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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #75

May 31, 2002

1. Opening Words - Forgiveness for Power - Randolph Fabian Directo
2. Spirit Guides: A Lesson in Communication - Lady Tia
3. Lessons From The Animals - Asoka Selvarajah
4. The Hour Of Power - Asoka Selvarajah
5. Amazing Star Child - Mark Andrews
6. Contours (Between Crimson Shadows) - Lady Tia

Opening Words - Forgiveness for Power    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Randolph Fabian Directo    (all articles by this author)

Before we proceed with Visual Ray Psionic Exercises or any other type of psionic exercise for that matter we need to be unimpeded by emotional baggage, and focused with the ability to devote our entire being to the purpose at hand with complete clarity.

Right now people all over the world from all walks of life are generating their own psychic energy, but, in general, this psychic energy is weak, amorphous without purpose with a mostly depressed, life negative effect. Let's face the facts: In today's "civilized" world we are bombarded by petty emotions, trivial pursuit, and distortion of the truth by our friends, our families, academia and commercialism. Our political figures and life "experts" perpetuate trivial pursuit and discursive thought patterns by acting on our smaller concerns rather than society at large. Somehow, the people of this "free" society do not want to take responsibility for a government official that accepts payola to act in favor of large industry. Then we live vicariously through our fictitious "heros" as they commit acts of violence and mayhem, while our children, unable to discern the difference between right and wrong because of their up bringing commit acts of violence.

To top it off a hidden, dark society utilizes mind control technology to provide the illusion of "freedom" as it weakens the minds and hearts of the people - just as sodium fluoride in drinking water subtley accelerates the aging process and the Federal Reserve subtley took over the United States through economic conquest.

If the people were thinking with any real clarity, then we would be using space age medical technology instead of expensive drugs and surgery for chronic ailments. We would have over unity energy technology instead of polluting, fossil fuel burning technology and despoiling of natural resources. We would have have weather control technology instead of barren waste lands, natural "disasters" and starvation. We would have a spiritually oriented, debt-free society that actually follows holy scripture instead of a land wreaked by depression, recession, inflation, and terrorism.

Imagine the kind of psychic energy that is produced every day by an ego-driven person who had his natural living functions distorted and suppressed through most of his life - and multiply it by six billion.

The first step towards clarity for any purpose is very simple: Forgiveness. Of all the powers that the Lord has granted humanity, forgiveness is the most powerful. "How is this?" You may ask. Now, you are in my realm. If you ask how forgiveness can possibly be the greatest power that God has given us, then you have entered a strange place where interpretations and perspectives are different from the mainstream. Forgiveness begins with your self perspective. "As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So He Is" (Proverbs 27:19)

You must realize that your point of view will make all the difference in the outcome of any affair - be it psionic combat, handling a relationship or whatever. Forgiveness begins with inner directed listening for God's answers as opposed to being outer directed - listening to a supressing culture.

By using chess, we can illustrate the fundamental difference which exists. Consider the contrast between the knight and the pawn. The pawn can only go in one direction, in a straight line, with only one objective. It has no volition, no options, no will in him but to reach that objective. The knight, on the other hand, goes all over the board. Because of his peculiar way of moving, he can, with a little luck on the part of his player or a little carelessness on the part of his opponent, appear in a place where he is not expected and wreak havoc on the opposition. His greater mobility is representative of the will of a warrior - while a soldier like the pawn is outer-directed. He follows the directions of others around him and is conditioned not to think for himself.

The warrior, in contrast, is inner-directed. He follows no guidance but his own: The warrior knows when to forgive. The warrior knows when it's time for peace. The warrior knows when it's time to go forward in life. Most of all, the warrior has a conscience.

Joshua marched his army around the city walls for seven days, accompanied by seven priests carrying seven trumpets. On the seventh day they circled Jericho seven times, shouted, and the walls fell down. Joshua and his army of warriors, seven of whom were priests, performed what seems impossible - even today.

Therefore, you must begin by examining yourself. Are you an inner-directed person? Now, be honest. We would all like to think of ourselves as standing on our own, apart from the whims of the crowd, despising fad and fashion. It is part of our national mythos as Americans. The fact is that most of us look to those around us for guidance. {If you were truly inner-directed, you would not need this article or any other "life counseling" media. Instead, you should be exercising the true power of God, right now.) Some of the time this is not a bad thing. It can often keep you out of a lot of trouble. And again, being honest, there are times when the most fanatical individualist will find it convenient to get lost in the mass. We may even take the opinions of others into account. There are even times, shameful as it is to say, when we may even desire for someone to approve us because we fear the wrath of "not belonging."

