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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #70

March 25, 2002

1. Opening Words - The A-Bomb - Alexander Aldarow
2. Visitors From Tomorrow - Part Two - Mark Andrews
3. How To Check For Truth - Turtle Woman
4. Announcing Mystical Inroads - Mystical Inroads
5. On Creating Excellence No Matter What - Asoka Selvarajah
6. First Challenge - Dru_id
7. Introduction to - FindAMentor

Opening Words - The A-Bomb    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

I had a dream several nights ago. In that dream, I was ordered to drive a tank and block the traffic on a bridge, as a part of some military experiment. Afterwards, I joined the passers-by, who, in anticipation for the continuation of the experiment, were gathering around a catering table. And there were so many different people here, it wasn't a faceless crowd, like in other dreams - for the first time in my dreams, I could distinguish between every person, and have even recognized a few. But as we were focused on the food, soldiers rolled out a cannon, loaded... with an A-bomb! We, the citizens, were given ten minutes, and I started running, running away from the growing menace.

I've reached an entrance to a shelter; allegedly, it was already full, and a general there ordered me to run to another shelter, but not before I performed some obscure military saluting routine. However, there was no time to run for another shelter, and I was allowed into the current one. The funny thing is, the shelter was actually above the ground, a one-storied, quasi-military type building. I looked through the window to the outside, and saw it, growing on the background of the clear sky, reaching toward us, the black cloud of nuclear explosion (notice the anagram, nuclear - unclear, as opposed to clear). I dropped to the floor, spreading out, with my head, actually, in the direction of the explosion. Nothing happened.

I lived in the shelter for days, making friends, sleeping on the floor near a wall, in a ragged sleeping bag, trying to stay away from the stench of the bathroom. A realization came to me - if the explosion really took place, then the air we breathe should have been contaminated with radiation - yet, we are alive. I went to the outside, stepping into the deserted street of my childhood town; though only days have passed since the experiment/supposed explosion, the pavement was overgrown with a thick carpet of weeds; somewhere, a radio was speaking about the recent events. I went to our apartment, climbing up the stairs, hearing my parents and feeling thankful that they are alive; but before I saw them, the picture narrowed and closed in front of me, as if a television set was suddenly unplugged. I woke up, screaming... in the shelter. It was a dream inside a dream.


I know and understand the spiritual reasoning. That people don't actually die, only their physical shells do; that all the negative things are here to teach us, as we grow through the many incarnations. Nor am I trying to be a doomsayer, prophesying what have already been over-prophesied. I am simply trying to describe the horror that I felt in that dream.


To hurt another being is wrong. Nonetheless, when it is done "conventionally", by a bad thought, negative word, a punch, a stab, a shot, a regular bomb, and we hear about it in the news, it is still somehow, psychologically, less horrifying than... this. The nuclear weapon. It is, like Lovecraft's Old Ones, a "Thing That Should Not Be." It does not belong here, nor its grisly military accessories, like the ones exhibited in Ed's "Black Hole". I am not making neither political, nor humanitarian statement here. I'm telling you what I've seen, in my dream, and the terror that became my entire being. The A-Bomb.


"And now I have become Death, the destroyer of the worlds."

Visitors From Tomorrow - Part Two    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Personal Encounters With Time Travelers

