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Author: MoonFyre    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 1, 2000

Harmonic Convergence

Dear Alex, I have touted the joys and miracles of the August '87 convergence brought about for years, here is what I saw happen since.

Two months after the Convergence, we had the Great Stock Market Crash that caused the fall of many of the Patriarchal Finances. New York state had to borrow money from the federal government because of bankruptcy. Then Perestroika, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the de-unification of the Soviet States of Russia. Countries fell and re-emerged in sovereignty. Many good works were accomplished through all of this heartache and pain. And we overthrew the Repugnant Party. Granted, we have gotten to know Bill and Hillary a little more than we wanted to, but we as a nation just became a laugh a minute, but now that is behind us also. We have gone through the birthing pains of new thought, rejecting the Nazism of New World Orders We as a people are very quietly taking back our control in this country. Yes, we are crippled by the Repugnants on the Supreme Court, but they will not be as long lived as the Democrats who all managed to die in time for that idiot Ronnie to reappoint his favored few and thank goodness the Repugnants drink themselves into early graves. The meanness that was so popular in the '80's is winding down, and the Cocaine Christians are now starting to level out and stay out of our faces.

We all know that Jr's campaign slogan of "Compassionate Conservatism" is an oxymoron like Nuclear Medicine and Happy Workers, but that too is being stifled by the good people who refuse to accept the gloom and doom espoused by Newtie and Rush Limbow, Arlen Spectre and that old fool Strom Thurmond.

I was filled with joy as I watched the New Year unfold around the world. People sang and danced around the world. They did not drink and mess things up, they drummed, sang, danced, gave homage to the Great Spirit and brought in a sane and safe New World Year. There was only one death around the world at the mass gatherings. In New York City, 5 million people awaited the arrival of the New Year with only 16 arrests in the 24 hours. We celebrated as a world of loving, generous, happy, respectful people, who had long awaited the New Millennium. I watched for the entire 24 hours and we were wonderful. I was proud of being part of humanity. The best part of humanity. I know that we can do it again. We are giving the Earth back to our children. We can control the polls, the electorate, the senate, the legislature and the presidency with the stroke of a pen. The opposition has worked for decades to bring depression, apathy and blinders to the American people, and now we SEE. We have no where to go but up and forward. We are doing it now as we read the words of others to give us heart and hope. Like your newsletter.

Also please go the and also to You can donate food and trees to the Earth for free. Please use these every day. Most people forget about these sites on the weekends, so please consider hitting every day.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings.



MoonFyre, thank you! Thank you so much! I love when there is a follow-up letter to an article I published in the newsletter. Indeed, the mass consciousness, as I was telling all along, is shifting toward self-cleansing, releases itself from the clutches of redundant absurd old values. The same process, I believe, takes place in Israel as well, although it progresses even more awkwardly. The society finally sees the pointlessness of religious enforcement, as well as the ridicule in the whole right wing - left wing partition.

Thank you for the kind words about our newsletter as well. I will publish your letter, if you don't mind, along with my response. Take care, dear friend.

Alexander Aldarow

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #44

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