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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #54

March 30, 2001

1. Opening Words: Eastern Wisdom - Alexander Aldarow
2. Healing Hands Of Light - Lady Isis
3. Self-Esteem - The Problem Behind All Problems - Asoka Selvarajah
4. Busting Out - Once And For All - Doug Lewis
5. Star Alignment - Mark Andrews
6. News Flash: ATOM Event With Sri Darwin Gross In Person! - Nancy Krinkey
7. Uprooting The Tree Of Ignorance - Asoka Selvarajah

Opening Words: Eastern Wisdom    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Greetings, our beloved readers.

Currently, I'm reading a beautifully illustrated book titled "Eastern Wisdom", a brilliant introduction into Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism and Shinto. In fact, Rinor bought this book for me several years ago, I started reading it, but then quit after about a third of it. These days, however, I'm re-reading it from the cover, putting much more thought and absorbing the information given. The following is a spiritual encounter that this book produced yesterday.

I was walking across our University's campus toward the exit, when a guy, around my age, stopped me. He was holding some flyers, and I assumed at first that he was trying to advertise/sell something, like opening a savings account in a bank - something of that league. I'll try to transcribe our dialogue by memory.

Him: Wait, young man, don't rush (he offered his hand for a shake).

I've noticed that he was also holding a stock of small books, saw the symbols on them and everything immediately clicked together.

Him: Have you heard about... (don't quite remember what he said here, but it was related to Hinduism).

Me (as I was reaching toward the bag): Yes, I've noticed the Yoga pictures on your books.

Him (defensively): What Yoga pictures? (He assumed that I was another skeptic, and was already mentally preparing the speech. I've saved him the trouble, as I got my bag open).

Me: I'm in the same "business" as you (and I flashed "Eastern Wisdom" that I was carrying with me. He read the sub-title and his eyes flashed in response).

We've exchanged several other phrases throughout all this rendezvous, reassuring we're transmitting on the same wave. I made him understand that I'm no stranger to spirituality. He proposed the books he held to me (he was selling them for charity), I've recognized the red one among them, "The Science of Self-Realization" by Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedantha Swami Prabhupada, and I've honestly said I found it naive when I read it in the past. I've also immediately rejected a book on vegetarian cooking and held without any interest a thin booklet on reincarnations.

Him: I have in my bag another book, that I usually don't propose to people, but since you are advanced, I'll suggest it to you (Remember this sentence, I'll explain below). Have you heard about Bhagavad-Gita?

This gave me a chance to "show off" with what I picked from "Eastern Wisdom" - in fact, I was just reading about it - and reassured him - yes, the book with the chariot, where Krishna appears to prince Arjuna before a battle, when Arjuna was in a crisis, and explains him about the Universe.

Him: Yes, this is the book I always turn to when in distress, and always find answers among its verses.

I knew and understood the cosmic significance of this event - I even told him that maybe heavens sent him to me. I had to have this book, to expand my knowledge and perception. We walked together toward the ATM machine (yes, we have such on our campus), so that I'll withdraw 40 shekels for the book (about 10$, but the price - not high, not low - is meaningless in this case). He also told me about their movement, "Bhakti Vedantha" and the meetings arranged by them. As I paid and received the book, we briefly went through it, noticing the small vocabulary of Sanskrit words by its end, with my glance immediately noticing the familiar word "Maya" (illusion), to which I pointed out.

Him: Yes, this is the word I have to face 24 hours a day.

I also remember him asking me what I study, what courses, to which I replied "Computer Sciences".

Him: And?

Me (smiling): No, that's it, no "and". I know, doesn't sound quite spiritual, does it?

Him: So how did you find your way to this? Drawing of the heart?

Me: No, more of a destination. Computers are just side means to establish an economical basis - just like in Hinduism, a second phase of one's life, before he "retires" to spirituality.

So, eventually, I've bought the book, and he said by the end that the book will provide a 180-degrees turn for me.

Me: No, not 180...

Him: Well, maybe for not for you, maybe kind of 10-20 degrees.

Me: More like fine tuning.

We've shook hands and I departed.