David said, 'The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?' [Psalm 27:1] Who was David but one of the greatest, most fearless, and successful warriors? Did David listen to the primitive souls around him or did he listen to God?

If, after looking at yourself with all the brutal honesty that an inner-directed person requires, you discover that in spite of your best efforts you are still an outer-directed pawn, you must set yourself to becoming an inner-directed warrior. In the study of psionics, psychotronics, or your own personal success in whatever you do, your attitude is of the most extreme importance.

More than believing, more than knowing - you must live and breathe your God-Given Power. If you feel that you have faults and short comings that are holding you back and making you suffer, then it's time to use that power to forgive yourself. You must do this in order to release all guilt, and negative images of yourself. The power that God has given us is autonomous; it knows its purpose, but our constant lamentations of suffering and torment can easily be miscontrued as prayer, {"So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours" [Mark 11:24]} so it is attracted into our lives and reflected in our world. {"As Ye Sow, so shall Ye Reap" [Galatians 6:7-8]}

As for myself, I know the way the world should be. I know how things could be so much better, but I don't like to lament on how bad things are all the time. I like to be idealistic and talk about how great our lives can be. I have experienced incredible sychronicity in life due to God's autonomous thought forms including Proverbs 27:19, Mark 11:24, and Galatians 6:7-8; good and bad. The difference between you and me, right now, is that I recognize this.

You must believe that you have the power to forgive yourself in order to move on to more serious matters, so I will institute an exercise that will return that with which you were born. In essence, the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of power must become a living part of you: During those moments just before falling asleep and just before waking we are in a trance state. The alpha rhythm is at its optimum function. On the tai chi symbol you can compare this state to the place where a "head" is ending and a "tail" is beginning. The tai chi symbol is a good representation of the circadian rhythm, therefore, our daily cycle since it can symbolize the opposites of the nervous system. We have the sympathetic system (waking, voluntary state) while the other is the parasympathetic system (sleeping, autonomous state).

If you have trouble sleeping or controlling this trance state, then I refer you to the relaxation and meditation exercises at: The proper amount of time for the relaxation exercises to achieve trance state should be around ten minutes. I recommend more meditation and exercise if you are taking too much time to relax.

When you have entered this trance state between waking and sleeping you must give yourself a simple command and repeat it slowly until you have fallen asleep and once again until you are fully awake. Given time this simple command will be instilled deep into your subconscious to become an active part of your being. Surely, you have studied power figures in school or during your own studies. Christ is a power figure. Unfortunately, so was Hitler. With the power of free will that God has given you, you must make the right choice. You must decide what true power means to you. Your choice can make all the difference between a better world for your- self - or a decadent one. Your simple command during this trance state will be, "I Am Powerful."

Given time, perhaps, weeks or months, you will discover yourself waking to a slightly different reality. Your perspective on life will be reflected in your world and the people around you. Most likely, people will see you differently. You may lose old friends. You may gain new ones. The purpose remains clear. When you accept that you have the power to change your own reality then it is time to release yourself from the bondage of guilt, fear, and hatred.

There is a forgiveness exercise at: that helps with releasing negative emotions. This is my own web page, but I like to go here as often as I can. All the prayers and affirmations herein are good, daily practices for cleansing the soul from tribulations and negative impressions that we receive from this physical reality. It's no different from regular hygiene; the spirit should be cleansed on a regular basis - not only on Sunday.

The idea behind all of these releasing and cleansing exercises is to make you ready for a big responsibility. When you practice psionics of any kind your ethics, morals, and mental focus must be above any dark, lowly desires. WE have more than enough of these desires on this planet. Look at where we are and what we have now. If you believe that the world is good, then imagine a world 100 times better. You can make it happen.

Recall Dion Fortune's "Society of Inner Light" during WWII that had the threefold purpose of protecting Great Britain, blocking and destroying the evil which had taken over Germany, and laying the foundations for a better and more just world after the war. We must wonder about the still unresolved mystery of Hitler's fanatical deputy, Rudolph Hess, and his strange, some say, insane flight to England on the night of May 10, 1941 bearing a peace offer. There are strong indications that far more forces were at work rather than a guilty conscience.

