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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #67

December 28, 2001

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Global Prayer Activation - anonymous / author unknown
3. An Energy Exercise You Can Use Right Now - Richard Ross
4. Fond Memories Of The Future - Mark Andrews
5. Not For The Faint Of Heart - Glok
6. Journey to the Divine - Stephen
7. City of Dreams - Jesse and Sumara Love

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

2001. Another year has passed by, and my world is not the same again, neither on personal, nor on global/cosmic level. It was "my" year, as I was born 24 years ago, in the year of the Fiery Snake, and it was another year of the Snake.

I've anticipated that the year will bring changes - but not the way I expected. The Universe never ceases to surprise me. I've expected love - and received a heartbreak. I've expected to continue my studies in Computer Sciences, in order to, later, earn a hefty mountain of money - and was "released", due to low grades. I've expected an era of peace - and the destruction in the world rose to another, unseen before, level.


But I do not see anything of the above as something negative or "evil". With the heartbreak came the re-birth, as I started to see the world with clearer sight, free of delusions and fantasies, attachments and desires clouding the vision. My previous academical studies were leading me nowhere - the original plan was to earn the money and, in the future, establish Project X as a free global spiritual organization (i.e., not only an on-line community). However, I was neither successful in comp-sci, nor happy. So, I've put my faith in God, the last and only partner on my side, and for month focused on my wish to be fulfilled - and it was, as I was admitted to Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology studies in the same Tel-Aviv University. The current studies are highly interesting, the people there are pleasant to interact with, and, through my new course of life, I'm learning how to become of a better service to the humanity. In many personal areas, I've made such an incredible progress, letting go of so many things - and inquiring newer ones.

There is no evil in your life. It's all good, a part of a learning lesson, tests and obstacles you must overcome. Never build any expectations, don't get too hooked up on attachments - instead, become pro-active, become controllers of your own destiny, envision a better life - and make it so.

Several days ago I woke up with a realization that settled on me - it wasn't anything new neither for me, nor for you, but I finally grasped the reality of it: we are souls, souls on endless journey, and the pain we face on the earthly plane doesn't quite kill us. For everything that happens in your life is for your benefit. That morning it wasn't just a mental knowledge, or a common New Age saying - I actually felt the Truth of it.

As for the entire world... :

"Dear Alex,
Just to let you know that it does seem very likely that in the metaphysical sense much progress could be in the offing as far as I am concerned, and what I sense around me. I am told by my inspirers, this is a direct result of the information I am deriving from the Project X newsletter. Issue # 66 has been passed on as have the others, and I know that because of this, there has begun a new 'growth' within the Higher-self of those who have received it. As a result 'life' is beginning to be very interesting.

If this was the original intention then it is certainly an overall success, according to my inspirers and I thought you would like to have some feedback on any consequences.

Love and light to all connected with Project X


Take your time reading today's edition of the newsletter - because the next one will appear only in the next year ;-)

Global Prayer Activation    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: anonymous / author unknown    (all articles by this author)

(Please forward and share across the world.)

Uniting the combined prayer energies of the earth to create world peace.

Visualize / Release / Manifest

This is a world-wide activation of the Collective Consciousness that unites the prayers of all who pray for peace and harmony on earth.


1. The top of Mt. Everest at high noon.
A Tibetan monastery and the monks as they sit peacefully in meditation.
Hear the combined power of their transcendental chants.
See the prayer energies rise as a pillar of White Light and begin to move Westward with the noon position of the Sun; covering the earth from pole to pole with the IRRESISTIBLE LOVE OF GOD:

Growing stronger and stronger; brighter and brighter; moving Westward with the noon-day Sun.

2. Visualize the same prayer energy even more empowered as it connects with the prayers for peace offered by the Hindu Masters of India.....

Growing stronger and stronger; brighter and brighter; the IRRESISTIBLE LOVE OF GOD.

3. With the prayers for peace offered by all of Islam.....

Growing stronger and stronger; brighter and brighter; the IRRESISTIBLE LOVE OF GOD.

4. With the prayers for peace offered by the Jewish faithful at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.....

Growing stronger and stronger; brighter and brighter; the IRRESISTIBLE LOVE OF GOD.

5. With all of the prayers for peace offered in all Greek, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Rumanian Orthodox churches.....

Growing stronger and stronger; brighter and brighter; the IRRESISTIBLE LOVE OF GOD.