As I walked away, I was going through this encounter's details. First of all, I was seeing the Universe's cooperation in it - since a day earlier I've decided to dedicate more of myself to spirituality - and spiritual reading foremost, as my mind was finally starving for more enlightening knowledge. And just as I got into the introduction, "Eastern Wisdom", the appearance of Bhagavad-Gita did not delay to come. It is one of the central books, to my knowledge, in Hinduism, and I will be honored to absorb everything it has to offer to me. Understand, of course, that I'm no more specifically into Hinduism then I'm into Magick, or Christianity, or Kabbalah, etc. - I rather combine all of it.

I would like to direct you now to Project X Newsletter #29, of January 14, 2000, the Zohar experience ( The whole scene you've just witnessed, especially the words of holding the book especially for me, a chosen one - this is remarkably similar to my dialogue with a woman at Kabbalistic center's book-selling counter. And now, Bhagavad-Gita joins the book of Zohar in my room.

Third, and last, conclusion. The above scene - meeting a bhakti (a devoted one), who would have the red book I'll recognize and criticize ("The Science of Self-Realization" - sorry to confuse you with multitude of titles) - this scene was played in my head a few times through the past several years. Just like in James Redfield's "Celestine Prophecy", what we see in our inner vision becomes our future reality.

There was one other thing that crossed my mind as I was reviewing this experience. That I have a story for the Opening Words.

And now, on with the newsletter.

Healing Hands Of Light    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

I have been guided to send this forth  . . .Please, I am told it is VERY IMPORTANT do not alter this message in any way send it as is.
I would appreciate feed-back of your experiences. I am told by Archangel Michael and Mother Earth it is very important for me to receive feed-back.

This energy sent forth will release fear, depression, pain, physical healing can take place . . . anything that is needed by the individual receiving it. Many miraculous healings have taken place by people following these directions.

Lay the palm of your hand upon the screen of your computer . . .  I Isis, hereby send forth love and healing Light to all who receives this message. Feel the Light from the Creator!"

 In the service of the Creator,

Self-Esteem - The Problem Behind All Problems    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

Self-esteem is THE major challenge of our era. It lies at the heart of many of the diverse issues and challenges we face in life.

In fact, it is precisely because low self-esteem does not seem to be the problem, that it is so very insidious. Many people who suffer from low self-esteem attribute their life challenges to wholly different causes. It does not even occur to them to relate their problems to how they regard themselves at the deepest level. Instead, they blame their problems on a mean boss, racial or sexual prejudice, a talent for choosing abusive love partners and so on.

In this way, the problem is externalized. However, doing this merely moves a person further away from the real problem, and consequently from the solution. Thus by disguising itself as some other more immediately visible issue, low self-esteem is never tackled and overcome. It remains to rear its ugly head again.

Whatever challenge you face, you can rest assured that someone else has had it even worse, and yet gone on to triumph. If so, what prevents you back from doing the same? The answer must inevitably be - yourself. YOU are the primary force shaping your life. If others faced similar external challenges and triumphed, then external circumstances are NOT the primary determiners of your life. Your attitude of mind is.

How Low Self Esteem Arises

People with NO apparent self-esteem problems may still be susceptible at a subtle level. For example, failing to shoot for your dreams when you were young, and settling for a safe route to an unchallenging existence, can damage how well you regard yourself. In later life, it could manifest in short temper, cynicism when others DO try to better themselves, and even physical illness. However, it seems hard to pinpoint the exact problem.

At the heart of compromises such as these is the fact that you did not believe in yourself sufficiently. In other words, self-esteem issues, often inherited from your parents, appeared at this early stage.

There are many causes of low self esteem. We gain our predominant world-view by the age of five. In other words, whether you consider the world to be a safe or dangerous place, and whether you will react to events in a primarily positive or negative manner, is determined by this age. Parents are the prime shapers of our young psyches at this time. However, schools, society, and our peers also play an important role. Our later experiences in life merely reinforce the core impressions we gained at this very early age.

As the role of parents is so vital, they need to be FAR more conscious of the consequences for their child of EVERYTHING they do, say, or even think. Moreover, this care must begin whilst the child is still in the womb! Parents are too often far too casual about how they bring up their children. They unconsciously pass on their own limitations to them as a result.

