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Aldarow's latest dreams: November 10-11, 14-15, 1998

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 20, 1998

1) Time: the night between November 10th and 11th - the day when Peter A. Gersten was activated, more on that in the next section. I was walking in a shopping center, saw my former English teacher, looked at her face, but she didn't recognize me. Then the time slowed down, everything occurred as if in slow motion, as I noticed a thief snatches something from a store and runs away. I immediately catch him by twisting his arm. Later, when it's already night and the mall is closed, I return there to investigate the villains' plot. I face a swarm of bees, sent against by evil force, then a swarm of lizards/snakes is around me. The ultimate horror comes, when I has to enter a dark vast room near me: it is a supermarket at night, but I need to go there for my investigation. I choose not to - the place, so black and evil frightens me enormously. At the end of a dream I hide at a random stranger's apartment, trying to find some old nature magazines with mentions of appearances of any small animals' swarms.

Back to reality: during the following days, I once found myself amidst a swarm of little pale butterflies; when me and Rinor went to buy the stones, we saw a disturbed flock of sparrows.

So, what is your opinion, reader, what do those flocks/swarms symbolize? The Evil is coming? The era of changes? We need you to contribute to us on this matter.

2) November 14th-15th: I dreamt I'm meeting Tiamat (she is one of our site's visitors) and her sister (do you have one in reality?) here, in Israel. Then I notice a few shining points on the daylight skies afar. Those are UFOs coming. As the dream develops, a global disaster takes place, people hiding in shelters, and a Godzilla-like monstrosity melts everything it meets.

Remark: What is the meaning of the UFOs, you might ask? Again, I would suggest the next section, only notice one fact: I've seen the UFO invasion BEFORE I received the following news.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #1

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