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Aldarow's latest dreams: November 23-24, 27, 1998

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 5, 1998

1) Conspiracy dream:

November 23rd-24th

I meet four women in a van, and then a black man, and suddenly I remember, that all of us were involved in a conspiracy-related story/plot/intrigue; somehow, though, I forgot then everything afterwards. As me and my black companion approach an almost abandoned old house, all surrounded by weeds, I recall pieces of what happened. I'm trying to tell him, that I don't remember his name, the names of the others, or even my own name! I only remember a name of a woman, something like Berrette. I wanted to tell my friend, that it is only a TV series we are participating in (my variation of a semi-lucid dream), but I chose not to. In the house we meet an older woman, who gathered all of us here; as she goes upstairs, I'm telling her I have a question, not yet regarding the current conspiracy, but more general one: "Why was my memory blocked?" Her explanation was hard to repeat, or it wasn't said at all. As the dream collapses into another, I'm sitting in the living-room of my childhood in front of a TV set, watching a conspiracy series, but, alas, they are starting from the first episode, when the hero is still a boy, going underwater.

Remark: Was I connected to conspiracy already in my childhood?! And what does the gathering mean? Any remarks, reader?

2) Hypnogogic sounds:

November 27th, early in the morning

I wake up, then trying to fall asleep back, while holding the Amethyst. The stone works as a dream generator, since I have multiple dream visions: every thought is transformed into a small dream. Somehow amidst this dreamy festival I manage to become self-aware (similar to Tibetan technique of staying awake while body is asleep, once suggested to me by Steve Dubois; sorry for not replying, Steve). My body is almost paralyzed, and there is a bright light -- like in Hypnagogic state; I'm getting prepared to hear and sense presences behind my back, as it have occurred in the past. Instead of that I hear a distant voice, as if a stand-up comedian performing, since after every sentence spoken there is a laugh of an audience. I am obliged to state here, that no TV or radio was on at that early hour, neither there was any TV or radio show of that content scheduled, therefore the voices were of other source. Were those sleep hallucinations, something buried in my memory or messages from the beyond, I cannot tell you for sure.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #2

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