6. With the prayers of the monks and sisters in the holy places of Assisi, Italy, where St. Francis and St. Clare also prayed for peace.....

Growing stronger and stronger; brighter and brighter; the IRRESISTIBLE LOVE OF GOD.

7. With the prayers of the Wise Ones of the British Isles who pray for peace in the shadow of Stonehenge.....

Growing stronger and stronger; brighter and brighter; the IRRESISTIBLE LOVE OF GOD.

8. With the prayers for peace and prayer power of the Native shamans and all of the people of and in the Americas.....

Growing stronger and stronger; brighter and brighter; the IRRESISTIBLE LOVE OF GOD.

9. With all of the prayers for peace offered by the kahunas of the Pacific islands and the Aboriginal Masters of Australia.....

Growing stronger and stronger; brighter and brighter; the IRRESISTIBLE LOVE OF GOD.

10. With all of the prayers for peace that rise on the sweet smoke of incense at altars in Japan, Korea, China, and throughout all of the Far East.....

Growing stronger and stronger; brighter and brighter; the IRRESISTIBLE LOVE OF GOD.

Returning now to the top of Mt. Everest and to the temples of Tibet, empowered anew and sent on it's way to re-cover the earth with the full manifestation of the combined prayer for peace offered by all of humanity.

So be it accomplished.

And so it is done.

And so it is.

We give thanks.

An Energy Exercise You Can Use Right Now    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Richard Ross    (all articles by this author)

EF&H - New Beginnings c. Richard Ross 2001

Basic Directions: Mentally set the intention of letting go of the past and moving now into a new, much more powerful you. As you lightly rub or tap each point using two or three fingers, think about your intention and read aloud what is in quotation marks. Wait a few seconds and go on to the next point.
1) Find tender or sore spot above left breast area & below collarbone, and gently rub in a small circle. Then while rubbing, state out loud:
 "Even though I've had some challenges this past year, haven't accomplished everything I've wanted, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and I forgive myself".
"I know I HAVE had SOME wonderful experiences this past year, and I acknowledge all the gifts I have received from the Universe."
"I choose now to let go of the past and be in the present moment".
Stop rubbing, hold the spot and take one full breath in and out.
2) Tap on inside end of either eyebrow (end nearer bridge of nose):
"I acknowledge that I've felt some sadness." pause "I choose to allow healing in my life now."
3) Tapping the side of the eye (on bone):
"I acknowledge that I've felt some anger." pause "I choose to allow peace in my life now."
4) Tap under either eye (on bone):
"I acknowledge that I've felt some fear in the past." pause "I choose to create safety in my life now.... & courage."
5) Tapping under the nose:
"I acknowledge that I've felt limitations in the past." pause "I choose be expanded and unlimited now."
6) Tapping under the lower lip (Crease of chin):
"I acknowledge that I've felt some holding back." pause "I choose to play much bigger now, in every area."
7) Return to tender or sore spot above left breast, below collarbone, and gently rub in a circle. State out loud:
"It is safe for me to let go of old patterns which no longer serve me" pause
"I choose to make this coming year, my best year yet." pause
"It is safe for me to show up fully in the world now."  pause

Stop rubbing, leave your fingers at the spot and take a full breath, in and out.
Gently, as you are ready, come fully back into your body.
Please let me know your experience of doing this exercise:

Fond Memories Of The Future    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)


(c) 2001
Mark Andrews

As I Prepare To Mark My 50th Birthday On 11-28-01, This Is My Gift To You.

Our time-traveling Galactic friends brought "me" back to the year 1978 (from the year 2018) to leave and share messages of hope for all of us in these seemingly uncertain times.

At the time, I did not directly encounter my future self. However, "I" dropped in (literally) on some of my friends and left messages with them. In the Spring of 1978, I was 26 years old. My future self was described (by those who saw me) as looking younger than 26.
At the same time, the "me" of 1978 was encountering individuals who I did not yet know (but have since met) who left similar messages with me.

I'm going to ask you to verify the truth of what I am telling you by seeking verification from God as to its reality.
If someone were to tell me this, that is what I would do before believing anything I was told.

The process by which the information was conveyed was through a series of coded / cryptic clues, designed to keep the meanings of their content hidden until corresponding events would make the meanings clear; only with the passing of time.
By the year 1978, I had given almost no thought whatsoever as to the possibility of time travel, although nebulous encounters with more advanced Galactic visitors had already become frequent events. Needless to say, the experience of being visited by time- travelers was something for which I had no preparation. It took several years for me to accept this and to come to terms with the reality of it all.

