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Star Alignment

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 30, 2001

Forwarded by Mark Andrews

A friend sent this interesting observation about the alignment of the stars in the next month... Happy Easter!

It is a rare event that won't happen for another 1500 years and you won't read about it in the newspaper for it takes the careful studies of John Pratt, Meridian's Science and Religion Editor and a Ph.D in astronomy and expert in ancient calendars, to have discovered this. He says: "Have you noticed Venus, the Evening Star, currently blazing in the west after sunset? From Native American traditions we learn that in this phase it represents the Savior when he was at the heights of his ministry. In March it will plunge into the darkness below the horizon even as the Savior conquered the forces of death in the underworld. Then, in an extremely rare event, Venus will resurrect precisely on Easter (April 15, 2001) as the Bright Morning Star. That rare coincidence, which won't happen again for fifteen hundred years, can be witnessed around the world just before dawn on Easter Sunday wherever the eastern horizon is low and clear. This extraordinary sight was also witnessed on that Easter Sunday morning long ago when death was conquered by the Savior of all mankind.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #54

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