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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #56

April 27, 2001

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Healing - Rev. Jason Storm
3. Beyond Good And Evil - The Place Of Perfect Peace - Asoka Selvarajah
4. Lost in Space? - Sebastian
5. The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality - Lady Isis
6. Out of Body Experience [OBE] - Neil Cristopher

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Amazing. Simply amazing. For months, I've assumed that I already has all the knowledge, that there are no "new things" in spirituality or me to learn, that I've peaked. Far, far from truth this vain assumption was. These days, I'm entering into new, vast areas, in which I am but less than a novice, making my first hesitant steps upon terra incognita. And, as soon as my mind has realized that it needs new knowledge, it was as if a dam burst, and the Universe started ceaselessly providing me with new sources for studies - Hinduism, Shamanism, spiritism, books of Paulo Coehlo and of Darwin Gross. The combination of Coehlo, Shamanism and studies of the ways of Nature, for example, have prompted me running a daily diary, where I've recorded all the new lessons I was being taught.

I publish the diary on our Open Forum, where you're invited to make a stop -, plus it will be uploaded in its entirety to Project X website, replacing the usual link to Project Y. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately I have to close Project Y, because I don't feel it is going to evolve - and I simply don't like when things reach a certain status and become still - like I was for the most part of the last year.

But, with the end of some things, other, new matters come to life. Since I've mentioned ATOM's Darwin Gross, I'd like to place here an invitation for Nancy's e-group - - spiritual discussions, classes to participate, publishings, newsletters and International Seminars and Events, featuring The Current Living Spirit Master, or Godman, Sri Darwin Gross.

And who said that Project X is devoid of humour? :) Take a look at The Altar of the Mighty Dru-Dru Goddess - - a "game" that spontaneously sprouted out of #x-triad's communications.

With these announcements on our minds, let us start with the newsletter itself.

Healing    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Rev. Jason Storm    (all articles by this author)

Greetings, Dear Friends:

This is a message from Dr. Jason Storm in Suphan Buri, Thailand. It was created at 3:30 pm on Monday 19 February, 2001, and I hope it finds you well.
This message is charged with Fusion Reiki energy, and will bring healing, abundance, joy, and relaxation to all who read it. No harm can come from reading this or accepting this gift of energy and joyous abundance. If you are not familiar with Reiki, then just know that it is an ancient system of healing and enlightenment based on the balanced flow of Universal Life Force Energy (which in Japanese is translated as "Reiki" -- RAY-kee -- and in Mandarin Chinese we call it "Ling Chi"), and "Fusion" is the particular style that I practice, personally. Reiki cannot do anything but bring about the greatest good for all concerned with harm to none.
Anyone can learn and experience its remarkable soothing and healing effects, regardless of belief or religious affiliation. As you remain there, reading this message, perhaps you are aware of a particular sensation in your body that can NOW allow you to feel very comfortable, quite content, for just another moment. I would like to invite you to read the rest of this short message and accept my warm wishes for the very best and brightest of blessings to you and your loved ones. If you know someone in need of respite or healing, please forward this to them. I receive so many different "chain letters" and some of them are really REALLY horrible in the things they tell you. I wanted to create one very special, very unique chain letter that brings the abundance of peace, wellness, and joy that Reiki has helped me and my family to experience. And this is my gift to you today. If you would not like to receive this gift of energy, then just delete this message and move on. You cannot be negatively impacted by doing so.
But just imagine, REALLY IMAGINE, what profound experiences and gifts you might receive by just taking a minute to breathe, and calm your mind. Just as the Buddha did one afternoon, long ago.
To align your energetic system with the free flow of Reiki, simply make yourself more comfortable, with your feet flat on the floor. Take a deep breath and read the following mantra aloud. This mantra is in the Pali language, which was the language spoken by the Buddha during his lifetime. It simply invites the calmness of spirit and blessings of Buddha and Kwan Yin and can be deeply relaxing in its own respect. This is the mantra that I personally use in my daily meditations.
As soon as you complete the reading through of the mantra, you may now begin to experience very strong tingling, buzzing, or pleasant, soothing vibrating in various parts of your body, most probably in the crown of your head, the place between your eyebrows, the heart area, the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. This is perfectly normal, and it's ok to allow this very quiet energy to soothe and relax your tension and obstacles right on out of your body and your life. If this feeling of radiant energy is a lot bigger than you were expecting, then it is an indicator that you have an excess of stress (or obstacles to joy) in your life. The energy and God know what to do.