Facing The Challenge Of Ourselves

What can you do to improve your self esteem? The first thing is to understand the difference between self-esteem and self-image. Self-image forms as a result of comparisons you make between yourself and those around you. It is the judgement you make of yourself - the image you have of yourself. Sadly, it is often negative as you can usually find someone better than you at almost everything. Self-image in turn affects self-esteem. An easy way to understand this difference is to look at young children. They have perfect self-esteem BECAUSE they have no self-image. They are not continually judging themselves against externals and falling short.

The key is NOT to work upon self-image. This is what many people try to do. However, working on self-esteem IS the heart of creating radical change. When you work from the inside out, how you feel about yourself in comparison with externals must eventually improve as well.

The key to improving your self-esteem is to take conscious control of your self-talk. Negative self-talk is the prime cause for creating and maintaining negative self-esteem. The things you say to yourself in your mind, as well as the meaning you attribute to events in your life, combine to create the reality you end up living. Most people's self-talk is roughly 95% negative. They see the worst in themselves and in everything that happens. Putting a stop to such self-destructive thinking is vital. It is our thoughts and expectations that shape and produce what we become. The quality of our lives is a direct result of them.

One excellent way to combat and overcome negative self-talk is through using positive affirmations. The principle behind them is that the brain cannot entertain two contradictory notions at the same time. Eventually one of the two contradictory notions must win out and cause the other to collapse completely. The belief that finally wins out is the one that you invest with the most emotional energy and constancy of thought.

Affirmations such as

"I like myself"
"I am a positive person and I create a positive life"
"I am a wonderful person of immense value who deserves to be loved"

and others like these will do absolute wonders. Note how all good affirmations are framed in the positive. Never frame an affirmation in the negative, e.g. "I am NOT a negative person". The subconscious literally cannot see the word "not" and will therefore interpret and act upon the affirmation as if you said "I AM a negative person"!

Create a series of affirmations like this and resolve to use them throughout the day. You can write one or more of them out ten, twenty or more times a day. You should also take every opportunity to say them out loud to yourself. Always do so with enthusiasm and gusto; really feeling the positive emotions surging through your body. This is the true key to making affirmations work in improving self esteem. Putting all your emotional energy behind them gives the affirmations the power to destroy negative self-talk and low self esteem.

An extremely powerful way to use affirmations is to record yourself speaking them quietly onto a tape, perhaps with some soothing background music that you like. Then you can play this tape quietly in the background at every opportunity. You have effectively created your own subliminal tape! Try playing this to yourself when you sleep at night, using an auto-reverse walkman. The results in your life will be truly tremendous.

Recognition Of The Problem Is Halfway To The Solution


There are many effective ways to remedy low self-esteem. However, the key to success in life is to recognize the existence of the problem in the first place! Therefore, consider where self-esteem issues may be lurking in your life, but manifesting as apparently external problems. The key attitude for success in life is to take total responsibility for what happens to us. We must work upon ourselves continually in order to manifest what we want. Creating high self-esteem is one of the best things you can ever do to totally transform every aspect of your life.

Copyright 2000, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.

Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active writer/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose.

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Busting Out - Once And For All    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (02/18/01)

Busting out - Once and for all

On the eve of humanity busting out though the thick dank cloud of sense blinding chaos to ordained brilliant blue sky's and fabulous sunshine, I offer this as food for thought - it may assist someone, somewhere to clear up some life odds and ends.

As surely as one desires to go forward one is equally retreating from a point of origin. As each step leads us forward it is good to be mindful of perspective.

Are we going somewhere or are we running away from somewhere?

In appearance and effect... the result is the same, at least to a casual observer. Intent of the traveler is personal to the traveler and is the defining motivation for the trip. In my case I assumed I was seeking, going forward, later I confronted my own denial and conceded my forward progress was retreat driven. In fact... I was running away blindly using seeking as an excuse to go forward.

For seeking to stand up in court there need be a quarry, a defined objective of the search. I had none.

I became mired and tired from running away - exhausted, defeated afraid and forlorn. There was no quest only a past to put distance from. This provided me an impetus, why not have a defined quest and purpose to seek? It really could uncloud the issue for me and besides, inherently I wanted to find something.

