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Red Herrings

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 1, 2000

Three months ago I gave in to THE urge to complete volume one of my book series, "Excerpts from the Brain Wave Diary, a seekers guide to seeking sense. This has absorbed much of my "free time" in the mean time, so I have not done any extracurricular projects like submissions to your great e-zine. I am pleased to say the book, volume I is finished and available. The attached Brain Wave excerpt is a recent one and is submitted for inclusion in your next Project X newsletter issue, (if it passes muster). One note for the readers of "Red Herring", it is intentionally provocative and somewhat "tongue in cheek" so should not necessarily be taken as literal. If anyone is interested in early copies of Volume I of the "Brain Wave Diary", they can contact me directly for more information on obtaining pre-release, "hand crafted" copies at (

Reference: "Brain Wave Dairy" (07/29/00)

Beware the red herrings!

Given the obvious travesties in our world where every day it is easy to see the epidemic rise in nonsensical rationale, insane judgments in the courts, rage of every kind, injustice, and standards falling in every direction, it is also easy to imagine a cohesive evil force behind the scenes. It would seem some sinister collective is manipulating the very core of society in an awesome display of control, shepherding the hapless sheep to the fold of servitude.

Surely none of us would allow ourselves to be manipulated in such a fashion unless something big was behind it all - would we?

Dare I say it - a conspiracy for final mass control, power beyond comprehension, force of unimaginable magnitude! Ninety percent of the population here to serve the needs of a fortunate few. Slavery in its grandest form. Is this possible? Could it be pulled off?

Years ago, I wondered at how total control of the world population could be wrought and administered. It seemed easy to see the prerequisites of such a move.

What are the absolute requirements for an individual to remain alive? Take control of these and a sinister power would have absolute control of everything.

Unfortunately, there are only three things to gain control of that meet the absolute survival criteria, good air to breathe, potable water to drink and healthy food to eat. Controlling any one of these or combination thereof represents an opportunity to leash us all.

Fortunately, two of these are free abundant commodities which all individuals have easy ready access too. Gaining control of good air, good water and good food would be impossible, would it not?

No danger here then for world mass control!

How bizarre I would ever live to see the day when potable water, oxygen rich air and unsullied food products were salable and only to the fortunate - NAW, never - what a silly thought. Still, these things have remained my personal test for pending mass control.

The process would involve making almost all water on earth un-potable, almost all air un-breathable and mess with the food chain bad enough that a person could keel over with every bite or be paranoid to eat it, period.

Impossible to do, right?

But how would THEY quietly and foxily go about pulling off such a feat? We would be up in arms, resisting such a dastardly ploy, we would never allow such travesty, would we? Of course not, unless of course our attention was redirected away to other, more apparent and all consuming matters like real TV shows, who wants to be a millionaire, academy awards, sporting events and a never ending stream of religious and political jousting sprinkled with a plethora of junk science announcements.

A never ending stream of red herrings like this, might do the trick and keep our minds dim and occupied!

Oops, I have to go now and buy some water to drink, (I wish it did not cost more than gasoline to buy!) In Japan my friend bought oxygen from a vending machine to ease his respiratory problems, I hope my cousin managed to buy some more organic food at the black market.


In favour of a world the way a world should be...


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #44

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