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Visitors From Tomorrow - Part Five

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 19, 2002

Personal Encounters With Time Travelers


Part Five

(c) 2002 Mark Andrews

Spring of 1978

One night, following my meeting with the mysterious stranger at the coffee shop. I was over-taken by a sudden urge (at 2 AM) for blueberry donuts that were only available at The Big Donut shop at the corner of Troy & Madison Aves. (Catty-corner from the Waffle House restaurant where I had the encounter with the stranger.)

When I got back to my car after purchasing the donuts, I "heard" the words, "Harding St.". I realized that it was a telepathic communication, so I took the closest route to Harding by going west on Troy.

When I got to Troy, I could see a large orange light, some distance south of the intersection. I turned left and approached the light.

It became gradually more clear that the rather large orange light was suspended over the intersection of Harding St. & I-465. When I was within a couple of blocks from the freeway, I verbally asked of the light, "Is that YOU?" (not certain just who I would be addressing.) Just that quickly, a white light became visible at a 45 degree angle below the orange light. Then a candy apple red light appeared at the same level as the white, at 45 degrees to the other side of the orange. Finally, a row of syncopated (candy apple) red lights began to cause a visual counter-clockwise rotation on the under belly of what was (by now) clearly a saucer.

"Which way should I go?" , I asked, again out loud. The craft then began to move slowly to the west, which I took as a signal that I should take the west-bound entrance ramp on to I-465.

Two semi-trailers had pulled over just below the craft. Their drivers were out of their cabs, and were staring up at the ship and sharing their - obviously perplexed - observations.

I moved on to 465, and as I did, the ship began to increase its speed and to make a very gradual descent, coming down to almost pavement level.

By that time, I was ecstatic, and amused by the thought that I was chasing a "flying saucer" at ground- level on I-465. The craft began to accelerate its speed 40-45-50-55- 60-65-70-75-80-85,86,87,--88mph. It was just past the moment when my speedometer read 88 mph that The ship then cut of all of its lights, and veered off the freeway. I watched in astonishment as the craft simply "vanished" over an empty field..

I was suddenly confronted with the fact that I was doing 88 mph on I-465 at past 2 AM. (I'm not sure how I would have tried to explain that one to a cop!)

I slowed and exited at the next ramp (Mann Rd.) just a couple of blocks from where the ship "vanished".

Then.......... That was it!

I waited for a while - in the cold, damp air - at the Mann Rd. exit. After about 20 minutes, I realized that the mysterious occupants of the saucer were not going to rendezvous with me, so I headed east on I-465, and back home.

Seven years later (in 1985) the movie, "Back To The Future" made its debut. The sight of a craft "disappearing" at 88 mph didn't mean anything to me in the Spring of 1978.

But then, of course, it suddenly did.

Whoever was aboard that ship had apparently gone "back to the future".

(to be continued)

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #72

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