Part Two

( c ) 2002 Mark Andrews -

As I left the Biro's house that Wednesday night, my thoughts were filled with dark imaginings. Taking into consideration their insistence that "I" had been at their home the night before (when I was certain that I had been very soundly asleep at the time) and factoring-in the multiple reports that "I" had emerged from and returned to a "flying saucer" - re-thinking the very strange UFO encounters from Monday night: I could come to only one conclusion,
"Oh my god. They CLONED me! THAT'S what the injection mark on my neck was all about. They took samples of my DNA and made a replicate ME!"
As the next few days went by, my apprehensions grew as I - several times - heard people who I knew say to me, "Didn't I just see you....." (here and there).
It was the "spookiest" couple of weeks I have ever experienced. Not knowing what the other "me" was up to.... What shenanigans he might be getting into (for which I might be blamed), etc., etc.
Corresponding events never returned to haunt me, but my own thoughts surrounding the ominous possibilities were indeed disconcerting.
It's at this point that my memory of the dates of the following incidents becomes rather vague.
On a Wednesday night, within a few weeks of the "flying saucer over the Biro's house" incident, I went for one of my regular "all-night coffee and a good book" rituals at the near-by Waffle House at the corner of Troy and Madison Aves.. on Indy's South Side.
It was right around 2 A.M.. I had brought with me a "how to" metaphysical training book. I was seated at my regular spot at the coffee counter.
A car pulled into the lot from Troy Ave.. As its headlights scanned across my back through the facing window, I felt a jolt of electrical energy so strong that I checked to make sure that my stool hadn't somehow come into contact with a live wire.
Within a minute, in through the front door came a very "out of place" but fairly normal looking guy.
His attention immediately went to me. At once, he sprouted a broad smile of recognition (which was obviously restraining what would otherwise have been a burst of uncontrolled laughter).
"What's with THIS guy?", I wondered at his rather intrusive facial expressions.
He kept his eyes on me as he made his way to the coffee counter; smile never dimming. (Possibly in response to the fact that at that time I kept a "White Afro" hair style.)
It was clear that this guy thought that he knew me. But more clearly yet, that he somehow DID know me. I felt a sudden "thud" in the pit of my stomach.
"OK", I thought, "This guy is coming to talk to me.... Don't look him in the eye - Not yet - Ready, 1 - 2 - 3; Look at him." As I turned my head to allow eye contact, he was in the process of taking a seat at the counter, 3 down from my seat. When my eyes locked-in with his, it looked as if he experienced a momentary "freeze" in action, like that of someone having a flash of second-thinking while already executing a preconceived plan of action. (I suppose that my returning glare was a little confrontatory.)
He regained his will and took the seat.
"How are you?", I asked with mild apprehension.
"OK", he answered. (smile returning) "How are you?"
Of course, I had no clue whatsoever who in the world this guy was. I took a lot of mental notes as I ran through my memory's social files to see if his face might pop-up somewhere along the way. Nothing came back.
I noticed that he was wearing a very odd sort of light zip-up jacked. Odd, that is, for 1978. (It was of the collar-less style that came into fashion in the mid 90's.) Aside from that, his clothes were quite contemporary.
He had a typical, medium length hair style. His brown hair seemed to have some kind of a strange, very healthy looking vibrancy. He had a moustache and sideburns that one might expect in those days of the "Disco era".
The only thing about him that I found unresolvable were his eyes. His eyes emitted a bright energy that was sometimes difficult to absorb.
It was quickly apparent that this man was unique to the environment. However, I was suspicious as to his "from where", assuming that he was a human extraterrestrial associated with the UFO encounters from a couple of weeks prior.
I remained completely oblivious to the real issue in this man's aura of mystery. It wasn't really a matter of "from where" as from "WHEN".
"Are you interested in metaphysics?" he asked; glancing at the book I was reading. I responded favorably, so he invited me to try an experiment with him. He challenged me to write down 10 numbers between 1 and 100, and to see if he could then repeat them to me. I accepted his challenge and began to jot down the most unlikely series that I could think of. "97, 98, 99, 100, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10." He closed his eyes and rapidly repeated them back to me in perfect sequence.
"You're really good!", I exclaimed; now (myself) smiling. I was starting to warm-up to this guy. (Whoever in the heck he was!).
He ordered coffee and we talked; and we talked; and we talked. I learned that his name was Fred; that he was a Capricorn; that he was a "trouble shooting" auto mechanic; (even from where I sat I could clearly detect the smells that one might encounter in an auto shop / although his clothes showed no sign of having been worked in). I also learned that that his birthday was January 18; that he was 44 years old.
"FORTY FOUR !!!", I was stunned. "That's my PARENTS' age!" The man looked my age (26) or younger!
"Capricorns never show their real age." he mused; with even more of that peculiar "I've got a secret" smile.
As our conversation continued, I could feel a static, enveloping energy surrounding me. (I had the feeling that I was being scanned from an unseen source). At the same time, I was repeatedly lulled into a very placid, almost hypnotic state by the warm psychic emanations coming from Fred's (golden-green) eyes.
Before 4 A.M., I felt secure enough with Fred that I invited him to follow me to my basement apartment to continue our talk. (A very, VERY unusual sort of invitation to offer to someone who you've just met.)
But I "knew" that everything would be alright.
He was driving a '76 yellow Ford Maverick. Once we arrived at my parents' house, he asked a rather peculiar but appropriate question, "How are your brakes holding up?"
"Well, OK, I guess." I answered (hoping that his mechanic's intuition hadn't detected a problem that I wasn't aware of).
"Maybe sometime in the future I can help you with any brake problems.", he smiled.
We spent another couple of hours talking. Again and again came the powerful waves of thought energy through his eyes into mine. Looking back, it was as if my subconscious mind was being programmed by means of thought-wave transmissions.
It was getting close to the time that my parents would be waking up, so I apologized to Fred that I had to let him go for the time being.
I walked up the basement steps with him to let him out the door.
I asked, "Will I be seeing you again?"
For the first time, Fred spoke through laughter, "Oh, Don't worry. YOU'LL see me again, alright."
I closed and locked the back door behind him and wondered,
"Now why was THAT so funny?"

