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Asylum of The Undead: Part VIII - "A Little Crack Lets In A Little Light"

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 17, 2000

Incredible Experience

[continued from the previous editions]

Ghostly Encounters at Central State Hospital

copyright 2000

A true account by

Mark Andrews


???? "A Little Crack Lets In A Little Light."

We should never doubt that the resting place of a departed soul resonates with a post-physical vibrancy.

Perhaps the most famous case of grave disturbance and associated consequence was the discovery and pillaging of King Tut's tomb. Within a very short time frame, the majority of the excavators and their associates met with bizarre, inexplicable deaths.

Skeptics fall back on the term "coincidence" when confronted with such reports of spells and their effects on those who violate the places they protect. How interesting that the word "coincidence" means simply "that which co-incides". So, yes, everything in life CAN be regarded as a coincidence. The debate rests in whether there exists a First Cause to our universe of coincidental reality.

In July, 1977 (7-77) I jumped at the "once in a lifetime" opportunity to see the treasures of King Tut while they were on display at the Field Museum on the Chicago lake front. The 3 hour drive to museum was pleasant and energized.

I arrived at the museum at about 6 PM on a Thursday evening. I went with the refrains of "nay-sayers" echoing through my thoughts: "Oh, don't even bother trying to get in to see that! You'll be standing in line for hours! You might as well save yourself the trip!"

I had to check twice once I entered the waiting area for entrance to the exhibition. I was the only one there. I toured the full display and counted only 5 other visitors along the way. It was wonderful!

The drive back to Indy began around 9 PM. I was an hour into the trip, rolling through the NW Indiana country-side (along Interstate 65) when I "heard" a voice overtake the sound of the radio. The voice told me to "PULL OVER...... PULL OVER NOW." "Coincidentally" I immediately recognized the lights of a rest area apparently a mile or so ahead. "No.", I contested with the presence, "I can make it to Lafayette" ......"WHOOSH" something picked up the back end of my car and moved it 5 or 6 feet to the left. "OK! OK!", I gave in, "I'm pulling over!" No sooner had I parked in a space directly in front of the main shelter than a horrific wall of rain and hail fell on the area. I rushed into the shelter to observe the show.

It took at least 30 minutes for the storm to subside enough for me to continue on my trip. Perhaps 3 miles beyond the rest area, I was startled by the sight of over-turned semis. A State Police officer on the scene told me that a tornado had passed through 30 minutes before I arrived. Had I not pulled in to the rest area (following the insistent and demonstrative advice of my invisible Guardian), I would most likely have driven directly into the path of the twister.

To that point in my life - following 24 years of living in "tornado alley" - I had never actually seen a twister, nor had I ever been seriously threatened by one. /// That was until an hour after walking through the colonnades of King Tut's stolen treasures. - After strolling through the vibrations of the handiwork of ancient Egyptian magicians and mystical grave sealers.

It was indeed a CO-incidence.

The land that was desecrated by the construction of Central State Hospital (the resting place of the Delaware Nation's "royalty") is no less enchanted than King Tut's tomb.

Speaking as one who has personally experienced the power of the Mt. Jackson Vortex on the land holding the remains of Central State Hospital - and speaking as one who was touched by (and preserved from) the power of the vengeful incantations of long-afore dead Egyptian priests of the Temple of Anubis............ I would conclude that the souls who permeate the dimensional veil that enshrines the burial mounds of Mt. Jackson are requesting of us to obligingly close the portal that our irreverent forebearers crashed-open through their ignorance. They are asking us to quietly close the door, so that The Light can return to their internment.

A combined effort of re-sanctification by shamans of the Delaware Nation and religious of the Roman Catholic Church will bring sufficient restorative energies to the burial shrine, and thus allow the souls who wander in the nether regions to move on, into The Light.

As King Tut himself might so often have said:

"So let it be written"

"So let it be done."

Mark Andrews

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #45

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