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Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 20, 1998

Thank you, Dale, for directing my attention to the recent CAUS updates. CAUS ( is Citizens Against UFO Secrecy; I guess the name says it all. Peter A. Gersten, the editor of its daily newsletter, CAUS updates, was considered a very realistic UFO researcher, always bringing the latest sightings, fighting the governmental cover-ups; you can find all of that on CAUS site. However, his tone changed, as on November the 11th, if I understood it correctly, he was ACTIVATED, and the whole perception of the Universe was changed for him. Good for him, since for most of us it takes a few years, but then again, we do entering the Age of Aquarius. Therefore, the breaking news are: on December 7th, in Sedona, Arizona, ends the countdown to UFO landing, and it will be the Final Conflict. It all still remains to be seen, just a touch of addition from Project X: latest Nostradamus's interpretations tell us, that the mankind will see the first alien in 1998.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #1

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