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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #43

August 11, 2000

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Harmonic Convergence and August 17, 2000 - Leigh
3. Remote Viewing - Lee James Heather
4. Eyes of Sophia - Donna May & Alan Chien
5. Asylum of The Undead: Part VI - "The gang's all here" - Mark Andrews
6. Closing Words

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Warm greetings, my dear friends!
Remember, in the previous issues, I asked for your opinions on the possibility of a world war in the future, as well as about protecting the Nature? Without any further delay, let's hear first from Nancy:

"Hi, Alex:
As you where speaking about Nature? I wanted to agree with you there, I've felt Mother Natures plight, and I know Darwin's spoken of the Age of this weary old Planet, it's getting older, too. Anyway, I thought I'd mention my brother is founder and President of his non-profit group, Save The Rain Forest, Inc. It's a great task he's done and doing. Everyone needs some recognition about our Environmental Position in life these days.
Too many new births (high birth ratios) can cause future planet stresses. Quality of life, too, can vanish. It's speeding up also, but we must preserve wilderness and natural areas, what we now have got, there won't be more added later or for our children's children... Don't expect the Power-Brokers to save anything but the money systems they can get. Recent reports do prove that it is the Wealthy Elite in many countries who are taking advantage of or ruining the Natural resources, Indian Land rights even, and Rain Forest deforestation!

Well, battle on, man. I've known it's vital for many long years. I'm delighted in the Path Bruce Calhoun took, he's doing good for one person. But he lived all kinds of adventures first. Experiences in Nature the Wilderness. It is not our enemy!

The effects of our Spiritual Consciousness growing further back to God-Realization, can also, show us the Universal Overview, which can actually save/turn back destructions of nature. If learnt and mankind changes. (Miracle Works that can move Mountains, you know is True! Can preserve Planet and resources). If Mankind will just learn to go within an find the Realizations. Spirit talks, but do ALL listen or understand? Not yet enough!

There is a reason for a Godman to be sent to us in this Life time, his answers to the human dilemma are in Darwin's books and they point the greatest ways we could ever dream of or find, to work with to answer all of our life needs and questions here and now, but the thing is EACH PERSON'S CONSCIOUSNESS needs to expand as we must ALL become One again once reaching that higher Dimension of SOUL. TOGETHER! CONSCIOUSNESS 5, SOUL PLANE, will free all lives up and Bless our Planet, even Mother Earth and it will be BEAUTIFUL yet for 450,000 years, if mankind chooses to move forward in Consciousness? If not? Well, God grants freedom to do as they will. It's a lonely Path, Soul to God!

If all could just raise up in Consciousness.
However it's only through The Great Spirit Divine, that we can find the true needed ways for the future Planet, Earth! With God, all Things are possible. It is really Spirit here with us. To guide us and use for all Blessings... So the missiles have to stop, the shuttles cease and bombs, for it's up to us to choose, God or destructions. Peace or war? Life or death? It's up to EACH PERSON to be responsible for their Spiritual Freedom and Growth, Control over your Mind, your choices in Spiritual matters. Earth we can choose to live in balance with! Through Divine Spirit! So, I am ATOM of God! There is a Universal Master Teacher too, simply called Darwin.

Enjoy now in Spirit's Blessings,
Nancy Kinkey"

Another person who has replied is one of our most outstanding article writers, Isis:


My answer to the following is this; remember we all create our own realities and just as this one exists by the creation of mass-consciousness so do parallel earth realities. Those who are buying into the scenarios below, believing them and spreading them to the masses are self-creating them. In other words... you will experience what you believe you will and give energy to, for ALL is energy and energy can be manipulated to create ANYTHING.


I am pleased that the dialogue about Earth's future has started on our pages, and I invite all the readers to participate in it as well. If you wish to response to Nancy's or Isis's words, or add an insight of your own, please e-mail me.

Now to other announcements, regarding our website. About week ago we crossed the barrier of 20,000 entries - I guess it calls for a self-pat on the back :) In addition, we have finally officially opened our renewed Spiritual Gallery. You are most welcomed to visit, enjoy the paintings and the photos, send them to your friends as postcards, and, most important, contribute your artwork to the Gallery.
I am closing my regular opening words with the results of a poll we had on our website. To the question "If we perceive our personal existence as a spiritual journey, it..." 35% out of 55 persons have answered "Never ends", 5% - "Ends when we reach certain realizations", 20% - "eventually we all return to the Light", 2% answered that it depends on each different person, and overwhelming 38% answered "there is more to it than these answers". Naturally, exactly 0 people think that their spiritual journeys progress nowhere, which is very uplifting. Please go to our website to answer a new question, about the nature of your dreams. Thank you.

