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Asylum of The Undead: Part VI - "The gang's all here"

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 11, 2000

[continued from the previous edition]

Ghostly Encounters at Central State Hospital

copyright 2000

A true account by

Mark Andrews

Part VI

"The gang's all here"

"Work your body. Work your body!" Which body? The human anatomy is a multi-level structure. According to many Eastern traditions, what we see of ourselves on the physical level is only the reflection of our truer selves, known collectively as The Higher Self.

There are many different divisions and descriptions of non-corporeal human physiology. Opinions and schools of thought differ to some degree.

Think of the physical body as being the most solid form of your fuller being. We can all acknowledge that we have a mental process that often seems to be separate from our 3-dimensional form. In fact, the two are completely intertwined. Just as we have a physical body, so we have a Mental body that is every bit as real, though not visible to the eyes.

And so it is with the emotions. The Emotional body is another of the 7 primary levels of your true self.

There are 7 energy centers ( chakras ) that interconnect the 7 bodies. Each chakra is like a swirling cone of intermixed energies that serves to amplify and balance each of the bodies within itself and with the others.

A basic primer of the most commonly agreed upon levels would be as follows.

7. THE SPIRIT BODY The "I Am" consciousness: Where we connect with God. Focused at the CROWN CHAKRA at the top of the head, incorporating the top of the forehead. WHITE and VIOLET color emanations. It serves as the Master Chakra from which all of the others can be balanced. Where we commune with The Creator.

6. THE CAUSAL BODY From where we perceive and change our reality. Focused at the BROW CHAKRA between and slightly above eyes. "The third eye" and "psychic center". INDIGO color emanations. Where we commune with creation.

5, THE MENTAL BODY From where we analyze and communicate Focused at the THROAT CHAKRA at the base of the throat. BLUE color emanations. Where we reason and evaluate.

4. THE EMOTIONAL BODY From where we feel and heal. Focused at the HEART CHAKRA, slightly above the physical heart. GREEN color emanations. Where we balance self and others.

3. THE ETHERIC BODY From where we assert our ego. Focused at the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA, just below the diaphragm. YELLOW color emanations. Where we stand apart from the "I Am" and Collective Consciousness.

2. THE ASTRAL BODY The vehicle of "astral projection". Focused at the SEXUAL CHAKRA, mid-way between the naval and the genitals. ORANGE color emanations. From where we create and pro- create.

1. THE PHYSICAL BODY Our vehicle in the 3-dimensional world. Focused at the BASE CHAKRA at the base of the spine. RED color emanations. The reflection of the fuller self.

Our God-centered consciousness permeates and envelopes all 7 of the bodies.

Following our detachment from the physical body, the rest of our selves are free to ascend, descend, or to remain. Often, one level will rise while another falls into a darker reality, while yet other of our bodies will remain locked into the physical world ( ghosts ).

We are hearing a great deal about the OBE experience. ( Out of Body ) Actually, we extend out from the physical while still within the framework of at least one of our metaphysical (beyond physical) forms.

At Central State Ward 25, (Bolton Bldg.) we would use a vacant patient room as an employee break room. For those of us working the night shift, it was basically our nap room. We had a small love-seat type couch and a couple of comfortable chairs.

One early AM in the Spring of 1988, I went in to the break room to take my usual 3 - 4 AM nap ( My combined lunch and break times ). This night, however, I would not be sleeping well at all.

I have mentioned that our building was constructed above the old patients' grave yard. Maybe it was my snoring that woke the dead.

After having fallen asleep, I found myself standing directly outside of the window of the room where my physical body was reclined in the love seat. In the course of my years as a psych- care worker, I took my share of slugs from upset patients. The one I took at that moment was every bit as formidable.

Standing about me in a semi-circle was a band of tatterdly dressed male entities. Their garb was reminiscent of patient wear from the early part of the 20th Century. "WHAM"; I took another punch to the gut. These guys weren't playing.

Everything in the scene was exactly as it would have appeared to someone looking out of the break room window at that moment, up to the lights from the passing CSH Security car. ( A real heck of a lot of help THEY were to ME at the time! )

Very quickly, another group of male personalities came into the scene. They were much brighter in appearance and seemed to be attired in white form- fitting uniforms. They engaged the others in what I can only describe as a bar-room brawl. ( But without the smashing chairs and bottles. ) They stood between me and the ghostly gang. My sight was pulled to a beautiful, soft golden light amid the stars in the clear sky. With that, I woke up back in the break room. I rejoined my physical body with a "jolt".

From that night on, I always remembered to say my prayers before each nap.

?????? (more to follow)

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #43

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