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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #87

August 7, 2003

1. Opening Words - The key to changing your "virtual reality"... & The Name Game - Lady Isis
2. Healthy And Youthful Thoughts - Mark Andrews
3. An Open Letter to Politicians - Lady Isis
4. Talking Of Peace - Asoka Selvarajah
5. Awakening Chakra Potentials - Mark Andrews

Opening Words - The key to changing your "virtual reality"... & The Name Game    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

How many times have you heard, "You create your own reality?" The key to changing it is "believing" that statement.

You create your reality through your belief systems. There is no time and space. You live in an illusionary reality. Therefore there can be no birth, no death. There can be no past, no future, only the "Eternal Now." You are playing a game ... like an interactive video game. You know how you see in various movies people using headsets with glasses and controllers they manipulate with their hands and looking through those glasses it is as if they are inside, taking part in the various scenes they are looking at? I believe they call it, "Virtual Reality." Well, you could say that is what you are in a Virtual Reality game, created by your consciousness - mass consciousness.

You now see things changing taking place around and within you because mass-consciousness is changing ... you call it ascension. This illusionary reality that you exist in is being altered because you are coming out of the game. You are "choosing to turn it off," by changing your belief system.

You 'believe' in death... therefore you experience it.
You 'believe' in your body growing old... therefore you experience it.
You 'believe' you are a victim... therefore you experience it.
You 'believe' you have lack of anything, be it love, money, health anything... therefore you experience it.
You 'believe' ... the key to all your experiences is you 'believe.'

Change your beliefs and your whole world changes. Your belief systems influences every single choice you make in life and those choices are what creates your "virtual reality."

I have been watching the cable Showtime series called "Dead Like Me." Now this deals with what the show terms 'grim reapers' ... those who have 'died' and go on to help those whose "time has come" to accept they are dead. I have always had a thing about terms like "dead," or "near-death" experiences. Because I want people to stop believing in something that does not exist. For as long as they continue to believe in death they will experience it. And why in the world would anyone want to experience that? I kept saying to myself as each character was talking to one another about their being dead... how can you look the same, be talking to, seeing, and touching each other if you are dead? How ridiculous is that?

How do you think psychics talk to the "dead?" Simple... they are not dead. YOU are as dead right now as you ever will be. Did you get that? YOU are as dead right this very moment as you ever will be. You simply turn off the virtual reality game and step out of the "clothing" that is your body that you have chosen to wear.

Another thing I want to discuss is the name game.

How many say they are Isis, Athena, Thoth, St. this or that... or any other personality they wish to claim? Guess what folks? It is another illusion.

This person or that person did not reincarnate. Reincarnation is another illusion built on beliefs... the belief in a linear time frame. And that belief gives you the illusion of returning over and over again. Stop the belief and you stop repeating the circle. It is like stopping the rewind on a tape and playing the same thing over and over again.

When I "chose" to walk-in ... join you to play the game... I also chose to exude the energies that surrounds the belief in the myths and the name Isis. The belief in that name, the illusion surrounding the myths of that name brings to this 'virtual reality' ... the energies of love, peace, nurturing, magic and much more. When in 'reality' I am the same as you... a spark of the ONE... We are all ONE. Not one of us is higher, lower, better or worse than the ONE. I know you have seen from time to time on my signature the following:

My name Isis means - IS-IS... IS ALL. Over the eons of Earth history WE have been known by 10,000 plus names. Yet WE have always been ONE. Isness that is, from before time, beyond time.

Did you really get the true meaning of that? Of the word WE? It means you and I, everyone.

Is this the only 'virtual reality' game you are playing? Absolutely not. You are multi-dimensional and you are simultaneously playing many games. You are Consciousness Creating.

Then you will ask what is the Soul Essence of each individual? The portion of consciousness/energy of ALL THAT IS that contains the collective consciousness of the retrieval, and storage of all experiences of that individual spark of ALL THAT IS.

The truth that runs through all of it is this: all is love, and this is the most important concept of all. And what is love? The Essence of ALL THAT IS CREATION. A Creative Force that creates ALL harmoniously. Eternal Life!

So either turn off the game or continue to play... it is your choice.

{See an additional article by Isis in this newsletter for her contact information}

Healthy And Youthful Thoughts    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Feeling sick? Feeling down? Feeling old? Feeling not-so-good?
     Well, according to Deepak Chopra MD, and many Quantum physicists, such feelings are only that - feelings!
      Here are some points to consider that can help you to change your body by changing your thoughts and beliefs.

     The physical world, including your body, is the response of the observer. In other words, there is nothing in the perceived, three-dimensional reality that exists aside from your perception.
     We are unconscious participants in a shared and fictitious belief that sickness and aging are inevitable and "just the way things are".