Harmonic Convergence and August 17, 2000    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Leigh    (all articles by this author)

This year, August 17 will be the thirteenth anniversary of Harmonic Convergence. Michael Irving of World Action, Patricia Cota-Robles of the World Congress on Illumination, and others like them, are working in their own way to rekindle the original vision of Harmonic Convergence by calling upon lightworkers and those who dream of an awakened humanity, to gather together on August 17, 2000 to ground the vision of global awakening.

The original vision of Harmonic Convergence was of a global awakening to unity and love through divine transformation. It was initiated in 1987 by the Mayan scholar, Jose Arguelles. Working with the cycles of the Mayan Calendar, he inspired many thousands around the world to gather at sacred sites on August 16-17 to meditate and hold the vision as part of an event called "Harmonic Convergence". According to his interpretation of Mayan cosmology, this time marked the end of the cycle of Nine Hells and the beginning of a new age of universal peace, as foretold in the Mayan Prophecies. For Jose it marked a moment when the Earth came into harmonic resonance with the galactic centre and was impregnated with transformational galactic energies. His original press release went out at a time when a major supernova appeared in the sky - the brightest supernova since 1604. In astrology supernovae represent a massive infusion of galactic light, and this one, when converted from equatorial to zodiacal coordinates, was in Aquarius - the sign of the New Age and of the awakening of group consciousness. In his press release, he wrote:

"Beginning at dawn everywhere on the Earth on Sunday, August 16, 1987, 144,000 humans are being called upon to create a complete field of trust by surrendering themselves to the planet and to the higher galactic intelligences which guide and monitor the planet. At that time and continuing through Monday, August 17, the higher galactic intelligences will be transmitting a collective planetary vision as well as messages of personal destiny to and through these people, the rainbow humans."

The number 144,000 is significant in Gematria (Hebrew numerology), being connected with the manifestation of light. In the above passage it can be taken symbolically as the quantity of fully conscious beings who are working together to achieve a critical mass of awakening within the collective consciousness.

Jose defined Harmonic Convergence as "the point at which the counter-spin of history finally comes to a momentary halt, and the still imperceptible spin of post-history commences". Certainly, since Harmonic Convergence we have seen the Berlin Wall come down, the end of the Cold War, and more and more people waking up. Many commentators are claiming that fewer of the predictions given by Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce are coming true. It seems that on one level the course of history has indeed changed. Yes, there are new challenges to face, such as the centralization of global power, the growing rich-poor divide, and ecological destruction (all of which are linked); but there is a new interconnectivity and global conscience that is starting to emerge, stimulated by the growth of the Internet, and evidenced by the mass protests against the World Trade Organization, the genetic engineering of food, and Third World debt.

To support the original vision of Harmonic Convergence, Michael Irving has launched an initiative called 'World Action', which uses August 17 as the focal date for an annual 'World Gathering'. His suggestion is that we gather at sacred sites and places of natural beauty, make contact with other people who are concerned for the Earth and Humanity, network, celebrate, and link up with participants all around the world. The nearest Saturday or Sunday to August 17 can also be used for this.

Michael's call raises an important question: Do we still care and feel inspired enough to come together as one in meditation and celebration as we did originally in 1987? Michael is in effect asking us to reacquaint ourselves with our collective vision as lightworkers, and to continue to empower it at all times so that it may reach fruition. Interestingly, surveys conducted at Yale University revealed that those individuals who had a clear vision of their life aims and wrote it down, empowering it every day, eventually found success in their lives, while those who did not do this felt much less fulfilled. The same principle applies on the collective level, and the empowering of the vision occurs when we unite together in Spirit.

While new energies seem to be coming to Earth to help lay the foundation for the Light Age, it is up to us whether we wish to build upon that foundation, for we have the free will. Do we care passionately enough to invest our energy into the vision of collective awakening, no matter what the cost? Do we care passionately enough to unite in our diversity to dance our dream awake - to catalyze the awakening of the collective consciousness through the resonant effect of working together as one? The world is what we make it, for our thoughts create it in every moment of our being. In the past we were initiated in temples. We have now graduated to the temple of Planet Earth, and our initiation concerns us moving beyond the limits of our personal ego to experience our being from a collective perspective as well as from a personal perspective. Whether we succeed or not in this task will determine the future course of our history.

