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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #45

September 17, 2000

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Howdy, Stranger, and how are you? - Doug Lewis
3. Asylum of The Undead: Part VIII - "A Little Crack Lets In A Little Light" - Mark Andrews
4. Crime and Punishment: Is The Justice System Just? - Lady Isis
5. On Witchcraft - the problem with poisoners - Sister Hebe Quicksilver
6. Higher Beings - Pamela
7. Closing Words

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

My dear readers,

I'm afraid I was going to open the newsletter with something non-inspirational, since it is a rather too quiet and stale period for myself; therefore I am freeing the stage for a friend of mine, Lee Koon Wui, as he answers the questions asked in PXN # 44. Enjoy reading the profound collection of our reporters' articles we have assembled especially for you. I'm going to clear my mind and sort things out... again! Don't worry, I should recuperate fully until the next issue :-)


"Have you noticed lately that the connection between your inner world and the outside reality has strengthened lately? It is as if the whole wide world in front of our eyes directly reflects and responds to our thoughts and intentions. So which one affects the other more? The outside influences the inside, or is it the other way around?" (PXN # 44)

You know well my opinion of course.

The Power is WITHIN You.

My years in practices of Buddhism, Shamanism, Qigong, Martial Arts, Astral Meditations, Mental/'Higher' trainings and other esoteric studies, etc., etc., ALL lead to, and agree with, this Realization... which is very useful, as you probably know, for most of us around, albeit at different angles and aspects...

"And how significant is one person's voice in the boiling ocean of mass consciousness? We would love to hear your opinions on these questions." (PXN # 44)

Hmm... "significance".

Two stories...

1. I heard of a story long ago: once at a beach, the waves brought forth thousands of starfish on the land. A little girl saw that all the starfish were dying, began taking one and throwing it back to the sea, an old man came to her laughed and said "there are thousands of starfishes, what difference would saving one make?" The girl smiled and said "well it made a difference to that one"

2. I was requested to counsel a friend who was having some serious esteem difficulties... I spoke to him a bit on Life... and he said to me indignantly "Life does not revolve around you!!" My reply was "No.. Life DOES revolve around you." You should have seen his shocked look. Although he did not understand, I'm sure you do.

In terms of "significance", nothing can have more impact on an individual than his own views or "voice"... even others' opinions/teachings have to be assimilated by the mind of the self (so that it becomes "his own") before it can be useful.

Thus in my opinion, cultivation of the Self (it boils down to this), is very important, for only then can one help and be helped effectively. It helps one keep the Focus. Without this so called cultivation, we get "pointless blabbering"

"Lately, many have agreed, the communication in our regular chat room has deteriorated to pointless blabbering. This is sad and unfortunate, however some of us are still willing to restore the past glamour of our channel." (PXN # 44)

All the Blessed!

The Power is Within You!


Howdy, Stranger, and how are you?    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Alexander (good friend).
Was rummaging around in the diary and found this - thought you and list might like it, seemed connected to your recent conversation about finding oneself, you posted on the forum.
Towards a world the way a world should be...

Reference: ?Brain Wave Diary? (07/19/00)

Best chance for reality checks ? strangers!

This is one of the few good uses I have seen for guns, or more rightly, rifles.

This parable was explained to me in another time and another place so the illustration provided seemed more natural then, although I still like the metaphor.

?If someone aims to feed their family from the forest larder, it is well to look after yourself and the means of gathering sustenance, for if either becomes wonky, your family is liable to feel the pangs of winter hunger?.

This is that lesson as passed to me. Times are different now, but the story moral stands the test of time.

A well sighted rifle aims true at a mark chosen over a paced out distance. With practice the tool can reliably be used for providing. Keeping the aim calibrated is another thing entirely, for the slightest change to the sighting mechanism alignment makes an enormous difference to trajectory. Shot at anything close the difference won't be noticed, you will hit your mark about where you expected, but over distance, you will miss by country miles.

Food is invariably at a distance, so maintaining calibration is the thing. Sighting alignment can be lost either gradually, through normal bumps or knocks or immediately by traumatic blow. One thing's for sure ? it will not remain the same for long. Always check and adjust alignment ? before you go out, or disappointment will be the order of your day.

A well-centred tool works best.