     There are no truly solid elements in the physical world. Even the most solid atom is comprised of a nucleus and orbitals that are themselves pure energy. Solidity, as we suppose it to be, is the product of particles of pure energy.
     The distance between the nuclei of any two atoms is proportionately more distant from each other than the distance between two galaxies. The space in between them is alive with pure Consciousness, Thus, YOU are comprised of 99.999 % pure Consciousness, and the remaining portion of your self is pure energy.
     The only SOLID force about you is the presence of Universal Consciousness with which you are inseparably ONE. Your control over the condition of your physical body is completely reflective of your self concept as it expresses itself through your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.
     Your ARE what you think, feel, and believe yourself to be.
      To change the condition of your body, allow yourself to change your personal paradigm to envision-feel-believe yourself as perfectly healthy, perfectly youthful, perfectly well in all ways. As you allow this new paradigm to more and more overtake your old perceptions, you will experience the manifestation of your improving conditions as your subconscious mind comes to accept your renewed and improving, preferred physical condition.

     The concept of "time" is the product of collective concept as accepted by your belief. There is no time aside from the perception of time.
      The body of a newly born baby is not "new" at all. It is composed of atoms that have existed and been circulating throughout the universe in differing forms for trillions of years. If we could all preserve our immune systems to remain in the conditions that they are born in, our average life span would exceed 300 years. What makes the baby's body "young" is the unseen intelligence that has come together to form this new expression of Universal Consciousness.
      YOU are now even more alive with this same Consciousness than you were at the moment of your birth.
      YOU carry within yourself right now the same conscious intelligence that formed your body following conception.
IT has not aged, and cannot age.
IT cannot become sick.
IT cannot become emotionally depressed.

IT is eternally youthful.
IT abides in perpetual health.
IT knows only joy and oneness with God and The Universe.

And YOU are IT.

{To be continued in the next newsletter}

An Open Letter to Politicians    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

(Someone asked me the other day how to bring Heaven to Earth. This is how.)
Isis Speaks:
An open letter to politicians:

We don't need leaders, we can lead ourselves. What we need are those willing to serve if we are to have peace on earth. We have had too many 'leaders' who have led us into war, poverty and unending debt while they themselves live a life of luxury. We don't need politicians that claim to empower us... we are already all powerful. We don't need politicians who claim they are for the people... when in reality they are for the rich and powerful. We don't need politicians who fight each other for one upsmanship, claiming all the while they are fighting for us. Fighting weakens you. Love and understanding, giving sharing and compassion makes you strong. We don't need politicians to point out to us the other guys faults and weaknesses... you have no right to judge another. Work on your own. We are not blind we can see for ourselves. Just tell us how you will serve us, let us decide it we want you or not. Then once in office do what you promised.

Who are we? We are the people you promised to serve, not dictate to and make choices for us that will impact not only our lives but many generations to come. We are the ones who work and keep this country going. We are the ones that pay for your life of luxury. We are the ones that are going to make changes in the world. We are the ones that will bring order out of chaos, peace out of war. We are the ones that WILL SEE PEACE ON EARTH. How? By loving our neighbor as ourselves. And this does not mean just your neighborhood next door neighbor... for the entire world, the entire universe is your neighbor.

We are the Light Bearers... the torch carriers... the peacemakers. We are the future.


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Talking Of Peace    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

From the author: If you are getting as weary as I am of all the political baloney and fakery around the word "Peace" these days, then you will like this article. It calls for an entirely new paradigm to replace the failed follies that are being enacted upon the world stage at the present time. This article takes no prisoners!

When Jesus said, "Blessed are the Peacemakers...", it is highly unlikely that he had in mind the kind of cynical, war-mongering,
self-serving, untrustworthy impostors we have the misfortune of seeing cast into that role today.

According to today's peacemakers, the surest way to insure peace is to wield a bigger gun than your adversary. How strange that this profound strategy finds little justification in any of the world's major spiritual teachings on peace. How sad that, thanks to this folly, the notion of establishing peace through purely peaceful means has become as outdated as the gramophone record.

These days, we have swifter, technologically sophisticated, and more "effective" approaches. Thanks to the last Gulf War, when pictures of joyful liberated Iraqis were shown on TV worldwide, those who stood for Peace (which includes the Pope and the Dalai Lama) were made to look "wrong", and those who urged for war were made to look "right".

Yet, real lasting peace in our world seems more elusive than ever. The human race has more complex toys. However, it has yet to attain a commensurate level of maturity. What would the great peacemakers of the past - Gandhi, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Buddha - have made of our present strategies for Peace?

There comes a time in the life of an aging automobile where it has to be conceded that it cannot be patched up any longer, but must be junked instead. It's that way with the world's current political processes and the major players within it. The current tools are hopelessly inadequate to the tasks at hand and can never produce the elusive Utopia they are forever promising. They work with outdated paradigms and old-fashioned self-serving strategies.

