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Opening Words

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 11, 2000

Warm greetings, my dear friends!

Remember, in the previous issues, I asked for your opinions on the possibility of a world war in the future, as well as about protecting the Nature? Without any further delay, let's hear first from Nancy:

"Hi, Alex:

As you where speaking about Nature? I wanted to agree with you there, I've felt Mother Natures plight, and I know Darwin's spoken of the Age of this weary old Planet, it's getting older, too. Anyway, I thought I'd mention my brother is founder and President of his non-profit group, Save The Rain Forest, Inc. It's a great task he's done and doing. Everyone needs some recognition about our Environmental Position in life these days.

Too many new births (high birth ratios) can cause future planet stresses. Quality of life, too, can vanish. It's speeding up also, but we must preserve wilderness and natural areas, what we now have got, there won't be more added later or for our children's children... Don't expect the Power-Brokers to save anything but the money systems they can get. Recent reports do prove that it is the Wealthy Elite in many countries who are taking advantage of or ruining the Natural resources, Indian Land rights even, and Rain Forest deforestation!

Well, battle on, man. I've known it's vital for many long years. I'm delighted in the Path Bruce Calhoun took, he's doing good for one person. But he lived all kinds of adventures first. Experiences in Nature the Wilderness. It is not our enemy!

The effects of our Spiritual Consciousness growing further back to God-Realization, can also, show us the Universal Overview, which can actually save/turn back destructions of nature. If learnt and mankind changes. (Miracle Works that can move Mountains, you know is True! Can preserve Planet and resources). If Mankind will just learn to go within an find the Realizations. Spirit talks, but do ALL listen or understand? Not yet enough!

There is a reason for a Godman to be sent to us in this Life time, his answers to the human dilemma are in Darwin's books and they point the greatest ways we could ever dream of or find, to work with to answer all of our life needs and questions here and now, but the thing is EACH PERSON'S CONSCIOUSNESS needs to expand as we must ALL become One again once reaching that higher Dimension of SOUL. TOGETHER! CONSCIOUSNESS 5, SOUL PLANE, will free all lives up and Bless our Planet, even Mother Earth and it will be BEAUTIFUL yet for 450,000 years, if mankind chooses to move forward in Consciousness? If not? Well, God grants freedom to do as they will. It's a lonely Path, Soul to God!

If all could just raise up in Consciousness.

However it's only through The Great Spirit Divine, that we can find the true needed ways for the future Planet, Earth! With God, all Things are possible. It is really Spirit here with us. To guide us and use for all Blessings... So the missiles have to stop, the shuttles cease and bombs, for it's up to us to choose, God or destructions. Peace or war? Life or death? It's up to EACH PERSON to be responsible for their Spiritual Freedom and Growth, Control over your Mind, your choices in Spiritual matters. Earth we can choose to live in balance with! Through Divine Spirit! So, I am ATOM of God! There is a Universal Master Teacher too, simply called Darwin.

Enjoy now in Spirit's Blessings,

Nancy Kinkey"

Another person who has replied is one of our most outstanding article writers, Isis:


My answer to the following is this; remember we all create our own realities and just as this one exists by the creation of mass-consciousness so do parallel earth realities. Those who are buying into the scenarios below, believing them and spreading them to the masses are self-creating them. In other words... you will experience what you believe you will and give energy to, for ALL is energy and energy can be manipulated to create ANYTHING.



I am pleased that the dialogue about Earth's future has started on our pages, and I invite all the readers to participate in it as well. If you wish to response to Nancy's or Isis's words, or add an insight of your own, please e-mail me.

Now to other announcements, regarding our website. About week ago we crossed the barrier of 20,000 entries - I guess it calls for a self-pat on the back :) In addition, we have finally officially opened our renewed Spiritual Gallery. You are most welcomed to visit, enjoy the paintings and the photos, send them to your friends as postcards, and, most important, contribute your artwork to the Gallery.

I am closing my regular opening words with the results of a poll we had on our website. To the question "If we perceive our personal existence as a spiritual journey, it..." 35% out of 55 persons have answered "Never ends", 5% - "Ends when we reach certain realizations", 20% - "eventually we all return to the Light", 2% answered that it depends on each different person, and overwhelming 38% answered "there is more to it than these answers". Naturally, exactly 0 people think that their spiritual journeys progress nowhere, which is very uplifting. Please go to our website to answer a new question, about the nature of your dreams. Thank you.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #43

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