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Paranormal on Web

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 5, 1998

Today we present to you some of the most intriguing discussion groups on the Usenet:

1) alt.dreams -- very helpful and popular group; just post your dream there, and you'll get it analyzed by Freudists, Jungists, or guided how to analyze it yourself.

2) alt.dreams.lucid -- a smaller group, but on any ordinary day you can find there a few tips for Lucid Dreaming; the people posting there are very sharing; in addition, Lucid Dreaming FAQ is regularly posted, a very helpful resource for those who wish to control their nocturnal visions.

3) alt.out-of-body -- dedicated to astral projection, this newsgroup is cross-referred to the previously mentioned one. Want to learn how to achieve vibration state? How to separate? What to do in those astral realms? This is the group for you.

4) alt.paranormal -- this is were the war is. You won't find here any discussions on unusual matters, but insulting remarks by low-life pseudoskeptics directed against the parapsychologists, psychics and New Age people. If you wish to rescue this once interesting newsgroup, post only topic-related messages, and ignore the dirty replies. Enough with the flaming and blaming, start talking paranormal!

5) alt.conspiracy -- many racist accusations are traveling here, but for those who think that paranoia is not decease , but precaution, this is the right place for you. Take a look to some subsequent groups as well: alt.conspiracy.jfk, alt.conspiracy.princess-diana, alt.conspiracy.spy, alt.conspiracy.antichrist, etc.

6) Additional NGs worth to stop by: alt.meditation, alt.astrology, alt.horror (for horror movies fans),,,, and much much more...

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #2

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