When we look at the astrology of August 17, 2000, we see Uranus, the planet of awakening, forming an exact conjunction with the asteroid Juno in Aquarius, the sign of the New Age. Juno represents how we organize our relationships, on a personal or group level, particularly through ceremonial activity. Could the message be any clearer? The Moon in Pisces will heighten our sensitivity to Spirit, and will form an exact opposition to the asteroid Pallas in Virgo. Pallas, the Goddess of Wisdom, who sprang fully grown from her father's forehead (brow chakra), represents our own innate connection with the Source, and the ways in which we give our vision practical expression. Triggered by the Moon, it will help us to ground our spirituality through the practical effort of Virgo. But with Mercury in Leo, forming a close opposition to the conjunction of Uranus and Juno, we must first have established a closer integration between our personal preoccupations and our collective values. In other words, we must first have moved beyond egoistic self-absorption to want to dance our dream awake.

Remote Viewing    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Lee James Heather    (all articles by this author)

It is the summer of 1974. In Langley, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC, a handful of CIA officers venture to the edge of espionage, launching the first documented psychic spying mission in U.S. history. The target: a secret research center in a remote region of the Kazakh Republic, USSR. At the CIA, where little is known about the facility, the Soviet site is referred to as URDF-3 (Unidentified Research and Development Facility Number 3). A "remote viewer", working on a CIA contract, is handed the coordinates of the target. After clearing his mind, he peers out mentally in search of the site, and claims to observe it. A striking feature of the facility, he says, is the presence of a "damn big crane."

A CIA officer assigned to the unorthodox operation has seen the latest reconnaissance photos of URDF-3, and he marvels at what he later calls "some amazing descriptions" furnished by the remote viewer. There is indeed an unusually large crane at the site, one that the viewer sketched in startling detail.

The day of the psychic spies had arrived...

During the Cold War the Russians were experimenting with various "psychic" techniques and several talented subjects had been found who could seemingly manifest a variety of behaviours ranging from telepathic powers to psychokinesis (the ability to move objects with the mind). They had achieved some success with telepathy and had originally started the research in order to find a way of signaling to their underwater submarine fleet. An operational method of two-way communication was sought which would of course be a great advantage during encounters with the enemy.

In the early 1970's two Canadian authors, Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, visited the USSR on a fact finding trip and had returned to write a book entitled "Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain" (which has recently been revised). The publication eventually came to the attention of the American intelligence services, particularly the CIA, who were concerned that the reality of psychic technology had been achieved by the USSR. They were justifiably worried that the Soviets would have superiority in this area. Even President George Bush discussed his concerns whilst head of the CIA at the time.

They decided to approach a respected physicist called Hal Puthoff from Stanford Research Institute who had also been a Naval intelligence officer and so they felt that they could discuss their concerns safely and openly with this particular individual. Hal Puthoff considered the matter and decided that the area of ESP would be the most promising to explore as there had already been some good research to support the fact that ESP may be a real and measurable phenomenon. The scientist in him was also intrigued as he became interested in finding out if there were any physics behind the phenomenon.

Soon Hal Puthoff and his assistant Russell Targ met a gentleman called Ingo Swann who was a well known artist and popular "psychic" in the San Francisco area. Mr. Swann went onto claim that he had remote viewed off the planet Jupiter and that there were rings around the atmosphere. A short while later when the satellites Pioner10 and Pioneer11 came fairly near to the planet and photographed the atmosphere it could clearly be observed that there indeed were gaseous rings around the planet. Puthoff and Targ took this as an indication that trickery was not involved in this feat of "clairvoyance". The scientists put him through a battery of various tests and they were very promising, and later they were aided by another so-called viewer called Pat Price, formerly a Police Commissioner. Very soon both Ingo Swann and Pat Price began to produce remote viewing results that could be used operationally against foreign intelligence targets.