Begin now.
****Blessings of Joy and Abundance to you in the Flow of Reiki****

"Namo tassa pakawato arahato samma samput tassa. Namo tassa pakawato arahato samma samput tassa. Namo tassa pakawato arahato samma samput tassa. Namo dai cheu, dai buwee geeyo ko-ah, geeyo long guang dai lang gam guangsi im pusak.Pootung aratana nang, sung kang aratana nang, tammang aratana nang."

May all readers of this message be blessed, empowered, healed, and realize the fullness of joy and things wonderful in every possible aspect, now and for all the days of their lives, for the greatest good of all and with harm to none, I ask it be so as I wish it for them.

(now you can make a wish that will come true within one year).

(**Reiki can begin FLOWING NOW** Simply breathe and soak it in. What do you feel?)

Look for a particular surprise of "good luck" over the next three days, then again in nine days. Expect joyful feelings to fill your week and notice, I mean REALLY NOTICE how calm and relaxed you really can be any time you like, by simply repeating the word "Namaste" and recalling this experience in its entirety. That's right, it's just that simple.

If you forward this email to three, nine, or twenty-seven friends, it will perfectly maximize the benefits of this Reiki Chain. The more people who access this energy via this letter and forward it onward, the more powerful the flow becomes for each subsequent person. If you practice Reiki already, you may add your sendings to this letter quite easily and powerfully.
It is my wish for this letter to make its way around the world in the space of a month! If you forward to three DIFFERENT friends again in nine days, the blessings and joy will return to you again three fold. If you forward again to nine different people the blessings will multiply ninefold, and if to twenty-seven different people again, it will be THE BLESSINGS OF THREE TO THE THIRD POWER! Very VERY POWERFUL INDEED!
Please feel free to write back to me, personally, at with your experiences, any questions, or anything else you need.

In love, light, and peace always,

Rev. Jason Storm, Dm, PhD

Beyond Good And Evil - The Place Of Perfect Peace    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

Why do we consistently fail to do the good we know we should? All too often, why do we do the evil we hate instead? Is there really an external force that acts upon us and tempts us into evil as many religions seem to believe? Or does our own inner fragmentation lead us ever into frustration; willing one thing but doing another?

It is simply not enough to say that we are the product of our environment, or of negative conditioning by our parents. Sometimes, it seems almost like there is another person within us, willing us to do what we would rather not.

Meet The Enemy Within

Who is this enemy within? Jung called it the Shadow - the part of our inner psyche that we suppress and allow to stagnate.

A whole range of things, both positive and negative, can be suppressed within us. However, no part of us ever dies away completely. In a primarily good person, this Shadow embodies the negative psychological parts that have been suppressed; evil, anger, hatred, jealousy and so on. In dreams, the Shadow can appear as a nightmare figure; frightening, horrible and evil. In the psyche of a profoundly evil person, the Shadow takes the part of all the good that is NOT being expressed! Even Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein possess(ed) potentially good sides to them, except that they never expressed very much of it. These suppressed urges then form the Shadow figure within.

If you have not truly integrated the Shadow side of your nature, then it will act against your best intentions whenever it can. Like it or not, it is still a part of yourself and cannot be denied. People may seek relief for their problems in all sorts of places. Doctors, psychiatrists, alcohol, or work. They do this because they are uncertain of the cause of their misery. They see themselves as defective, and in need of being "fixed". Religious traditions, teaching polarized notions such as the war between Good and Evil, add to this system of guilt and perceived imperfection. In addition, other people will often happily corroborate our problems for us, and thereby add to our certainty regarding the matter.

Darkness & Light Are Inseparable By Natural Law

Yet, the truth is that we do not need "fixing"; at least, not in the traditional way we perceive it. We are fine and perfect as we are. It is our perception of reality that needs altering. Instead of seeing ourselves as wicked or defective, and the world as wrong and evil, we need to radically alter our focus. Seeing the traditional polarity between Good and Evil, with ourselves caught helplessly in between, simply does not serve us. Rather, we need to learn to perceive a seamless continuum within ourselves, just as we are. All parts of us, even those we judge as wrong and evil, are a necessary part of our being at this present time.

