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The Citizens' Nonviolent Human and Civil Rights Organization

Author: Sister Hebe Quicksilver    (all articles by this author)
Published on: June 10, 2000

Whetting the Appetite for Education

To understand the needs of Man, both Male and Female, it is essential to discuss who Man is in the environment, what Man does in the environment, what happens when the natural faculties of Man are impaired or obscured and what it is that leads to the obscuring of those natural faculties.

The law of cause and effect states that every action has an equal and opposite (or corresponding) reaction. This is the physical law that gives Man entrance to the womb of the universe, where matter (elements) and energy intercourse to give birth to the future. It describes how energy moves and reverberates, and it is a compelling reminder to us that we as human beings are made up of energy (we call it spirit) as well as being movers and molders of energy. It whispers to us that we may be much more than we know.

All the earth, animals, plants, water, wind, everything moves and transforms energy. But, though all other beings on the earth are vehicles of energy, we are, not just the vehicles, but also the drivers. Human beings are unique in that, to our knowledge, we are the only creatures in the earth able to be aware of the effect we are causing both within the earth's system and beyond. We are able by act of will to choose how to expend energy and then to evaluate the outcome of those choices. This ability determines the natural work of Man, which is to evaluate what is needed in the environment and then to manifest it.

Since Man exists in community, marriage, home and government are the institutions that focus the energy or spirit of a community upon the fulfillment of both their common and individual needs. These institutions are the womb in which conscious citizens incubate matter and energy into their common, chosen future. The value of preserving these institutions must be understood in every home by every child to be the determining factor in securing our inalienable rights (those rights which cannot be sold, given, or transferred to another) for our future generations.

It is therefore reasonable to say that generation and creation are the natural estate of Man. The human mind is naturally geared by its neurological makeup to administrate these activities in its environment, which is made up of space, energy, elements, and motion. However, human beings are born basically helpless into this environment, with incomplete nervous systems. In order that they may develop the analytical brain function characteristic of humans, they must literally finish growing their nervous system by feeding on the information they collect or that presents itself to them through their environment. From birth to age six, the human capacity to learn is at its peak with virtually the only limit being the skill and commitment of an educator.

But for a child's nervous system to make useful connections and function properly, truth must be presented to their senses. Truth is the solid foundation upon which correct decisions can be made and definite actions can be taken to achieve reliable outcomes. There cannot be a commitment to fulfilling any course of action when the outcome is perceived to be unstable and unreliable. If the decision-making faculties of a child's mind are fed fantasy and not fact from birth, then there is no foundational network of truth for the mind to draw upon. This condition is called miseducation, and it breeds the stagnation and retardation of both individual (psychological) and community (sociological) development.

Fantasy is not a primary product of the human mind. Fantasy is generated when there is something that is a) not known, and b) assumed unknowable. If a child's mind is not calibrated with the orderly rhythms of music, mathematics and science from birth, they have no basis upon which to intuitively administrate order. This means that the child will draw from any arbitrary, random information they have collected and will attempt to create order in their surroundings based upon those assumptions instead of through their creative intuition as it reflects and reinterprets the orderly rhythms of the universe. This results in chaos - albeit through no ill-motive on the child's part. We must principally call all conduct of this nature misconduct, and all information of this nature misinformation, that which propagates ignorance of truth, principle and order.

Every component of misconduct is based on misinformation and fantasy. The mind uses the information it gathers to follow a train of thought to determine a course of action. When faced with an unacceptable outcome of any course of action, it will begin to evaluate the problem or need and intuitively formulate a method to correct and improve. If no applicable truth is stored in the mind, imagination or fantasy will be generated in an attempt to intuit a strategy that fills the gap and corrects the outcome, but this produces an unstable line of reasoning. The mind will proceed to work with this instability but will also continue to generate error. Let it also be noted that without truth, it is impossible to evaluate and correct this error.

It is a law of the physical universe that nature will not tolerate a vacuum, and this applies to that which we see, and also to that which we cannot see, even to thought. So, when a factor is unknown and assumed unknowable, the mind will seek to intuit an answer by imagining what should fill that 'vacuum'. When fantasy continues to produce unreliable outcomes, then the mind begins to do two things. It begins to become superstitious, and it begins to seek ways to sedate itself.

