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Asylum of The Undead: Part I - Introduction and brief history

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 27, 2000

Ghostly Encounters at Central State Hospital

copyright 2000

A true account by

Mark Andrews

Part I

Introduction and brief history

What do CHARLES MANSON and the REV. JIM JONES have in common? On the outset, you might suppose that aside from severe psychotic disabilities, the two would have no common denominator.

The fact is that they each one of them spent an amount of time on the same real estate.

Central State (psychiatric) Hospital

3000 W. Washington St.

Indianapolis, Indiana 46222

Interestingly, neither Manson nor Jones ever resided on the hospital grounds as resident patients.

Charles Manson grew up right across the street from Central State. At the time, in the late 1940's and early '50's, he lived with an aunt in a small house near the corner of W. Vermont and N. Exeter streets. During that time, he was frequently retained at the Indiana Boys' School in near-by Plainfield, IN.

A section of the grounds (at the corner of N. Warman Ave. and Vermont St.) was set aside as a playground and picnic area; often utilized for church functions. This area would sometimes serve as a short-cut for those wishing to walk from Warman Ave. to Vermont St. It sits right outside of the hospital's north fence, within site of Manson's boyhood home. Charles, like all of the kids in the neighborhood, would no doubt hang out in this park. It is my theory that his time spent on and near these grounds in some way contributed to his past and current state of mental dysfunction.

I'm by no means trying to suggest that psychotic disorders are somehow contagious. It is the land ITSELF that keeps a buried secret.

The ground on which Central State Hospital was built is the burial place of the most powerful shamans and chiefs of the Miami Nation. In native terms, it was the equivalent of Arlington National Cemetery.

Mt. Jackson, as it came to be known, is the handiwork of indigenous American mound builders. The land was desecrated in the early 1850's to facilitate the construction of a repository asylum for the "insane". The site was chosen due to its (then) "safe" distance from the state's newly built capital city; Indianapolis. Standard policy in the 1850's for the care of the mentally ill was, "Out of mind / out of sight".

The Mt. Jackson area is now regarded as deeply inner-city: primarily Hispanic in its demographics. It is now the site of Mt. Jackson Cemetery, and the mostly dilapidated remains of Central State Hospital. The institution was closed by order of then Governor Evan Byah due to an unacceptable death rate among the resident patients.

One edifice, the pathology building, remains functioning as a museum. It served in the 1800's as an instructional facility for medical and psychology students. The classrooms and auditorium have been preserved; including books, hardware, and instruments that were in use at the time.

One of the more intriguing features of the museum is its collection of human and animal brains which are on display in their formaldehyde filled glass containers, dating from the same period.

It was accepted practice in the 19th Century that at the death of asylum inmates, they would be be buried on the facility's grounds in a discrete grave yard. The Central State patients' cemetery was also desecrated in 1973, with the building of the Bolton building, a residence hall for low-risk inmates.

The Rev. Jim Jones spend his formative years in Indianapolis. He was raised in a very harsh Baptist family. Early on, he determined to renounce his strict Baptist up-bringing. When he came of age, he entered theology school and later founded The Peoples' Temple, a multi-racial congregation whose first church building was on West 10th St., just about a mile and a half from Central State.

For all of his later delusional escapades, Rev. Jones was one of the pioneers of the civil rights movement in the early 1950's. He became famous for leading his diverse congregants to various - previously segregated - businesses in the city and hereby persuading the business owners to reverse their policy of "Whites only" by the repeated arrival of several hundred multiracial customers. It was non-violent AND financially expedient for the shop keepers.

Rev. Jones would frequently come to Central State to do missionary work with the patients. He was always a welcome visitor, especially among the African American patients, for whom he had a special affinity.

I further theorize that Rev. Jones (as in the case of Charles Manson) came under the influence of psychic and spiritual energies and entities that would later come to command him into the irrational and self- destructive actions that claimed his life, as well as the lives of more than 900 others.

On June 15, 1975, I began orientation classes at Central State. I was 23 years old at the time and was pre-assigned to work on the Grey (Deaf) Unit in the Bolton Bldg. I would eventually be employed at CSH for more than 13 years. I was a quick-hire because of my previous sign-language training from when I was studying to be a minister for the deaf at Concordia College, Milwaukee WI, and at Concordia Senior College, Ft. Wayne, IN: both operated by The Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.

I was going to work in the building that had been built over the old patients' grave yard, in a facility that had been build in defiance of the sanctity of honored dead of the Miami Nation. On my father's side, is a strong line of indigenous Mohicans. It's clear to me (and to those who see me) that I carry a heavy dose of Mohican genetics. I, as well, have a high level of spiritual awareness and psychic sensitivity - most likely an aspect of my Christian faith in conjunction with my Mohican heritage.

With the above points considered, you can see how I was well in for the most life-altering of experiences among the living and the dead who I encountered within the Mt. Jackson Vortex.

It took only two days of exposure to the land for the first encounter to take place...

[To be continued in the next issue]

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #38

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