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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #51

January 4, 2001

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. All Is One - Lady Isis
3. Abductee - Paul Schroeder
4. Be Careful What You Wish For - Susan Petro-Carlson
5. Money & Spirituality - Do They Mix? - Asoka Selvarajah
6. Today's Mail: A Dream - Joyce
7. Human Beings in the Mirror of the Universe - Michael Levy

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Open your window, turn your head toward the horizon and take a deep breath... Can you feel it? The new Era is rising, sweeping along all the old, redundant values, quickly ending all the over-delayed confrontations, exposing the neglected or concealed truths, bringing Hope, bringing Light...

But wait a minute... Haven't we said the same before? Months ago, a year ago, a decade ago? Every day brings a new beginning, not just a specific calendar date! In fact, we are not "heading toward...", or "on a threshold of...", or "entering the new..."... we are already there!!! Deeper than some of the more skeptical individuals might assume. And if you still don't feel you're inside of "it" - start acting like you already are... and watch the colors flowing back into your world.

Happy New Year, dear readers, happy 2001, the Year of the Snake!!!! In this issue we have a special gift to all of you, courtesy of one of our most productive authors, Asoka Selvarajah. Here it is:

"I'm pleased to announce my very first E-Book:

"Inner Light Outer Wealth - A Guide To Spiritual Growth & Personal Improvement".

It's a compilation of some of my best articles on a variety of spiritual and personal development topics. As you've read some of these articles, you know how much they can benefit people. Well, they are now available in an excellent Acrobat PDF format, and are thus easier to read.

Therefore, I offer this E-Book to you, for you in turn to offer it absolutely free to your website visitors and ezine/magazine subscribers.

All Is One    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

"Nothing has changed but my attitude. Everything has changed." No truer words were ever spoken. For once you change your attitude everything in your life changes.

As ALL IS ONE... there is no separation we are all brother's and sister's and you do not walk your journey alone. I don't remember who said it, but some wise person once said, "No man is an Island unto himself." I hope I quoted that correctly, If I didn't the meaning is still there. So the question, "Are you your brother's keeper? Is a resounding YES!! For YOU ARE YOUR BROTHER.

The Internet has given us the opportunity to reach out to our "family" worldwide... there is only ONE family on this earth... the Human Family. And it doesn't matter "where" you are from or where you have been, or who you were in past-life or who you are elsewhere; for right now you are living the life of a Human Being and you belong to a Human Family.

The fighting and killing of each other and our children over who owns what piece of land and who doesn't must stop! For we are but "caretakers" over the land... we do not "own" it, We do not "own' anything... it all belongs to GOD... The One Infinite Creator. It is but on "loan" to us to care for while we are here. The fighting and killing of each other and our children in the name of God because we do not have the same religious beliefs... must stop!

In order to have Peace on this Earth we must all begin to see this reality .. . this truth WE ARE ALL ONE! Color, race, religion DOES NOT MATTER.

While watching a court television program the other night behind the Judge on the wall I read, "In God We Trust." And I thought to myself while reading this... This Country was built upon "In God We Trust"... it is on the money, on walls, in various places all over the United States, but it has become "In God We Trust" as long as he/she isn't allowed in our public buildings and our schools, as well as other places. Here in Oregon, they would not allow the firemen to place Christmas decorations or trees in the Firehouses, or other public buildings. What happened to our so-called Freedom... our freewill choice? We need tolerance in this country. If one does not believe in God. That is their right. If one does not believe in Paganism. That is their right. If one does not believe in Christmas. That also is their right. But it does not give them the right to dictate and force their way of life upon another. For the one thing they are yelling the loudest about they are doing themselves. Tolerance! Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. What happened to it? These things are a God given right for ALL human beings no matter what part of the world you live in.

IN GOD WE TRUST! But do we?


Abductee    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Paul Schroeder    (all articles by this author)

Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for me; a confirmed atheist, until I saw aliens float me out of my body, in my bed, at night. Then, I knew they were interested in an essence I never suspected I had; a soul.

At night, your astral body travels to realms from angelic to demonic, a spirit world of myriad vibrational levels and the pictures you see on the backs of your eyelids, while you REM, are not dreams but visits, souvenirs of a greater reality. Like a goldfish who never suspects a greater world beyond the pond's surface, the limited awareness of humankind floats beneath the surface of a greater reality; groping, mouth agape in total ignorance. Aliens have failed to hybridize and now invade astrally, to abduct, monitor, and possess; entangle their energies with ours to ride the reincarnation rollercoaster of our auras giving a new meaning to a silent invasion.

