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Opening Words - The key to changing your "virtual reality"... & The Name Game

Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 7, 2003

How many times have you heard, "You create your own reality?" The key to changing it is "believing" that statement.

You create your reality through your belief systems. There is no time and space. You live in an illusionary reality. Therefore there can be no birth, no death. There can be no past, no future, only the "Eternal Now." You are playing a game ... like an interactive video game. You know how you see in various movies people using headsets with glasses and controllers they manipulate with their hands and looking through those glasses it is as if they are inside, taking part in the various scenes they are looking at? I believe they call it, "Virtual Reality." Well, you could say that is what you are in a Virtual Reality game, created by your consciousness - mass consciousness.

You now see things changing taking place around and within you because mass-consciousness is changing ... you call it ascension. This illusionary reality that you exist in is being altered because you are coming out of the game. You are "choosing to turn it off," by changing your belief system.

You 'believe' in death... therefore you experience it.

You 'believe' in your body growing old... therefore you experience it.

You 'believe' you are a victim... therefore you experience it.

You 'believe' you have lack of anything, be it love, money, health anything... therefore you experience it.

You 'believe' ... the key to all your experiences is you 'believe.'

Change your beliefs and your whole world changes. Your belief systems influences every single choice you make in life and those choices are what creates your "virtual reality."

I have been watching the cable Showtime series called "Dead Like Me." Now this deals with what the show terms 'grim reapers' ... those who have 'died' and go on to help those whose "time has come" to accept they are dead. I have always had a thing about terms like "dead," or "near-death" experiences. Because I want people to stop believing in something that does not exist. For as long as they continue to believe in death they will experience it. And why in the world would anyone want to experience that? I kept saying to myself as each character was talking to one another about their being dead... how can you look the same, be talking to, seeing, and touching each other if you are dead? How ridiculous is that?

How do you think psychics talk to the "dead?" Simple... they are not dead. YOU are as dead right now as you ever will be. Did you get that? YOU are as dead right this very moment as you ever will be. You simply turn off the virtual reality game and step out of the "clothing" that is your body that you have chosen to wear.

Another thing I want to discuss is the name game.

How many say they are Isis, Athena, Thoth, St. this or that... or any other personality they wish to claim? Guess what folks? It is another illusion.

This person or that person did not reincarnate. Reincarnation is another illusion built on beliefs... the belief in a linear time frame. And that belief gives you the illusion of returning over and over again. Stop the belief and you stop repeating the circle. It is like stopping the rewind on a tape and playing the same thing over and over again.

When I "chose" to walk-in ... join you to play the game... I also chose to exude the energies that surrounds the belief in the myths and the name Isis. The belief in that name, the illusion surrounding the myths of that name brings to this 'virtual reality' ... the energies of love, peace, nurturing, magic and much more. When in 'reality' I am the same as you... a spark of the ONE... We are all ONE. Not one of us is higher, lower, better or worse than the ONE. I know you have seen from time to time on my signature the following:

My name Isis means - IS-IS... IS ALL. Over the eons of Earth history WE have been known by 10,000 plus names. Yet WE have always been ONE. Isness that is, from before time, beyond time.

Did you really get the true meaning of that? Of the word WE? It means you and I, everyone.

Is this the only 'virtual reality' game you are playing? Absolutely not. You are multi-dimensional and you are simultaneously playing many games. You are Consciousness Creating.

Then you will ask what is the Soul Essence of each individual? The portion of consciousness/energy of ALL THAT IS that contains the collective consciousness of the retrieval, and storage of all experiences of that individual spark of ALL THAT IS.

The truth that runs through all of it is this: all is love, and this is the most important concept of all. And what is love? The Essence of ALL THAT IS CREATION. A Creative Force that creates ALL harmoniously. Eternal Life!

So either turn off the game or continue to play... it is your choice.

{See an additional article by Isis in this newsletter for her contact information}

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #87

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