I could suggest that we all get together for a little "group-soul" gestalt to try and heal the maladies and sicknesses of the world, but I think most of you are interested in something more practical. I'll cover this in another article.

Some of the greatest advice from Ms. Fortune can be extrapolated from this quote: "Nothing and nobody is altogether evil, therefore it is never justifiable to destroy any person or thing by direct action, but only to open a channel whereby spiritual forces are brought to bear upon the problem... Our work is a work of healing, and no hate must come of it..."

Forgiveness is the most powerful tool for opening that channel. When we FORGIVE we put ourselves and the problem in the hands of the Lord. Realize that there is this planet, then there is the rest of the universe. With time you will realize that all the spiritual forces in the universe are there for the asking. The Creator has given us this right. These are the saints, the cherubs, the angels. They are thought-forms doing God's bidding to deliver our lessons and balance our lives {"As Ye Sow, so shall Ye Reap" [Galatians 6:7-8]}, as the thought-form know as "humanity" tries to learn and make ready for a higher existence.

To that end I leave you with one more forgiveness exercise which you should practice on a regular basis:

FORGIVENESS, Altar of Light: Visualize an altar of any type that is significant to you. The altar glows in a soft, golden light. See a person with whom you have a challenge or need to forgive appear on the altar. Say the following, "I forgive you for all negativity between us, both now and in the past, real or imagined, remembered or unremembered. I forgive you and release you." See a golden light from your Heart Chakra beam to their Heart Chakra, enveloping their whole body, turning into a golden glow and fading away. Continue this process with as many people as necessary.

Finally, put yourself on the altar. Forgive yourself with the same words. As you fade away, take a deep breath. Slowly become conscious of your surroundings. The people you forgive do not necessarily have to be alive in physical reality. Repeat the exercise as many times as necessary until you it it is completed. The person you forgive and release will, subconsciously, reciprocate and extend love back to you.

If the forgiveness is sincere, you will notice your relationship with this person changes dramatically. Because you are free your perception is different and the acceptance of forgiveness is done on some level of all the souls involved. The souls connect and re-unify. Ascertain if the forgiveness is sincere by monitoring your thoughts and emotions the next time you see or think of this person. If you feel negative thoughts or emotions the exercise is not complete regardless of who you perceive to be at fault. Remember, you create your own reality. Mind patterns project thoughts attracting experiences that represent these thoughts. You are ultimately responsible for your reality and your emotions.

Forgiveness releases your brethren and yourself from imprisonment.

R.F. Directo

{P.S. The article which I am writing on Visual Ray Psionics has become rather tremendous. A great deal of it is theory which is scientifically oriented. I believe that the basis of psionics is essential knowledge during actual practice. Compare it to understanding the mechanics of a car instead of just knowing how to drive. Those who are accomplished at meditation would know exactly where to focus and what to heal during a trance in case something goes wrong - and what places can be enhanced rather like psychic "turbo-charging." Besides this, I believe it is the missing link between physical and spiritual realms. Please let me know if you prefer the theory presented in the context of this ezine or at my website: Go to and let me know what you prefer.}

Spirit Guides: A Lesson in Communication    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

Spirit Guides appear to us in many different forms, often ones which are most conductive to the needs of the individuals to whom they present themselves. Of course, there's an infinity of forms in which they may appear, for a multitude of goals. From Gods to Angels to Demons, purposes could range from observing individual potential to keeping an individual safe from harm.

Not always is the purpose of the communication from Spirit Guide to individual. In some cases the individual has found that they identify so well with a type or several types of non-physical entities that they seek out such entities for help to achieve a goal.

As we learn and grow, we find we may have certain needs for a limited amount of time, and eventually break off from communication with some non-physical entities. In other circumstances our Guides may see that we no longer require their assistance and depart from us, moving on to the next individual in need.

When I was quite young, I had almost drowned. A man, great in size, whom I had associated with the wilderness because of his wild hair and rough barbaric features, pulled me out of the water. He continued to watch over me, periodically for 10 years to follow. He was as tall as a giant and reminded me of a lumberjack. Sometimes as I would fall into sleep at night I could feel him sitting behind me, watching over me. After a while, he left on his own.