The trick was defining a grail. In a loosey goosey way I knew it needed to be a good grail, a nice grail an honorable grail with DEEP important purpose for our planet and our being.

Something small but very sweet.

My next realization was that moving away from uncomfortable past to anticipated desired destination (destiny), is really the point... not the reason. When I made this small but personally profound realization, I was no longer tired, I became refreshed and invigorated for I was moving to... not from. Imagine... free abundant fuel from thinking for a few minutes... how grand the provisions provided. How would one know there is free gas and comfort stations at every step... until one thought to "SEE" them? I call these spiritual thermals now.

All the past supports the past - never the future.

Could it be libraries are the meme troves of the controllers. Libraries contain the stuff of forming preconceived ideas, notions and pre-calculated conjecture made tasty and authentic for the hungry minds of the young. A wisdom disguised Pandora's box filled with tantalizing templates of attitude ensconced in leather binding and filled with "proven" sanctified thoughts to adopt. Not directly of course, but once knowledge and argument for it is presented, one is bound to select from the choices, never thinking there might be other premise choices to be considered.

Once read - the die is cast, we are forming our individual nature from someone else's provided and given premise.

This is an "oh so simple" and elegant mind controlling contrivance and SO effective in ensuring substantiation for anything one may wish to find individual support for - at a time of great vulnerability, for surely, it must all be true - I read it in a place of good authority!


What would your choices have been, what would my choices have been if contamination was factored out?

This is a large question in my mind.

I do know this - true knowledge... that which is within ONE - cannot be polluted, it remains pure.

You and I have built in virus protection called conscience, a small but effective block to those that would want us to subscribe to wayward schemes.

Unfortunately, our very nature predisposes us to find justification for our early lower level feelings. How truly elegant, yet exceedingly sinister to lay at our hand justification for anything we felt driven or drawn toward in our weakest time? A range of belief options from A to Z, what better way to distribute contention and have followers for each letter of the alphabet?

We will always seek out that which we wish to find. There is also safety and comfort in numbers.

Granted, most of the premise may be benign... written in the vein of satisfying curiosity or providing entertainment... but it is all so much more. It is reinforcement for what is wanted of us - something sinister perhaps, something within a hidden agenda.

But what hidden agenda?

I could not figure out why I became repulsed by reading, later I did.

This all sounds quite "off" of course *VBS*... I accept that - it is in the design of the meme'ers approaches, discredit anyone who may challenge the planted, false premise based conventions.

...using words I saw today, (as an example), about how the male/female "battle" was set up by the same 'them' that set up all the rest of the chaos on this planet, for the same old dual purposes of repressing the human spirit enough to keep us in a form of slavery, and creating enough conflict to create enough chaos to create enough dark emotional energy in us for 'them' to feed themselves with. More duality... established by the more self-oriented creator gods who won our planet in some big star war a few millennia ago."

My observation of life's events supports what I have read in this passage notwithstanding the conjecture part. I am struck by the feeling of truth contained within the statement "dark chaotic emotional energy instigated within us for "them to feed on".

Long ago I decided I would not be such a meal for "them".

I am my own thoughts and destiny and have committed to not buying in to the engines of chaos so cunningly set up by them for the purpose of growing the food of our dark chaotic emotions in growing plots of human turmoil - since then, they have moved away from me and on to others that unwittingly feed the beast.

Once they were off my back and I had time in peace - I immediately found that which I truly wished to find.

I am content now.

The seeker's journey is a circle and eventually we come back to the point where we originally ran from, we are no longer afraid because we picked up the means to confront and deal with our old fear, while we were on the journey of retreat from it.

Lets check our moral compass and then bust out for once and for all - what say you?

Doug ~(WW)~

Star Alignment    (view on a separate page)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Forwarded by Mark Andrews

A friend sent this interesting observation about the alignment of the stars in the next month... Happy Easter!