And what of self, in this combination?

Centred alignment of your soul can be lost either gradually through normal bumps or knocks of life or dramatically by traumatic blow. One thing's for sure ? it will not remain the same for long. Always check and adjust soul alignment before you go out, or disappointment will be the order of your day.

Work folk and tools need to be rightly in conjunction so ? just as much, a person has to look toward their own calibration.

As with the rifle, close proximity covers or compensates for misalignment, so those close about you are not the place to test yourself. Finding the true-ness of your own centred-ness needs someone from a distance - a stranger.

Find a stranger and talk to them.

Strangers are far enough away from you the slightest off-centred shot will readily register in their reaction, manner or expression to your talk. Checking with two strangers or more is better, for consistency of warm or alarmed reaction to your words can confirm your aim is on or off

Maintaining personal calibration this way, uses up strangers and makes them friends or at least acquaintances, so more good comes from it than just your self-centred self. Proof of pudding is said to be in the eating, so...

Howdy stranger, how am I today?

Love Light and Laughter for your journey's!

Asylum of The Undead: Part VIII - "A Little Crack Lets In A Little Light"    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Incredible Experience

[continued from the previous editions]
Ghostly Encounters at Central State Hospital
copyright 2000
A true account by
Mark Andrews

???? "A Little Crack Lets In A Little Light."

We should never doubt that the resting place of a departed soul resonates with a post-physical vibrancy.
Perhaps the most famous case of grave disturbance and associated consequence was the discovery and pillaging of King Tut's tomb. Within a very short time frame, the majority of the excavators and their associates met with bizarre, inexplicable deaths.
Skeptics fall back on the term "coincidence" when confronted with such reports of spells and their effects on those who violate the places they protect. How interesting that the word "coincidence" means simply "that which co-incides". So, yes, everything in life CAN be regarded as a coincidence. The debate rests in whether there exists a First Cause to our universe of coincidental reality.
In July, 1977 (7-77) I jumped at the "once in a lifetime" opportunity to see the treasures of King Tut while they were on display at the Field Museum on the Chicago lake front. The 3 hour drive to museum was pleasant and energized.
I arrived at the museum at about 6 PM on a Thursday evening. I went with the refrains of "nay-sayers" echoing through my thoughts: "Oh, don't even bother trying to get in to see that! You'll be standing in line for hours! You might as well save yourself the trip!"
I had to check twice once I entered the waiting area for entrance to the exhibition. I was the only one there. I toured the full display and counted only 5 other visitors along the way. It was wonderful!
The drive back to Indy began around 9 PM. I was an hour into the trip, rolling through the NW Indiana country-side (along Interstate 65) when I "heard" a voice overtake the sound of the radio. The voice told me to "PULL OVER...... PULL OVER NOW." "Coincidentally" I immediately recognized the lights of a rest area apparently a mile or so ahead. "No.", I contested with the presence, "I can make it to Lafayette" ......"WHOOSH" something picked up the back end of my car and moved it 5 or 6 feet to the left. "OK! OK!", I gave in, "I'm pulling over!" No sooner had I parked in a space directly in front of the main shelter than a horrific wall of rain and hail fell on the area. I rushed into the shelter to observe the show.
It took at least 30 minutes for the storm to subside enough for me to continue on my trip. Perhaps 3 miles beyond the rest area, I was startled by the sight of over-turned semis. A State Police officer on the scene told me that a tornado had passed through 30 minutes before I arrived. Had I not pulled in to the rest area (following the insistent and demonstrative advice of my invisible Guardian), I would most likely have driven directly into the path of the twister.
To that point in my life - following 24 years of living in "tornado alley" - I had never actually seen a twister, nor had I ever been seriously threatened by one. /// That was until an hour after walking through the colonnades of King Tut's stolen treasures. - After strolling through the vibrations of the handiwork of ancient Egyptian magicians and mystical grave sealers.
It was indeed a CO-incidence.

