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Visitors From Tomorrow - Part Two

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 25, 2002

Personal Encounters With Time Travelers


Part Two

( c ) 2002 Mark Andrews -

As I left the Biro's house that Wednesday night, my thoughts were filled with dark imaginings. Taking into consideration their insistence that "I" had been at their home the night before (when I was certain that I had been very soundly asleep at the time) and factoring-in the multiple reports that "I" had emerged from and returned to a "flying saucer" - re-thinking the very strange UFO encounters from Monday night: I could come to only one conclusion,

"Oh my god. They CLONED me! THAT'S what the injection mark on my neck was all about. They took samples of my DNA and made a replicate ME!"

As the next few days went by, my apprehensions grew as I - several times - heard people who I knew say to me, "Didn't I just see you....." (here and there).

It was the "spookiest" couple of weeks I have ever experienced. Not knowing what the other "me" was up to.... What shenanigans he might be getting into (for which I might be blamed), etc., etc.

Corresponding events never returned to haunt me, but my own thoughts surrounding the ominous possibilities were indeed disconcerting.

It's at this point that my memory of the dates of the following incidents becomes rather vague.

On a Wednesday night, within a few weeks of the "flying saucer over the Biro's house" incident, I went for one of my regular "all-night coffee and a good book" rituals at the near-by Waffle House at the corner of Troy and Madison Aves.. on Indy's South Side.

It was right around 2 A.M.. I had brought with me a "how to" metaphysical training book. I was seated at my regular spot at the coffee counter.

A car pulled into the lot from Troy Ave.. As its headlights scanned across my back through the facing window, I felt a jolt of electrical energy so strong that I checked to make sure that my stool hadn't somehow come into contact with a live wire.

Within a minute, in through the front door came a very "out of place" but fairly normal looking guy.

His attention immediately went to me. At once, he sprouted a broad smile of recognition (which was obviously restraining what would otherwise have been a burst of uncontrolled laughter).

"What's with THIS guy?", I wondered at his rather intrusive facial expressions.

He kept his eyes on me as he made his way to the coffee counter; smile never dimming. (Possibly in response to the fact that at that time I kept a "White Afro" hair style.)

It was clear that this guy thought that he knew me. But more clearly yet, that he somehow DID know me. I felt a sudden "thud" in the pit of my stomach.

"OK", I thought, "This guy is coming to talk to me.... Don't look him in the eye - Not yet - Ready, 1 - 2 - 3; Look at him." As I turned my head to allow eye contact, he was in the process of taking a seat at the counter, 3 down from my seat. When my eyes locked-in with his, it looked as if he experienced a momentary "freeze" in action, like that of someone having a flash of second-thinking while already executing a preconceived plan of action. (I suppose that my returning glare was a little confrontatory.)

He regained his will and took the seat.

"How are you?", I asked with mild apprehension.

"OK", he answered. (smile returning) "How are you?"

Of course, I had no clue whatsoever who in the world this guy was. I took a lot of mental notes as I ran through my memory's social files to see if his face might pop-up somewhere along the way. Nothing came back.

I noticed that he was wearing a very odd sort of light zip-up jacked. Odd, that is, for 1978. (It was of the collar-less style that came into fashion in the mid 90's.) Aside from that, his clothes were quite contemporary.

He had a typical, medium length hair style. His brown hair seemed to have some kind of a strange, very healthy looking vibrancy. He had a moustache and sideburns that one might expect in those days of the "Disco era".

The only thing about him that I found unresolvable were his eyes. His eyes emitted a bright energy that was sometimes difficult to absorb.

It was quickly apparent that this man was unique to the environment. However, I was suspicious as to his "from where", assuming that he was a human extraterrestrial associated with the UFO encounters from a couple of weeks prior.

I remained completely oblivious to the real issue in this man's aura of mystery. It wasn't really a matter of "from where" as from "WHEN".

"Are you interested in metaphysics?" he asked; glancing at the book I was reading. I responded favorably, so he invited me to try an experiment with him. He challenged me to write down 10 numbers between 1 and 100, and to see if he could then repeat them to me. I accepted his challenge and began to jot down the most unlikely series that I could think of. "97, 98, 99, 100, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10." He closed his eyes and rapidly repeated them back to me in perfect sequence.

"You're really good!", I exclaimed; now (myself) smiling. I was starting to warm-up to this guy. (Whoever in the heck he was!).

He ordered coffee and we talked; and we talked; and we talked. I learned that his name was Fred; that he was a Capricorn; that he was a "trouble shooting" auto mechanic; (even from where I sat I could clearly detect the smells that one might encounter in an auto shop / although his clothes showed no sign of having been worked in). I also learned that that his birthday was January 18; that he was 44 years old.

"FORTY FOUR !!!", I was stunned. "That's my PARENTS' age!" The man looked my age (26) or younger!

"Capricorns never show their real age." he mused; with even more of that peculiar "I've got a secret" smile.

As our conversation continued, I could feel a static, enveloping energy surrounding me. (I had the feeling that I was being scanned from an unseen source). At the same time, I was repeatedly lulled into a very placid, almost hypnotic state by the warm psychic emanations coming from Fred's (golden-green) eyes.

Before 4 A.M., I felt secure enough with Fred that I invited him to follow me to my basement apartment to continue our talk. (A very, VERY unusual sort of invitation to offer to someone who you've just met.)

But I "knew" that everything would be alright.

He was driving a '76 yellow Ford Maverick. Once we arrived at my parents' house, he asked a rather peculiar but appropriate question, "How are your brakes holding up?"

"Well, OK, I guess." I answered (hoping that his mechanic's intuition hadn't detected a problem that I wasn't aware of).

"Maybe sometime in the future I can help you with any brake problems.", he smiled.

We spent another couple of hours talking. Again and again came the powerful waves of thought energy through his eyes into mine. Looking back, it was as if my subconscious mind was being programmed by means of thought-wave transmissions.

It was getting close to the time that my parents would be waking up, so I apologized to Fred that I had to let him go for the time being.

I walked up the basement steps with him to let him out the door.

I asked, "Will I be seeing you again?"

For the first time, Fred spoke through laughter, "Oh, Don't worry. YOU'LL see me again, alright."

I closed and locked the back door behind him and wondered,

"Now why was THAT so funny?"

(to be continued)

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #70

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