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Awakening Chakra Potentials

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 7, 2003

(c) 2003

Full sensory (fun) energy empowerment.

    What could be more boring than sitting in a lotus position, eyes closed, with the mantra "OHM" perpetually resonating from your rhythmic breaths?

     To many, the just described meditative state is their daily ritual toward joy and ultimate bliss.

     But if that's your idea of Nirvana, then you shouldn't be too surprised to find that your dream state and manifested creative realities are a little less than stimulating.

     Here are some ideas from a number of sources that blend traditional and not-so-traditional elements to help to make your transcendence a 24/7 good time.

1. Remember that "meditation" means the MIDDLE POINT. It's the level of being and conscious awareness where all of your levels and energies are in equal alignment, and harmonize to advance your highest self and to fulfill your deepest longings.

     Allow yourself to experience a more unified state of being where the conscious and unconscious parts of your self are gradually less distant from one another. You might think of this as walking around with part of your brain always plugged in to the deepest levels of meditation. People might think you're just a little "spacey", but, after all, isn't THAT the goal of meditation???

2. Use full sensory creative visualizations throughout the day, in any an all situations.

     Once you're comfortable with the "spaciness", you'll find that having your inner screen always activated can lead to any number of life enhancements. Keep the thought that the right hemisphere of your brain (the intuitive) is in a balanced state of brain wave energy with your left (analytical) hemisphere.

     (This, by the way, is what defines the "PSYCHIC" individual from the "non-psychic".)

     The images, impressions, sounds, and feelings will come; sometimes seeming a bit out of place and even intrusive. Allow it and accept that this is a truer reflection of your natural state than is found in simple logic.

3. Create personalized inner-sensory signals to activate the various chakras to enhance everyday activities.

Here are examples of full-sensory chakra activations with Sanskrit language attunement words for each energy center. Speak or think the sound of each word directly into the chakra.

BASE CHAKRA (base of the spine)


When you need an energy boost or want to overcome fear or anxiety. Also the source of age reversal "youthing" energies.


Imagine biting into a candy apple.

Picture yourself in a glowing red jump suit.

Imagine tasting cherry, cinnamon, salsa, or any other taste associated with the color red.

Imagine the tone that you would hear if you hit the "C" key of a piano - even if you're not quite sure what "C" would sound like. Imagine the feel of heat from warm, glowing, red embers. Continue this process until you fell a "tickle" at you spinal base.

     When you are angry, tense, or sleepless, you can also "pull the plug" from the spinal base and envision any unwanted base energies safely flowing out of your spine and into the earth where they are transmuted into positive energies.

SEXUAL CHAKRA (mid-way between naval and genitals.)

ORANGE - "D" tone.


Sexual vitality and creativity.

Picture yourself in "sexy" orange underwear.

Taste / smell orange flavored chocolates or orange colored ice cream or candy of any flavor.

Feel "electric" orange silk bed sheets.


GOLD / YELLOW - "E" tone.


Self empowerment and assertiveness.

Picture sun shining from the solar plexus.

Taste / smell lemon pie or "sun tea".

Feel bright sun light beaming out of you from all sides.


Center of the chest.

GREEN AND PINK - "F" tone.


Balance, healing, love, compassion, romantic interests.

Picture yourself as a glistening green plant in the sunshine of a tropical rain forest following a soothing shower of purifying rain.

(If romantic pursuits are in order, imagine that you - the green plant - are sprouting a beautiful pink flower from your chest that is attracting the perfect partner to you.)

Taste honey nectar.

Feel yourself laying comfortably in a meadow of green grass and fragrant blossoms.


At the base of the throat

BLUE - "G" tone.


Clear thought, communication, power of analysis.

Imagine / feel deep blue stone necklace resting at the base of the throat. Visualize the endless expanse of the ocean at the horizon of a clear blue sky.

Taste blueberry pie or mint flavor.

Feel a warm current of "radio waves" emanating outward from your throat to be received and clearly understood by those with whom you wish to communicate.


(Between the eye brows)

INDIGO - "A" tone.


Psychic level awareness and communications.

Imagine / feel indigo colored deep space quasar radiating and receiving energies in all directions from your 3rd eye.

Taste grape flavor.

Feel gentle pulsations between the brows.


(At top of forehead and across scalp)

VIOLET - WHITE "B" tone.


Connecting point with Universal Consciousness.

Imagine / feel glowing violet and / or white thousand fold lotus reaching upward into infinity from the top of your head.

Taste your concept of "perfection".

Feel self rising upward as if you were a violet and white helium balloon.

     Drawing from the above examples, allow your own imagination to go

to work for you to create the full sensory triggers that will help to re-create your world into the place you really want it to be!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #87

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