It would take hours for me to give a detailed description of each of the cryptic messages. So, instead, I'm going to go right to the content and try to relay it to you as simply and as easily as possible.

As best as I am able to interpret and understand:

1. The year of my 50th birthday (2001) would be a time of major transition. Events will be presented to be other than they really are. (9-11)
The events of September 11 were "staged" to advance the consolidation of global power on the part of those earthly financial and governmental interests who fear that their power and control may soon collapse following open contact with more advanced extraterrestrial races.

2. What we are being told of a "war on terrorism" is a facade to cover efforts by the earth's power structures to gain the "unquestioning" submission of the people of earth, as well as to gain their support for (covert) military actions against extraterrestrials - both "good" and "bad" - who are accelerating their inclusions of this planet within their own spheres of influence.

3. Actual military confrontations between opposing ET groups (as well as military clashes between earth forces and ETs) have already occurred on and around earth, and will continue for several years.
(The "United Earth" military forces are now far more advanced than anyone could imagine, due to technologies gleaned through secret trade agreements with alien worlds. This was / is one of the primary reasons for secrecy surrounding contact with alien races.)

4. More advanced humans from Sirius, Alcyone, and Taygeta are assisting in the conflict and prepared to mount an evacuation (rapture) of a large segment of the earth's population.
The evacuation spoken of will be a much more gradual process than our conceived "rapture".

5. The one who we know as the Biblical Anti-Christ will come to power in the year 2005.

6. The survivors of earth will form the "New World" that will be mentored by extraterrestrials and brought into the "Federation Of Light".

7. Through the applications of Galactic knowledge and technology, our life spans will average around 1,200 years. All disease will be eliminated. Our physical bodies can be re-oriented back to a vibrational level of our choosing. (If you want to be 18 again - and stay "18", it will be yours for the asking.)

8. With the assistance of our Galactic friends, we will be able to access the knowledge of (and visit) more than 40,000,000 other planets in our galaxy populated by intelligent civilizations.
The average trans-planetary journey is accomplished in less than 3 hours.
(We'll be able to have breakfast on earth - attend a lecture on Alcyone Prime - and be back on earth for dinner the same day.)

9. Time travel will (obviously) also be accessible.

I was invited to watch as the time-ship made its passage "back to the future".

Much of the coded information given to me was of a much more personal nature; such as revealing locations and addresses where I would be living in the coming years etc.
Again, it was all given in cryptic messages so that I would be able to neither cause nor prevent anything spoken of along the way.

The over-all message is simply this:

"Life goes on / the planet earth continues. - Past the transition / past the year 2012."

Since 1978, I have come to know - and begin direct dialogue with - some of the extraterrestrials (both human and non-human) who were / will be part of the time- travel experience.

When it comes to your ability to accept what I've just shared with you, it would seem that both you and I are in the same boat, because we're both just going to have to take "my" word for it.

I'd like to close with a Biblical quote that carries the power of the experience that I hope to share with you.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away.

Not For The Faint Of Heart    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Glok    (all articles by this author)

Crossing the veil. (the descent to hell)
You like to think you are god, do you? Enter the nexus, be one with YOUR god, and be blinded by his light. You are not god, you are nothing, a stain on the earth, a blight on humanity. Sink into the ground and enter hell. Where are you? Do you have any conception of how horrible a place hell can be? Is it burning forever? No. It is the deconstruction of your mind. You begin to doubt the foundation of your existence. You are nothing but a mess of matter, plopped into this world, and you are a slave to all of your perceptions.

Rise up. (crossing the veil)

Where have you been? I hope you are ready for the light. We here are the ones to follow. Everyone is your guide. We have all been there, and we all have risen above. You cannot be confused, or lonely, or depressed. The world to which you are going is a world MADE of light. There is no way for anything of darkness to exist there. We all rose through the dark barrier, and rose up into the Nexus. Here, all your actions make sense to you, and all your thoughts are yours to think. You are The One, and your life is The Life. Everything makes sense, and all things have their place.

Multiplicity and Synchronicity. (the nexus)

How can it be that those places are one and the same? Haltodoran die fet kalortak helan. Belast tel arkan turat. If you are you, how can you be anything but? You are you. You are not the one, but you are not suffering. You are learning, and experiencing, and adding to the vast pool of knowledge of What Life Can Be. We all go through these same things. We all have the day, the day that never was, the day that is remembered for all time, in our life. That day, the day things went wrong, or came together, it made sense. No matter how hard you try, that day will be your defining moment. In a life that is limited, and finite, there is always a shining moment.