The early successes of the programme led to more funding from various Government agencies, among them the DIA and National Security Agency. As they developed and tested the programme more and more, they began to realize that the ability to remotely view wasn't just confined to natural "psychics". They started to use other subjects that had not been thought of as being " psychic" and still managed to gain fairly accurate information about the target. Eventually, in 1981, Ingo Swann working in conjunction with a team developed a method of remote viewing that would allow anybody to become as good as a natural. "psychic" and called his new technique "coordinate remote viewing". It did require a fair amount of practice and diligence, but many successes soon started to flow with this new method and Ingo Swann regarded this breakthrough as one of the pinnacles of his career. In the 1995 documentary, Remote viewing: The real x-files, shown on national television shortly after the official declassification of the RV project the former head of the CIA and various other key players are seen giving their verdicts on the programme. To observe former Generals admitting they had a "psychic" spying programme has to be seen to be believed. Even the writer of the documentary can be seen undergoing RV training with Ingo Swann and some of his successes are recorded even after a few weeks of instruction.

We may begin to discover that remote viewing is a totally normal ability for the majority of the population and added to that is the fact that one of the most powerful Governments in the world has admitted that it had people who could transcend time and distance and bring information back that would normally be shielded from our ordinary five senses. Indeed, Jessica Utts, Professor of Statistics at the University of California, who co-authored the CIA review of government-sponsored remote viewing research in 1995 had this to say.

"It is clear to me that anomalous cognition (the scientific term for remote viewing and ESP) is not only possible but has been clearly demonstrated. This conclusion is not based on belief, but rather on commonly accepted scientific criteria and the phenomenon has been replicated in a number of forms across laboratories and cultures."

Lee James Heather, a remote viewing trainer and lecturer trained in the Military coordinate remote viewing system in the United States. He is also the webmaster of Remote Viewing Systems -, an Internet site dedicated to bringing you real knowledge of the technique. The site not only contains the history of the project but has articles with some stunning examples of the method. There is also an extensive resource section, plus the chance to train in genuine coordinate remote viewing.

Eyes of Sophia    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Donna May & Alan Chien    (all articles by this author)

Eyes of Sophia is a true love story which confirms the multi-dimensional nature of our existence. This story shows us that we really do co-create our lives in concert with a loving and organizing Divine Presence, Sophia, which speaks to us through our hearts. Too often we are easily intimidated by the authority and advice of the outer world and cease to trust these tender feelings which offer us continual and perfect guidance. The magical tapestry of events we experience when reading Eyes of Sophia is given credence by a series of extraordinary photographs and we are blessed with the revelation that, indeed, we can attain our hearts' desires.


In September of 1994 I took a photograph of Donna May and in the picture there appeared several extra eyes on her forehead. What led up to that event and what transpired afterwards is pure magic. We have come to know that the world is enchanted and that enchantment is what people seek to give meaning to their lives. This story was a gift to us which we now pass on to you.