(to be continued)

How To Check For Truth    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Turtle Woman    (all articles by this author)

From: Turtle Woman - through Circle of Light Newsletter.

This simple technique for determining Truth has been developed over several decades with different aspects pulled from various sources. It has nothing to do with religion, so it does not matter if you are of any particular persuasion, lineage, or belief. It works with the Christ Power (the right hand Golden Light of God) and Archangel Michael. This has nothing to do with the religion of Christianity. Nothing of darkness can penetrate or subvert the power of the Golden Light of Christ and no falsehood can exist in the presence of It or Archangel Michael and the Sword of Truth.

Basically, the premise is to "self" muscle test, such as chiropractors use.  The problem with muscle testing is that many things can affect it...  your personal beliefs, desire for a particular outcome, whether or not you are really in your body or if you're balanced. All of these things can interfere (belief/desires) with or cause deception (dark side) with obtaining the Truth. As a result, a specific affirmation is stated before the muscle test to ensure that the results are accurate and correct.

How To Self Muscle Test:
The actual technique is a simple self muscle test using the index finger on your right hand and pushing down on that finger with your left hand after asking your question.  Questions must be asked in a manner that they can be answered yes or no.  If the right index finger is strong and does not release when pushed down on, then the answer is yes. If the right index finger is weak and cannot resist your pushing down on it, then the answer is no.   The process of getting the correct answer involves a few steps at the beginning with specific verbiage to prevent interference with or deception of the Truth.

First, you must know if you are balanced. If not, there is a simple ancient Asia technique which takes only a few minutes to get you into balance.  Anytime that you are out of balance in any way, you can use this technique to balance all aspects of your Self. It is good to use this Asian technique at least once a day to keep yourself in balance at all times.  This works on all levels.

In Your Body:
Second, you must be sure you are "you" and are in your body. When you feel light headed or dull/fuzzy in your thinking, mentally "not with it", or mentally tired, you more than likely are not in your body. Surprised? Have you ever done stupid things, all the while knowing it was stupid, not wanting to do it, yet doing it anyway, and in the process of it wondering why you were doing this? You are not in your body.... someone else is in there at the controls. You have slipped out and while you were out, an entity stepped in.

Getting Correct Answers:
At any time when testing for Truth, none of your answers will be correct if:
1. You are not balanced.
2. You do not say the affirmation/verbalization first.
3. You are not "you" and/or are not in your body.

All this must be done and confirmed positive before you ask your question(s).  If you are not in your body and have not been for a while (some people for most of their lives), it is not unusual for you to slip out of your body again right after affirmation and the confirmation. It is good to do the entire process from A to Z for each question you ask. Always check and double check to see if you are balanced and in your body.  This is very important. You've more than likely been out of your body a lot more than you ever realized. If you find you are continually out of your body, gardening is a good cure for this to get grounded.  Sticking your hands in the dirt, wrapping your arms around trees, etc., will help to ground you. Those who spend a lot of time in higher dimensions have difficulty getting grounded. Spending some time sitting or lying on the Mother Earth daily is also a good way to ground yourself daily.

