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Opening Words

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: June 10, 2000

As another hot June afternoon settles upon our town, I sat behind my computer to write my Opening Words, before I can send the newsletter to you and to the rest of the world. If you have been reading our articles for a while, you have noticed that spirituality, indeed, is our central issue. For me, personally, the utmost important topic is everyone's personal realization that we exist far beyond our 3D realm, that we are free souls in the free Universe, capable of doing whatever we desire - as long as it does not harm other fellow beings. So far a wide variety of spiritual perceptions were openly discussed on the pages of Project X Newsletter, along with descriptions of incredible personal experiences and various methods of achieving extrasensory events. We have brushed along the contradiction between the "New Age" method of free spiritual development and the uptight religious concept of strict rules that will reassure our redemption (the funny thing is that we have never rejected religious opinions, but there were almost no 'and vice versa'). We have also mentioned the unfortunate people who refuse acknowledge their own divinity and, instead of shaping their destiny and living the life to the fullest, they doomed themselves to carrying around their Karmic burden.

There is another type of spirituality I came across recently, and it really upset me. It's, what I coined, a "spiritless spirituality". I'm referring to groups of "mystics", who, despite the awesome knowledge they possess, never bother themselves with responsibility, or fail to see what is the goal they progress toward. Dealing with magic energies, energetic weapons, creating worlds and 'purpose creatures', they still perceive it either as a child's toy that they can boast about, or even threaten others with, or act as if it is a "harsh work", a "factory shop" where they manufacture the likes of themselves. The knowledge and the way they treat it is destructive both to them and to the people who come in contact with them. And if someone dies because of incorrect formula, they just shrug and move on. Talking about a serious contradiction to the Universal law!

Don't take me wrong, those folks are not evil, they are far more progressed beyond 'black and white, good and evil'. It's just... I don't know... What's the use evolving, if your heart is not involved?

Well, I had to get it off my chest. On a much brighter note, let us proceed to the essence of the newsletter, and it's the wonderful articles people are unceasingly (keep 'em coming!) sending to me. Remember the Red Pill article that Sister Hebe published in the previous edition. Well, there was such a tremendous response to her feature, that she opened a Hebe's Family Forum mailing list (, to continue communicating with the people about her views and her organization. In addition, she sent me another profound article, which you have now the chance to read. But first -

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #39

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