Peace is hard enough to achieve when there are long-standing historical issues giving rise to conflict in the first place. How much more impossible then, when the key players have little qualification, and no credibility, to be discussing peace in the first place? This is very often the case.

Let's take the Israel/Palestine conflict as an example. Who are the key players negotiating the peace? On one hand, you have a man who directly caused the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians, and narrowly escaped being tried for war crimes as a result. On the other, you have an "approved" puppet representative; approved more by the USA than by his own people. Meanwhile the various armed groups, whose cooperation is ultimately indispensable to any lasting peace, are not even allowed to come to the table. In the role of international arbiter, you have a man had never left the USA prior to taking office as its President, and who could name hardly any of the main political leaders on the world stage at the time.

How on earth are these people being trusted with creating Peace?!

A famous person once said that "people get the government they deserve". It is precisely because we elect people like the above, for our own self-serving domestic interests, and then let them loose on the world stage, that international stalemates are so common, and the progress of peace is stymied. Ultimately, each of us is responsible for the lack of peace in the world, because we insist on participating in this failed process. We keep hoping on a miracle: namely, that these self-serving politicians will actually deliver on their promises once in a while.

The flaw in modern peace attempts are that they are materialistic in nature and outwardly focused in spirit. We have the wrong people as our peace makers, focusing on the wrong things. The strife in the world seems to be about territory, borders, race, and rights. However, the real causes of dissent lie in the mind: in the ideas and notions that people have developed and held over generations of time. Whilst we all like to say we are the same under the skin, the fact is that people always focus on their historical differences when the chips are down.

It's time for spiritually oriented people to seriously consider dropping support for the current world system as it exists today, How can we support peace processes that are invariably carried out at the point of a gun? Such techniques can never bring lasting Peace.

Instead, spiritually oriented people need to unite and focus on creating a mass change in world consciousness. This can eventually create the momentum for peace throughout the world. In the same way that tens of millions united across the world and marched for peace, so we must all march for peace in the spiritual realms.

Rather than support, directly or indirectly, our governments' covert plans and strategies, we must disengage our minds and wills from all of that, and instead direct them increasingly towards thinking, pondering, meditating upon, and creating a consensus for peace in the minds of all peoples worldwide. We can work at the spiritual level to make this an overriding ambition for the human race. Just as invasion, wealth and power have been the primary motivations of peoples and nations  to the present day, so too can peace be driven deep into the human race's spiritual psyche, until it begins to express forcibly in the material world in terms of tangible results.

Lasting change on the physical plane, and in the minds of people, can only come about once there has arisen a change on the spiritual non-material realms first. It is from the non-material that the material emerges and has its being. The present destructive thought patterns, political notions, and ideas of racial and religious disunity, have emerged and hardened over time into the fixed habits and patterns of thought of the human race.

The human race desperately need to develop totally new habit patterns. The old ones are not serving us. This goes beyond Democracy, Communism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism or any of the fixed notions that have created a tremendous weight of historical and psychic baggage that none of us knows how to deal with anymore.

No one cuts out the hearts of living people in order to ensure that the Sun rises tomorrow. And cannibalism is definitely on the decline. Yet, both of these practices were once common, and even the over-riding belief system of the day in certain nations. It can be the same with the outdated political/religious/racial belief systems that currently serve us so very badly. They CAN be replaced by something better.

However, what is essential for this to happen is that a powerful, focused, laser-like consensus develops at the non-material level. Spiritually inclined people need to be working at the levels of Cause, rather than leaving politicians to work at the materialistic levels of Effect.

People could create focus groups that meditate and visualize creating a future world  filled with harmony, care for the environment, and spiritual unity. Peace is too important to be left to self-serving political processes. You need to take DIRECT ACTION in the spiritual realms.

Will this process yield fruit in your lifetime? Maybe not. Remember that humanity's problems took thousands of years to evolve to this stage. So it will take time to correct the spiritual mistakes of generations that are imbedded on the non-material planes. However, that should not deter you. It is a good thing to have goals that exceed your lifetime, and even your own small lifetime.

However, it may not take as long as you might think. Jesus began with just twelve disciples and created a spiritual tradition that, despite centuries of persecution, took over the known world. Mohammed did the same. And they didn't even have the internet! The power of "two or three gathering in my name" should never be overlooked. Jesus talked about his followers being salt and a light to the nations. This really is possible: a few people, even just one, can accomplish a tremendous amount. It does not take that many people, focusing upon a clear purpose with laser-beam clarity, to achieve it in the spiritual realms, and consequently in the physical realms too.

Maybe just one person reading this will want to form such a group. Maybe that one group will eventually cause others to come into formation. Little by little, such groups and individuals will chip away at the status quo of humanity's belief structures on the non-physical planes. Piece by piece, the old structure will be worn away until, one day, it just collapses completely and forever.

