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The Abductee

Author: Roy    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 15, 1998

"Finally, an UFO related experience," one can proclaim. Roy was abducted in the past, the abduction was partially clouded as disguised as a dream, nevertheless, he remembers it in details; we hope it will be published on our Project Y website, coming up in January '99. Roy has an inoculation mark behind his left shoulder, like the one left from a shot the most of us received in the childhood. However, he claims that he had no such shot in the past. On December the 7th he had a night full of (dreams of) UFOs, aliens, abduction; later, the shot marks almost disappeared from the skin surface - I can witness that. According to Roy, he dares anyone who had such marks for short periods of time to reveal himself.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #3

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