When I mention Gods among the types of entities which appear as Spirit Guides, I refer to greater and lesser known Deities which, from time to time may appear. Some individuals have claimed to have seen Jehovah appear before them in efforts to protect them from harmful engagements; likewise goals go along with accounts of other Deities such as Cernunnos, Vishnu, Odin, and so forth.

Other entities, the ones we associate as being helpful to the specific goals we set for ourselves may appear as a variety among which Angels, Demons, Faeries, and Dragons are merely a few. Contacting such entities could assist us in our own goals; analyze dreams, aid us in our magical works, and even guide us on a path of enlightenment through learning to understand our Guides as well as ourselves. I, myself, have been visited by Watchers and Demons on rare occasions and either looked upon or assisted in a protective manner. Likewise, I've also had contact with Dragons and Faeries, though the goals for contact with them have not always been for my protection.

While I've been visited by Spirit Guides independently and called upon some as well, the majority of my communication with non-physical entities has occurred in the ethereal, and in dreams. It's been rather easy for me to slip into both physical and ethereal for whatever purpose. Sometimes there's a serious lot of questions that I need answered which can only be done by crossing over into the realm of Dragons, and when that is the case I go. Other times, it's into a realm where Tuatha de Danaan exist. For visits to either Dragons or Danaan, the goal could range from personal questions to more universal quandaries. There have also been times when I have been contacted not because I needed protection but because they did.

As I previously hinted towards, the lesson in communication that is the bond between the magical practitioner and all the Spirit Guides with which they are in contact is not for the sole benefit of just one party, but rather both sides. Despite the fact that they may have a wider immediate scope of things than we sometimes do, we are similar in many ways. Working with our Spirit Guides is just as vital to the needs of progression that comes from, say, working with the Gods.

There are other ways in which we may have contact with Guides. One, for example, would be if they are with us constantly, not as a Spirit floating behind us everywhere we go or sitting in a chamber in a realm we visit, rather, something much more personal. Say, for instance, you had a material possession which contained an essence, that you carried around with you all day, every day. Amulets or weapons for example work perfectly in such a case. Chances are, the spirit would essentially be a part of you, after bonding to you, though separate enough in its own right to help guide and protect you from day to day. If we were aware, we might see a figure move against the refraction of light in a clear quartz stone or stone-cut design.

Last year, I met a woman not far from where I live who had one such Guide inside of an opalescent piece of jewelry she wore around her neck. She saw me from a distance and when she noticed my pentacle, she approached me and asked me some questions about her necklace. Inherently I knew exactly what she had. Now I'm not about to suggest that the rules of communication with Spirit Guides are always the same, regardless of what forms in which they appear, because I'm sure that is certainly not the case. They seem to vary in circumstance and add to the journey on the path that we walk enriching our lives with a multitude of experiences. Sometimes, the non-physical entities we refer to as our Guides come to us in the form of dreams, or fill us with words of wisdom just after we wake, in this language, or others. Working with Spirit Guides does not always include knowledge acquired through complete seriousness of a situation. It is a lesson in communication. A lesson in spiritual relationships, which helps further define and understand our own spiritual nature.

Lessons From The Animals    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

According to religion and modern science, animals can be taken completely at face value. In essence, the modern notion is that they are little more than robots made of flesh, enslaved to their programming and instincts. Hence, is it any wonder that we are given dominion over them in the book of Genesis?

However, if you are willing to divest yourself of the brainwashing, a new and wonderful revelation reveals itself. There is an intelligence, and a sentient wisdom, present in animals. It readily reveals itself as soon as you are willing to look with fresh eyes.

This notion is hardly new to tribal peoples, who live in direct contact with nature. They need no laboratory, or scientific tests, to determine what animals are capable of. The innate respect these people have for Nature opens their minds to many wonders; marvels that remain a mystery to the mass of humanity.

Even the tiniest animal, upon closer examination, can reveal a level of individuality that might seem incredible. In her book, "The Voice Of The Infinite In The Small", authoress Johnny Elizabeth Lack proposes that even insects have a mysterious wisdom about them and, at the very least, a degree of individuality that most of us never observe.

I have personally witnessed two remarkable instances of this myself, largely as a result of the increased awareness I gained after reading this book. On once occasion in the woods, I happened to watch a group of ants at work. Two of them were dragging a rather larger insect carcass back to the nest. They were having a very tough time of it, tugging and heaving through the tangled blades of grass. At one point, one of them stopped for a while and walked away, out of direct line of sight of the other ant and their joint labour. It proceeded to clean its mandibles. This went on for at least a couple of minutes. Then, it walked back to the other ant and continued working on the job!