Excerpt from Chapter 2. Enter Eucaladon

(Narration by Alan Chien; dialogue between Alan Chien and Donna May)
Groping for a summation, I proposed the following, ?Let me see if I have this. By living our lives we are writing our own story. It's a process and the process can be likened to the Tree of Life: desire, seed, tree, leaves and, we hope, the fruit. Isn't the Tree of Life also the Book of Life??
?Yes! And it's the process of growing that leads us to the fruit, and the fruit is wisdom. The process is simply the experience we have.
?But you had to do a lot of work to arrive at this point, didn't you? A lot of research. Tell me about it.?
?It seemed that the tree theme from Eucaladon was pretty important, but I couldn't get a clear and whole concept from the writings. So, like the word ?pentagram? had, the word ?tree? stayed with me. It was quite peculiar information to receive, but I couldn't write it off as unimportant until I was sure. I felt there was something going on, because this information just came into my head, not like when you put thoughts together ordinarily. It was just the same as taking dictation, you're writing it down, having no idea what would be said next.
?Because I couldn't get an insight on my own of the significance of ?tree?, I decided that night to simply look it up in the dictionary. When I found the entry for the word ?tree?, there was nothing that helped me. But, as I was about to put the dictionary away, my eyes dropped to the middle of the page and fell on ?tree of life?! I was surprised that ?tree of life?, specifically, was listed.
?The first definition was: ?A tree, the arborvitae,? which suggested nothing. The second definition was: ?A tree in the Garden of Eden whose fruit, if eaten, gave man immortality.? Then it referenced Genesis in the Bible. Neither of those two definitions were remarkable, except I hadn't thought of the tree of life in the Garden of Eden, even though it was familiar.
?The third definition, though, was something new. It was: ?The tree in the new Jerusalem whose leaves were for the healing of the nations.? The reference for that was Revelation 22:2 in the Bible. That caught my attention - tree, leaves and healing - all correlated to the writings. I remembered my mother's old King James Bible was packed in a box in the basement. Even though it was one or two o'clock in the morning, I rushed down to dig it out.
?I read Revelation, Chapter 22, verse two, then read the chapter from the beginning and down a few verses more. What I found was: ?Revelation, Chapter 22, The glorious state of God's servants.
1) And he shewd me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.
2 ) In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits and yielded her fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
3 ) And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him:
4 ) And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads.
5 ) And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.?
?It sure would've been great to have someone to turn to at that moment who could assure me it was really happening. I was all at once astounded, thrilled, puzzled, excited and even a little frightened. It was an eerie match, what Eucaladon said about the most beautiful tree, the tree being the life, the leaves representing what I was to offer to the world, his reference to the masses and then the tree in Revelation whose leaves were for the healing of the nations. In the question, remember, I was asking how I could be most healing to as many as possible. I couldn't help wondering if the masses referred to by Eucaladon and the nations referred to in the Bible were the same. I was stunned enough to question whether I was stretching things to make it all fit together. I knew in some way I still can't explain - some feeling way - that it was somehow very important. But, because back then I thought my answer would be revealed soon, completely and clearly, I kept paying attention and looking for more information.
?Of course, after that I read all of Revelation many times. I checked as many other books as I could find on anything related to the Tree of Life, which I found out is also known as the Kabbalah and which traditionally is passed on orally. It was familiar because Eucaladon had taught it to me, and just the same way it was originally taught.?
What could sum up Eucaladon's essence better than when he spelled out his name, then broke it up into three parts and instructed Donna to look it up, which seemed a rather round about way to get to the point. Nevertheless, the end result couldn't have been more fitting. ?Eu? means well, pleasant or beneficial. ?Cal? is short for calendar, of which the fifth definition was ?a guide.? Finally, ?Adon? in Phoenician or Hebrew (Adonai) means ?Lord.? This was Eucaladon: a beneficent, divine guide.
After two and a half years of further information from Eucaladon, he would send Donna her sweetest dream and show her the Tin Man, who was at that moment asking to find his heart.

?This book is an extraordinary account by two extraordinary people. Given the premise that Sophia's world lies hidden and invisible within this one the continual synchronicities abounding in this true story make sense, if not serving as proof of its existence. Though the account is extremely personal it touches the universal and thus becomes meaningful to anyone reading it. It's Donna's loving and enthusiastic eye that reveals it and Alan's charming and rational acceptance that gives it form. I marvel that I had the privilege of playing a small part in this unusual drama!"

?Alice O. Howell
Author of The Web in the Sea and The Dove in the Stone

?You and Donna have experienced, certainly at a feeling state, at least one other cognitive band of this total reality and you appear to have some space-time cognitive data in the form of your pictures to confirm that something extra-ordinary was happening.?

?William A. Tiller, PhD
Author of Science and Human Transformation
(written after viewing the photographs, September, 1995)

?This is a truly spiritual book, in which the presence of divine love allows the experience of human love to flourish. It can be read as a romantic story like Bridges of Madison County, but here the romance is allowed to flourish and lead to a sustained relationship, and there is an experience of divine grace as well as human passion."

?Harvey Honig
Jungian Analyst

Eyes of Sophia: A Dream Come True
By Donna May & Alan Chien
ISBN 1-55212-349-9
Trafford Publishing
238 pages; Nonfiction; Paperback
37 Illustrations; 10 Photographs
$16.95 (US)
For autographed copies, review copies/review notification, e-mail:
For more information or to order, go to: or call Trafford Publishing toll free (US & Canada at: 1-888-232-4444
Soon available through, and
Your local book store may obtain Eyes of Sophia by contacting Trafford Publishing
Official web page for Eyes of Sophia is in the initial stages:

Asylum of The Undead: Part VI - "The gang's all here"    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

[continued from the previous edition]
Ghostly Encounters at Central State Hospital
copyright 2000
A true account by
Mark Andrews

