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Cults & Brainwashing The Definition Thereof

Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 1, 2000

The word cult has been bandied about for as long as there has been different beliefs and most people who use it have no idea the true meaning of the word and just how far reaching it is. The same is true of the term brainwashing. Do you think you are capable of being brainwashed? Do you think you have ever been brainwashed in your life? Do you belong to a cult? The answer to these questions just may surprise you... read on.

The New World Dictionary of The American Language gives the following description of the word cult: cult 1. a system of religious worship or ritual 2. (a) devoted attachment to, or extravagant admiration for, a person, principle, etc., esp. when regarded as a fad [the cult of nudism] (b) the object of such attachment 3. a group of followers; sect cul'tic adj. cult'ism n. cultist n.

The New World Dictionary of The American Language gives the following description of the word brainwash: to indoctrinate so intensively and thoroughly as to effect a radical transformation of beliefs and mental attitudes.

The media, as well as others who relish in judging others who do not believe the way they do, and those who just don't take time to look up the word in the dictionary, speak the word "cult" as if it is something to fear. Then you have the so-called and self-appointed "deprogrammers" who are convinced, and convince others, that everyone who believes in something other than mainstream religion is brainwashed and needs to be deprogrammed. Now take a look at the definition of the word cult. Do you see these people working to deprogram the Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Mormon, Christian, Unitarian, and every other organized religion? No! Do they not fit the definition of the word cult? The very ones who condemn and judge others for their beliefs are the very ones who are also cult members. Do they not walk the same path in their belief system to fit the definition? And do they not also fit the definition of the word brainwashed? Of course they do.

Sometimes it is a good thing when someone has to walk in the shoes of the one they have judged and condemned. And that is one reason there is reincarnation. To allow a soul to experience that which they did not fully understand before and so therefore feared it and condemned it as being wrong.

Always align yourself with truth WHAT IS, not what you think it "should be" or "you want it to be," but WHAT IS. For when you as an individual, or as a family, or as a group, or as a culture adapt to what is true then that truth will support you. But if you go against reality what is true what is, then you go against nature, and it will destroy the individual, the family, the group or that culture. Always align yourself with the truth. Truth is your major ally. And what is truth? Truth is WHAT IS. Not always the same for everyone. Your truth may not be my truth. Does that make one of us wrong? Of course not! It just makes us different. And this is what scares the daylights out of people... differences.

We all must learn to live and let live. We must learn to allow others the right to choose and follow their own path regardless of whether we think it is right or wrong. For there is no right or wrong, only choices to be made and only the soul making that choice knows the reason for it. We are not to sit in judgement upon that decision.

Groups of souls come together in this lifetime to make their life-choices together, as well as individually, for reasons that is only necessary for their soul to understand. Do not stand in judgement upon these people for you do not have that right. "Judge not lest Ye be judged!"

So the next time you come in contact with someone whose belief system is different than yours, listen with an open mind and you may just become enlightened. For it matters not whether you are Christian, Catholic, Presbyterian, Jehovah Witness, Wiccan, Buddhist or Atheist, you are following your own path back to the Creator of ALL, THAT IS the Higher Power that created it ALL and of which you are a part of... for we are ALL ONE... we are ALL a part of the tapestry that makes up ALL THAT IS, and ALL THAT IS, is GOD/GODDESS/CREATOR... whatever term you wish to use.

Remember this if you remember nothing else: "Knowledge without kindness, courage and love has no meaning."

"Love one another as I have loved you." John 15:12




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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #44

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