This demonstrates a remarkable fact. The ant seemed to have a memory of what it was doing several minutes ago. Yet, it doesn't have a brain! Rather than wandering off in search of a new task, as a "mindless robot" such as this should do, it went back to the job it had been doing minutes before, despite the fact that there was no direct line of sight between it and the insect corpse.

Another instance of insect individuality came when I first moved out to Italy. I was equipping my new home, and had to stay there for five weeks with the minimum of personal belongings or personal entertainment. At this time, three flies took up residence in the living room. After several days, they had still not left. Then I began to notice a remarkable thing. One of the three showed a distinct liking for settling itself on my knee whenever I was reading or watching TV! He would not move, but would just sit there for as long as I was still. Sometimes, it would not be my knee, but some other place, like a fold in my jeans. However, if I looked for him, I would eventually find him somewhere! Indeed, after several weeks, the other two also picked this habit up.

If I looked him straight in the eyes, he would always turn himself through 90 degrees after a few seconds and look in another direction! In other words, he did not like me "eyeballing" him! This happened literally dozens of times over several weeks, and so it is definitely no fluke.

I also observed that my flies were remarkably well behaved, and never troubled me at meal-times. I would leave my plates on the table for a little while after eating, without washing them. This gave them a chance to have their share. As long as I left them something afterwards, they never seemed to bother me whilst I was actually eating.

Contrary to what people think, flies are solitary and really do not like each other's company. Whilst one fly was always content to sit quietly on my leg, another was not. He always preferred to creep up on either of the other two and suddenly jump them from behind in a guerrilla attack! This is another example of a level of individuality in animals we consider to be little more than flesh machines.

Both in Myth and in the lives of tribal peoples, animals are teachers and guides. They can heal and help us if we open ourselves to their influence. Certainly, I find this to be the case with my cat, Hermes. He is a very calming and healing influence upon me, at a time when I have been encountering some stressful life situations. His presence makes them much easier to cope with. With the aid of a collar and lead, we are able to go for walks together in the local park or in the woods. It is a healing, calming experience to watch him leading the way, stopping to sniff some leaves on a twig, rolling in the earth, or wading slowly through the tall grass.

He is very good at Hide and Seek, even though he cheats the whole time; watching where I have gone to hide. On the occasions when I manage to conceal myself successfully, I can peep at him wandering methodically from place to place, checking out my usual hiding places one after the other. It's a marvel to see him doing it; his little brain at work: "OK. He's not there... or there... or there. That means he must be... behind the bathroom door!" And indeed, he is quite right!

Anyone who has really spent time loving his cat or dog knows full well their complete capacity to reflect that love back, and to create a deep and mysterious bond between human and animal. It is not an illusion, or our sentimental imaginative projections, as some scientists would tell us. These animals can display a wide range of emotional responses that we can recognize and identify with. For instance, cats are very jealous of their companion's (a more accurate word than "owner") love and attention.

I was amazed and concerned at the way my Hermes stopped eating and drinking for almost a day, when my father, uncle and aunt came to stay for a while. Initially, I thought he was ill, as he is usually VERY active and naughty. Instead, he just stayed glumly in his box, and even resisted being pulled out. Both my uncle and the vet said that he was jealous because I was paying attention to other people besides himself, and he did not like them on his territory either. All this proved to be the case.
Hermes was 100% himself within an hour of my relatives' departure! Good riddance, he must have muttered to himself!

If you ever get the chance to tend to a young bird that has fallen from its nest, it is a blessing to do so, albeit very hard work too. Whether the bird survives your care or not, the experience will teach you a lot. The first sparrow came to me a year ago, within a few hours of the death of my uncle. I have heard tales of such "hauntings", i.e. visits from animals following the death of a loved one. It was an unearthly experience to actually participate in one. Sadly, the sparrow did not survive beyond the second night, which was apt, given the circumstances of his arrival. I was very sad for over a week. Yet, this little messenger from beyond taught me a huge amount; far too many lessons to mention in this brief space.