It is a rare event that won't happen for another 1500 years and you won't read about it in the newspaper for it takes the careful studies of John Pratt, Meridian's Science and Religion Editor and a Ph.D in astronomy and expert in ancient calendars, to have discovered this. He says: "Have you noticed Venus, the Evening Star, currently blazing in the west after sunset? From Native American traditions we learn that in this phase it represents the Savior when he was at the heights of his ministry. In March it will plunge into the darkness below the horizon even as the Savior conquered the forces of death in the underworld. Then, in an extremely rare event, Venus will resurrect precisely on Easter (April 15, 2001) as the Bright Morning Star. That rare coincidence, which won't happen again for fifteen hundred years, can be witnessed around the world just before dawn on Easter Sunday wherever the eastern horizon is low and clear. This extraordinary sight was also witnessed on that Easter Sunday morning long ago when death was conquered by the Savior of all mankind.

News Flash: ATOM Event With Sri Darwin Gross In Person!    (view on a separate page)
Author: Nancy Krinkey    (all articles by this author)

The information courteously provided by Nancy Krinkey


We are happy to announce (add to your announcements:) the following: "A GATHERING OF EAGLES."

We invite you to attend the ATOM ( Event of 2001, "A Gathering Of Eagles" Saturday, May 5, 2001 at the Sheraton Airport Hotel, 5300 Riverside Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44135-3145. The Event will feature Living Master and Teacher Sri Darwin Gross as the guest speaker.

Doors open to the Grand Ballroom at 9:00 am and the ATOM Event begins at 1 PM with lots of music, talks and discussions regarding the most sacred spiritual path on the planet. An on-your-own dinner break is scheduled at 5 PM and the ATOM Event will resume promptly at 7 PM with Sri Darwin Gross.
Due to Darwin's spiritual workload, this will be His only physical appearance for 2001.

HOTEL ROOM RESERVATIONS: Special Sleeping Room Rate of $79. (single or double) available to all who mention their affiliation with the "ATOM" Group.
Toll free: 1-800-325-3535

PRE-REGISTRATION: Individual $75. Couples (living under same roof) $125. Children (under 16) $15.
REGISTRATION "AT-THE-DOOR": Individual $115. Couples $165. Children (under 16) $25.

Remember: The Cut-Off Date for the Special Hotel Sleeping Room Rate $79. (single or double) and ATOM Pre-Registration is April 23, 2001. Sleeping Room Rates after this date will be reserved at the best available rate via the Sheraton Hotel. The ATOM Event Registration rates at-the-door will be higher, so pre-register early.

Be Good To Your Self/ATOM will accept Checks, U.S. Bank Money Orders and Credit Cards. Pre-Register via mail:

Be Good To Your Self Event,
PO Box 95551
Las Vegas, NV 89193-5551
Or by fax: 702.837.6396.

The Event Theme "A Gathering Of Eagles" represents Soul who operates from the highest state of consciousness. Soul who lives the most ancient direct spiritual teaching known to HU-mankind. Soul who can recognize truth from illusion and rise above the unstable tides of the Lower Psychic Worlds, religion, fear and soar into the pure realms of the God Worlds here and now. Our goal for this Event is to get the word out to the new person who is ready to learn of the ATOM Teaching and the spiritual freedom it offers the individual.

"When Soul rises above time, space and matter, swifter than the mind can grasp, It is no longer affected by what is being said or done in the physical." - Darwin Gross

Thank you in Divine Love,

Uprooting The Tree Of Ignorance    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

Why do we fail to do the good that we know we should? Why do we fall below our own standards? Why do we try so hard to make progress in life and yet have little to really show for it?

In Yoga philosophy, the term AVIDYA is used to describe the condition that causes this tendency within us. It literally means "incorrect comprehension"; better known as ignorance. According to yoga teachings, it is deeply rooted in our being through repeated habit. We know that any behavior, when repeated often enough, becomes almost instinctive. This is true to such an extent that we can even believe such actions to be outside of our conscious control. The misuse of this "anchoring procedure" is the foundation of avidya.

Examples include unjustified angry reactions to other people, chronic dependencies like alcohol or drugs, or self-sabotage just when we are about to make a life-changing breakthrough in some important area.

The subtle thing about avidya is that it hides itself. It only ever manifests as something else. Its symptoms are everywhere, but the cause itself remains concealed. We see it as "life", or the other person's fault, or some recurring self-destructive habit we can't control. The source itself remains concealed.

