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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #68

January 20, 2002

1. Opening Words - Searching for the Self - Alania
2. The Brain Wave Diary - Doug Lewis
3. An Automatic Writing from Me to You - Deborah Bower
4. Chaos & Impermanence - Asoka Selvarajah
5. Law of Attraction - Abraham-Hicks Publications

Opening Words - Searching for the Self    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Alania    (all articles by this author)

The search for self is something we all go through at some point or other in our lives. It often comes at a time of major change, when we reach a crossroads and need to find out who we are inside before moving further along our chosen path.

For many of us, this search, and the accompanying change can be very difficult - often leading to feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger, futility and a loss of self worth. All of these things though are commonplace with a struggle so large as defining who you are on the inside, so it is not surprising that they must be gone through in order to come out the other side of the dilemma.

Despite all of the negative side effects which accompany the search, it is, in the end, a very positive experience. You come out of it a much stronger person - a person who knows their whole self.

Admittedly, I am someone who is going through this transitional period currently in my life. It is a very difficult period, and I am finding that there are certain things which one needs to clarify with ones self in order to succeed:

- What are your morals/ethics/philosopies in life
- What are your long and short term goals in life
- What are you happy with in your life
- What are your strenghts (spiritualy/physicaly/emotionaly/mentaly)
- What are your weaknesses and how can you improve upon them
- Who are you? Define for yourself who you are now
- Who will you be? Define for yourself who you see yourself as after this challenge is overcome.
- What do you love about yourself, why (spiritualy/physicaly/emotionaly/mentaly)
- What do you dislike about yourself, why

Once you have fully answered the above, you can begin to actually work on changing yourself and moving towards your evolved persona. This is, however, easier said than done, as the questions above are not as easy to answer as they seem, and actually changing is a very challenging process - remember, you are changing someone that you have gotten comfortable with over a number of years, and chances are, some of you are like me, and are very stubborn and impatient. This does not help one bit ;).

At any rate, I hope you found this brief article somewhat interesting. Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at

The Brain Wave Diary    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Reference: "The Brain Wave Diary" (12/25/01)

A matter of reincarnation

What are we? - Really!

"Oh! Doesn't s/he look just like so and so." (A reference to a relative or relatives). "Look, I see Grandma's eyes, uncle Bo's nose, great aunt Chloe's chin." This is a familiar conversation around most families when discussing the latest addition. Many times it can be clearly seen that physical attributes are passed along the chain of life, from kin to kin, legacy attributes of the genome.

Sometimes I have wondered what else might be passed along besides physical attributes.

Along my way I have met many, and many have talked about "memories".

Memories seem to come in two flavours, re-callable memories experienced directly and memories which seem to have origin outside of our direct experience. Often people will associate the indirect memories with passed lives, lives lived within a cycle or process of continuous "reincarnation". The feeling of being here before appears quite prevalent for many. While I can relate exactly to these strong feelings of being here before, as various manifestations of self down through the ages, I have also wondered why.

It is not that I doubt the phenomena of reincarnation but there has always been a nagging issue within me that could never quite accept the literal "reincarnation" assumption. I can see clearly why a person would associate their strong feelings of "past" life with being here before but... perhaps there is another source. It is always good to explore these supernatural phenomena and so this is an alternate thought on the topic.

Scientifically, it is well established the parents of a baby pass along genetic material that when combined make up the physical attributes of the baby, but what if... more than physical components are passed along. What if, "memories" and other non-physical elements are also passed along. Memories are chemically stored "bits" of information that are not much different than other "bits" of genetic coding.

Even scientifically it has been shown through experiment, memory can indeed be passed along.

In one experiment using the common flatworm, a British scientist demonstrated that a trained "response" to slight electrical shock current in combination with a flash of light was indeed passed along to the next generation, whereby the new generation "reacted" to light flashes by squirming as though reacting to a mild electrical shock their predecessors experienced along with their light flashes. Other flatworms used as non-participative control subjects did not react to the flashes of light. Certainly the indication from this experiment seems to show "memory" of being "shocked" was passed along through genetic transfer.

What are the millions of "blank" DNA strand cells scientists are struggling to associate physical characteristics to as they unravel the human genome? Perhaps these copious blank spots do not associate with physical characteristics at all. Perhaps they associate with the other two thirds of our composition, mind and spirit. I know science deals only with one third of our "absolute" manifestation, the physical. Perhaps soon science will need to explore the other aspects before they can be triumphant in cataloguing what we "really" are.

