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Crime and Punishment: Is The Justice System Just?

Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 17, 2000

At what point does the one punishing the criminal become the criminal and the punishment become the crime? Have you ever thought of the answer to this question? Or have you even thought of the question itself?

We, as a society, have taken the justice system to a level of cruelty and anything but rehabilitation. How can you take a human being and put them in a cage and treat them like an animal for months, or even worse, years on end, and expect them to come out and act like anything but an animal?

I have received letters from prisoners telling me there are guards in the prisons now dressed in black Ninja looking uniforms with dogs walking the walk-ways. They have reinstated the "chain gang" in several states. Another form of cruel and inhuman treatment. And did you know some prisons refuse to allow prisoners to receive papers, newsletters and books of a spiritual nature, unless it fits in with their idea of Spirituality? That there are Native American's in prison that are denied access to Native American publications? That all forms of crimes are committed on the prisoners while they are incarcerated - physical and mental abuse? Drugs run as free in the prisons as they do on the streets. All one needs is the right connection and the money to obtain anything they want. While guards and prison officials turn their heads. How does all of this compute with the term "rehabilitation?"

If you must hate something, then hate the crime, not the criminal. For who is to say, what you see as a crime committed against another is not returning karma? Only those involved know the answer to this and then only on a soul level. Remember, there are no victims. Just as there is no right or wrong. There are only choices made.

Do I advocate non-judicial punishment? Absolutely not! Do I believe in Capitol punishment? Absolutely not? "Thou shalt not kill!" But what I do say is, there is a need, a desperate need, for "justice," and a lot less of "revenge" administered in the name of justice.

There is a desperate need for Love, Compassion and understanding and we as a whole must revamp the so-called justice system. It does not work! It has never worked! And the answer is not building more prisons to house more human beings.

"Love thy neighbor as thyself!" To hate another is to hate God, the Creator of ALL THAT IS, and All life is a part of the Creator. We are ALL ONE! Light/dark - negative/positive, one cannot exist without the other.

We are all students in the "University of Earth." As well as players in the "Game of Life", or if you wish, you may say, we are all actors/actresses in the "Play of Life" - performing our parts on the stage of Earth. And just as every play/movie/story, must have its villain so the hero's may play their parts; so do some souls come to play their part of the "bad guy/gal" in this "Theater of Illusion."



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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #45

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