The land that was desecrated by the construction of Central State Hospital (the resting place of the Delaware Nation's "royalty") is no less enchanted than King Tut's tomb.
Speaking as one who has personally experienced the power of the Mt. Jackson Vortex on the land holding the remains of Central State Hospital - and speaking as one who was touched by (and preserved from) the power of the vengeful incantations of long-afore dead Egyptian priests of the Temple of Anubis............ I would conclude that the souls who permeate the dimensional veil that enshrines the burial mounds of Mt. Jackson are requesting of us to obligingly close the portal that our irreverent forebearers crashed-open through their ignorance. They are asking us to quietly close the door, so that The Light can return to their internment.
A combined effort of re-sanctification by shamans of the Delaware Nation and religious of the Roman Catholic Church will bring sufficient restorative energies to the burial shrine, and thus allow the souls who wander in the nether regions to move on, into The Light.
As King Tut himself might so often have said:

"So let it be written"
"So let it be done."

Mark Andrews

Crime and Punishment: Is The Justice System Just?    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

At what point does the one punishing the criminal become the criminal and the punishment become the crime? Have you ever thought of the answer to this question? Or have you even thought of the question itself?

We, as a society, have taken the justice system to a level of cruelty and anything but rehabilitation. How can you take a human being and put them in a cage and treat them like an animal for months, or even worse, years on end, and expect them to come out and act like anything but an animal?

I have received letters from prisoners telling me there are guards in the prisons now dressed in black Ninja looking uniforms with dogs walking the walk-ways. They have reinstated the "chain gang" in several states. Another form of cruel and inhuman treatment. And did you know some prisons refuse to allow prisoners to receive papers, newsletters and books of a spiritual nature, unless it fits in with their idea of Spirituality? That there are Native American's in prison that are denied access to Native American publications? That all forms of crimes are committed on the prisoners while they are incarcerated - physical and mental abuse? Drugs run as free in the prisons as they do on the streets. All one needs is the right connection and the money to obtain anything they want. While guards and prison officials turn their heads. How does all of this compute with the term "rehabilitation?"

If you must hate something, then hate the crime, not the criminal. For who is to say, what you see as a crime committed against another is not returning karma? Only those involved know the answer to this and then only on a soul level. Remember, there are no victims. Just as there is no right or wrong. There are only choices made.

Do I advocate non-judicial punishment? Absolutely not! Do I believe in Capitol punishment? Absolutely not? "Thou shalt not kill!" But what I do say is, there is a need, a desperate need, for "justice," and a lot less of "revenge" administered in the name of justice.

There is a desperate need for Love, Compassion and understanding and we as a whole must revamp the so-called justice system. It does not work! It has never worked! And the answer is not building more prisons to house more human beings.

"Love thy neighbor as thyself!" To hate another is to hate God, the Creator of ALL THAT IS, and All life is a part of the Creator. We are ALL ONE! Light/dark - negative/positive, one cannot exist without the other.

We are all students in the "University of Earth." As well as players in the "Game of Life", or if you wish, you may say, we are all actors/actresses in the "Play of Life" - performing our parts on the stage of Earth. And just as every play/movie/story, must have its villain so the hero's may play their parts; so do some souls come to play their part of the "bad guy/gal" in this "Theater of Illusion."

Visit my web sites at:
The Circle Of Light

On Witchcraft - the problem with poisoners    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Sister Hebe Quicksilver    (all articles by this author)

I thought to share with the readers a letter that I wrote to a sister on the topic of witchcraft. I think that the problem is inadequate definitions , based upon artificial boundaries set up to provide a sense of correctness, which engender confusion and which are outgrown if people are properly educated.

Fear, indeed, is nothing other than the abandonment of the supports offered by reason; the less you rely within yourself on these, the more alarming it is not to know the cause of your suffering. - Wisdom of Solomon 17:11-12 Jerusalem Bible

D -

This is a really late response to your discussion last February on Wicca. I read from you a very good apologia (or, defense, as it were) for Wicca, and a discussion of what in reality that a poisoner or "witch" was. You pointed out that there was no definition of poisoner in the Bible, and so I began thinking about that. I intuited out something, and I want to see what you think.