Momentary (multiplicity and synchronicity)

So you will die. What of it? Are you so special that the world needs you for all time, to the ends of the universe? No. You are not. However, you can make your difference, the difference that matters to you, the one that will make your life worthwhile, to you. You will end, but the path you take to that end that will define you, and become your memory in those that follow you.

Life (momentary)

We are all here together. The thoughts you think today will reach their target tomorrow. That is the way it is. If you thought what you think in your private mind will never be seen by any other, be aware. Everything in this world matters. Even that which is hidden, is yet a glowing beacon to those it concerns. We are interconnected, one great organism, and every perception you have of any kind is a Shared Perception. An individual life may indeed be momentary, but it's path and meaning is not.


Journey to the Divine    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Stephen    (all articles by this author)

   Oh Beloved Spirit That I Am
   Divine and Eternal Parent of my Being,
   How might I best serve upon this,
   my journey to the Divine?

“Little One,
Balance, harmony and joy is to strive for.
Unconditional Love, unconditional acceptance is to strive for.
Awareness, Soul Consciousness is to strive for.
A Being centered upon the Love of Spirit, is to strive for.
It is not so much as to how you react to your external environment,
Rather it is how you create your environment from within.”

   How does one achieve balance, harmony and joy
   In such chaotic times.
   There is much turmoil around me, within me.

“Beloved of my Heart,
KNOW that you are loved, that you are a precious and majestic star
in the Universal ALL That Is. That you play an important part in this drama
Called Life.
KNOW that you Are Love.”

   Divine Parent,
   Enlighten my mind, open my heart to the
   Awareness of the task at hand.

“Dear One,
Seek not external joy
Seek not validation
Seek not justification
Seek not self-gratification

Seek not to judge
For how can one truly say where another
Should be upon their journey.

Do not portend to be anything
Other than a student of the Divine.
Do not attempt to take credit for anything
That you may feel flows through you.

For truly it is Love
That Loves through you.

The little ego desires to participate, to achieve status.
Let go of the little ego.
Let me shine forth in all
The Magnificent Glory that We Are.”

   Divine Creator of my world,
   How might I become more of
   Thy Manifestation?

“Beloved Child of the Universe,
Allow the Universe to unfold before you,
As it should.
Detach yourself from external events
For they are but to mirror back to you
That which Both reflects the beauty of the inner child
And that which needs Enlightenment.
ALL events are opportunities to learn, to grow and to serve.

Achieve Inner Peace and
Soon the external illusion will mirror only Loving Service.

For in Light, with Light, Love and Truth
The Universe IS WITHIN.

It IS the Light of the Living Christ
That guides and sustains you.

ALLOW your true essence to take control
Of every atom and cell of your Being.

DETACH from the drama, you so enjoy.

Live in the Moment, the Eternal NOW
For therein lies the
Only true existence.

Remember that the Universe
The Source of Love
The Source of Light
I Am Is the Way
I Am therefore your Are
You Are therefore I Am.

Not just that you are Dearly Loved,

   When I see the Light
   When I see the potential of beauty and joy
   Yet feel the cloud around me
   What do I do?

“Little One,
Discern your world from a Loving Heart
Trust the Will of Heaven”

   Divine and Eternal Parent of my Being,
   I Am eternally grateful,
   For the blessings of this moment.
   That I Am

City of Dreams    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Jesse and Sumara Love    (all articles by this author)

Imagine the fabled city of Atlantis rising from the ocean depths; a beautiful futuristic wonder of curves and domes set upon the sparkling sea where a diverse, multiracial, multicultural, highly educated society prospers and enjoys radiant health while living extraordinarily long lives.

Though Atlantis passed into history and mythology long ago, it still lives in the hearts of many of us as a symbol of a time when an advanced civilization lived prosperously and harmoniously upon the Earth. With all the people on this planet, do we not have the knowledge and tools to recreate such a shining light? You may ask, "But where could we build such a place that isn't already inhabited and/or controlled or ruled by some other entity?" Seventy percent of the Earth's surface is water, so why not look to the sea?