No, I am not trying to cast doubt on the theory of reincarnation, I am merely looking to keep open all possibility, it seems one of my inherited memories is to do this.

My question to you is, "What else may be passed along the chain of life besides physical attributes?"

As Albert Einstein once observed, "To understand everything, look deep into nature."

Submitted respectfully,
Doug, (aka WaveWarrior).

"The mind thinks, the spirit considers and the body makes it so." Simple - No?

To enquire about "Excerpts from the Brain Wave Diary", please contact me, it is soon to be available if by the grace it is to be.

An Automatic Writing from Me to You    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Deborah Bower    (all articles by this author)

[In reply to Opening Words of PXN #65]


I had to reply to this, because I thought it was not accurate for me at all, I don't forget myself or my beliefs in times of crisis, to the contrary, I become stronger in my truth, and call upon the spirit when I really need it.

It's easy to forget for a hour or two or even a day when something traumatic happens, but that's normal behavior, we are our own healers, and I need to think things through before I can really concentrate on my soul or religion or have prayer for hours on end. In fact, I couldn't think of anything worse. Though by engaging awareness, I have learnt that detachment is also needed and it is a MIRACULOUS way to achieve control of our painful and angry emotions. Because violence and anger is so common these days, we are really putting out invitations to the universe to give back what we put out. I mean Collectively, not as one person receiving his karma, he also when he put out some evil intent, joined the pool of the world mind, thus putting the earth in to fairly unstable reactions. God only knows, what's next?? It's almost funny if you can step out and see earth in this way, we are like really stupid as a collective consciousness. All that's missing is the teaching of metaphysics in schools, I think that's the solution to peace.

Metaphysics should be a core subject like math or reading and not something we can choose to dabble with in high school, it should be compulsory at some point in a youth's education to learn metaphysics. And collective consciousness is inclusive in this, so if our young ones are taught properly the world WOULD hit critical mass in not that long, 10 -15, or less, I'm not a fortune teller, I'm a problem solver. Quite possibly less though if you consider as each soul awakens, it will gain greater momentum of collective consciousness, when each person, has that trigger of understanding.

Enlightenment. Not Illumination either, which is ALL society is, a twisted version of truth and reality, from wrong thinking and all the other negatives, like fear of death, and aging and blah blah blah, that the power freaks covertly promote through really underhanded manipulation, if you look at the bigger picture. And Media, is the real head screwer....... no wonder some religions banned TV, but I'm not that extreme, I like to know what's going on, but then I detach and say, "If TV had never been invented, I would never had known about the people in Afghanistan, and America's egotistical domination and standard setting type structure, through the most powerful tool, our eyes, our visions, the media, the TV. Using stunning 'glamourising' of reality to trigger our materialistic weaknesses, which are rooted in fear. In fact, it's not us people (sons and daughters) that are materialistic, it's the information we let ourselves be captivated by, what we see, what looks beautiful and so on. Especially for our children. In my day, I'm 31 now, but when I was a child, the special effects and technological discoveries were somewhat poorer, which allowed us to not be so stressed to be perfect materially, children never had that experience, so they think this is real what they see on TV, because the graphics and effects are so flawless, the visions then become indecipherable from real life to young minds. My son even confirmed this a few years ago when I told him the movie (Terminator) he was watching wasn't real and all those people weren't really getting blown away and that the bad guy couldn't really be made of Mercury. All we have to do is realize our responsibility of having this knowledge is to share it, so from now we should speak about his openly to our youth and it will not be a problem for them to have to sort out for themselves later on.

The country and culture of the Afghan nation has ruined its own society by the way they handle their lives and in a karmic way has created its own dramas. Not to say I don't feel compassion for the innocent but hey, people must realize the only thing saving them is their awareness, and by remaining as sheep, as most people the world over regardless of culture do, I can't help but feel we almost deserve the punishments handed out by the universe. I think we should wonder if the casualties that came after the attacks on the World Trade Center on Sep11, is Karma for Afghanistan which is also a result of their ludicrous beliefs and the way they treated their women and people.

At some point the universe will give back what energy that collective consciousness had already put out.

So until we get real, which we are not, we are asleep (and we think we are not) these tragic events will happen, there will be wars upon wars, murders upon murders, like it isn't already our reality!!