This is what I came up with. First, I need to state that this analysis comes from the hypothesis that the means by which we (especially christians) have come to interpret the Bible is largely derived from interpretations of scripture that sought to validate the "divine right" of the church in the middle ages. This was necessary in order to justify the position of authority (through the spiritual lineage of Peter) of the church and thereby solidify its right to continue to balance the power of the European aristocracy. The authority of the aristocracy also derived its power by "divine right" of the physical blood lineage of Christ, but the true source of this divine right was swept under the table by both factions. Christ's message demanded absolute love and absolute trust in the nature of universal law over the right to life (which he exemplified, and which he outlined in Matthew 4-6). But this was not the focal point of Christianity according to the Church. The authority of the Christ was said to be his divinity, which for some reason was authenticated by his celibacy. Both his words and his blood were diluted by superstition so that they could be used to control folks instead of to set them free.

The battle was between the church and the state was for the absolute control of the minds of the people, to harness them as various grades (or classes) of slaves and workhorses. Each faction, church and state, was a bureaucracy with its own agenda and its own mouths to feed, and each was held in place by the other. Both were jeopardized by anyone or any group which could see through this chess game. This is the message behind the story of "The Emperor's New Clothes".

So there may possibly be a more rational means by which to interpret the Bible. If we look at the Bible as a series of case histories that catalog the evolution of the consciousness of universal law in the mind of man, we may see what is being discussed in another light entirely. As an experiment using this method, then, let's look at two people in the Bible who were called wizards: Balaam (in the book of Numbers, the 22nd chapter) and Daniel (the whole book of Daniel).

First Balaam. The story goes that the king of Moab asked Balaam to curse Israel. He said to him, "The man you bless is blessed, and the man you curse is cursed." The Bible is interesting in what it says next. It doesn't say that Balaam called upon false gods and had conversations with them. It says that he went to the Most High and asked him if he could do what the king of Moab had asked him to do. The Most High said, "You can't curse what I have blessed" Balaam reported this information to the king of Moab who thought he was just holding out for more money so he sweetened the pot. Balaam took this into consideration, and it is reported that he went back to ask the Most High to reconsider. The Most High finally said, "go ahead and do it, then, since you will, anyway." Balaam did what the Most High said in the end (or he would have threatened his own credibility), and blessed Israel. This played on the superstitions of the King of Moab and enabled Balaam to extort more money out of him than if he had just played along. He loudly (uncontrollably, he said) blessed Israel (for the record), but he also counseled the king of Moab on how to subvert Israel over time. Balaam , then, is portrayed as a master of the game of "Both ends against the middle."

So what is the point of this story? Let's look at another verse, one that you quoted: "Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft." This is a very important simile that defines the motives behind the sin that is called witchcraft. But what is it that rebellion refers to? Rebellion against what? Against some invisible, absolute owner and ruler of the universe? And, if so, by what authority does this ruler speak as the Most High God?

Let's just cut to the chase: if universal law is the absolute authority (because it alone is immutable), and if the Source of the knowledge and application of that law is the Most High God, then it is reasonable to claim that rebellion is dangerous and that those who poison others with rebellion against universal law are dangerous. If someone is directly in opposition to law and the order of the universe, it is somewhat like belonging to the flat earth society and sabotaging all research that might threaten its existence. To minds miseducated to the nature of law and its application, this manipulation is a dark, seductive poison.

The Bible seems to be describing a principle that poisons. If we look at the symptoms of this poison, then those who practice this dark art are now more easily recognizable to us, and we are able to agree to a common definition of a poisoner. It is this, in a nutshell: I will do anything for mammon (for privilege; that which entices and makes "lawlessness well-seeming" as the Quran says). I will sell my body, my children, my country, and my self-respect for mammon. I will seduce others to betray truth for mammon. I will confuse those who can be confused by pretending that I am doing good and right, knowing that I am perpetuating a ruse to gain privileges at the expense of others' needs. I will lend my strength to others who are foolish if they will approve of me and give me privileges. I choose to defend lies if they are more profitable than the truth.

The thought process behind the condemnation of death for the crime of poisoning is not to deny life to the souls who live in the doorways between the worlds. That is not what I read to be unlawful. Some people really do see what others don't see. They know the rhythms of the universe intimately -- they know that everything comes from somewhere and is going somewhere. This is not disrespected in the Bible, as is evidenced by Daniel.