It does seem at times as if what we consider evil in life is almost a necessary background against which good can shine forth. From an earthly perspective, many acts appear clearly wrong. Yet, we later find that much good emerges despite, and sometimes even as a result of, this apparent evil. Eastern traditions like Taoism capture the concept very well by describing the universe as being composed of both Yin AND Yang. The darkness and the light are woven inextricably and necessarily together. This is a very different and hard teaching to our Western minds. However, it may be a far more healthy and realistic one.

Integration Of Dark & Light Is The Key To Growth

By acknowledging all parts of your being, you are in a better position to perceive the situation more clearly. Correct perception of yourself means you are less likely to engage in guilt trips regarding what you "should" be doing or how you "ought" to behave. If you acknowledge the mixture of dark and light within, and see yourself as normal and okay just as you are, you create a healthy mental framework. From this framework, true integration of your disparate inner selves into one healthy personality can then occur.

None of this implies that you should simply accept your fragmented inner nature and NOT strive for betterment in every sense. It simply means that you do so without self-condemnation and duality; rather, you gradually integrate the disparate parts of your nature harmoniously so that internal conflicts are progressively eliminated. Rather than attempt purity by suppressing your undesirable nature, you meet it face on and integrate it too into your being. Then, your actions are performed with your whole psyche working in perfect synchrony, and not with some inner parts pulling you down instead.

It requires a higher perspective to correctly perceive the harmony in the universe and the correct relationship between Good and Evil. This is well exemplified by the three-headed statue of the Hindu god Shiva. The left- and right-hand heads, facing in their respective directions, appear active and in motion. Only the center head is perfectly still and at peace. This symbolizes the difference between Duality - seeing polarities such as Good/Evil and Right/Wrong - versus Unity or Divine Consciousness. From the higher perspective of Unity Consciousness, which resolves Duality, all is in perfect harmony just as it is.

This is the consciousness we should seek. If you can strive to understand this idea and integrate it into your daily life, you will be closer to the mindset of that centered place of perfect peace. Then, your interactions with the world will occur from a point of true self-acceptance, integration and self-love. It is only when you love and understand yourself perfectly that you are in a place to do the same for others. This is your gift and your legacy; for yourself and for others. So do your best to give that gift to both.

Copyright 2001. Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active writer/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose.

Subscribe to his FREE ezine, Aspire To Wisdom, and receive his brand new E-Book "Inner Light Outer Wealth" for FREE at:
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Lost in Space?    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Sebastian    (all articles by this author)

Hey, Brother. My name is Sebastian and I'm from the UK (on this planet). I'm now living in LA. About 2 years ago I was overtaken suddenly by a surge of energy that I can only describe as a feeling of intense Love. It seemed to come out of nowhere. It stunned me and I found myself telling the girl I was with that I was Love! She didn't know what I talking about, as it happened mid-conversation, and I didn't know either. We split up soon after and I went into hibernation. I didn't really talk to anyone or go anywhere for 3 months. I found myself staring out of my window every night just studying the stars for hours and saying to myself that I wanted to go Home but I didn't know where Home was. I had the strangest feeling that I wasn't who I thought I was and that not only was my apartment (which I had lived in for 9 years) not my Home, but the planet wasn't either. I had never heard of Light beings or any other kind of being at the time and I found myself suddenly drawing myself as a Light being. In the day times I would have all this strange info put into my head about the Earth and I kept getting this sentence going round my head, which said: "To help Human you have to understand Human and to understand Human you must be Human." I was also starting to become aware of myself talking to myself as 'us' or 'we'. If I did go out to get cigarettes or milk, I would have the sensation of floating and I felt protected and separated from all the people I met. I had no idea what was going on, but I knew I was going through a transformation of some kind and that included feeling so beautiful inside that I could have cried.

