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Today's Mail: A Dream

Author: Joyce    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 4, 2001

[Mon, 11 Dec 2000]


I have had a dream that I must share.

I am in the midst of my everyday life going about my usual daily business. An announcement comes over the radio playing in the background:

"The election results for the November 7, 2000 election for the President of the United States is hereby declared null and void. As the current President I am invoking Martial Law in all 50 of these United States and the territories under our protectorate. This is effective immediately and will be for the duration of the crisis we are now faced with. All rules and restrictions associated with Martial Law will be enforced quickly and to the fullest extent of the law and if the need is apparent it will be enforced with prejudice. Your cooperation and patience is necessary to see us through this time of trial for our nation. I know that you can be counted on and I will try to keep this state to the barest minimum. I will keep the people apprised of the situation as it unfolds. Thank you very much..."

The same day that this announcement is aired I am with my family and we are doing a quick assessment of our supplies on hand and checking the grounds and the house for security. We know that we must prepare to withdraw to the inside to comply with the law. But... there is nothing in the law that says we can't provide for and protect ourselves. I watch outside as neighbors are also preparing themselves.

Then there is a knock on the door. There is a soldier standing there asking for my son. He has come to tell him that his leave is canceled and he is to report back to his duty station immediately. He begins gathering his things together, and the soldier says he is to just come as he is right now.

This dream came to me Thursday night. Upon waking Friday morning I shared it with my husband. He showed me on line that the Florida State Supreme Court was going to announce a finding regarding the recount. Later in the day, I heard on the radio that the Court has ordered a hand recount of all votes in the state (not just the 5 contested counties) that will be completed before the State's Legislature sits to elect the electorates to represent Florida in the Electoral College.

The major questions that are being voiced at this time are:

· Can the recount be completed on or before December 12th?

· Does the Judicial have the power to change the rules of the election and vote counting as set forth in the U.S. and State Constitutions?

· The State's election results have already been certified by the Florida Secretary of State. Does this ruling nullify the certification?

· If the recount is not completed and the prior certification is null who or what determines the disposition of the 25 electoral votes?

· If Florida is barred from participating in the electoral college due to all the delays and legal entanglements how is the next President determined? Neither candidate has the 270 electoral votes put forth in the constitutionally prescribed manner.

What I have seen in my dream is the possible outcome of the situation. And in the process of analyzing the scenario before me I begin to see how this has been very carefully constructed over the years. There are a whole list of the powers bestowed on the President at the time that Martial Law is invoked by him. The very Congress can be dismissed and sent home leaving the President in full control of not only the government but the armed forces. His term of office will continue until the crisis is over and life is returned to ‘normal’ or Martial law is revoked.

We are currently facing an energy crisis that has worsened the last couple days with the 'cold snap' in California sapping more energy from the Bonneville power grid. The Governor of Washington has asked us to limit our energy use to accommodate the needs in California. Natural gas prices are expected to at least double in the next month.

As I told my husband yesterday we are being herded toward a manufactured national state of emergency. The election could be the one ‘little thing’ that will precipitate the people of this country to rise up and give the President the perfect excuse to call for Martial Law as emotions are riding high over this one issue. Add other issues causing public concern and worry such as the large fluctuations in the stockmarket and rumor that interest rates will be dropped to promote economic stability and the pot will boil over.

I think that it will be an interesting show. you may want to watch it to see the ending.


P.S. I started trying yesterday (Sunday) to send this to you. I could not get on line all afternoon. And this morning I do not have access to my Hotmail account. I had to visit your website to get your email address and resort to this email to send. Is something trying to keep me from telling you? Hmmm...

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #51

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