There is a false religion that venerates fantasy. It is called entertainment. Entertainment is what the mind does with its creative powers when there is no groundwork of truth upon which to determine a course of action. Entertainment's obsession with sex and romance is a tribute to its main function, which is to sedate the pain of being incompetent to define, reason, plan, structure, and administrate work through logical thought.

Miseducation reinforces entertainment, and builds a consumer economy around the exploitation of the struggle to survive the pain of misconduct instead of basing an economic system upon the principle of thermodynamics, or upon that which is perpetually generated and sustained by a mind operating on truth.

Miseducation prohibits self-governance, breeding mental slavery. The effect of miseducation is to disable the mind, to convince it that it cannot know anything to be true and therefore cannot solve problems without an external authority. If a person cannot solve problems with their own mind they must begin to look for someone who can solve problems for them and so become dependent upon consuming what someone else generates. This condition creates deficit, debt, extortion, and oppression.

The pathology of addiction follows entertainment, because addiction is, in principle, the compulsive or impulsive muting, sedation, or diverting of the natural flow of physical energy as an alternative to directly defining, reasoning, planning, structuring, and administrating that energy. Another working definition of addiction is the pursuit of pleasure at the expense of freedom. This is exactly what entertainment does. It confuses the mind into imagining that freedom from responsibility is freedom, when in reality the authority to determine ones own course of action is in direct proportion to the degree of responsibility that is shouldered. Freedom from responsibility is the outcome of addiction, not the fruit of liberation.

Entertainment sets up a condition of perpetual violation, because it is generated instead of truth and drives an economy that is threatened by truth. The mind is naturally at work and does not crave to be entertained, but to be educated. However, the mind that is addicted to entertainment loses its taste for generating logical thought and the natural work that flows from it. Miseducation creates a compulsion that will deceive and distort reality. Without the foundational building blocks of truth that are needed to generate and produce out of natural work, the mind perceives entertainment to be a priority and continuing to feed, clothe and protect self and family to be a painful burden.

Gangs are an outgrowth of fantasy's attempt to govern obsessive pursuit of entertainment. Since there is no thought given (because it is too painful) to what it takes to generate what is needed in order to govern the self and the community, the best that can be achieved is damage control. Needs are abandoned. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is exchanged for the compulsion to take life if deemed necessary to maintain 1] advantage and 2] the privilege to pursue entertainment without interruption. Gang mentality is actually the toxic by-product of miseducation.

Interpersonal relationships without the benefit of truth become another attempt of fantasy to govern the obsessive pursuit of entertainment. The reproductive organs are recruited as instruments of addictive, destructive, abusive rituals, with parenthood as an afterthought and children only slightly more welcome than diseases. Law enforcement takes on characteristics of gang mentality and government becomes a cold, heartless substitute for parenting and education. There is no aspect of society or the individual that is not violated, no natural impulse not perverted.

The purpose of the Citizens' Nonviolent Human and Civil Rights Organization is to begin to grow new, correct connections in the minds of citizens between the effects of miseducation and the causes of personal and social problems. There has to be a grassroots movement that is dedicated to making tools available that will prepare the hearts and minds of people to accept, then demand, education.

Since the heart is the place where information is weighed and sorted, the heart has to be healed first of the effects of this universal, perpetual violation in order for a person to summon the courage to replace fantasy with truth. The experience of truth and the nature of love is the subject of our courses of study, which are taught by the law, "Forgive us of our violations as we forgive those who have violated us." As abstract law is applied to human interaction, cause and effect begin to lose their mystery and we are reintroduced to them as a plumb line, a tool for consciously weighing, measuring, and planning the future. Motive and intent are studied, and the logical series of truths that must be followed for integrity to be built are identified.

We are seeking to introduce citizens to the high road, to the highest hypothesis of human thought as a basis for "experiments with truth", as Mohandas Gandhi called them. Though not religious in delivery, we seek to harmonize traditional religious vocabularies with objective thought, encouraging families and communities to define and communicate their understanding of universal law in their own familiar languages.

Education, family, and community building is the only acceptable work for citizens at this critical juncture in the history of this great nation. With the effects of over 40 years of moral relativism to study, we have enough historical data on the outcome of that sociological experiment to merit the return to more concrete ethics in our educational systems and our communities. If you are interested in hearing more about the philosophy and goals of the Citizens' Nonviolent Human and Civil Rights Organization please contact me, Sister Hebe Quicksilver, at:

Toward a more perfect union,

Sister Hebe Quicksilver

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #39

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