Wake up lambs, wake up, we have the power of numbers, if only we could all just wake up. It would be so easy, to change, if one by one we each did the hard work, soul work, spirit work, and earth work that we have been needing to do, all the moaning, depressive, debating and arguing and powertrips would be balanced, and as we gain inner peace, one person at a time.

Whenever possible speak about your truth and learn the art of intelligent communication, because that key component is really truly powerful, making clear before you do this that your intent is positive, rather than preaching which is more like someone trying to have their 15 minutes of fame.

If we learn the science of the metaphysical, in time we will relax and love life in a fuller, balanced, more fulfilling way. It's not about becoming a critic of what's wrong and what's right, it's a deeper, more evolved understanding of our human-ness and we are ready now to understand it, as Earth and its people are evolving into a new future of technology, whether we like it or not. Don't be sheep and follow the leader, want for a better security inside ourselves, and make it happen each of us.

We all know inside ourselves the answer to the question that silently plagues us all and has power over us subliminally, 'Will Earth survive if we just go on blindly trying to keep all the requirements of society happy?'

So will you dream on, or will you wake up from that ill fated sleep???

Love and Clarity
Deborah Bower

Chaos & Impermanence    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

Chaos Theory is a dramatic new science that has forever changed the way we look at Nature, and indeed reality itself. Yet, it also bears strong resemblance to ancient metaphysical views; particularly the Buddhist doctrine of Impermanence.

Phrases like "The devil's in the details" or "What you don't know can kill you" are good starting points for understanding Chaos Theory. Simply put, throughout the history of Science, scientists have traditionally used neat formulas to explain natural phenomena; everything from steam boiling from your kettle to the movement of planets. They were approximately correct. Until recently, the computing power simply did not exist to solve more complex problems with any degree of accuracy.

However, the world is not a simple neat formula. It is far more complex. Indeed, it is precisely what you do NOT know about any given natural system that can lead to your prediction about it eventually being a million miles away from reality.

Scientists call this "sensitive dependence upon initial conditions". In plain English, it means that unless you know EVERYTHING about a system to the nth degree, your prediction of it will eventually go astray as time elapses. The chaos/disorder in the system will eventually overwhelm the order predicted by your equations.

This is why weather forecasts are frequently incorrect. It is also why economists, no matter how expert they pretend to be, can never predict the stock markets accurately, no matter how much information they have at their disposal. The fact that the data available on these, and other highly complex systems, is not INFINITE, is precisely why they can never be predicted for long.

Nature is mostly 'non-linear', and Chaos Theory seeks to describe this. An example of a linear system is a billiard ball. Give it a light push and it moves slowly for a short distance. Give it a stronger push, and it moves faster and further. In non-linear systems, the feedback can far exceed the input.

An example of non-linear feedback is stock market activity. Markets are not intrinsically dependent upon fundamental "real world" factors. Opinions, rumor and overall market sentiment are frequently bigger factors in moving the markets than the actual economics of the nation. That is one reason why crashes happen. The negativity leads to selling, which leads to more negativity, which leads to even more selling. This is the non-linear feedback effect.

Metaphysical Implications of Chaos Theory

This new science tells us that what we call "Chaos" or disorder, and what we call "Order", are really two aspects of the same thing. They resemble the classic Taoist symbol of the Yin interwoven with the Yang; each possessing a portion of its opposite.

Thus, Chaos and Order flux back and forth. Order gives rise to Chaos. This is readily understood by most people. However, the opposite is also true, although much less well understood. Chaos gives rise to Order!

The huge tidal waves, called Tsunamis in Japan, are a good example of this. One strange feature of non-linear chaotic systems is that they possess memories! They remember their previous energy states. In the case of the oceans, much of the time the energy dispersed in them is incoherent and chaotic. Thus, you see only random choppy waves. However, there are times when a burst of highly ordered behavior can emerge from Chaos - seemingly spontaneously. The burst of coherence may give rise to a wave only a fraction of an inch high (although very long) in deep ocean water, but it rapidly assumes enormous heights as it moves into the shallows. This is the origin of the Tsunami tidal wave.

In many ways, the ocean is a good analogy for all chaotic systems, including human civilization. In the ocean, Order (tidal waves) arising spontaneously from Chaos makes it clear that these are essentially two aspects of the same thing. The only constant is Change.