After the 3 months a friend called me and asked if I wanted to go to Gay Pride in Manchester, northern UK. I felt I had to go and on the night after the march I was dancing in a big tent when a woman came towards me and started to dance in a strange way with me. When the DJ mixed into a different tune, she stood in front of me and said, "You are the one. You have the Spirit." I didn't know what she was talking about, but my body tingled. She then told me she'd been looking for me for a long time and that she knew I'd be a woman. Then she pointed up to the stars out of the tent flap and said that I was going Home. I nearly passed out with the shock! She then said we were 5 million years old and that I was the 'Captain' and I was on a dangerous mission and that I had to be brave. Then she spoke in a language that I didn't understand (sounded Hebrew) then got on her knee, kissed my hand and left! It blew my mind because I felt relieved not scared. My friends were there when it happened and I couldn't explain to them what it was about. Other stuff happened too including 2 more strangers approaching me. I have explained only a fraction of the things that have happened, but I've started to write about it all for a book. I'm not a writer, but I feel I should do this! Now I'm in the US because of another bizarre occurrence (which blew my friends away) without a place to live, no money, no green card and no one to help me figure out exactly what is going on. I'm being looked after by the 'Beings' that are with me in that I have made some wonderful friends who let me sleep on their couches and feed me. In return I help them with their problems and other things of service. I'm really tired now though and all I want to do is have direct contact with my Galactic family, see them and hold them and find out who and what I am and what else I'm supposed to be doing. I need to know where I've been and where I'm from. I know I'm part of the 'One' and therefore the universes are my Home, but I feel that there is a place within it (that isn't the Earth) which is where I came from. I'm sorry this is so long. I have met others' very similar to me, but I still feel different from them.

If you can give me any feedback I'd be most grateful. Thanks so much for Being and letting yourselves be seen. One Love in the Light. Peace.

The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

Soap Box time!

Organized Religion has become the biggest bane to mankind. Why? Because each and every denomination wants to claim they have the 'only way', the 'only truth' and try to shove it down your throat.  If you do not agree with them, then you are condemned. And you want to know the funny part? 'Not one' religion on the face of this planet has the "whole" truth and nothing but the truth. One or two come very close, but are still lacking. But if you study each and every one of them, you will find hidden within them all "pieces" of the Whole. You put it all together and Walla! secrets are revealed.

Every Holy book has been changed and mistranslated by man, some intentionally, others mistakenly, but still mistranslated. Religious teachings were originally given to mankind to open their hearts, to teach them LOVE of their fellow man, to help in their spiritual evolution. "Nowhere" in ANY original teaching was it said it was OK to kill one another. Nowhere was it said, if a life is not wanted, get rid of it. Nowhere was it said it is OK to cut your life short, if that is what you want to do with it. Wars have been fought in the name of God. People massacred in the name of God. God is LOVE. Not hate! You can't kill someone if you love them. They are opposites.

The teachings were guidelines to help spiritual evolution of mankind's soul... not dictations... not "do as I say or go to hell". Which by the way only exists if "you believe" it does, like everything you self-create. The teachings were to give mankind choices. You were given free-will to make choices and learn the repercussions from those choices.

Spirituality is searching for truth and a way of life and knowing within each individual soul it is "right' for them... maybe not the next guy or gal, as he or she, has to search on his or her own also, and find his or her own way, on their own path and learn their own lessons they came into this life to learn. Spirituality is "allowing" each other to do that without judgment.

Religion creates separatism. Spirituality creates Oneness.

And I write every word of this with Love for each and everyone of you!

Lady Isis
An Emissary of Light
Visit my web sites at:
The Circle Of Light
"I have listened to the realm of the Spirit. I have heard my own soul's voice, and I have remembered that love is the complete and unifying thread of existence." --Mary Casey

Out of Body Experience [OBE]    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Neil Cristopher    (all articles by this author)

What is an OBE and how does it differ from dreaming? An OBE is quite different from any of the other dream experiences. The only difficulties is studying these phenomena, since no one has had one under the study of a dream psychologist. It is similar to lucid dreaming only in the fact that consciousness is present. It is not uncommon to see the body, as we drift upward and out of it, sleeping upon the bed. Most everyone has heard of people who have been clinically pronounced "dead" but then return to their body. This is referred to as a NDE or Near Death Experience. These two are quite similar except for the fact that during an OBE you aren't clinically dead and neither are you even close to death.

Many don't acknowledge that OBE's even exist. Those who do believe in them say there is another part of us called the "astral body." This astral body is an energy that surrounds our body, but during an OBE it separates from the body, although it does not disconnect. If the astral body is disconnected from the physical body altogether it is referred to, a term used more commonly, death.

