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The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality

Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 27, 2001

Soap Box time!

Organized Religion has become the biggest bane to mankind. Why? Because each and every denomination wants to claim they have the 'only way', the 'only truth' and try to shove it down your throat.  If you do not agree with them, then you are condemned. And you want to know the funny part? 'Not one' religion on the face of this planet has the "whole" truth and nothing but the truth. One or two come very close, but are still lacking. But if you study each and every one of them, you will find hidden within them all "pieces" of the Whole. You put it all together and Walla! secrets are revealed.

Every Holy book has been changed and mistranslated by man, some intentionally, others mistakenly, but still mistranslated. Religious teachings were originally given to mankind to open their hearts, to teach them LOVE of their fellow man, to help in their spiritual evolution. "Nowhere" in ANY original teaching was it said it was OK to kill one another. Nowhere was it said, if a life is not wanted, get rid of it. Nowhere was it said it is OK to cut your life short, if that is what you want to do with it. Wars have been fought in the name of God. People massacred in the name of God. God is LOVE. Not hate! You can't kill someone if you love them. They are opposites.

The teachings were guidelines to help spiritual evolution of mankind's soul... not dictations... not "do as I say or go to hell". Which by the way only exists if "you believe" it does, like everything you self-create. The teachings were to give mankind choices. You were given free-will to make choices and learn the repercussions from those choices.

Spirituality is searching for truth and a way of life and knowing within each individual soul it is "right' for them... maybe not the next guy or gal, as he or she, has to search on his or her own also, and find his or her own way, on their own path and learn their own lessons they came into this life to learn. Spirituality is "allowing" each other to do that without judgment.

Religion creates separatism. Spirituality creates Oneness.

And I write every word of this with Love for each and everyone of you!


Lady Isis

An Emissary of Light

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"I have listened to the realm of the Spirit. I have heard my own soul's voice, and I have remembered that love is the complete and unifying thread of existence." --Mary Casey

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #56

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