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Aldarow: the chosen one

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 15, 1998

On the night between December the 7th and the 8th I had three dreams, the contents of the first two are unimportant, but it involved me applying an 'influence' on the others; an 'influence' that was going from my body toward the other human being. It was empowered in the third dream.

At the beginning I was next to a female psychic, who was doing a 'reading' to a customer. Then I expose her, saying (and yelling) that she tells only general things, mostly concluded from the customer's words. Later I call her a fraud, which she actually is. At that time, I was among simple people, who recognized me as "the chosen one"; their behavior reminded me of the biblical times, although the time was supposedly the present. As I unmask her as a crook, she (on her knees) asks whether I will mock and humiliate her further, I answer that although being the chosen one I actually might, i. e. I'm still no stranger to human qualities. Also, a man attacks me, I pierce his heart with a spear and decapitate him, but only when I apply my 'influence' over him do I manage to control him and get rid of him. Between all that happening, I am visited by a family with two bare-footed children, a boy and a girl, with whom I discuss a very complicated astrological scheme (influenced by something I previously read in reality), and I am trying to tell the children that Taurus is actually bull (=BS). But the more important part is the people, among whom I am accepted and acting as the chosen one and JESUS. At the end, all of us stand on their knees on the edge of a ravine, getting prepared for a Jewish prayer. I, as the chosen one, do not move my lips according to the words, since I don't want to say this prayer -- I don't believe in Judaic prayer, but I might throw in an occasional "Amen", and I try to put my hands together as the other do, but it is also can be complicated, as I see from another man. In any case, I am kneeling amidst the ancients Hebrews and silently looking at the sky, as a VISION, one of the most powerful ones I beheld during these years, comes to me. I stagger backwards while trying to describe it to the others, mixing in my sentences the styles of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

On the background of the sky I see colossal stairs, forming a pyramid; to the left of them there is a gigantic harp ("nevel" in Hebrew), to the right -- a wing. On the top of the stairway is a curtain, I perceive by my inner mind that it rises, behind it black clouds, lightnings and thunder, and there appears... At this part I should state/see "God", but I understand that to see God will be so final and so unbelievably overall (I'm not sure how to put it), that I utter that behind the curtain I behold (the glowing eyes of) evil knight, that guards the body of the monster buried at Ukraine (I don't know where did the last statement come from either.)

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #3

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