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Today's Mail: Poltergeist and Sleep Paralysis

Author: Rhonda    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 27, 2000

I have always been curious about the unexplained. Searching for why they may happen and how to have an open mind when they do. But over the last four years I have had several experiences with what I feel are two or three different entities.

One is what my children and I refer to as 'Mr. Friendly'. Unusual occurrences such as the computer and curling iron turning on, there was no timer set and it was not a short. Then there have been other circumstances that may or may not have been 'Mr. Friendly'. Nothing frightening but a little uneasy feeling surrounding them at times. All the car doors locking as we pulled into the driveway, a picture falling off the wall (the hook on the picture and the nail in the wall still in tact), the television turning off and on several times then staying either off or on, footsteps in the house when everyone is in bed, a lamp with a turn switch turning on and other minor occurrences.

Then there is the last entity. One that I have only felt four times, but each times has left me filled with terror. My first experience was four years ago. My fiance and I were staying at my Mother's house and sleeping on the hid-a-bed. It was approximately 3 in the morning when I woke up from what I first thought was a horrible dream. In my 'dream' I was laying down and someone was holding me. The feeling of fear is what woke me. When I opened my eyes there was a black shadow above me and I could not move my arms. It was like a force field was holding them down. I tried desperately to move them and then tried to cry out for help, but there was too much force over my face... almost suffocating. After about a minute of struggling I managed to get enough strength to move one arm far enough to grab my fiance's upper leg. Instantly the shadow, the force and the threat was gone, and I was able to move and began crying.

The next experience, about a year later, after my fiance committed suicide, was when a friend and I were trying to understand the spiritual world. Her son, three years old, was asleep in the bed and we were in the kitchen. We heard him crying out 'Get out, leave me alone', when she went in he was sitting up crying... but still asleep.

Another year later, after I got married, my husband and I were taking a nap in the middle of the day. I suddenly felt that presence again. It was above me and I could feel it trying to 'get into' my leg. It was a burning sensation accompanied by pressure. For a few minutes I was unable to move. As soon as I was able to move slightly, it was gone.

The last experience was just last summer. I was on the computer, writing a book about my last relationship, when I felt it directly behind me.

I don't know what it is, but I do know what I feel when it's there.... it is complete terror, evil; a feeling that it will always be there.

If you have any answer, or possible explanation, I would be grateful.




Aldarow's reply:

Dear Rhonda!

After successfully clearing some things up for myself, I am finally free enough to answer your letter.

First of all, the one you had at 3 AM, with the sense of something holding you and suffocation. I had several experiences like that, as well as so many people around the globe. In most of the cases, I think, the explanation doesn't have to be supernatural. It is a known phenomenon, ASP - Awareness during Sleep Paralysis. You see, when we're asleep, our body is paralyzed so that we won't act out the things we dream. But sometimes we slightly wake up, the body is still paralyzed, but the mind is active and aware. That's the origin of most of the stories about incubus, old hags sitting on one's chest, ghostly stranglers, and so on. The mind play tricks with us, mixing hallucinations with bodily sensations, creating incredible state of terror and a huge rush of adrenaline. To escape this at once, all you have to do is as much as move your little finger. That's why your action of grabbing your fiance's upper leg stopped the whole thing.

However -

I came to realize that our sixth sense, so to speak, becomes very enhanced during ASP. That is, we don't just see, hear or feel the touch of that spirit, we SENSE its presence, we receive a knowledge, an awareness that something is beside or above our bed. That's the thing we can't quite wave off, the extrasensory abilities easily opening up during ASP. ASP is also perfect for achieving astral projection and out-of-body experiences. If you are prone to having ASPs, I'd suggest you actually extend and explore this unusual state, but if you feel a danger in it, then better to stay away from such enterprises. In any case, always remember that whatever you sense during the paralysis, frightening as it is, cannot hurt you at all.

The same goes for the thing that you felt entering your leg, only in a lighter form.

Now to the other part of your letter. The way I see it, after death, we move to a certain level of existence, different from the material one. Nevertheless, people who died an unexpected and violent death, or those who regret their drastic decisions (suicide), are still 'stuck' in here, in this limbo, clogging the atmosphere around us. Like in the movie "Sixth Sense", they are everywhere. Sometimes they might manifest as harmless cases of poltergeist - objects moving, temperature dropping, water appearing at abnormal places of the house, etc. On the other hand, if someone of the people living in the house has an unexpressed anger or inner confusion, that too finds a way out, sometimes, in a form of telekinetic activity like the one above. In both cases, if the "spirits" are too bothersome, an exorcism actually might provide helpful, mostly because of the psychological effect the ritual might have either on the spirits of the deceased, or the psychic family member who is subconsciously causing it all. As an alternative, you might try to simply talk to the being, guiding it to the light and the warmth that await for it, rather than being stuck in your house. Mediums do that all the time.

All in all, if the experiences are not quite repeating, occurring once in a while, then they do not present much danger, and we even might learn something from them, expand our understanding of the spiritual world.

Phew, I've been talking on and on, hope you had the patience to read it all. I wanted actually your permission to publish your letter along with my reply in our newsletter. If you're against it, then it's OK with me. Please let me know your decision, and whether I was helpful at least a bit.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #38

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