Within a blackness, a voice, intoning, resonant and deep, over and over and over, "What a beautiful child, such a lovely child." I am walking to a parade; excited blare of crowds and distant drums and trumpets propel me forward, holding two children, one in each hand, as I rush expectantly, eager that these small two experience the thrill and joy of what is obviously a people-lined event, just ahead. In my right hand is a small child of perhaps six, in the other a frail, grey, long-armed and long-legged, sickly tubular creature-child, who couldn't keep up; I swept this odd child up onto my shoulders and felt its joy; it was a handicapped, ailing entity, sadly listless and lifeless. The scene changed, as did the perspective; I was looking down at this tubular diapered child on a bed as I heard that deep resonant voice suggest I change its diaper. I was never an eager changer of diapers with my own children when they were babies, choosing sometimes to neglectfully leave a full ripe pungent baby for their mother to change, who was due home any moment. I recoiled at the suggestion to nurture and care for it; both the creature and its toilet needs clearly repulsed me, as I examined it closely.

I awoke, convinced that my experience was similar to others in attempts to have offspring reunited with somatic abductee parents for nurturance as these hybrids seem to be expiring. And that the word we use, dreams, is simply an impotent problem with our languages inability to describe it, the experience in any other way. Mass abductions are the taking of many people in an area at the same time, folding time and space in a manner beyond belief, so that no time missed is noticed by abductees. As a loose rule abductees soul-personalities have agreed to participate in these abductions at a distant point in time, as a spiritual agreement and these people are often virtual peace offerings between warring alien factions as somatic banks to periodically retrieve somatic tissue from people with alien DNA; most abductees have alien DNA. They locate us as children to begin this tampering and it continues regularly, throughout life. I refuse to acknowledge this agreement as this particular personality of mine has been purposely made aware of these intrusions and as such reflect a clear violation of spiritual rights, in their continuing. I have dragged my feet and refused cooperation; they change tactics and redouble their efforts. I enlist the spiritual help from the same dimension that they use to enter and they lend demons into the equation as spitework, muddling the picture.

Tell yourself that you will remember, and vague and vivid snippets will remain, which you can unfurl at leisure by worrying the edges of the snippet; what happened just before and just after will intrude, slowly, until a fuller grasp entails. They now give me screen memories that are dreamlike in nature and wrap me in general blackness at other times so that I awake with nosebleeds, scoop marks and exhaustion without vivid remnants to recall. But the screen memories are so aligned with their negative thoughts that the scenarios reveal that they are imposed, by virtue of their worst scenario plots and their vividness. They are masters of delusions and can have you dreaming a snug little dream while they march you around their craft for various nefarious purposes, and most are none the wiser. I resent and frustrate their entrances, approaches and goals when I resist and their tempers ill befit the advanced technology they have. Since they primarily wait until you are in REM sleep, lucid dreaming works well to detect and interact with them and is worth all the trouble it takes to master techniques of lucid dreaming. Prayer works only if it is effective and repetitious, and none of the standard appeals to saints and Jesus works, but repeating GOD over and over does set up a different vibrational level that can instantly end an abduction, if one had the presence of mind; that's where lucid dreaming comes in. Despair not; as they are psychic and have implants within you that see and hear what you do, repeat often and with severe indignation to leave you alone, now and forever; they'll hear you and then wait and see their reaction; never fear; they feed ethereally from negative fears; love them away and they'll be puzzled enough to sit down and think things over before they come again. Remember that creeping anxiety is the signature symptom of their intrusion and that if you feel that fear building that they're already inside. Treat the anxiety as though it were a person and order it away, in the name of god, you'll see that the feeling abates instantly, but like yellow jackets at a picnic they unerringly try again, over and over; fighting them is a 24 hour 365 day job from now on.

