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We are in for a bumpy ride the rest of this year - hang on!

Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 13, 2000

Earth changes are taking place all over the globe. Earthquakes, tornados, floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions. There will be snow in areas where snow has not been seen before. New flood planes are being being developed. Mother Earth is reclaiming her territory. The rivers and streams are the veins of Mother Earth and they have been clogged with debris (man made dams and pollution), she is shaking them loose and where man has rerouted the rivers and streams she is bringing them back into their natural order. But remember no one is experiencing these things that did not sign on for this adventure. There are no accidents, there are no victims. There are only lessons and experiences.

This year so far has been a year of miracles, visions, wondrous signs of things to come, as well as many earth changes. But change is the name of the game. Changes are taking place on a cellular level as we are ascending into the next dimension. So as our physical body changes we are experiencing some health problems. As our mental bodies change some are experiencing temporary loss of short term memory. Walk into a room, "Now what did I come in here for?" Start a conversation and in the middle of it, "Now what was I talking about?" Don't worry your not getting senile, it is only temporary. As our emotional body changes we are releasing old pent-up emotions. We may cry for no reason at all. We may get angry and let off steam. As we change spiritually we may start to see visions, see the dimensions begin to blend, feel someone next to us, yet not see them. Hear voices. Smell strange odors. See colors and lights. Those who are refusing to go with the tide, who are fighting the changes are those who are having the most difficulty. So hang in there. The ride has just begun.



Originally published in Project X Newsletter #46

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