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Comments by Cutula, Tiamat

Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 5, 1998

Greeting Aldarow,  :)

    I loved the newsletter absolutely!  I do have a few q's though.

Nostradamus predicts we will meet the first alien (publicly) in December 7th?!  Since I do believe in them, that rather freaks me out.  I'm nervous now about that date, but ...  hmmm.  I think you would know the feeling, too.  Second, I've not had much experience with flocks or swarms, but have you ever heard of Image Streaming.  It's a technique developed by Win Wenger who is with Project Renaissance and it's supposed to bring forth the true power of the human brain.  The 'freaky' powers (what magick is consisted of), and also the genius number/math type powers.  But he was teaching a seminar on this and they got into a religious debate about consciousness after death, and they all imaged streamed on the issue without having preconceived thoughts about it and they ALL saw some form of billions of butterflies rising from a meadow into the sun!

    Also, just as a note, I attempted astral projection a few days ago and I just about got my astral body out.  I was about 3/4 out and I dropped back in because a couple very large semis passed outside and jumped me.  But I know that my ears were filled with a deep, resonate humming, my body tingled immensely, and when I woke up, I couldn't move for about 5 seconds.  :)  I absolutely loved it though!

Your friend,



Editorial response: The flocks were much more disturbed and disturbing. Astral projection is my next goal to achieve; I would like to hear any tip anyone has on how to AP.



     This is the envied, and talked about Tiamat.  For the record I have no sisters.  I like the array of stuff in the newsletter....but i thought my things were going to be in this newsletter, if i am mistaken, that's alright.....just let me know.

     What was that about aliens?  And what part of '98 are we talking about?  Does the website for Project X have a chat? If not, perhaps it would be a good idea to add one, so that all of us could meet in there, share ideas, etc.

     Also, about the hypnosis, if the concentration levels are high enough, and expanded well, it does not take very long to lose track of time and gain clear and concise sights and visions in less than 20 minutes........that is quite easy.  I have done it in the past.

     I would love to officially meet you, other than through e-mail.



Editorial response: I was actually thinking of Project X chat, when I got your letter. Everyone on the receiving list will be announced when and where such chat will be arranged; it probably will be on simple IRCnet, rather than installed on our website.

Also, it seems that UFO landing predictions caught everybody's attention. If it won't land indeed, at least our awareness shifted toward this possibility. There is a positive side in every event.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #2

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