As I write these words, I am tending to a new baby sparrow. Happily, this small visitor has survived his fourth night with me and is doing well. The difference in care between the two birds is a small but revealing one. These birds need companionship and noise. In the case of the bird that died, he was with me in the bedroom the first night and was fine as a result. On the second night, thinking he might prefer a quieter place, I left him in another room which was silent and dark. In retrospect, I realized that such an environment is not natural for these birds. Too late. He died of fright.

Last night confirmed this beyond a doubt to me. The first three nights, the present sparrow has stayed in my bedroom, perfectly happy to remain in the box I have provided for him. However, last night he refused. Every time I put him back in it, he came out again and went scuttling around in the dark, trying to find me. Initially, I thought he was still hungry and tried to feed him. That was not the problem. The problem was that he/she wanted ME. You see, I was mummy now, and the little bird wanted to spend the night sleeping right up close to me!

That is what had to happen in the end. Of course, I spent a difficult night sleeping flat on my back the whole time, careful not to turn over, whilst the little sparrow slept contentedly against my cheek, or on my chest, or in my hand. All of this reinforced upon me the fact that LOVE is a universal force, recognized by all beings. It is not the sole preserve of humans. This little being needed something very badly last night, but it was not food or drink, or even a comfortable place to sleep. It needed to know someone cared. That can be the difference between life and death, and literally was in the case of these two birds.

In conclusion, even a cursory but open-minded observation of animals reveals that there is a much richer depth to their private lives than will ever be revealed in a biology textbook. First Religion, primarily through Judaism and Christianity, taught us that we were given dominion over the animals, and are hence at the top of the pyramid. Next, Darwinism reinforced this with alleged scientific evidence for "survival of the fittest"; most noticeably, US. Now, traditional Science tries to perpetrate the myth that animals are just robots programmed by instinct.
Consequently we can, without any guilt, put them in line to be turned into hamburgers, perform cloning experiments upon them, shoot them for pleasure, and perform a whole range of other activities that confirms our deep-seated philosophical belief that these living beings are mere THINGS, apart from our glorious selves.

Do not buy into these second-hand notions, without checking out  the facts for ourselves firsthand. Now is the time to renew your heritage and get to learn the lessons and heart-warming unfoldments available through the animal kingdom. Do not approach them as a superior. Instead, approach with the open-hearted wonder of a little child, willing to learn whatever is there to be learned. A world of wonder will open up to you. And learn, you most certainly will.

Copyright 2002, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.

The Hour Of Power    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

Archimedes said that if you gave him a lever big enough, he could move the world. The same principle of leverage applies in your life. In this case, we are talking about the use of a small amount of time each day to revolutionize the results you get from the rest of your day and your life.

If a person would take just one hour out of every day, and devote it to personal development, he/she would rapidly achieve extraordinary results in life. This is the idea that is being presented to you here, and one you would do well to take seriously. Before you even think of saying that "you can't afford the time", consider this: you can't afford NOT to! Too much of the time, our well-intentioned resolutions for self betterment fall by the wayside. Certainly, we intend to take our personal growth very seriously. Yet, it either never happens at all, or if it does, fails to yield the results we might have hoped for.

This is often because there is little consistency in what we are doing. Sometimes, we go at it strong and appear to make good progress. However, with no set routine to fall back on, we are always at risk of letting the whole thing slide when something "important" comes up. By establishing an hour of power - a regular daily period for self-growth - you prevent this from happening and make solid progress rapidly. Many people devote regular time to physical exercise, which is to be applauded. However, doesn't your mental life, and your very future, deserve the same respect?

What does this hour consist of? To a large extent, you can shape it as you wish. However, there should be certain elements present. There should definitely be time reserved to set and review your goals. This would include writing them out by hand to reinforce them upon your mind. All this could take 10-15 minutes. There should be a period where you actively visualize the successful achievement of your dreams. Here, you use all of your imaginative inner senses to bring your desired future into your present subconscious reality.

You could spend 20-30 minutes of your hour reading a personal growth book, or listening to tapes from motivational speakers. Remember that in order to recondition your subconscious, and raise the vibration of your thoughts and what you attract to yourself, you need to be continually feeding yourself with positive material. If you have spent much of your life thinking negative, and being fed unhelpful ideas by those around you, it is vital that you consciously reverse the process and impregnate yourself on a regular basis with the ideas that actually help you move you forward and upward.