The Celestopea Project is the planned ecological, colonization of the earth's oceans through a series of self-sufficient, semi-autonomous floating communities located in international waters and incorporating innovative new technologies, industries and social organization. The residents of these future cities throughout the world will show by exemplary actions that people of different races and divergent political, religious, cultural and social beliefs can live and prosper together while also being good stewards of the earth, respecting and thereby benefiting all inhabitants and ecosystems of the planet.

If the Celestopea Project planned to build the floating city out of any conventional material, it would be cost prohibitive to the tune of billions of dollars. Fortunately, a new technology was pioneered in the early 80's by a University of Texas professor, Wolf Hilbertz that allows us to create buildings and even artificial islands from the minerals dissolved in seawater. It is similar to the way shellfish create their shells. This process is called by various names, Seament, Seacrete and Sea Cement being chief among them. Nancy Myers, a Celestopean and graduate student in Northern California, is currently doing experiments to create Seament in Humbolt Bay to perfect the technology.

Early Seadomes, slated to begin construction in 2002, will be made of ferrocement, a tried and true media that has been used for over 100 years to build the most durable ships that float the seven seas. Ships built of cement during the first decades of the twentieth century are still floating while many later generations of steel-hulled ships have rusted through and sunk to the bottom.

Celestopea Seadomes are designed like no other structures on earth. Because they will be subject to the unforgiving marine environment, they must not only be uniquely resistant to corrosive elements but also inherently stronger than similar land-based structures. The challenge becomes to create floating homes that meet high structural engineering requirements while maintaining graceful, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Perhaps the most ambitious and world changing undertaking of the Celestopea Project is the creation of a grid of Ocean Thermal Energy Converters (OTECs) to power the world into the 21st century and beyond. OTECs take advantage of the perpetual difference between the temperature at the surface of the tropical oceans and the cooler temperature 3,000 to 4,000 feet below the surface.
This temperature variation is used to generate totally pollution free electricity from an inexhaustible renewable source. In fact, each day the 23 million square miles of Tropical Ocean absorbs an amount of solar energy equal in heat content to 250 billion barrels of oil. By way of comparison, all the countries of the world together consume about 65 million barrels of oil each day. If our worldwide grid of OTECs are only able to extract 1/10th of 1% of the daily solar radiation, they will produce 20 times the daily amount of electricity currently consumed by the United States. See .
Only a small amount of energy is required to pump large volumes of water 4,000 vertical feet up from the ocean depths because water is basically neutral buoyant. Energy is only required for the pump to overcome the difference between the density of the cold deep ocean water and the less dense warmer surface water, plus the small amount of friction created as the water passes through the pipe. Water pumped up from 4,000 feet below would only require the energy needed to pump the same volume of water up 24 feet on the surface. A 100 megawatt OTEC will consume 41 megawatts to pull up the water while operating, leaving a net of 59 megawatts available for other uses.
Hydrogen and oxygen are additional fuel byproducts of OTEC operation. Water, in its elemental form is H2O or two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. It is somewhat ironic to think that water is used to put out fires, yet the two elements it is composed of, hydrogen and oxygen, are both highly flammable. These two elements can be separated from the liquid water by a process known as electrolysis. Direct solar cell electricity can be used to accomplish this. The resulting oxygen can be released into the atmosphere to replenish the atmospheric oxygen content, which has diminished over the millenniums. The hydrogen can be used directly as fuel for virtually everything gasoline or oil are currently used for. Hydrogen is such a pollution free fuel that the mayor of Chicago recently drank from the tailpipe of a hydrogen-powered bus to demonstrate the purity of its emissions.
Inexhaustibly renewable, pollution free energy is merely the beginning of the benefits of Celestopean OTECs. Tropical oceans are nearly empty of life even though the common conception is just the opposite. In reality, because growing conditions are so ideal, the algae, which are the base of the food chain, bloom in explosive growths that rapidly consume all nutrients in the water such as nitrogen. They quickly die and fall to the ocean bottom leaving the surface fairly devoid of life. The nutrient rich water Celestopean OTECs pull up from the ocean depths will instigate an explosion of new life in the oceans. The resulting micro algae and phytoplankton growth, continually fed by new nutrient rich water pulled up by the OTECs will become the base of a tremendous increase in many types of fish and higher forms of marine life. Celestopeans will also farm the algae, both on the open sea and in large, shallow containment ponds. The combination of tropical sun, perfect water temperature, nitrogen, and nutrient laden water will produce copious amounts of high quality protein each year. As additional Celestopean cities and OTECs begin to be created in the world's oceans, the protein produced from our sea farms will make a significant dent in the worldwide problem of hunger and malnutrition.