I, too, am convinced that effective repeated prayer that repels can and does work for me, intermittently; the entities whom abduct are unseen but the entities who assess the testing I've been submitted to are flat like a gumby character, white like a refrigerator, tall, hooded and telepathic in nature. The brain is somehow detached from the front of the brain, where ones shoe hangs before ones eyes but one cant discern just what it is; that's what looking out of the crafts window and seeing nebulae and stars was like, precisely stated. The perspective was waking to find I was asleep wrapped in delusional thoughts and scenes, I later discovered that these entities, just outside of sight, were keeping me and a host of others, during a mass abduction, on short, psychic, surreal leashes of control while manipulating them around the craft for various purposes. The psychic nature of these entities is most uncannily canny and most who experience an abduction will not recall being inside an alien craft or will dismiss these vivid flashbacks as dreams. My only clue was awakening with the joy of dreaming about a wonderful wood inlaid staircase that brought me a rapture; it was unfurling, backwards, in my mind. the events around the picture and joy recalled at the staircase that revealed it was a ploy to erase the stars and nebulae I'd seen outside the window; a cruel mind controlling taunt that ultimately backfired for the controlling mind reading entity that imposed it. There is much yet to be remembered.

These are my experiences:

Be Careful What You Wish For    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Susan Petro-Carlson    (all articles by this author)

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that create a greater learning possibility through the mere act of being human. This is the story of how I came to terms with a gift I was given and a gift I discovered through fighting my own demons.

A few years back I was lamenting over the fact that I had chosen a career that put me in a situation that I found unappealing. I had developed my God-given gifts of being able to play piano and sing from a young age. While I truly enjoyed these gifts, the vehicle it provided me to make a livelihood, which was performing in bars, did anything but appeal to me. I had been very successful at taking good care of myself through the utilization of these talents, however, there came a point where I regretted the fact that I had ever pursued this as a career and wished that I had learned another skill.
I took myself into a deep depression over the whole matter and though I continued to go on performing nightly, I held a grudge about it all deep in my heart. As it turned out, there was a big lesson for me to learn about all of this, after all, we do come into this life for that purpose.

One day as I was riding my bike back from a trip to the store, I fell off in the middle of the road and broke my wrist. I somehow managed to get back on the bike and ride home with my broken appendage dangling and in quite a large amount of pain. As it turned out, this happened on a holiday weekend and since I was living on an island, I would not be able to get to a doctor for two days. I lived day and night in terrible pain, all the while wondering how I was going to survive this mess. Finally I went to the sports doctor on the island and he took a x-ray of my wrist. The results were not pretty. He said that he could offer me two procedures.
One was to put a metal plate in my wrist, since I had broken it badly and shattered bones and the second offering was to try and put it back together manually (which would be quite painful, with no guarantees) and put it in a cast for three months. While he could not predict what either procedure would bring as a final result, he did not feel I would ever be able to use that hand to play the piano again!
I was devastated!
I decided to opt for the second method, since I am highly opposed to going under the surgeon's knife. I put my face in a pillow and screamed while he manipulated the broken bones. He then put on the cast and sent me home with pain pills. All there was to do at this point was to wait three months for the healing to take place and find someone to take my place at work. This brought a whole new light on my feelings about the gift that I was given. While I didn't like working in bars, I did enjoy playing. More depression set in and then I had a burst of determination come over me. I was determined to heal myself and get out of this cast as soon as possible. Without any reason for the following steps that I took, I started picturing white light coming from the pupils of my eyes directly to the area that was broken under the cast. I pictured the x-ray of my wrist and the broken bones coming together healing. I concentrated on this several times day and night. It became an obsession with me. After about six weeks, I could tell that the bones had fused and I wanted to have the cast removed, as soon as possible I was ready to move on with my therapy.

When I went to the doctor and told him that I wanted him to remove the cast, he did not want to do it, saying that there was no way that the healing could be complete at this time. He said that it would only cost me more money to have yet another cast put on the wrist.
I was insistent and he took the cast off and took x-rays. To his surprise, it HAD healed and there was no need for another cast. I was now ready for therapy to create muscle in that area again. He was shocked and I was overjoyed.
He didn't know what to say when I told him how I had used visualization and knew that this healing had taken place. I realized the power we all have inside to heal ourselves, if we only believe that we can.
This gave me a greater appreciation of the strength of the spirit and the innate talents we are all born with. While I continued to perform in bars, which was still not to my liking, I also started to find other ways to enjoy my art and had a greater appreciation for the gift that I was given. I had exposed yet another talent, that of healing which I use to benefit others and myself daily, giving thanks, that my lesson in pain had proved to be larger than I could have ever dreamed.