Now that you know this, don't think you can't ever go to sleep again, very few dreamers are ever able to get to this state, so don't think for a second that you can die from dreaming. In a normal OBE, one not associated to a near death experience, it is said that the spirit simply departs from the body for a short time. The astral body may not even leave the room. However, speed is sudden, thinking of a place you would like to be would cause you to go there almost instantaneously.

Unlike lucid dreams, a person who is experiencing an OBE will sometimes hear a loud roar, described as the sound of a speeding train, a howling wind, or a thundering waterfall. What is happening is that as the astral body lifts from the physical, the energy level is raised suddenly, like a burst of power and since the body is still connected by a thin line of astral matter, this is transferred to the mind as "sound." Nevertheless, once the astral body reaches it's higher vibratory frequency level, the sound disappears, through the sensations of speed, enhanced clarity of vision, sound, and sight take over. The main point is that there is no mistaking a lucid dream for an OBE and you will know, when you wake, if you have had an Out of Body Experience.

To induce a lucid state is to relax while keeping the mind alert and it is necessary that the conscious mind lets go and allows the subconscious mind its freedom to roam. There have been cultures that have used natural herbs to help relax the mind and achieved these altered states of heightened senses while finding the stillness and peacefulness in the mind. There are a number of methods that are practiced, to help the conscious mind to let go of the subconscious, such as concentration, firstly focalizing on a small reflective surface, such as a crystal or a silver coin or alternatively concentrating on and looking into the flame of a candle, while allowing the eyes to eventually go out of focus and the mind to empty while at the same time counting backwards in the mind from 400, by the time one gets to 350 or so, a sense of relaxation and slowly a loosing of the more conscious side of the mind can be achieved, one then closes the eyes and allows himself to feel and concentrate on the breathing, taking in deep revitalizing energy and allowing the conscious mind to slip away while exhaling, by this time there is no need to continue with the counting and when it feels right to stop, then do so. Next begin to sense yourself from within the body, feel your heart beating, then feel yourself becoming smaller and smaller within yourself until you slowly go deeper and deeper within and then slowly expand yourself outward, keeping your eyes closed begin to look through your eyelids out into the room that surrounds you, while remaining relaxed, then expand yourself into the whole room allowing your mind to move out and fill the room, allow the spirit to be free to experience beyond the normal perceptions, you may experience feelings of floating and blissful energies, allow your spirit to glide outward without having any fear as all return safely to the body.

Like dreams, many out of body experiences are not remembered and are far less common than dreams, but there are ways by which we might know if we have ever had a out of body experience and most of us have at some point in our lives. It is far more common for children to have an O.B.E. than it is for many adults, but those adults that have O.B.E. become accustomed to going out and coming back within the body, even if they are not consciously aware of doing so, or of ever having had an O.B.E., whereas children are not so practiced and, although they freely travel out of body, they are sometimes not so practiced at a good re-entry and tend on occasion to come back within the body at too great a velocity and this in is self has an effect that many of us may have experienced especially as children and possible remember. If you can remember ever having the feeling of suddenly being woken up from your sleep with a shock, with the feeling that you have just fallen through or out of your bed, but in fact you have not, then you have most probably had an O.B.E. and experience the spirit returning to quickly. This happens when the spirit comes rushing back within the mortal body at too fast a rate and what happens is that it comes back with a thud and as the spirit comes slamming back in and is stopped by the material being, but the feeling is one where we feel as though we have suddenly fallen and it is the spirit landing with a thud and almost going out the other side of our body that gives us this experience, it has a startling effect on us and usually immediately wakes us up with quite a shock. As time goes on we or the spirit generally learn and become more practiced and controlled in its return to the body, and as we get older we may not venture out of body so frequently as we might as children.