Daniel was also a magician, according to the Bible and to the kings of Medea and Persia. However, he had a different guiding principle in force - he refused to do anything that would confuse those to whom he was responsible to tell the truth. He had been taken into captivity in Babylon from Israel, but chose to see his captivity, not as a curse, but rather as his mission. He was willing to die rather that to compromise his authority. He ate only vegetables because he refused to compromise his integrity. He was fed to the lions (and lived), set up by jealous peers (and vindicated), -- all because he knew what truth was and didn't count his life or his comfort more important than his mission.

So a poisoner and a prophet are the same person, one dedicated to their own pleasure and advantage and one committed to clarifying and reflecting with purity the resonances of the universe for the sake of the whole. That is the only difference that I can see. I ask that The Almighty show me if I am in error in this, and show me how to be more pure in my own work, because truthfully, I think that my own motives are somewhat mixed when I examine them. I can't say that I always put the highest truth above my preferences, and I think that I must honestly say that sometimes I use false logic (deceptive intelligence, or making lawlessness well-seeming) to justify what I want to do.

This violates the Wiccan Rede, no matter how I define it. Do as ye will and harm none is violated, because whenever I build privileges for myself into my worldview I lose the right to speak against privilege and I build in avenues for privilege to be used against me through my tangled thought patterns. Do as ye will is the whole of the law is violated because, though I do not will to be this mercurial based upon the principle of cause and effect, yet I fall into it through what seems to be expediency.

Since my version of the craft is a sort of psychological yoga, I see the spells I do as no more or less than a mental slight of hand, sort of giving myself permission to use my will to decide the course of the future. No different than prayer, no different than high magick, no different than meditation, no different than "eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog"; it is a technique, and nothing more, by which I manage to live in the doorway between the worlds, and it is the measuring stick that I use to define the degree to which I am achieving my purpose for existing.

I would be interested in your response to this. Please email me at:
and I will answer as best as I can.
Love in the service to the lady and her mate,
Sister 'Silver

Higher Beings    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Pamela    (all articles by this author)

Dream of higher beings:
I was in this dimension and I was trying to rescue this little girl out of this evil house. As I was taking her out of the house she was kind of fighting me, because she didn't understand. I was trying to put her to safety. All of a sudden this demon-like thing started coming after me out from the house. You should have seen it, it was the ugliest thing I ever seen, it had its hands out as if reaching for the girl and it was moving at great speed (faster than me!) I could have dropped the girl and ran, but I was determined to save her. It seemed very angry.

I was running I saw suddenly appearing out of nowhere to my left and up ahead, a white round-like vehicle. And I noticed three men were getting out of it. Very calmly so. I ran right pass them and the older of the three stepped right in front of this demon-like thing. And he put his right hand up in the air. No words were said between the man and the evil thing that I could hear. I had stopped running and turned around to see this. This evil thing was crouching down in fear before this man. It then turned around and went back into the house.

The other man motioned for me to get in the vehicle and the third man took care of the little girl.

The vehicle was small, like a car, with front and back seats. But here is the strangest thing, we were inside this vehicle and it had lots of viewing space. And I noticed the strangest thing - WE WERE NOT MOVING. Everything was moving and changing around us. It was so strange.

I leaned forward in the seat. These people had not said one word to me as of yet. And I noticed the little wing imprint on the shoulder. They all had white hair and blue eyes and white robes with this little blue cape-like thing over the robe. They had a wonderful feeling about them and I really wanted to stay with them. I wanted to reach up and touch the little wing imprint on the guy's shoulder because the material looked so soft, but there was a holiness about them, a cleanness, a high moral standard type of intelligence, very wise, very hard to describe. They had a very deep peace about them that made you feel very comfortable.

I finally wondered greatly who they were and asked the guy in front of me, "Who are you, guys?"

I hardly heard the answer because at the same time he was speaking something was happening outside the viewing window. "We are the holy angels of God..."

That was all I heard. And then there was this bright flash of white light (like it happens in my other dreams, it was the SAME white light), and I could not see anything around me, but white light, I couldn't even see them. The bright flash of white light filled everything up and it was all you could see. And then I heard singing up to my right, and then I blacked out and woke up on my bed.

It just didn't seem like a dream at all. I had the same dizzy type feeling when I woke up.


Higher Beings

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

"Love the life you live, live the life you love"
- Lydia

"The greater the truth, the more quietly it can be spoken. Ultimate Truth abides in Absolute Silence."
- Author unknown (sent by Mark Andrews)

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