Yet, this is what the Buddhists have been teaching for thousands of years. In the teaching on Impermanence, the Buddha taught that all things change. Also, in their essential nature, all things dependent upon other things for their origination. Nothing is a thing in itself, and nothing lasts for ever. All things have within themselves the seeds of their own decay. Anything that we regard as "real" or "solid" or "true" rapidly breaks down under examination. Moreover, these component parts also break down further until we end up at the quantum level, about which little more can be said.

This teaching makes it clear that we should not cling to Order as if it were a desirable thing. Order simply IS. Chaos simply IS. They are two aspects of the same thing. At any specified time, a non-linear system possesses Chaos and Order simultaneously, in differing proportions. At times, Order seems to reign. At other times, Chaos seems dominant.

We see this in our bodies when they succumb to disease and subsequently recover. We also see it in the affairs of nations. They rise from obscurity, overcome rival nations to become a power in the region, impose Order on a wide scale, and call it an empire. However, over time, the opposite also occurs. Chaos gradually builds up, often from within as well as without, until the entire empire collapses in upon itself.

If you have ever seen those colorful fractal computer patterns, formed from plotting non-linear equations, you will see this interweaving of Order and Chaos in a very visual way. As you zoom into such a pattern, ordered symmetric structures give way to chaotic swirls of color. Yet, after a while, you again begin to discern tiny blobs of order appearing. These grow ever larger until they fill the screen once more. Chaos gives rise to Order, which gives rise to Chaos. They are, in fact, the same "stuff".

The implications are profound. We should not cling to Order, and thereby equate it with happiness and security. Rather, we should actually embrace change, the only certainty in life, and not express undue dismay when it appears. This is the essential nature of the flow of existence. Understanding Impermanence means understanding that you cannot keep propping up the walls when the house is collapsing from the inside. Yet, that is precisely what humanity tries to do all the time. We try to preserve our jobs, our nice homes, our aging bodies, our nation. The leaders of our countries continually seek to preserve the status quo in an ever-changing and chaotic world.

Yet, all of this bears the nature of illusion. It is not a case of preserving Order against the Chaos that threatens from the outside. It is actually a matter of realizing that Chaos is inherently part of the system and works from within! Thus, the loss of a job and the seeking of a new career is not bad news. It is simply the way things are. The rise and inevitable fall in the fortunes of nations (even YOUR nation!) is simply a fact. This cannot be changed. It will happen. It is just a matter of time.

When you also realize the total interdependence of everything upon everything else, the folly of grasping Order alone becomes even clearer. It is like bailing out a leaky lifeboat in the midst of a stormy ocean. You might do better to learn how to swim in the waters of Impermanence, rather than continually fight against them.

What does all this mean practically? Examine your life. In which areas are you bailing out the ocean with a teacup? Are you frantically trying to preserve a career, and thereby neglecting emerging opportunities? Are you vainly seeking to keep a dead relationship afloat, harking back to how things used to be, and refusing to accept that they have changed forever? Or does your desire for security and the status quo prevent you from taking a big leap into the unknown; a leap that may be unexpectedly forced upon you some day when your whole world collapses around you?

All of us are guilty of refusing to flow with change in some areas of our lives. Take a look and see where this applies to you. The more you can understand Impermanence and give up grasping your present or past conditions, and simply learn to be content whilst in the flow of change, the happier your life will be. Paradoxically, in a world of inevitable flux between Order and Chaos, the only thing that has the potential to be constant, and under your complete control, is your state of mind. It is there, and not in the external conditions of life, that you have the only chance of developing the harmony and peace you seek.

Copyright 2001, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active writer/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose.

His new book, "The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self" is available at
Visit the Mystic Visions website, and subscribe to his FREE ezine, Aspire To Wisdom at:

Law of Attraction    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Abraham-Hicks Publications    (all articles by this author)

Oct-Nov-Dec 2001 Newsletter From Abraham-Hicks Publications

Good Feels Good And Bad Feels Bad

Because you do not understand the Law of Attraction, you have picked up utterly illogical beliefs. And then you try to make those illogical beliefs fit into the framework of where you stand, moment by moment.

We are wanting to assist you in releasing those illogical beliefs by looking to the logic of Law of Attraction and letting it prove out in your own life experience. When you look out into the experiences of others, and try to make sense of what they're living, from your framework, you are extraordinarily handicapped, because you do not have access to their vibrational meter. You can't feel whether they are in alignment or not. As you try to figure out how it's working for others, by the handful of flimsy beliefs that have been given to you by parents or by churches or by government -- or by anyone who seeks to control you in order to help their experience be better -- you come out of that confused about how it works.

