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Amazing Star Child

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 31, 2002


My "homie", Homie

     The term "homie" became popular in the '90's among members of Hip-Hop culture as a word to designate a friend or fellow gang member who lives in your neighborhood (your "home" turf... one of your "home boys / girls").

     There has been much written in the past few years about the sudden and very mysterious appearance of "star children", especially among those born since the mid 1980's. The "psychic children of China" are a prime example. They display astounding abilities to "read" from closed books, remote view, predict future events, as well as all of the other traits that one would normally associate with someone gifted with exceptional psychic abilities.

    I have also noticed many such mysterious and "gifted" children among that same age group living here in the American Midwest. It is theorized that these children are the result of a hybrid joining of human and alien genetics; the apparent intended goal of many abduction cases involving pregnant women.

     One of these "star-kids" in particular is one of my "homies". He is now 5 years old. He lives across the street from me with his mother, sister, brother, and grandparents. His name is Homer, but he goes by "Homie". He's my "homie", Homie.

     Homer is slightly taller than the normal 5 year old. Since his 5th birthday (Nov. 16) he has begun to experience not only a growth spurt, but also accelerations in intelligence and intuitive abilities.

     Homie has the "classic" hybrid triangular shaped crowning at the top of his head. His hair seems to grow in an oddly cropped pattern, as if his scalp just isn't all that sure whether or not it really wants to sprout hair in the first place!

     His eyes are his most "human" feature. They are unusually large, but not over-bearingly so. Homie's eyes are brown and bright; full of joy and wonderment as they take in the sights of the intricacies of our world.

     Homer has a very sensitive, gentle and caring personality. He frequently shifts from being reserved and timid (nearly "invisible") into spontaneous bursts of out-going, playful, gregariousness.

     I have always taken note of Homie's outward "hybrid" features. But last year, I began to notice the emergence of mental and intuitive qualities that leave me just a little bit stunned.

     One day last year, when Homie was four, he decided to pay me a visit. He was captivated by the many (mostly silly) "alien" artifacts that I have dispersed around my living room. When Homie speaks, it's often difficult for me to "get" what he's saying right at first. He speaks very softly with a mild, fluxing. melodiousness that verges on chanted song. His response to my alien trinkets was one of recognition. "Ah!, look at all the aliens!", he gleed with a broad smile.

     He then turned to me with a sympathetic expression and a vocal tone of someone who is attempting to give comfort; he then encouraged me, "You don't have to be afraid of aliens. They won't do anything to hurt you. Some of them are good and some of them are bad, but they won't really hurt you......... Not really." (Chills down the spine!)

     He then pointed to my globe and observed, "That shows you where the planet is!" (A curious remark coming from a four year old with no previous schooling.) He then showed himself around the living room, observing the various items and equipment. He would frequently ask questions about things that he saw around him. Before I could answer his question, I heard the correct answer coming by way of Homie's own voice, having been telepathically drawn from either my own thoughts or from the thoughts of an unseen "3rd party".

     Homie would also frequently lower his voice even more, as if he were whispering to this invisible sidekick, and then laugh or respond in some other way to whatever it was that only he himself had heard coming from them. (I was beginning to feel a little "unnecessary" in my own house!)

     There have been many occasions when I would see Homie round and about my yard. Several times, he has told me about events that were about to transpire. (Approaching storms, new stray animals that would soon be passing through our neighborhood, bumps and bruises that his sister would soon experience, etc.; all future events concerning which he could have had no "reasonable" fore-knowledge).

     Recently, Homie has taken a renewed interest in coming to visit, spurred partly in the fact that I have moved a lot of old "junk" from inside the house to my side lot to be taken to the dump. One day last month, he came over to see if I had a "magnet-glass" that he could use to make things look bigger so he could see them better. Now, honestly!; I ask you... How many people do YOU know who just happen to have a (magnifying) glass sitting around in their living room??? Well, I DO, but it was NOT there on the day when Homie took his tour of my living room! I brought it to him and his face lit up, "SEE, I TOLD you he had one!" came the words through Homie's mouth. (Wow!) He then went around the yard with the activity of someone on a "guided" horticultural field trip, using the glass to examine specimens of plant and insect life. The dialogue coming through him was truly amazing, and was spirited with all of the astute inquisitiveness of an "alien" biological research team taking their first "hands on"  tour of life on a new and distant world.

     In one of his recent visits, Homie spotted a large photograph of Mars that I have attached to my wall. He informed me, "That's the planet of the aliens.". (Well, that's ONE ufological question that we can put to rest! ) And, in fact, there actually IS considerable theorizing about the fact that Mars might indeed be (at least) a base planet for extra-solar ETs needing a closer landing pad for their visits to earth.

     I also recently found a yo-yo that I had stashed in one of the drawers that I'm (attempting) to clear out. I offered it to Homie without any explanation or instruction. Again, his face lit up and he exclaimed, "A YO-YO!".

    I asked him if he had ever had one before, he told me "No." I asked him if he had ever played with one before, again he said, "No." And just as quickly - of course - Homie began speaking the instructions regarding the proper use of a yo-yo;  the geometrical and structural dynamics behind its movements, and even saying, "Oh, THAT'S where you're suppose to put your finger through!" And then, he caused the yo-yo to spin on its string and bounce back up to his hand with the ease and assurance of an "old pro" who was handling one for the first time in many, many, (many) years.

     One day last week, Homie was playing in the next yard with our mutual neighbor's grandkids about his age who had come to spend the day. Homie looked very "concerned" as he came to share with me, "They (the other kids) said that you're an alien."

     So I asked him, "Do YOU think I'm an alien?" Homie looked back at me as if he were trying to give the whole matter one more quick analysis before giving a conclusive answer.

     "No," Homie quietly returned, "You're not an alien... Not any more."

     For all of his other-worldly qualities, Homie is still a very enjoyable "kid". He has lately made friends with two of the many Hispanic kids that we now have on our block. One of them is also helping Homie to learn words and phrases in Spanish. I was in a rush Friday as I pulled in and out of my drive way, making a stop at home only long enough to grab some materials as I scurried from job 1 to job #2. Homie and two of the Hispanic kids were playing in the open lot next door.

     When Homie saw me pull up, he couldn't wait to tell me the big news!...

     "That kid can speak Spanish!", he announced as he came running up to me.

     "Oh, yea?", I returned.

     "Yea!", Homie replied, "He speaks "REAL" AND Spanish!".

Dat's my homie!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #75

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