When you start, face East or Southeast. (Exception: Directional facing is not necessary for "the balancing"). Do not be in the same room with a computer or any electronic device that is ON. It will affect the process through energy interference and cause deception in your answer. East is faced because it is the direction of receiving, the direction of the Golden Light, and the direction that Archangel Michael stands in of The Four Who Stand in The Four Directions. South is the direction of manifestation. I find Southeast to be the most powerful direction to ask questions and get a correct answer... receiving and manifesting.

Checking For Truth

Step One:

Balancing Technique:

Bend your arms at the elbows, laying the inside of your forearms together on top of each other, right on top of left. (Similar in position to cradling a baby). Clasp the fingers of your hands around your forearms (your right hand should be on top with your hands facing in opposite directions of each other. Your fingers will be pointing in the direction of the "other" elbow). Slide your clasped hands back along the inside of your forearms until the fleshy bottom part of your palms firmly touch and connect. The end of the palms of your hands will be resting in the "dip" your wrists. Keep your hands clasped onto your arms, your elbows will be sticking out. Keep your hands closely snuggled together in this position and hold for several minutes. If you have been out of balance in your body for a long time, you will need to do this for at least 10 minutes. The more you do it, the less time involved and the more you will stay in balance.

Step Two:
(facing East or Southeast)

Starting Affirmation:

"As the Christ Master Self that I am, I (fill in your full name) am in my full, conscious, rational, decision making, Christ Enlightened, body/mind/and soul; here, now, and forever more and I thank you God NOW".

Step Three:

Question who you are and if you are in your body and balanced.

1.  "As the Christ Master Self that I am, am I (state your full name)"?
      Muscle test. If yes, continue. If no, go back to Step Two and repeat all.

2.  "As the Christ Master Self that I am, am I (state your full name) in my body"?
    Muscle test.  If yes, continue. If no, go back to Step Two and repeat all.

3.  "As the Christ Master Self that I am, am I (state your full name) in balance"?
     Muscle test. If yes, continue. If no, go back to Step One and repeat all.

Step Four:

Checking for Truth on anything.

"As the Christ Master Self that I am, and in the Truth and Power of the Golden Light of Christ and the Archangel Michael, without any interference or deception, is (insert whatever you are asking about) true and correct"?

Blessings to All My Relations in Love and Golden Light,
Turtle Woman

Announcing Mystical Inroads    (view on a separate page)
Author: Mystical Inroads    (all articles by this author)

Mystical Inroads, a new live call in talk show on TV, local community cable channel 3 LVTV in La Verne, California. Discussing topics of spirituality and the paranormal. Join us for some stimulating conversations, fascinating guests, and online discussions as well. To contact Cassie Zievers, the host of Mystical Inroads online, go to Mystical_Inroads, a Yahoo Group - Watch for us coming in April! Call your local cable station to request the show in your area!

On Creating Excellence No Matter What    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

If you hate your job, your relationship, or some other part of your life, you are not exactly a rarity. Many people are caught up in their own personal crisis. In such a situation, it becomes all too easy to moan, grumble, and seek to undermine others. Essentially, you do as little as possible to advance your own cause, or that of anyone else for that matter. After all, why bother if you are not going to be appreciated anyway?

The trouble with this type of thinking is that it does nothing to improve your situation, but does everything to make it worse. By creating this sort of apathy within yourself, and encouraging the almost unbreakable circle of pessimistic thinking, it entangles you ever further in the web of cynicism and misery.

The worse thing is that such cynicism acts like it is your best friend and comforter, when it is actually the worst enemy you could have in such a situation. Rather than showing you a way out of the dilemma, it definitely lands you ever deeper in it. Even if an opportunity for improvement were to be thrust upon you, you would no longer recognize it; such are the levels to which the mind has sunk in its own self-pitying wallow.

Nobody is immune from such behavior. The temptation hits us all at some time or another. It seems so justified. After all, it was not you who was falling down on the job. It was the other party. You did all you were required to do, and what was your reward for it? You failed to receive the credit you were due, the love you deserved, the promotion you were expecting, or whatever. You are clearly being taken advantage of and totally exploited, so surely having a little grumble, and letting a few people in on your disgruntlement, cannot be so very bad?