We are here to tell you, simply and purely, how it works: Law of Attraction is the order of this day. It always has been and it always will be. What Law of Attraction says is, "This is a vibrationally based Universe. Everything vibrates, and Law of Attraction sorts it all out." In the same way that when you turn on your radio, you're going to receive the signal that your radio is tuned to, Law of Attraction sorts out matching vibrational frequencies and gives everybody exactly what they're tuned to.

The thing that is confusing is that you are tuned into lots of different things. And most of you are not aware of what you're tuned in to until it manifests, and then you want to give somebody else the credit for it coming to you, when it is only about your tuning. It's only about where you've got your dial set. And the easiest way to understand where you've got your dial set is by paying attention to the way you feel -- because the way you feel lets you know everything about your vibrational frequency. We are going to give it to you in the most precise way that you will ever need to know: Good means good. Bad means bad.

If it feels good to you, you're in alignment with something you desire. If it feels bad to you, you are not. Don't let anybody else's determination of what is good or bad, mess up your ability to know what's good and bad.

If your house is on fire and the firemen come, and take their hoses and spray the water into your house and extinguish the fire, everyone says, "Good job, firemen. Let it be known that the firemen who came and broke out your windows and sprayed the water into your house are forevermore known as heroes." But if they come on a day when there is no fire and break out your windows and spray water into your house, you say, "It must still be good, because it is written that that action is good."

Well, that one was easy, because it's easy for you to say, "Fire. Firemen. Good. No fire. Firemen. Not good." And yet you dig up histories of long ago, where major pieces of the information have been left out, and you still come to the conclusion, "Firemen, good under all conditions."

We are appealing to your logic. We're wanting you to use the guidance that comes forth from within you to determine the appropriateness or inappropriateness of any thought, word or deed -- in your now. Not because there is some outside arbitrator who's getting his feelings hurt if you go astray, but because, in this moment, you may be pinching yourself off from the Life Force that is so natural unto you, so much what you want, and so much what you deserve.

If you think in terms of your connection to Source, first, your life will align. If you will let the thing that is most important to you be your alignment to who you are -- your alignment to Source -- then every desire that is born out of this magnificent contrasting experience will flow easily unto you.

Many of you are standing in a place different than you really would like. Sometimes you have physical conditions that you would like to release. Sometimes there are things not in your life that you would like to draw into your life. Sometimes your life is feeling very good, but you are wanting more of that which feels very good. And the Art of Allowing is your key to living happily ever after.

Now, when we say, "Happily ever after," we're only talking about "Happily ever after," here in this physical body, because happily really ever after is a sure thing. You cannot help but really live really happily, really ever, really after, because you are Eternal Beings. And you are destined to joyous experience.

Sometimes you are not living happily ever after, here and now. The only reason that any of you is not living happily ever after, in the here and now, is because you are holding incompatible vibrations within you -- that have been given to you by others, and by your own exposure to life conditions and experience, erroneous conclusions that do not measure up to Law of Attraction as we know it to be.

You know you're in alignment with Source Energy when you feel good. So let's say you're remembering something about your behavior from past experience. Maybe it happened yesterday. Maybe it happened when you were 16. And as you remember it, you feel uneasy. You feel guilty. You feel uncomfortable as you think about this.

Now many would say to you, "Well, that means you are guilty. That guilty feeling is because you did something really, really bad. And that guilty feeling is what it feels like when you've done something really, really bad." And we say, that guilty feeling doesn't mean you've done something really, really bad. It may mean you think you've done something that is really, really bad. But what it really means is, right here and now, you are choosing an approach to a thought that is not consistent with your Source Energy.

Your Source Energy adores you, and, in this moment, you are choosing not to. You are choosing to remember something that someone else said. You are concluding that you are inappropriate, while your Inner Being concludes that you are appropriate.

Any individual or a society who is, in this moment, allowing Source Energy to flow is not something that you need fear -- but something that you would all revere.

Now, some feel uneasy as they hear us express this, because they believe that the only way that the society can ever be contained, to not be outrageous foolish victimizers, is by holding them down with restraints or laws, or worrisome things like promises of punishment after death. And we say, any individual or a society who is, in this moment, allowing Source Energy to flow is not something that you need fear -- but something that you would all revere.

