Project X Newsletter Expanded - introduction and subscription

One of the most important things we have established during our on-line activity is our favorite child, Project X Newsletter Expanded (AKA Project X Newsletter, PXN, PXNe or simply newsletter). The newsletter covers deep exploration into the spiritual and the paranormal, life-improving guidance, meditation, dreams, philosophy, New Age, a variety of many belief systems, personal experiences and poetry, and much more (including your faithful editor's musings). We encourage you to send us your own insights, observations, questions, stories and comments, responses and essays - simply e-mail us.

You can easily subscribe, using the following YahooGroups box. You will be e-mailed immediately to confirm your address, and from now and on you are among the ever-growing community that enjoys and shares by the means of our newsletter.

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For questions that may arise, regarding articles submission, copyright issues, advertisement, etc., we'd like to refer you to the Questions and Answers section.

All previous issues of Project X Newsletter are archived on this website. They contain literally hundreds of excellent and profound articles - but, instead of praising them, we will let you decide on your own (use the links on the top bar menu). Also, if you start reading from issue one, you will be able to follow Project X's evolution, with its ups and downs.

And finally (I've been keeping you from starting the reading long enough), a small bit of statistics:

Project X Newsletter - number of subscribers

The sudden drop in the number of subscribers in July 2002 is due to's discontinued support of newsletters. Currently the number of readers fluctuates within the range of 580 - 620, because, although new people constantly join our list, automatically removes subscribers whose e-mail addresses are no longer valid. So, please, if you'd changed your e-mail address, make sure you subscribe to Project X Newsletter again.