Among those who have had a more conscious lucid experience or vision, there are those who have had O.B.E's, where sometimes they can rise up high into the air or it can be an experience where they are free to roam near to their body. Others can travel further afield and at times find not only loved ones who have passed over, but also they may have contact with their own spiritual guides while out of body. There is no need to ever fear having an O.B.E., we can come to no harm, nor will we get lost and not be able to return to our mortal body, we are all attached to the physical body by an invisible cord which will not break until death occurs, some call this cord the silver thread or cord, and as soon as the mortal body begins to wake or come round within meditation, the spirit is drawn back to the physical body, and as we wake we may experience more consciously the out of body experiences. The silver cord itself has a few functions, firstly it acts as a tether between the mortal body and spirit and maintains a connection between the spirit and mortal host during any form of out-of-body-experience which can also include N.D.E's (Near Death Experiences). Not only will the silver cord assure that we will not get lost and that we will also always return to the mortal body, it also maintains the mortal life while the spirit is out-of-body, as there is no life without spirit being present, we would die instantly the spirit traveled out of body if the silver cord did not exist, as it also serves to keep a small spiritual presence within the mortal body to sustain our mortal life and the cord with not sever until death occurs and even then not until resuscitation is no longer possible. Those who have a NDE's can also find themselves out of body and the cord acts and maintains a link for a time with the deceased body, which allows for resuscitation, if it did not and severed at the instant death occurred no matter what was done to try to resuscitate a life here it would fail as the spirit would not have the connection to return, that connection being the silver cord.

As mentioned in O.B.E's. one does not necessarily have a physical form and it is possible to consciously travel out of body and there are a number that seem to be able to travel out not just into there immediate surroundings but are able to venture out into other more spiritual realities and dimensions, this is in part a coupling of both astral travel and lucid dreaming and generally happens in dream or sleep state. Sometimes it entails going outward into the greater vibration that exists all around us or within the universe or traveling through a vortex or portal into other dimensions. If this happens there is usually a guide of some kind although they may not be seen or noticed and the one thing that spirit guides do need before they can make themselves known to us, is that we ask for their help and that they would come to guide us on our journeys. In these lucid states the mind is able to be set free to experience and as practiced by many cultures in the past many new experiences can be discovered, one thing to make the most of it that one needs is an open mind and willingness to try.

The Indians of North America, traveled out of body on their vision quests and experienced vision and often had experiences of shape shifting and becoming other forms especially animals, as they were an important part of their lives and they often believed that they had animal spirit guides that watched over them often as a helper and protector. Most lucid dreams are thought to happen whilst in stage four of sleep REM (rapid eye movement). More recently there has been a good deal of research in this field, where those who have had regular O.B.E. are tested and ask to view and later describe what they have seen, for instance, a piece of paper might be put on a high shelf, where a set of numbers may be placed on it and the dreamer is asked if they can rise up out of the body and go to the high shelf and see what is there. This has had some success, but it can be hard for those having an out of body experience to control where they wish to go. Remote viewing is another form as astral travel, where it is sometimes possible to travel consciously to other locations, this also has been tested with some success, where individuals are given a map location and asked to describe what they can see there, at times these descriptions have been very accurate.

Those who are more experienced may be able to control their experiences and can find themselves having regular O.B.E's. where they can at times find themselves floating up toward the ceiling, then often turning over to look down on their sleeping body, at other times it is possible to move around one's home from room to room and it is possible that others may be seen that are also out of body or that those already in spirit might be present. Being able to pass through doors and some other solid objects is another thing that is possible. There has also been research into why some fighter pilots, racing drivers and others who are involved in both high speed and high concentration levels do at times seem to move out of body and can find themselves looking in at themselves from outside the cockpit, I would put this down to a number of elements, (1) They are in a very altered state of concentration that takes 100% of their attention; (2) doing such an activity is very exciting and there is an element of extreme danger and the spirit sense of self preservation is very active or what is called the self is very present and aware and the spiritual self is very at one and in harmony with both mind and body, thus allowing for quicker reaction especially to danger; (3) The body is releasing highly levels of endorphins and adrenaline, these three factors together would give an altered state of perception and may well cause an OBE to be possible and at times experienced through completely natural means. Put basically it is the spirit high and excitement along with the oneness with the spiritual self that causes these experiences.

Out of body experiences most frequently occur naturally just before we wake up, but they can happen as we go to sleep and during the night and is thought to be connected with the process and state of the mind while we are in sleep. The truth and it is generally agreed that dreams do have meanings, interpreting them is not always so easy. There have been those in the past that have told of having visions given to them while they sleep foretelling the future, today there are still many that are given premonitions while they sleep of events to come and these premonitions are often coming and being given by spirit interacting with us within our dream state. We do not call these dreams visions so much these days, we call them Lucid Dreams.

Written by Neil Cristopher
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