Author: Susan Petro-Carlson


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Money & Spirituality - Do They Mix?    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

Money causes most people more emotional problems than almost any other life issue. How many times have you heard that "Money doesn't grow on trees", that "Money is the root of all Evil" or that anyone who is rich must, by definition, be either a crook or extremely hard and tough? Most people have extremely negative associations about Wealth and Money that were gained subconsciously whilst growing up.

The world's spiritual traditions seem to be in agreement:
"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."
Matthew 6:24

Other world religions say much the same. Buddhism certainly sees earthly wealth as a source of desire and attachment; both of which are viewed as detrimental to spiritual growth.

Yet, most personal development teachers today tell you that you can "have it all" and extol the virtues of becoming wealthy. Moreover, it seems to be a very modern version of spirituality that says you can be rich AND highly spiritual. So who is right?

Within a strictly limited sense, both are correct. However, the balance is extremely hard to maintain correctly.

Given that the Universe and the Source that created it are infinitely abundant, it is entirely correct that you should expect to be similarly abundant in your life. You have a right to wholesome expansion and wealth. Poverty is not intrinsic within creation - rather it is created by Man himself!

However, there is a big problem, and this is what the teaching from Jesus above highlights perfectly. It is the problem of focus.

Whatever we focus our minds upon, for good or ill, always expands. This is one of the fundamental laws of life. No matter what anyone tells you to the contrary, making money is hard. It does not come easy to most people. Moreover, making a LOT of money is VERY hard and takes a tremendous level of concentrated focus. It also requires a commitment that is primarily EXTERNAL, i.e. devoted to the outer material world.

Herein lies the apparent conflict. The truth is that powerful spiritual development ALSO requires a tremendous level of focus and commitment. It is not a part-time activity either. Moreover, the focus is primarily INTERNAL. If you now read the verse from Jesus again, you will receive a fresh perspective. It is not that money is intrinsically evil: rather, the accumulation of it, for someone with limited years on this earth, is a major distraction because of the level of focus it requires.

Whatever you focus upon expands. If you set your mind upon the external world, this will assume increasing importance in your life. Spiritual growth will increasingly become a hobby or something to be crammed into your spare time. If you vigorously dispute this, ask yourself the following questions. (1) Do you make sure you get three full meals a day? (2) Do you also make sure that you meditate (or pray) three times a day for the same amount of time?

Do you see the point and the problem? Whatever is most important to you is what you spend most of your time doing and thinking about. This is why most spiritual traditions advise against the external focus which the pursuit of material wealth entails. The Spiritual Masters know human nature too well. They know that given half a chance, we will veer off the path and go off chasing soap bubbles.

Happily, there can be a satisfactory resolution to this. The answer is twofold.

The first principle is that if you make the spiritual path (and this does NOT mean exclusively the Christian path) your primary focus, then you will eventually master laws of the universe that will ensure your abundance forever. Moreover, abundance here is interpreted in the widest possible way, as well as many ways that we can't conceive of with finite minds! If you can truly tune yourself to the ultimate Source of all abundance in the universe, then how can you remain poor in any sense?!

This is what Jesus had in mind when he said,
"But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness: and all these things shall be added unto you."
Matthew 6:33

In other words, bring your finite Mind and Being increasingly in tune with the Source of infinite abundance, and you cannot help but manifest abundance too. Moreover, you will do it with ease, at will, and to a greater level than you ever believed possible for yourself and others. If the universe is infinitely creative, then you can be too once you are in tune with the spiritual laws by which the universe functions.

The second principle - also implicit in the verse above - is to decide from the outset what your true life purpose and hence priority is. Then determine NEVER to let that balance between spiritual commitment and external effort be undermined. When we work upon an external goal - particularly financial abundance - it is VERY easy to allow that goal to consume an increasing amount of time and mental capacity.

Decide from the outset that you are going to focus upon the process of being excellent in the field of endeavour that is your life's purpose. Then pursue it with the intention of being the very best you can be, rather than focusing primarily upon some monetary result/goal at the end of the process. You can certainly have a monetary goal. However, just be aware of the danger of letting this becoming the primary obsession. Don't ever let it happen. Also, always continually re-assess the balance and level of commitment between your externally focused activities and your spiritual goals. Never let that balance slip.

In conclusion, it is possible to be financially abundant whilst following a spiritual path. However, it is very difficult - much more so than most personal development gurus would have you believe. It is for this reason that the great Spiritual Masters strongly discouraged trying to do both. However, by using the two principles mentioned here from the outset, it is possible to create abundance in your life in the widest possible sense of the word.

