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Pandora's Box

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 30, 2000

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (11/18/00)

Pandora's Box - setting the record straight.

The first mortal woman was forged by Hephaestus (Roman Vulcan), and was named Pandora (all-gifted) because each of the gods gave her a power that was to bring about the ruin of man. On her marriage she brought as her dowry a large vase (Pandora?s Box}. When she opened it all evils flew out, and have ever since continued to inflict the world. Or so the story goes.

Hope alone remained in the box.

Often, the phrase "To open Pandora's box" is used to indicate the folly of releasing all evil's again. A phrase designed to dissuade pursuit of a particular course of action, often another phrase, "Starting on the slippery slope of....", (insert your own perceived folly here), is another dissuasive term. It would seem to me, if Pandora did release all evils, then the deed is done, once and for all. The cat is out of the bag and the horse is out of the barn already.

It seems reasonable to assume Pandora did release all evils for they are evident all about us.

But wait a minute!

Pandora can perhaps be blamed for all evil released, but evil itself can do nothing. The most we can ascribe to Pandora, was the release of the knowledge of evil. Evil has no capacity to do anything, alone. Evil requires a human individual to select and use a particular aspect of evil for it to manifest. I would hazard to guess Pandora would have noticed nothing when she popped the cork, for evil alone, has no form or substance.

Pandora got a bad rap and so did Eve, even if only in the man-made stories!

Evil, in fact, has no existence without an enabler. Whether an individual chooses to activate a particular evil is "free choice", our most sacred right. In this regard, I hereby absolve Pandora of any committed evil in the world and bring the focus back to those that choose to activate an evil, thereby making it a reality.

What say you?

It cannot be Pandora's fault an individual chooses to manifest an evil deed - can it?

There is good reason why Pandora's box needs to be opened again. Hope alone remained in the box. If hope is within Pandora's box, then releasing it is a worthy endeavor, not a despicable one. It is time then, to set the record straight and advocate that opening Pandora's box again is a good thing, for all it contains is hope and hope is all!

Releasing hope may get us on the slippery slope of world transformation to a better way. Slippery slopes sound like fun to me!

Are you game?

Doug AkA WaveWarrior

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #49

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