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Harmonic Convergence and August 17, 2000

Author: Leigh    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 11, 2000

This year, August 17 will be the thirteenth anniversary of Harmonic Convergence. Michael Irving of World Action, Patricia Cota-Robles of the World Congress on Illumination, and others like them, are working in their own way to rekindle the original vision of Harmonic Convergence by calling upon lightworkers and those who dream of an awakened humanity, to gather together on August 17, 2000 to ground the vision of global awakening.

The original vision of Harmonic Convergence was of a global awakening to unity and love through divine transformation. It was initiated in 1987 by the Mayan scholar, Jose Arguelles. Working with the cycles of the Mayan Calendar, he inspired many thousands around the world to gather at sacred sites on August 16-17 to meditate and hold the vision as part of an event called "Harmonic Convergence". According to his interpretation of Mayan cosmology, this time marked the end of the cycle of Nine Hells and the beginning of a new age of universal peace, as foretold in the Mayan Prophecies. For Jose it marked a moment when the Earth came into harmonic resonance with the galactic centre and was impregnated with transformational galactic energies. His original press release went out at a time when a major supernova appeared in the sky - the brightest supernova since 1604. In astrology supernovae represent a massive infusion of galactic light, and this one, when converted from equatorial to zodiacal coordinates, was in Aquarius - the sign of the New Age and of the awakening of group consciousness. In his press release, he wrote:

"Beginning at dawn everywhere on the Earth on Sunday, August 16, 1987, 144,000 humans are being called upon to create a complete field of trust by surrendering themselves to the planet and to the higher galactic intelligences which guide and monitor the planet. At that time and continuing through Monday, August 17, the higher galactic intelligences will be transmitting a collective planetary vision as well as messages of personal destiny to and through these people, the rainbow humans."

The number 144,000 is significant in Gematria (Hebrew numerology), being connected with the manifestation of light. In the above passage it can be taken symbolically as the quantity of fully conscious beings who are working together to achieve a critical mass of awakening within the collective consciousness.

Jose defined Harmonic Convergence as "the point at which the counter-spin of history finally comes to a momentary halt, and the still imperceptible spin of post-history commences". Certainly, since Harmonic Convergence we have seen the Berlin Wall come down, the end of the Cold War, and more and more people waking up. Many commentators are claiming that fewer of the predictions given by Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce are coming true. It seems that on one level the course of history has indeed changed. Yes, there are new challenges to face, such as the centralization of global power, the growing rich-poor divide, and ecological destruction (all of which are linked); but there is a new interconnectivity and global conscience that is starting to emerge, stimulated by the growth of the Internet, and evidenced by the mass protests against the World Trade Organization, the genetic engineering of food, and Third World debt.

To support the original vision of Harmonic Convergence, Michael Irving has launched an initiative called 'World Action', which uses August 17 as the focal date for an annual 'World Gathering'. His suggestion is that we gather at sacred sites and places of natural beauty, make contact with other people who are concerned for the Earth and Humanity, network, celebrate, and link up with participants all around the world. The nearest Saturday or Sunday to August 17 can also be used for this.

Michael's call raises an important question: Do we still care and feel inspired enough to come together as one in meditation and celebration as we did originally in 1987? Michael is in effect asking us to reacquaint ourselves with our collective vision as lightworkers, and to continue to empower it at all times so that it may reach fruition. Interestingly, surveys conducted at Yale University revealed that those individuals who had a clear vision of their life aims and wrote it down, empowering it every day, eventually found success in their lives, while those who did not do this felt much less fulfilled. The same principle applies on the collective level, and the empowering of the vision occurs when we unite together in Spirit.

While new energies seem to be coming to Earth to help lay the foundation for the Light Age, it is up to us whether we wish to build upon that foundation, for we have the free will. Do we care passionately enough to invest our energy into the vision of collective awakening, no matter what the cost? Do we care passionately enough to unite in our diversity to dance our dream awake - to catalyze the awakening of the collective consciousness through the resonant effect of working together as one? The world is what we make it, for our thoughts create it in every moment of our being. In the past we were initiated in temples. We have now graduated to the temple of Planet Earth, and our initiation concerns us moving beyond the limits of our personal ego to experience our being from a collective perspective as well as from a personal perspective. Whether we succeed or not in this task will determine the future course of our history.

When we look at the astrology of August 17, 2000, we see Uranus, the planet of awakening, forming an exact conjunction with the asteroid Juno in Aquarius, the sign of the New Age. Juno represents how we organize our relationships, on a personal or group level, particularly through ceremonial activity. Could the message be any clearer? The Moon in Pisces will heighten our sensitivity to Spirit, and will form an exact opposition to the asteroid Pallas in Virgo. Pallas, the Goddess of Wisdom, who sprang fully grown from her father's forehead (brow chakra), represents our own innate connection with the Source, and the ways in which we give our vision practical expression. Triggered by the Moon, it will help us to ground our spirituality through the practical effort of Virgo. But with Mercury in Leo, forming a close opposition to the conjunction of Uranus and Juno, we must first have established a closer integration between our personal preoccupations and our collective values. In other words, we must first have moved beyond egoistic self-absorption to want to dance our dream awake.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #43

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