Part VI
"The gang's all here"
"Work your body. Work your body!" Which body? The human anatomy is a multi-level structure. According to many Eastern traditions, what we see of ourselves on the physical level is only the reflection of our truer selves, known collectively as The Higher Self.
There are many different divisions and descriptions of non-corporeal human physiology. Opinions and schools of thought differ to some degree.
Think of the physical body as being the most solid form of your fuller being. We can all acknowledge that we have a mental process that often seems to be separate from our 3-dimensional form. In fact, the two are completely intertwined. Just as we have a physical body, so we have a Mental body that is every bit as real, though not visible to the eyes.
And so it is with the emotions. The Emotional body is another of the 7 primary levels of your true self.
There are 7 energy centers ( chakras ) that interconnect the 7 bodies. Each chakra is like a swirling cone of intermixed energies that serves to amplify and balance each of the bodies within itself and with the others.
A basic primer of the most commonly agreed upon levels would be as follows.
7. THE SPIRIT BODY The "I Am" consciousness: Where we connect with God. Focused at the CROWN CHAKRA at the top of the head, incorporating the top of the forehead. WHITE and VIOLET color emanations. It serves as the Master Chakra from which all of the others can be balanced. Where we commune with The Creator.
6. THE CAUSAL BODY From where we perceive and change our reality. Focused at the BROW CHAKRA between and slightly above eyes. "The third eye" and "psychic center". INDIGO color emanations. Where we commune with creation.
5, THE MENTAL BODY From where we analyze and communicate Focused at the THROAT CHAKRA at the base of the throat. BLUE color emanations. Where we reason and evaluate.
4. THE EMOTIONAL BODY From where we feel and heal. Focused at the HEART CHAKRA, slightly above the physical heart. GREEN color emanations. Where we balance self and others.
3. THE ETHERIC BODY From where we assert our ego. Focused at the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA, just below the diaphragm. YELLOW color emanations. Where we stand apart from the "I Am" and Collective Consciousness.
2. THE ASTRAL BODY The vehicle of "astral projection". Focused at the SEXUAL CHAKRA, mid-way between the naval and the genitals. ORANGE color emanations. From where we create and pro- create.
1. THE PHYSICAL BODY Our vehicle in the 3-dimensional world. Focused at the BASE CHAKRA at the base of the spine. RED color emanations. The reflection of the fuller self.
Our God-centered consciousness permeates and envelopes all 7 of the bodies.
Following our detachment from the physical body, the rest of our selves are free to ascend, descend, or to remain. Often, one level will rise while another falls into a darker reality, while yet other of our bodies will remain locked into the physical world ( ghosts ).
We are hearing a great deal about the OBE experience. ( Out of Body ) Actually, we extend out from the physical while still within the framework of at least one of our metaphysical (beyond physical) forms.
At Central State Ward 25, (Bolton Bldg.) we would use a vacant patient room as an employee break room. For those of us working the night shift, it was basically our nap room. We had a small love-seat type couch and a couple of comfortable chairs.
One early AM in the Spring of 1988, I went in to the break room to take my usual 3 - 4 AM nap ( My combined lunch and break times ). This night, however, I would not be sleeping well at all.
I have mentioned that our building was constructed above the old patients' grave yard. Maybe it was my snoring that woke the dead.
After having fallen asleep, I found myself standing directly outside of the window of the room where my physical body was reclined in the love seat. In the course of my years as a psych- care worker, I took my share of slugs from upset patients. The one I took at that moment was every bit as formidable.
Standing about me in a semi-circle was a band of tatterdly dressed male entities. Their garb was reminiscent of patient wear from the early part of the 20th Century. "WHAM"; I took another punch to the gut. These guys weren't playing.
Everything in the scene was exactly as it would have appeared to someone looking out of the break room window at that moment, up to the lights from the passing CSH Security car. ( A real heck of a lot of help THEY were to ME at the time! )
Very quickly, another group of male personalities came into the scene. They were much brighter in appearance and seemed to be attired in white form- fitting uniforms. They engaged the others in what I can only describe as a bar-room brawl. ( But without the smashing chairs and bottles. ) They stood between me and the ghostly gang. My sight was pulled to a beautiful, soft golden light amid the stars in the clear sky. With that, I woke up back in the break room. I rejoined my physical body with a "jolt".
From that night on, I always remembered to say my prayers before each nap.
?????? (more to follow)

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

"It's all over for the unknown soldier..."
- The Doors

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