. The craft then began to move slowly to the west, which I took as a signal that I should take the west-bound entrance ramp on to I-465.
Two semi-trailers had pulled over just below the craft. Their drivers were out of their cabs, and were staring up at the ship and sharing their - obviously perplexed - observations.
I moved on to 465, and as I did, the ship began to increase its speed and to make a very gradual descent, coming down to almost pavement level.
By that time, I was ecstatic, and amused by the thought that I was chasing a "flying saucer" at ground- level on I-465. The craft began to accelerate its speed 40-45-50-55- 60-65-70-75-80-85,86,87,--88mph. It was just past the moment when my speedometer read 88 mph that The ship then cut of all of its lights, and veered off the freeway. I watched in astonishment as the craft simply "vanished" over an empty field..
I was suddenly confronted with the fact that I was doing 88 mph on I-465 at past 2 AM. (I'm not sure how I would have tried to explain that one to a cop!)
I slowed and exited at the next ramp (Mann Rd.) just a couple of blocks from where the ship "vanished".

Then.......... That was it!

I waited for a while - in the cold, damp air - at the Mann Rd. exit. After about 20 minutes, I realized that the mysterious occupants of the saucer were not going to rendezvous with me, so I headed east on I-465, and back home.

Seven years later (in 1985) the movie, "Back To The Future" made its debut. The sight of a craft "disappearing" at 88 mph didn't mean anything to me in the Spring of 1978.

But then, of course, it suddenly did.

Whoever was aboard that ship had apparently gone "back to the future".

(to be continued)

The Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic    (view on a separate page)
Author: Shaman School    (all articles by this author)

Explore the exciting and practical world of magic and shamanism by visiting The Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic. Practical courses for all levels and walks of life, including online, teleconference, self-paced programs and apprenticeship programs. Resources for everyone from dabblers to longtime practitioners. Visit us at Real magic does exist!

Regeneration    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Elijah    (all articles by this author)

The regenerated mind as opposed to the unregenerated mind, the mind of man.

We DO have the very mind of He through whom ALL things were created and you know what I mean.

Fact - we do create our own reality primarily, individually, then in mass. Most do see that as true. We were given that by the creator of All That IS, or God if you prefer. The ultimate and unlimited power of creativity in this world. It is called Free Will.

Fact - thought is EVERYTHING. Thought is the process we utilize to create reality. Speech is the creative "force" that manifests that reality inTO BEing. You ARE what you think you are. For as you believe so shall it BE.

In the beginning was The WORD and The WORD was with God. and The Word, WAS God. The WORD = the thought or the concept.

Fact - these are the days "before" the end of time. That is to say the ending of time. When time will be NO MORE.

Fact... There has been a change in consciousness, the awakening has indeed arrived, the human experience will never be the same again. We are at the threshold of forEVER, as one has said the next level. And It, IS, SO. Whether you believe that or not, doesn't matter. It will not change now.
There will be a new heaven and a new earth wherein there should be time no longer. A world without sickness, disease or the aggressive nature man developed in the "beginning" of time.

Yes we DO indeed create our own reality. So how far can you take that? I say, as far as you want! It IS your choice for ultimately it is YOU who creates your tomorrows.

Look around you! What are the masses creating in these days? Can you afford to allow this to be your world? But you are NOT of this world nor AM I. Yes, we are in the world but we are not OF this world. You ARE different and you know that. Truly you are a "new creation". Behold! All things become new, old things are passed away. You see things that are not, as though they WERE. Peace is what you see. Not the peace this world speaks of but peace of mind. For that IS your inheritance.

Therefor say I, be not conformed to this world but be ye translated, "transformed" by the renewing of your MIND to know what that good and acceptable perfect will of God IS.

YES, I say, there has been a change of consciousness, The mind is renewed daily. Even on this physical plain. So how could you EVER go back to those limiting thoughts?

A message to the world

Come near ye nations to hear, and harken ye people, let the earth hear, and ALL that is therein the world, and all thing that come fourth from it.
For the indignation of the Lord IS upon all nations, and His fury upon all their armies. He has utterly destroyed them, He has delivered them to the slaughter.

NOW will I rise, sayeth The Lord. NOW will I lift up myself. Should He not lift us up also?

Behold: I come quickly and my reward is with me. To give every man according as his works shall be.

Now these things say I, but not of myself. For there are some with whom these words have meaning. They it is who have ears to hear.

Freely have I received, freely give I unto you.

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