Copyright © 2000, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active writer/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose.

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Today's Mail: A Dream    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Joyce    (all articles by this author)

[Mon, 11 Dec 2000]


I have had a dream that I must share.

I am in the midst of my everyday life going about my usual daily business. An announcement comes over the radio playing in the background:

"The election results for the November 7, 2000 election for the President of the United States is hereby declared null and void. As the current President I am invoking Martial Law in all 50 of these United States and the territories under our protectorate. This is effective immediately and will be for the duration of the crisis we are now faced with. All rules and restrictions associated with Martial Law will be enforced quickly and to the fullest extent of the law and if the need is apparent it will be enforced with prejudice. Your cooperation and patience is necessary to see us through this time of trial for our nation. I know that you can be counted on and I will try to keep this state to the barest minimum. I will keep the people apprised of the situation as it unfolds. Thank you very much..."

The same day that this announcement is aired I am with my family and we are doing a quick assessment of our supplies on hand and checking the grounds and the house for security. We know that we must prepare to withdraw to the inside to comply with the law. But... there is nothing in the law that says we can't provide for and protect ourselves. I watch outside as neighbors are also preparing themselves.

Then there is a knock on the door. There is a soldier standing there asking for my son. He has come to tell him that his leave is canceled and he is to report back to his duty station immediately. He begins gathering his things together, and the soldier says he is to just come as he is right now.

This dream came to me Thursday night. Upon waking Friday morning I shared it with my husband. He showed me on line that the Florida State Supreme Court was going to announce a finding regarding the recount. Later in the day, I heard on the radio that the Court has ordered a hand recount of all votes in the state (not just the 5 contested counties) that will be completed before the State's Legislature sits to elect the electorates to represent Florida in the Electoral College.

The major questions that are being voiced at this time are:

· Can the recount be completed on or before December 12th?
· Does the Judicial have the power to change the rules of the election and vote counting as set forth in the U.S. and State Constitutions?
· The State's election results have already been certified by the Florida Secretary of State. Does this ruling nullify the certification?
· If the recount is not completed and the prior certification is null who or what determines the disposition of the 25 electoral votes?
· If Florida is barred from participating in the electoral college due to all the delays and legal entanglements how is the next President determined? Neither candidate has the 270 electoral votes put forth in the constitutionally prescribed manner.

What I have seen in my dream is the possible outcome of the situation. And in the process of analyzing the scenario before me I begin to see how this has been very carefully constructed over the years. There are a whole list of the powers bestowed on the President at the time that Martial Law is invoked by him. The very Congress can be dismissed and sent home leaving the President in full control of not only the government but the armed forces. His term of office will continue until the crisis is over and life is returned to ‘normal’ or Martial law is revoked.

We are currently facing an energy crisis that has worsened the last couple days with the 'cold snap' in California sapping more energy from the Bonneville power grid. The Governor of Washington has asked us to limit our energy use to accommodate the needs in California. Natural gas prices are expected to at least double in the next month.

As I told my husband yesterday we are being herded toward a manufactured national state of emergency. The election could be the one ‘little thing’ that will precipitate the people of this country to rise up and give the President the perfect excuse to call for Martial Law as emotions are riding high over this one issue. Add other issues causing public concern and worry such as the large fluctuations in the stockmarket and rumor that interest rates will be dropped to promote economic stability and the pot will boil over.

I think that it will be an interesting show. you may want to watch it to see the ending.


P.S. I started trying yesterday (Sunday) to send this to you. I could not get on line all afternoon. And this morning I do not have access to my Hotmail account. I had to visit your website to get your email address and resort to this email to send. Is something trying to keep me from telling you? Hmmm...

Human Beings in the Mirror of the Universe    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Michael Levy    (all articles by this author)

Copyright August 2000

A Human Being is a kaleidoscope of energy infused with the intelligence of the universe.
Billions of particles are constantly forming and reforming.
Held in a space for a period of time.
Evolving and creating in an ever changing landscape of unity and confusion.
With the free will to act in a random manner as suggested by the Ego.
Or to act in a Unified manner as guided by the Soul.
Both encompass Spirit and will lead to an ultimate destination. When used separately one will bring suffering and the other Joy. When used together we live a meaningful life.