Sadly, it is. For a start, backbiting to others does little or no good, apart from giving you some temporary respite from the tension you may be feeling. However, if there is one true rule in human relationships, it is that you can safely rely on your most confidential utterances to infallibly reach the ears of the very worst person you would wish them to - usually the person you were gossiping about. If that were to happen, ask yourself this; does it strengthen or destroy whatever good standing you have left?

In addition, you would do well to remember that you are training your mind all the time, whether by action or inaction. The thoughts you think make it easier to engage in more thoughts of the same nature. Thus, by engaging in apathetic behavior, by doing the absolute minimum required, you only train yourself to be blind and unresponsive to opportunity when it does finally arise. Also, your own attitude will be so hardened by negativity that it will be impossible for you to "flip" into positive productive mode within a heartbeat.

Worse still, you will acquire a reputation, and it will not be a good one. People think that if they go on "mental strike" in a job or relationship, the only ones who will know will be those in the immediate vicinity. However, this is rarely the case. If you try to move out of this situation carrying a highly negative mindset, you will invariably find that your reputation, good or bad, precedes you. For example, people have a habit of telephoning around to seek information on prospective employees. Although you may think your attitude is justified, the message being given by others in your company on your behalf may be a lot less flattering and sympathetic that you might like.

Thus, it can be concluded that maintaining a standard of excellence, no matter what the outward circumstances, is the best strategy. It is best for YOU, because you retain power over your own life and give yourself the most resourceful options. It may seem counter-intuitive, and certainly runs against the grain of what is easiest to do. However, by taking the negative road, you actually empower your perceived opponents.

Of course, it may seem to you that in doing your best in this context, you are only giving away your excellence to those who do not appreciate it, or will actually take credit for it. To some extent, this may be true on the short-term. However, excellence cannot be contained for long. Light shines by its very nature. It cannot do otherwise. Although some people regularly take credit for the work of others, everyone knows who is REALLY doing the work, even if they will not admit it for political reasons.

By maintaining a standard of excellence, and growing your personal skills, you are making it every easier for you to find a better situation elsewhere. Indeed, since like attracts like, you cannot be held down for longer than you actually choose to be. Hence, by choosing excellence in all your efforts, you set into motion forces in the universe that will draw excellence to you, and redeem you from whatever you are currently suffering.

You grow to be larger than your present negative situation. Change is the very essence of life. Thus, either the people who are causing you problems will disappear in time, or someone else will come in and effect positive changes. Either way, your demeanor, once change does occur, will determine your future. If your reputation is that of excellence, then you will be elevated. If your profile is negative and bitter, no matter how justified, you will be passed over and others will be "unfairly" favored over you. This is because the mindset you choose to strengthen leads directly to the life you get to live.

Earl Nightingale once wrote that:
"The things you learn in maturity seldom involve information and skills. You learn to bear the things you can't change. You learn to avoid self-pity. You learn not to burn up energy in anxiety. You learn that most people are neither for you nor against you but rather are thinking about themselves. You learn that no matter how much you try to please, some people are never going to love you."

In all things, it is best to be self-referential. Judge yourself by your own standards, and set those standards high; higher than anyone else would set for you. Then, evaluate your performance by how well you are doing with regards to yourself, and not to others, their attitudes, their gossip or their enmity.

Challenges will enter into our lives, for that is the nature of life itself. It is how we respond to them that reveals character and helps to build it. You can decide to grumble, backbite, do as little as possible, and take no serious action to improve your lot. Alternatively, you can act excellently at all times, and outgrow your challenge. Either way, the choice is always yours. For your own sake, let your choice be the right one!

Copyright 2002, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active author/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose. You can visit his website at:

You are also invited to Asoka Selvarajah's exciting new personal development course, "Life Breakthrough", it's FREE, and it's sent daily to subscribers by e-mail. Transform your life in 14 days - click for more details.

