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Heavenly Appointment Kept

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 1, 2000

On a humid summer evening (July 29, 1997) at around 7:30 PM, I was sitting in a lawn chair at the side of my home when I experienced a most dramatic apparition.

I was noticing the slow movement of the light clouds in the Southern sky when my eyes locked on to a globe of soft white light that rested motionless against the backdrop of the passing clouds.

As I watched, the image of the Virgin Mary took form through the orb. She stood with her arms outstretched as if calling the world to herself. Just as quickly, the image changed to that of Christ on the throne of judgement.

Until something like this happens to you, it's not really possible to say exactly how you are going to react. I responded by standing and repeating the phrase, "Oh My God!" I'll admit that it wasn't the most reverent or profound of all possible acknowledgments!

The image of Christ remained in the sky for only a few seconds and then vanished along with the gentle ball of light. I was naturally shaken by the event and spend several hours pondering its meaning.

I prayed that The Lord would allow me to get a photo image of what I had seen to be able to share with others. This prayer request was granted quite unexpectedly one month later on 8-29-97 when images Christ and the Blessed Virgin appeared as I shot random photos of clouds. (See attached photo #1 below)

Today marked the 3 year anniversary of the Heavenly apparition, so I was naturally hopeful that I would be granted another visitation by Christ and The Blessed Virgin. I waited for the right time (around 7:30 PM) and sat in the same lawn chair; looking at the same spot in the sky. I waited for a few minutes and became aware of the sound of my neighbor's dog barking. I got up and walked around the house to see if he was barking at someone at my door. I noticed the young single mother from across the street heading for my front door. She was making a point of coming to let me know that she hadn't forgotten that I had loaned some money to her and to tell me that she would repay me as soon as she could.

As we stood there talking, up rode my friend John on his bicycle. He is a rather pitiful soul who suffers from an intrusive brain disorder that precludes his being able to hold down a regular job with any success. I've been paying him to help me a couple days a week with my delivery jobs. He was just dropping in to let me know that he would be at my house tomorrow at the regular time. I stood there (in the middle of the street) with John and the young lady on either side.

Both conversations ended quickly, and I came back in to my house with a slight disappointment that I had not received a visit from Jesus and Mary. I guess I was half way across the living room when I was washed with an energy from The Holy Spirit, and jolting chill down the spine.

The young girl across the street is a Virgo (The Virgin)

John's last name is Caluzza (he goes by J.C.)

"And the King shall answer and say unto them. Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Matthew Ch 25; 40 KJV

Our Lord and Our Lady DID remember!

1. SKY (Mary and Christ)

The image of Christ (left) and the shadowy image of The Blessed Virgin.

Both photos were taken at approximately 5:30 PM CST on August 29, 1997; just a couple of hours prior to the accident that killed Princess Diana. And one week to the day before the death of Mother Teresa. A lens from a pair of sunglasses was used with the photo of Christ.

Mary and Christ

2. ANGEL (Angel of Sirius)

This photo was taken on Sept. 8, 1995. It shows a female human extraterrestrial in the process of returning to her ship. We would think of the process as a "beam up". She is a crew member of a star ship from the 4th planet that orbits the "B" star of the Sirius star cluster. The Sirian humans have now begun a program of familiarizing the people of earth to their presence here as well as their relationship with us. They tell us that we on earth are the descendants of human extraterrestrial colonists who first came to this star system more than 20 million years ago.

They tell us also that there are more than 2,000,000 planets in our galaxy that are populated by humans; as well as another 7.5 billion planets inhabited by non-human intelligent life.

Angel of Sirius

May these photos bring you hope, joy, and all blessings


Mark Andrews

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #44

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