Let's begin that work today. Will you do it?...

Copyright 2003. Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is the author of "The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self" course. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose. He offers you a FREE 14-Day LifeBreakthrough e-mail course at:

Awakening Chakra Potentials    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

(c) 2003

Full sensory (fun) energy empowerment.

    What could be more boring than sitting in a lotus position, eyes closed, with the mantra "OHM" perpetually resonating from your rhythmic breaths?
     To many, the just described meditative state is their daily ritual toward joy and ultimate bliss.
     But if that's your idea of Nirvana, then you shouldn't be too surprised to find that your dream state and manifested creative realities are a little less than stimulating.
     Here are some ideas from a number of sources that blend traditional and not-so-traditional elements to help to make your transcendence a 24/7 good time.

1. Remember that "meditation" means the MIDDLE POINT. It's the level of being and conscious awareness where all of your levels and energies are in equal alignment, and harmonize to advance your highest self and to fulfill your deepest longings.
     Allow yourself to experience a more unified state of being where the conscious and unconscious parts of your self are gradually less distant from one another. You might think of this as walking around with part of your brain always plugged in to the deepest levels of meditation. People might think you're just a little "spacey", but, after all, isn't THAT the goal of meditation???

2. Use full sensory creative visualizations throughout the day, in any an all situations.
     Once you're comfortable with the "spaciness", you'll find that having your inner screen always activated can lead to any number of life enhancements. Keep the thought that the right hemisphere of your brain (the intuitive) is in a balanced state of brain wave energy with your left (analytical) hemisphere.
     (This, by the way, is what defines the "PSYCHIC" individual from the "non-psychic".)
     The images, impressions, sounds, and feelings will come; sometimes seeming a bit out of place and even intrusive. Allow it and accept that this is a truer reflection of your natural state than is found in simple logic.

3. Create personalized inner-sensory signals to activate the various chakras to enhance everyday activities.

Here are examples of full-sensory chakra activations with Sanskrit language attunement words for each energy center. Speak or think the sound of each word directly into the chakra.

BASE CHAKRA (base of the spine)
When you need an energy boost or want to overcome fear or anxiety. Also the source of age reversal "youthing" energies.
Imagine biting into a candy apple.
Picture yourself in a glowing red jump suit.
Imagine tasting cherry, cinnamon, salsa, or any other taste associated with the color red.
Imagine the tone that you would hear if you hit the "C" key of a piano - even if you're not quite sure what "C" would sound like. Imagine the feel of heat from warm, glowing, red embers. Continue this process until you fell a "tickle" at you spinal base.
     When you are angry, tense, or sleepless, you can also "pull the plug" from the spinal base and envision any unwanted base energies safely flowing out of your spine and into the earth where they are transmuted into positive energies.

SEXUAL CHAKRA (mid-way between naval and genitals.)
ORANGE - "D" tone.
Sexual vitality and creativity.
Picture yourself in "sexy" orange underwear.
Taste / smell orange flavored chocolates or orange colored ice cream or candy of any flavor.
Feel "electric" orange silk bed sheets.

GOLD / YELLOW - "E" tone.
Self empowerment and assertiveness.
Picture sun shining from the solar plexus.
Taste / smell lemon pie or "sun tea".
Feel bright sun light beaming out of you from all sides.

Center of the chest.
GREEN AND PINK - "F" tone.
Balance, healing, love, compassion, romantic interests.
Picture yourself as a glistening green plant in the sunshine of a tropical rain forest following a soothing shower of purifying rain.
(If romantic pursuits are in order, imagine that you - the green plant - are sprouting a beautiful pink flower from your chest that is attracting the perfect partner to you.)
Taste honey nectar.
Feel yourself laying comfortably in a meadow of green grass and fragrant blossoms.

At the base of the throat
BLUE - "G" tone.
Clear thought, communication, power of analysis.
Imagine / feel deep blue stone necklace resting at the base of the throat. Visualize the endless expanse of the ocean at the horizon of a clear blue sky.
Taste blueberry pie or mint flavor.
Feel a warm current of "radio waves" emanating outward from your throat to be received and clearly understood by those with whom you wish to communicate.

(Between the eye brows)
INDIGO - "A" tone.
Psychic level awareness and communications.
Imagine / feel indigo colored deep space quasar radiating and receiving energies in all directions from your 3rd eye.
Taste grape flavor.
Feel gentle pulsations between the brows.

(At top of forehead and across scalp)
VIOLET - WHITE "B" tone.
Connecting point with Universal Consciousness.
Imagine / feel glowing violet and / or white thousand fold lotus reaching upward into infinity from the top of your head.
Taste your concept of "perfection".
Feel self rising upward as if you were a violet and white helium balloon.
     Drawing from the above examples, allow your own imagination to go
to work for you to create the full sensory triggers that will help to re-create your world into the place you really want it to be!

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