Avidya is like a deeply rooted tree with four thick branches. The first branch is called ASMITA, or ego. This is the part of us that seeks its own interests. It considers itself better than others, is bruised when it does not get its own way, and generally causes us to identify with this earthly body and the life it is living. It has no wider perspective than that.

The second branch is called RAGA and is best translated as Desire or Attachment. This is the part that constantly wants what it does not have. It desires what it does not really need and seeks to accumulate merely for the sake of it. It makes us unsatisfied and causes us to continually compare ourselves unfavorably with others. If we are wealthy, we are unhappy because somebody else is wealthier still. And so on...

The third branch is called DVESA or Refusal. This is like the recoil response. Whatever negative experiences we have had in life make us afraid of repeating them again in case the same result occurs. It can make us reject people, situations and possibilities that just might cause us pain again. In one person, it may be the fear of forming relationships with the opposite sex. In another, it may be a fear of public speaking as a result of negative childhood experiences.

The fourth and last branch on the tree of Avidya is called ABHINIVESA or Fear. These are specifically fears that are NOT caused by previous experience. For example, we may fear change, or growing old, or that we may lose everything we worked so hard to earn. In other words, things we may never have experienced before.

Avidya, in all its subtle forms, works within us constantly to root us in our habitual ways and make improvement difficult or impossible. The more we indulge Avidya, the stronger it becomes. Eventually, we feel that we are no longer the doer of these things; they simply happen to us. A person can attract one disastrous relationship after another, or continually experience uncontrollable rage under certain stimuli, and feel that it is nothing directly to do with them. It is just bad luck. The person fails to see that there is only one person responsible for everything that happens!

So what can we do? If Avidya obscures and clouds, it clearly must be obscuring SOMETHING. Yoga philosophy calls this something PURUSA. In the West, we know it as the "Higher Self" or "Silent Observer"; the true divine spirit that lies within each of us. The task therefore, is to bring Purusa out and live from it moment by moment. By doing this, we minimize the effects of the four forms of Avidya. A Spiritual Master is one who has completely uprooted the tree of Avidya forever and sees things as they really are. Thus, one of the names for the Buddha is "The Awakened One".

How do we increasingly live from Purusa - the highest within us? The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali suggest three methods. The first is actual practice of Yoga - both the physical postures and the breathing exercises. If this is something you feel comfortable with, it is definitely worth considering. There are many physical and mental benefits to be gained from a regular practice of Yoga, no matter how simple. However, be sure to consult your doctor before even contemplating such a regime, especially if you are over 40 and have never done it before. Yoga should only ever be learned in the beginning from a live teacher. Books are helpful as a supplement but should never replace live tuition. Regular Yoga does progressively diminish the force of Avidya in our lives.

The second method is through self-examination. Regular contemplation of our actions and habitual thought patterns will awaken us to take increasing responsibility for our lives. Meditation is one excellent method that can help. So too can keeping a Journal of our progress. Activities like these can break the habitual stimulus-response cycle , and place that moment of choice back in between the two. In other words, instead of responding automatically as we usually do, we can choose in that moment to act differently. We become increasingly conscious and responsible, instead of remaining creatures of habit.

The third method is to create a certain detachment to the actions of our life, and almost become an external observer. Rather than being an active participant, taking our hopes and dreams terribly seriously, we become more like an actor in a play, playing the part the best we can. This form of spiritual detachment does not mean we under-perform in life in any way. It merely means that we become more detached and objective about the movement of our lives; less elated when things go right and less distraught when disaster occurs. In this way the ego, and indeed all aspects of Avidya, are progressively weakened.

In truth, all three methods work best together. However, one or other approach can prove immensely beneficial. For most of us, Avidya will remain to some extent throughout our lives. However, the more we can live from the true spirit within, the Purusa, the more authentically we live our lives. We relate to others better, make better decisions, and the hold of ignorance upon our lives gradually diminishes. We become the best person we can possibly be and thereby benefit the world. Surely that is the goal of life?

Copyright 2000, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.

Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active writer/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose.

Subscribe to his FREE ezine, Aspire To Wisdom, and receive his brand new E-Book "Inner Light Outer Wealth" for FREE at:
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