Our Mind & Body is a replica of the universe and once we study ourselves beyond human thinking we find answers to everything.
We enter a field of pure potential where feelings and sensations expand in an infinite sphere beyond mere words.
When we magnify the human by Infinity all becomes clear.
We possess the freewill contained in body and mind.
When we live as a unified force in a structured society there is no conflict or confusion.
When we act solely in an egotistical manner our power base explodes into haphazard actions and destroys.
In this form life has little or no meaning.

So there is Uncertainty on one hand and Unification on the other.

We are constructed by universal intelligence (God) and we are a mirror image of the universe.
Science has a limited view of the Quantum physics of the universe.
On one hand Einstein said:
Space & Time creates the universe in which stars have Planets, which circle them in predictable ways. A Unified Theory.
On the other hand there is the Uncertainty Theory.
This explains the random actions of various Particles.
Both Theories contradict each other, yet both are correct.

The Universe can act in a random unpredictable manner when it ignores its own intelligence.
The intelligence is always there, it just isn't always used, for it to has its own free will.
Turmoil and disarray explode in seemingly unpredictable actions.
When the random energy expires and the chaotic acts cease, new matter forms emerge that were not planed in unity.
Random and Unified will always exist side by side.
Evolving and creating new forms of matter.
When random acts destroy newly formed matter, it will be replaced by new formations and then existing in a time span that will "age".

Destruction is always followed by Construction.

Everything follows a natural flow.
Nothing in a particle form lasts.
All stars eventually burn out and explode taking planets and all matter with them. Then they transform into the gasses from which they were created. They are then sucked into a dimension called a "Golden Hole" of extreme light. When large amounts of these gases are compressed into the light spectrum, their darkness begins to conflict with the intense light, a large spark, which we call a big bang pushes the gasses back into a new universe and starts to form new matter. The universe is in darkness, however the gasses and particles have been infused with the light of the "Golden Hole", which will form larger particles of matter. The particles will swirl in clusters and adhere to each other, then ignite as stars, which in turn will form planets. Time has no meaning until matter takes shape.

We humans follow the natural flow of nature. When we lock our minds in egotistical thinking we will just alter our course of actions.
When we ignore intelligent energy and just use our intellect and ego, we act as random energy. This is unbalanced and will perform acts of destruction.
It really is quite simple.
Because we put a value on life, we see things that destroy as a disaster and yet this is the way our universe functions.

If we eat the wrong foods and stress our bodies with the wrong thoughts, our bodies will adapt to a free radical approach; the free radicals destroy our bodies.
When our minds focus on a free radical approach to life, many conflicts and wars pursue.
If we use intelligence and wisdom in our daily lives, along with Intellect and Ego, we find a blissful contentment.
We are guided to eat the correct foods, exercise and think happy thoughts; we unify with the Universe and live in peace and harmony.

We can enhance Earth and progress to make the whole of the Universe a place where physical life can exist in a joy filled state of well being.
We all have our part to play, for we are all part of the Big Picture.
Take a look in the mirror and Smile.
We are a reflection of the Universe.
Spirit gave us the Joy of life, Let's not waste it.
A Smile travels an Infinite distance, to be greeted by Love and beauty.


If we live a life of anguish filled with worry and fear;
If we hold jealousy and hatreds and are quick to anger;
Then we live as a random particle of energy, detached from the whole unified field of energy.
A single unit of energy, born to endure hardship, which will cause sadness and effect all the folks we meet.
Our lives will be spent in regret, guilt and remorse and death will be our final release.
We will then become united once again but we would have wasted our lives.

If we live within a united force field and allow the intelligence of Spirit to guide our daily events in a calm peaceful manner;
To love and find beauty in all we see;
To enjoy every second on earth;
We will cause health, wealth and happiness to abound in glorious profusion, which will effect a feeling of well being to all we meet and greet.
We will never feel alone and in silence we will become one with the whole of the Universe.
Charging our energy with Spirits Power.
We will Live as God intended. In A Majestic Grace of Love and Joy.

Michael Levy is the author of WHAT IS THE POINT ($9.95, Paperback - 110 pages, October 9, 1998, ISBN: 0966806905) Minds of Blue Souls of Gold ($9.95, Paperback - 127 pages, January 20, 1999) Point Of Life Inc.; ISBN: 0966806913) Enjoy Yourself It's Later Than You Think ($9.95, Paperback - 128 pages, June 10, 1999, Point Of Life Inc.; ISBN: 0966806921).

Michael's website is at His Articles and Poems are now on over 1000 web sites and growing daily.

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