You put yourselves in an impossible situation, because you live in an environment where there are lots of different approaches to life. And then you wrestle one another to the ground, eternally, as you are warring over whose beliefs are really the right ones. As if there could ever be one set of beliefs that is right in all cases.

Were the firemen right, or wrong, to put out that fire? Were the firemen right, or wrong, to break out those windows? And if they were right under that condition, then are they right under all conditions? Of course not. The condition has a lot to do with it, doesn't it? You must be allowed to make your determination, in the moment. You must be allowed. And you are.

You are Eternal Beings, eternally moving forward. You cannot get it done, and you cannot get it wrong because every place that you stand is a new place of conclusion.

So let's say something happened when you were 16, or yesterday. And you are uncomfortable about it having happened. Your work, today, is to bring yourself to a place of comfort. So, we ask you, do you think that place of comfort will come to you by further condemnation? Do you think it would come to you by going back and reliving the event? Or is it even possible to go back and relive the fact over again? You can't go back and relive it. And it has nothing to do with your now.

The only thing that has anything to do with your now, is, are you letting it in? Are you letting in your Inner Being who adores you? Are you allowing God Force or Creative Life Force, or whatever it is you're wanting to call it, flow through you here and now? Or are you using some flimsy excuse of something that happened when you were 16, or something that happened last week, as your excuse to not let in who you really are?

Accept yourselves as the eternally evolving, blessed beings that you are, who have only one question to ask, and that is, "Here and now, am I lettin' it in? Never mind what happened back then. I can't go back there and let it in. I can remember not letting it in, or I can remember letting it in, but here and now, the question is, am I letting it in or not?"

When you let in who you really are, you feel so very good. When you look at yourself and say, "These are positive aspects of me," you feel wonderful, (when you mean it). When you look at your mother or your sister or your mate or a friend, or at an enemy, and you look for positive aspects, you feel good. Because when you choose a positive aspect, you choose a point of view consistent with the GOD within you.

When you say, "He makes me so angry, I could kill him!" you are choosing a point of view not consistent with who you really are. And it's not ever going to serve you, no matter how much he deserves your wrath. He might really be a rascal, and he might really have disappointed you, and he might really have done something that by most standards is considered to be wrong, really wrong. He might have broken out the windows on a day that there was no fire, and sprayed water all over the house. He might have done that. He might be wrong by most standards. But our question to you is, why would you use him as your reason to not let something so important in, here and now?

You're not ever going to get them all lined up. That's the approach that so many physical beings take. They think, "If I can just get everybody behaving well, or being happy, then, once and for all, I can be. But as long as they're not happy, or something's not going well with them, then I cannot." And we say, you can't help them unless you stay Connected. If you're not Connected, you don't feel good and you have nothing to give them.

So who does it serve by joining the ranks of the condemning? It serves nothing. All it does is spread the disconnection. Disconnection and resistance are not letting it in; allowing, love, appreciation, and looking for positive aspects does.

We've been talking about the power of bridging beliefs: Looking into my experience and finding something that allows the Energy to flow, now, relative to something that, maybe, I have not been allowing Energy to flow about.

As you move through your day-to-day experience, you cannot help but absorb philosophies and attitudes that surround you. And it's a very confusing thing, because the greater your sphere of influence -- the more contradictory information comes to you.

When you're little, if your parents are in absolute agreement, you have a sort of sense of stability. And as long as you do what they want, provided that they're consistent in what they ask of you, then you have some measurement that you can measure your life against. But if your parents were in disagreement, and one of them said one thing, and another one said another, and one of them took you aside and said, "Well, don't worry about that, we'll work it out between us," then you began to get a little confused early on. And when you went to school, and your teachers had different philosophies than your parents, and then, when you got that boyfriend who really had a different philosophy than your parents, you began to feel like you did not know what to believe.

Most of you have bounced around like corks on a raging sea trying to find your place. When all along, the place has been within you: good feels good, bad feels bad.

"Good for who?" Good for you. "Bad for who?" Bad for you. In other words, when you allow Source energy to flow through you, you thrive. When you pinch it off, you thrive to lesser degrees.

From Abraham-Hicks Workshop
Boca Raton, FL -- 1/27/01
Copyright 1997-1999 Abraham-Hicks Publications. You are loved. All is well.

Received through Circle of Light / Lady Isis's Newsletter

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