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First Challenge

Author: Dru_id    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 25, 2002

Because you feel yourself connected to god, you feel connected to everyone else and you can take that leap of imagination and feel yourself AS that god in everyone and can feel that everyone else is ALSO YOU and you can see that harm to one of THEM is harm to YOURSELF.

So it hurts and you feel responsible for all the hurt that is going on and I suppose in a way you have contributed to it every time you think and talk negatively about things.

Guilty as charged I plea!!

I have done it too.

I have looked at the world through these far seeing eyes and processed what I have seen through my logical mind and come up with the same scenarios as you can, and most of them lead to those horrid biblical disasters.

But that processing was based on the inability of the human race to rise above itself and cast off its chains of hatred and divisiveness.

In the past that paradigm was correct and for a great number of people trapped in repressed and impoverished circumstances will be difficult to change.

After all it's so much easier for the affluent to generate care and regard for others than it is for someone who has to struggle just to continue dying by increments.

So the changes have to start here among us who have the time and the freedom to be able to do something about our own lives and the way we live them.

We have to come up with a new paradigm.

We need to figure out the best way for all of us to live together and sustainably utilize the finite resources that we haven't already squandered or destroyed.

It has to be a worldwide way of doing things regardless of national boundaries and religious beliefs.

We have to take the best and most nurturing bits from every religion and from every creed and way of doing things and synthesize a planet and people friendly way of dealing with each other on a worldwide scale.

If your religion truly regards peace with and love for your fellow man as desirable then it should be a positive and supportive inclusion in the new paradigm but not the base on which it is built.

We need to figure out where we want our civilization to go and how it is going to get there.

We have to transcend our religious and philosophical differences and accept that every person alive has an equal right to the same quality of life and opportunity as any other.

They have that right simply because they are here but also because in a very intimate and mystical way they are all part of YOU.



So here is Challenge No. 1 for the chosen.

To turn away from considering where the current road we are on leads and to stop talking about (and bringing into being) our fears and instead concentrate on discovering and creating a new way of dealing with each other.

This is what we should be writing about and above all TALKING about.

How many different ways do you have to have it said to you before you realize that what comes out of your mouth has a physical effect on this world!

"Be careful what you wish for… you might get it!"

"You're the voice try to understand it, make a noise and make it clear"

If we do create our reality with our thoughts then we manipulate that reality with both our thoughts and our words.

You see; the things we talk about are coming true like some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Which it is.

Which is what it is being made to be

in what is "created" by the thoughts that we are having

about what is going on and how helpless we feel and how hopeless it can seem.

This comes out in HOW we talk to other people and WHAT we talk to them about and helps to bring about those very things.

We have to find something else to "talk" into being.

We have to find or come up with an idea that works equitably for all humanity and then imagine, visualize and above all talk, yes that's right out loud and incessantly about this new way of dealing with each other.

This is how we manifest this thing into being and also how we recognize and support each other.

My Love to all those other beautiful little bits of My Higher Self incarnate here and now.

We are the ONE who is Many

WE are the many who are ONE


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #70

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