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The Encounter

Author: Gary Voss    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 1, 2000

You may, or may not consider what I say next to be of a sound mind, but I assure you nonetheless, I am not alone with respect to what I am about to share with you. Not too long ago, I had a remarkable vision, but unlike one as such that is related to someone who is asleep, I was wide awake in my back yard when I looked up into the very early morning sky (0400 hrs. - that's 4:00 A.M. for those who do not translate military time). As I looked up, I saw what I thought was two white birds flying wing tip to wing tip, descending at a 45 degrees angle from the southern sky over my rooftop, heading northward. As these creatures approached closer towards my location, the suddenly appeared to emanate a rather strange glow about them, thinking to myself, that this just might be a mere reflection, from the light reflecting off the moon, bouncing off of the whiteness of these birds, I didn't think anything unusual was going on there, as my analytical logic would have me to believe. (...was I ever so wrong!)

Just as I thought it was over, these creatures were not quite finished with me yet! And as I continued to observe, they had all of a sudden emitted a real bright "flash" of white light, and changed not only shape, but increased their size right before my disbelieving eyes! No longer was I seeing two white birds, as I did just a brief moment ago, but as I shook my head, and pulled at the haris of my neck in disbelief, I looked closed my eyes, and looked again, yet these huge beings of light were still hovering right over my head. They appeared to be massive in size, their wings must have been at least twenty feet across, and their humanoid glowing bodies appeared to be at least some three feet across, and 8-10 ft. in length! I just froze in awe and wonderment, as goosebumps surged through my entire body, as I held witness to these awesome beings. I also noticed something else very strange was going on during this brief encounter, I felt all of the hairs on my body standing straight up, and this odd tingling sensation like a moderate electrical current pulsing and surging through me, during which there appeared to be some kind of vortex air current just below these creatures. Just as all of these sensations occurred, suddenly I felt like I just grabbed a hold of an electric fence, or the equivalent of such, during which time something else was beginning to happen to me. I felt a sudden ringing in my ears, and this sensation of pressure, kind of like what you would feel, when being submerged in deep water, or going down a deep gorge, of a mountain.

As these new sensations became intensified, I started to experience a series of images flashing in a fast forward sequence. This new and unique visualization experience was like being in a tunnel, and watching a video being projected with a lot of bright light, only in very extreme "fast-forward". As the images faded, I felt a sudden reprieve of release, and shaking my head from the dizziness, and loss of oxygen from hyperventilation due to the physical stress associated with this encounter. I dared myself to look up and upon them again as if to say, "Hey, what was all that about? and why me?..." right then these beings began to move again, and as they departed, I swear, I thought I saw a "feathering" pattern upon their backs, now I really was besides myself at noticing this! Were they Angels? Just what exactly were they? I was thinking all sorts of questions to contemplate, as they began their departure moving northward, yet never did these wings of theirs move, in fact they just remained outstretched, as they continued to move forward, faster and faster, then suddenly like a streaking star across the sky, they did just that, and were gone like a flash of light that they were.

Since this encounter, I have never quite been the same, I have many strange dreams, more vivid, than ever before, about places and events, that are just to difficult to describe, or put into words for now. However as a result, I have founded a new Organization called "T.A.P.-T.E.N." - "Temporal Accelerator Project" and Temporal Explorers Network", and, yes, it has to do with Time-Travel, and a lot more. Many people are getting involved in this research, and we are still recruiting more members every day from all fields of life. If you would like to learn more, please send us your email request with "TAP-TEN" in the subject line, so we can distinguish the nature of your request.

Thank You.

Sincerely; Your Friend in "Time" p)'i4q4

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #44

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