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Author: Gwen    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 5, 1999

This is my merkaba experience. I love my merkaba dearly.

?? On December 8, 1998 I had a vision. It occurred during that very special time between dreaming and being awake. I believe it is an alpha state.

?? I was watching the screen of a computer in a library. On the screen I saw a structure of an ancient earth civilization being covered in ashes. I had the feeling that it was the end of that civilization I was watching. As fires from the top of the building were being snuffed out from large clouds of ashy dust smoke, I heard a man's voice talking to me. He was teaching me to breathe and after a few breaths he told me, "Now be patient until it is time for your body to..." At that point I heard a noise louder than a thunder clap and saw a huge crystalline sphere burst from the computer screen. At the same time, the voice continued "LEAVE". As the voice faded I saw the crystalline sphere fly above my head. I noticed a man was inside standing with arms and legs spread. I thought, "that looks just like Leonardo DiVinci's painting "Study of a Man".

?? Then an interesting thing happened (not that this whole thing wasn't interesting). It was me in the sphere. I was catapulted faster than the speed of light through time and space. I felt the rumbling of the vibration through my entire body. I began to get scared because I was going so fast. I began to wonder if I was all alone in the universe. I began to understand that what was happening was not a dream at all. I wondered, "Now what? Where do I go?" I came back. I landed in my bed face up.

?? I was definitely affected by this. MY GOD. I flew through space. I saw stars whiz by me. Was I alone in space? I remembered that I felt cozy in my sphere. I remembered that this was not my first time.

?? The next day was equally astounding. I received a book in the mail that a psychic had told me to order a few days before my experience. She told me to order it because I see swirls and patterns superimposed on practically everything I look at. I began to flip through the pages of the book. I saw something that caught my eye. It was the man in the "study of the man" in a sphere flying through space. My heart sank into my stomach and I said "that was me!!" When I read further, I saw that this thing is a merkaba. The energy field that we all have access to that we can engage by a complex but short breathing meditation.

?? I learned all I could about the merkaba and began to diligently practice this ancient mystery school teachings regarding engaging and anchoring the merkaba.

?? I learned that the merkaba can take you through time and space, to past lives and can aid in the healing of the earth. I learned that two people can engage their merkabas simultaneously and take others along. I learned that you can travel to planets and be completely protected. I have taken other trips since my first, and they have been equally enthralling and beautiful.

?? A few days ago, I got a message from one of my guides to "let go" of the merkaba. I was sad because I thought "I love my merkaba dearly" . But of course, being the obedient initiate that I am, I stopped my meditations. Two nights ago I spoke to someone who channeled my guides for me. I asked them why they wanted me to stop. They told me they only wanted me to stop because my merkaba is fully anchored!! I have been doing unnecessary meditations. I have access to it any time I want now. YIPPEE! It is an accomplishment that used to take lifetimes. But given the accelerations lately, I have come a long way.

?? The guides also told me to begin to study the crystal matrix that I saw in my merkaba (when I asked to see GOD, I was taken to a crystalline matrix that was quite beautiful), as that is being anchored in me as well. I am not sure where this will take me, but I will try to find out all I can about it.

?? I just love the ancient mystery school teachings. There is so much out there to explore and learn about! Thanks for listening.

*Editorial addition: notice the date mentioned at the beginning, and if it doesn't say anything to you yet, I address you all to our third newsletter.

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #12

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