Perhaps 5-10 minutes of your hour of power can be spent actually planning out your day? Alternatively, if you do your hour in the evenings, then you can plan out the next day. This would simply involve listing out the things you need to do, and ranking them in order of importance. Clearly, we are not talking about remembering to do the shopping, or going to see the latest movie. Rather, you need to list and execute the actions you can take that will propel your life forward, and then make sure they get done. Simply listing your activities for the day, ranking them in order of importance, and making sure they get done will change your life dramatically!

Nobody can create your hour of power for you. It is down to you to decide on the components you want to include. Perhaps a period of quiet reflection on your life is something you would wish to include. Decide on what you want to do with the time, and plan it out. Do not just set aside an hour and then drift through it without any plan. Sub-divide the hour into discrete sections, e.g. 15-minute chunks, and have an idea of what you will do in each before you even begin. Indeed, your very first hour of power may be devoted to planning out all the others to follow.

Also, it may not be one hour in a single sitting. You may find it better to do two half-hour sessions, at the start and end of the day respectively. That is fine too, if it works for you and your time schedule. However, do not sacrifice the hour total. You do need that amount of time to make it work. After all, this is not "wasted time". Rather, it could be the key component in taking you forward towards your dreams and goals.

Give some thought to this idea and consider making the hour of power a key part of your daily schedule. We are so involved in so many activities that we need a solid chunk of the day to revitalize our hopes and dreams, and keep ourselves going on the right path. Yes, given a large enough lever, you could indeed move the world. But first, you have to move yourself!

Copyright 2002, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.

Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active author/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose. You can visit his website at:

Amazing Star Child    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

My "homie", Homie

     The term "homie" became popular in the '90's among members of Hip-Hop culture as a word to designate a friend or fellow gang member who lives in your neighborhood (your "home" turf... one of your "home boys / girls").
     There has been much written in the past few years about the sudden and very mysterious appearance of "star children", especially among those born since the mid 1980's. The "psychic children of China" are a prime example. They display astounding abilities to "read" from closed books, remote view, predict future events, as well as all of the other traits that one would normally associate with someone gifted with exceptional psychic abilities.
    I have also noticed many such mysterious and "gifted" children among that same age group living here in the American Midwest. It is theorized that these children are the result of a hybrid joining of human and alien genetics; the apparent intended goal of many abduction cases involving pregnant women.
     One of these "star-kids" in particular is one of my "homies". He is now 5 years old. He lives across the street from me with his mother, sister, brother, and grandparents. His name is Homer, but he goes by "Homie". He's my "homie", Homie.
     Homer is slightly taller than the normal 5 year old. Since his 5th birthday (Nov. 16) he has begun to experience not only a growth spurt, but also accelerations in intelligence and intuitive abilities.
     Homie has the "classic" hybrid triangular shaped crowning at the top of his head. His hair seems to grow in an oddly cropped pattern, as if his scalp just isn't all that sure whether or not it really wants to sprout hair in the first place!
     His eyes are his most "human" feature. They are unusually large, but not over-bearingly so. Homie's eyes are brown and bright; full of joy and wonderment as they take in the sights of the intricacies of our world.
     Homer has a very sensitive, gentle and caring personality. He frequently shifts from being reserved and timid (nearly "invisible") into spontaneous bursts of out-going, playful, gregariousness.
     I have always taken note of Homie's outward "hybrid" features. But last year, I began to notice the emergence of mental and intuitive qualities that leave me just a little bit stunned.
     One day last year, when Homie was four, he decided to pay me a visit. He was captivated by the many (mostly silly) "alien" artifacts that I have dispersed around my living room. When Homie speaks, it's often difficult for me to "get" what he's saying right at first. He speaks very softly with a mild, fluxing. melodiousness that verges on chanted song. His response to my alien trinkets was one of recognition. "Ah!, look at all the aliens!", he gleed with a broad smile.
     He then turned to me with a sympathetic expression and a vocal tone of someone who is attempting to give comfort; he then encouraged me, "You don't have to be afraid of aliens. They won't do anything to hurt you. Some of them are good and some of them are bad, but they won't really hurt you......... Not really." (Chills down the spine!)
     He then pointed to my globe and observed, "That shows you where the planet is!" (A curious remark coming from a four year old with no previous schooling.) He then showed himself around the living room, observing the various items and equipment. He would frequently ask questions about things that he saw around him. Before I could answer his question, I heard the correct answer coming by way of Homie's own voice, having been telepathically drawn from either my own thoughts or from the thoughts of an unseen "3rd party".
     Homie would also frequently lower his voice even more, as if he were whispering to this invisible sidekick, and then laugh or respond in some other way to whatever it was that only he himself had heard coming from them. (I was beginning to feel a little "unnecessary" in my own house!)
     There have been many occasions when I would see Homie round and about my yard. Several times, he has told me about events that were about to transpire. (Approaching storms, new stray animals that would soon be passing through our neighborhood, bumps and bruises that his sister would soon experience, etc.; all future events concerning which he could have had no "reasonable" fore-knowledge).
     Recently, Homie has taken a renewed interest in coming to visit, spurred partly in the fact that I have moved a lot of old "junk" from inside the house to my side lot to be taken to the dump. One day last month, he came over to see if I had a "magnet-glass" that he could use to make things look bigger so he could see them better. Now, honestly!; I ask you... How many people do YOU know who just happen to have a (magnifying) glass sitting around in their living room??? Well, I DO, but it was NOT there on the day when Homie took his tour of my living room! I brought it to him and his face lit up, "SEE, I TOLD you he had one!" came the words through Homie's mouth. (Wow!) He then went around the yard with the activity of someone on a "guided" horticultural field trip, using the glass to examine specimens of plant and insect life. The dialogue coming through him was truly amazing, and was spirited with all of the astute inquisitiveness of an "alien" biological research team taking their first "hands on"  tour of life on a new and distant world.
     In one of his recent visits, Homie spotted a large photograph of Mars that I have attached to my wall. He informed me, "That's the planet of the aliens.". (Well, that's ONE ufological question that we can put to rest! ) And, in fact, there actually IS considerable theorizing about the fact that Mars might indeed be (at least) a base planet for extra-solar ETs needing a closer landing pad for their visits to earth.
     I also recently found a yo-yo that I had stashed in one of the drawers that I'm (attempting) to clear out. I offered it to Homie without any explanation or instruction. Again, his face lit up and he exclaimed, "A YO-YO!".
    I asked him if he had ever had one before, he told me "No." I asked him if he had ever played with one before, again he said, "No." And just as quickly - of course - Homie began speaking the instructions regarding the proper use of a yo-yo;  the geometrical and structural dynamics behind its movements, and even saying, "Oh, THAT'S where you're suppose to put your finger through!" And then, he caused the yo-yo to spin on its string and bounce back up to his hand with the ease and assurance of an "old pro" who was handling one for the first time in many, many, (many) years.
     One day last week, Homie was playing in the next yard with our mutual neighbor's grandkids about his age who had come to spend the day. Homie looked very "concerned" as he came to share with me, "They (the other kids) said that you're an alien."
     So I asked him, "Do YOU think I'm an alien?" Homie looked back at me as if he were trying to give the whole matter one more quick analysis before giving a conclusive answer.
     "No," Homie quietly returned, "You're not an alien... Not any more."
     For all of his other-worldly qualities, Homie is still a very enjoyable "kid". He has lately made friends with two of the many Hispanic kids that we now have on our block. One of them is also helping Homie to learn words and phrases in Spanish. I was in a rush Friday as I pulled in and out of my drive way, making a stop at home only long enough to grab some materials as I scurried from job 1 to job #2. Homie and two of the Hispanic kids were playing in the open lot next door.
     When Homie saw me pull up, he couldn't wait to tell me the big news!...
     "That kid can speak Spanish!", he announced as he came running up to me.
     "Oh, yea?", I returned.
     "Yea!", Homie replied, "He speaks "REAL" AND Spanish!".

Dat's my homie!

Contours (Between Crimson Shadows)    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

in the shadows of the rose I lie
I want you; I desire to lure you in with my fragrance
and so I shall
and you can't resist my vivid petals
I can resist your gaze but you cannot resist mine
I can give you your every desire -
but once your energy is mine, there will be nothing left for you to offer
but this is not how I want it to go down
I struggle to live by an ethic held by few for centuries
and not to easily take what's rightfully yours
tomorrow they come for me
the others who dwell in darkness, given high regard to my prowess
and the next day the hunters, secretly looking to spill my blood
tonight I drink to the hope that the two shall meet
missing me altogether and finding their ends by one another

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