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Not For The Faint Of Heart

Author: Glok    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 28, 2001

Crossing the veil. (the descent to hell)

You like to think you are god, do you? Enter the nexus, be one with YOUR god, and be blinded by his light. You are not god, you are nothing, a stain on the earth, a blight on humanity. Sink into the ground and enter hell. Where are you? Do you have any conception of how horrible a place hell can be? Is it burning forever? No. It is the deconstruction of your mind. You begin to doubt the foundation of your existence. You are nothing but a mess of matter, plopped into this world, and you are a slave to all of your perceptions.

Rise up. (crossing the veil)

Where have you been? I hope you are ready for the light. We here are the ones to follow. Everyone is your guide. We have all been there, and we all have risen above. You cannot be confused, or lonely, or depressed. The world to which you are going is a world MADE of light. There is no way for anything of darkness to exist there. We all rose through the dark barrier, and rose up into the Nexus. Here, all your actions make sense to you, and all your thoughts are yours to think. You are The One, and your life is The Life. Everything makes sense, and all things have their place.

Multiplicity and Synchronicity. (the nexus)

How can it be that those places are one and the same? Haltodoran die fet kalortak helan. Belast tel arkan turat. If you are you, how can you be anything but? You are you. You are not the one, but you are not suffering. You are learning, and experiencing, and adding to the vast pool of knowledge of What Life Can Be. We all go through these same things. We all have the day, the day that never was, the day that is remembered for all time, in our life. That day, the day things went wrong, or came together, it made sense. No matter how hard you try, that day will be your defining moment. In a life that is limited, and finite, there is always a shining moment.

Momentary (multiplicity and synchronicity)

So you will die. What of it? Are you so special that the world needs you for all time, to the ends of the universe? No. You are not. However, you can make your difference, the difference that matters to you, the one that will make your life worthwhile, to you. You will end, but the path you take to that end that will define you, and become your memory in those that follow you.

Life (momentary)

We are all here together. The thoughts you think today will reach their target tomorrow. That is the way it is. If you thought what you think in your private mind will never be seen by any other, be aware. Everything in this world matters. Even that which is hidden, is yet a glowing beacon to those it concerns. We are interconnected, one great organism, and every perception you have of any kind is a Shared Perception. An individual life may indeed be momentary, but it's path and meaning is not.


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #67

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