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An Automatic Writing from Me to You

Author: Deborah Bower    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 20, 2002

[In reply to Opening Words of PXN #65]


I had to reply to this, because I thought it was not accurate for me at all, I don't forget myself or my beliefs in times of crisis, to the contrary, I become stronger in my truth, and call upon the spirit when I really need it.

It's easy to forget for a hour or two or even a day when something traumatic happens, but that's normal behavior, we are our own healers, and I need to think things through before I can really concentrate on my soul or religion or have prayer for hours on end. In fact, I couldn't think of anything worse. Though by engaging awareness, I have learnt that detachment is also needed and it is a MIRACULOUS way to achieve control of our painful and angry emotions. Because violence and anger is so common these days, we are really putting out invitations to the universe to give back what we put out. I mean Collectively, not as one person receiving his karma, he also when he put out some evil intent, joined the pool of the world mind, thus putting the earth in to fairly unstable reactions. God only knows, what's next?? It's almost funny if you can step out and see earth in this way, we are like really stupid as a collective consciousness. All that's missing is the teaching of metaphysics in schools, I think that's the solution to peace.

Metaphysics should be a core subject like math or reading and not something we can choose to dabble with in high school, it should be compulsory at some point in a youth's education to learn metaphysics. And collective consciousness is inclusive in this, so if our young ones are taught properly the world WOULD hit critical mass in not that long, 10 -15, or less, I'm not a fortune teller, I'm a problem solver. Quite possibly less though if you consider as each soul awakens, it will gain greater momentum of collective consciousness, when each person, has that trigger of understanding.

Enlightenment. Not Illumination either, which is ALL society is, a twisted version of truth and reality, from wrong thinking and all the other negatives, like fear of death, and aging and blah blah blah, that the power freaks covertly promote through really underhanded manipulation, if you look at the bigger picture. And Media, is the real head screwer....... no wonder some religions banned TV, but I'm not that extreme, I like to know what's going on, but then I detach and say, "If TV had never been invented, I would never had known about the people in Afghanistan, and America's egotistical domination and standard setting type structure, through the most powerful tool, our eyes, our visions, the media, the TV. Using stunning 'glamourising' of reality to trigger our materialistic weaknesses, which are rooted in fear. In fact, it's not us people (sons and daughters) that are materialistic, it's the information we let ourselves be captivated by, what we see, what looks beautiful and so on. Especially for our children. In my day, I'm 31 now, but when I was a child, the special effects and technological discoveries were somewhat poorer, which allowed us to not be so stressed to be perfect materially, children never had that experience, so they think this is real what they see on TV, because the graphics and effects are so flawless, the visions then become indecipherable from real life to young minds. My son even confirmed this a few years ago when I told him the movie (Terminator) he was watching wasn't real and all those people weren't really getting blown away and that the bad guy couldn't really be made of Mercury. All we have to do is realize our responsibility of having this knowledge is to share it, so from now we should speak about his openly to our youth and it will not be a problem for them to have to sort out for themselves later on.

The country and culture of the Afghan nation has ruined its own society by the way they handle their lives and in a karmic way has created its own dramas. Not to say I don't feel compassion for the innocent but hey, people must realize the only thing saving them is their awareness, and by remaining as sheep, as most people the world over regardless of culture do, I can't help but feel we almost deserve the punishments handed out by the universe. I think we should wonder if the casualties that came after the attacks on the World Trade Center on Sep11, is Karma for Afghanistan which is also a result of their ludicrous beliefs and the way they treated their women and people.

At some point the universe will give back what energy that collective consciousness had already put out.

So until we get real, which we are not, we are asleep (and we think we are not) these tragic events will happen, there will be wars upon wars, murders upon murders, like it isn't already our reality!!

Wake up lambs, wake up, we have the power of numbers, if only we could all just wake up. It would be so easy, to change, if one by one we each did the hard work, soul work, spirit work, and earth work that we have been needing to do, all the moaning, depressive, debating and arguing and powertrips would be balanced, and as we gain inner peace, one person at a time.

Whenever possible speak about your truth and learn the art of intelligent communication, because that key component is really truly powerful, making clear before you do this that your intent is positive, rather than preaching which is more like someone trying to have their 15 minutes of fame.

If we learn the science of the metaphysical, in time we will relax and love life in a fuller, balanced, more fulfilling way. It's not about becoming a critic of what's wrong and what's right, it's a deeper, more evolved understanding of our human-ness and we are ready now to understand it, as Earth and its people are evolving into a new future of technology, whether we like it or not. Don't be sheep and follow the leader, want for a better security inside ourselves, and make it happen each of us.

We all know inside ourselves the answer to the question that silently plagues us all and has power over us subliminally, 'Will Earth survive if we just go on blindly trying to keep all the requirements of society happy?'

So will you dream on, or will you wake up from that ill fated sleep???

Love and Clarity

Deborah Bower

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #68

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