According to the United Nations, an adult person should receive a minimum of 35 grams of protein every day. Each 100-megawatt OTEC will have the capacity to pump 6 billion gallons of deep ocean water rich in nitrogen, the food of phytoplankton. A gallon of seawater contains 1.7 to 1.8 milligrams of nitrogen. Phytoplankton are extremely efficient. They can convert 78 - 80% of the nitrogen into usable protein. The nitrogen in the daily pumped water of a single OTEC can be converted by the phytoplankton into over 8 tons of protein each day, of which 65% will be high quality protein. When harvested and manufactured into a tasty, consumable form, enough protein is produced to meet the needs of almost 150,000 people each day, and that's the results of just one OTEC!
The 40-degree deep ocean water can be mixed with warm surface water in any proportion to produce greenhouse and sea farm environments with temperature ranges between 45 and 90 degrees. This allows mini ecosystems to be created that can grow virtually all fruits and vegetables from any continental climate. In addition to tropical fish, the sea farms will also raise many types of cold-water fish and shellfish such as salmon, trout, lobster, abalone, oysters and clams that would not normally survive in warm tropical waters.
OTECs will also be used to desalinate seawater to produce 100 percent pure drinking water. OTECs set up off the coast of Africa, Australia and the Middle East can provide a great abundance of fresh water. Not only will this allow deserts to blossom as roses, but it will also remove scarce water supplies as a thorn of contention among nations. A 2-megawatt (net) OTEC will produce 4300 cubic meters of desalinated water each day by condensing the spent steam created in the electrical generation process on the cold seawater intake pipes.
Many minerals and chemicals can also be derived as byproducts of OTEC operation from the 57 elements dissolved in solution in seawater. Besides the fuels hydrogen, oxygen and methanol, other byproducts include ammonia, salt, and chlorine. Additionally, when Celestopean Elemental Separators are utilized, gold, platinum and other rare and precious elements can also be economically extracted. Past corporate analysis has always shown such ventures to be unprofitable because the cost of pumping the large volume of water necessary to extract significant amounts of minerals exceeds the profits. This main obstacle is overcome as the OTECs will already be pumping vast quantities of water for other purposes.
Based upon the current cost of component parts and the operations of existing OTECs at the University of Hawaii, the cost of building a 100-megawatt OTEC in 1999 US dollars with existing technology, will range from $157 to $175 million dollars. The costs should rapidly begin to fall as OTECs built by both the Celestopea Project and other groups begin to proliferate around the world. It is such a viable and environmentally friendly technology that we would expect many other countries and companies to soon be employing and duplicating it.
The oceans are a vast storehouse of energy, food and minerals. They are inexhaustible when utilized through OTEC technology. For those concerned about affecting the current ocean equilibrium, our small pumping efforts, as enormous as they may seem to us, will have absolutely no detrimental effects. As long as the sun shines, the oceans are an eternally renewable resource when tapped through OTECs. The oceans contain about 300 million cubic miles of seawater, of which three quarters is nutrient rich at depths greater than 3000 feet. That's equal to 225 million cubic miles of water. About 1/10th of 1% or 225,000 cubic miles of water is replaced each year by new water down welling, particularly the cold oceans near the poles.
Each 100-megawatt OTEC will pull up 1.9 cubic miles of deep ocean water annually. 10,000 OTECs would only consume 19,000 cubic miles of the energy and food potential of deep ocean water. That's less than 10% of the annual replacement supply, yet it would be enough to produce 1,000,000 megawatts of electricity and meet the annual protein requirements of 2 billion people!
"So where and when do we get started?" We have actually been laying the groundwork for the past several years and are looking to begin construction on the first floating ferrocement domes this next year. The first City of Celestopea is scheduled to be completed by the year 2011 but we plan on selling Sea Domes to the public as floating homes within the next couple of years.

Currently, we are seeking visionary artists to create their vision of Celestopea so the Architects and Engineers can craft the dream. If you are of such talent and are interested in investing your time and expertise, please email us at:

Just as "the people" built the great pyramids of Egypt which centuries later, are still one of the absolute wonders of the world, let "the people" build Celestopea. Let us bring our knowledge, talents and abilities together to build our "City of Dreams" and as prophesy decrees, let us be the heralds of peace, prosperity and unity of all the people upon the Earth.

For more information go to or if you would like to participate, email:

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