First Challenge    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Dru_id    (all articles by this author)

Because you feel yourself connected to god, you feel connected to everyone else and you can take that leap of imagination and feel yourself AS that god in everyone and can feel that everyone else is ALSO YOU and you can see that harm to one of THEM is harm to YOURSELF.
So it hurts and you feel responsible for all the hurt that is going on and I suppose in a way you have contributed to it every time you think and talk negatively about things.

Guilty as charged I plea!!

I have done it too.

I have looked at the world through these far seeing eyes and processed what I have seen through my logical mind and come up with the same scenarios as you can, and most of them lead to those horrid biblical disasters.

But that processing was based on the inability of the human race to rise above itself and cast off its chains of hatred and divisiveness.

In the past that paradigm was correct and for a great number of people trapped in repressed and impoverished circumstances will be difficult to change.
After all it's so much easier for the affluent to generate care and regard for others than it is for someone who has to struggle just to continue dying by increments.
So the changes have to start here among us who have the time and the freedom to be able to do something about our own lives and the way we live them.

We have to come up with a new paradigm.

We need to figure out the best way for all of us to live together and sustainably utilize the finite resources that we haven't already squandered or destroyed.

It has to be a worldwide way of doing things regardless of national boundaries and religious beliefs.

We have to take the best and most nurturing bits from every religion and from every creed and way of doing things and synthesize a planet and people friendly way of dealing with each other on a worldwide scale.

If your religion truly regards peace with and love for your fellow man as desirable then it should be a positive and supportive inclusion in the new paradigm but not the base on which it is built.

We need to figure out where we want our civilization to go and how it is going to get there.

We have to transcend our religious and philosophical differences and accept that every person alive has an equal right to the same quality of life and opportunity as any other.

They have that right simply because they are here but also because in a very intimate and mystical way they are all part of YOU.


So here is Challenge No. 1 for the chosen.

To turn away from considering where the current road we are on leads and to stop talking about (and bringing into being) our fears and instead concentrate on discovering and creating a new way of dealing with each other.

This is what we should be writing about and above all TALKING about.

How many different ways do you have to have it said to you before you realize that what comes out of your mouth has a physical effect on this world!

"Be careful what you wish for… you might get it!"

"You're the voice try to understand it, make a noise and make it clear"

If we do create our reality with our thoughts then we manipulate that reality with both our thoughts and our words.
You see; the things we talk about are coming true like some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Which it is.

Which is what it is being made to be
in what is "created" by the thoughts that we are having
about what is going on and how helpless we feel and how hopeless it can seem.

This comes out in HOW we talk to other people and WHAT we talk to them about and helps to bring about those very things.

We have to find something else to "talk" into being.
We have to find or come up with an idea that works equitably for all humanity and then imagine, visualize and above all talk, yes that's right out loud and incessantly about this new way of dealing with each other.

This is how we manifest this thing into being and also how we recognize and support each other.

My Love to all those other beautiful little bits of My Higher Self incarnate here and now.

We are the ONE who is Many
WE are the many who are ONE


Introduction to    (view on a separate page)
Author: FindAMentor    (all articles by this author) is a classified ad website you can visit to join and place an ad (profile) to find mentors or apprentices. If you want to charge for your services as a coach instead of giving them as a mentor, please say so in your ad and identify yourself as a coach. We believe mentoring is free and requires minimal time commitments (About an hour once to twelve times a year, more if the mentor is available and willing). Coaching is a service experts charge for.

We also believe the best place to find mentors are in your personal networks and communities. When you have exhausted possibilities there, please place an ad at . Membership is inexpensive at under $1.00US a month. Use many mentors and assimilate what you learn from all of them to fit your personal spirit and evolve into the best you, you can be. Find mentors, and many of them, for all aspects of life that are important to you. Consider peer mentoring or masterminding and keep in mind we all use silent mentoring techniques as we grow through life (Silent mentoring is using someone as a mentor without the mentor acknowledging or knowing about it). Mentoring and apprenticing is something humans do naturally. When we focus our mentoring and apprenticing with purpose, we evolve quicker and with peace. We achieve our objectives and roll through the challenges with more ease. Good luck and please visit our site.

We are looking for more mentors. If you are an expert in a field, please give back to society by mentoring someone. There are over 1400 categories where you can register as a mentor or apprentice at or e-mail for more details.

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